MKW Chapter 367

Chapter 367 [China’s Prestige



Liu Yi clenches his fist, causing Tetsu Choroichi’s face to fall as cold sweat forms on his body.

The bones of his hand are broken by Liu Yi!

How is this possible! I have practiced my family karate for so many years and have endured countless inhuman training! My body should have been as tough as stones!

How is it possible for this him to break it so easily by clenching his fist!

“I must admit. You have indeed angered me.”

Liu Yi’s voice faintly leaks out cold killing intent as it enters Tetsu Choroichi’s ear.

Tetsu Choroichi immediately flies into a rage as he starts speaking in Japanese. At the same time, he lets out a shout as he chops towards Liu Yi with his other hand.

Liu Yi stands up as his left hand casually slaps away Tetsu Choroichi’s knife hand.

At the same time, he withdraws his other hand and punches out again speedily like a pile driver, hitting Tetsu Choroichi in his stomach.


Tetsu Choroichi body bends into a shrimp shape, as his sight turn black from the pain while he vomits out bile.

From the moment he began training, this is the first time he has received such an attack!

Liu Yi’s punch lands on his stomach like a canon, nearly causing him to vomit out his stomach.

“This punch is to add on to the previous punch.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he looks at Tetsu Choroichi who is hugging his stomach and lying on the ground, “This is only the appetizer. Don’t be in too much pain. There are even more interesting things coming up.”

As he speaks, he punches Tetsu Choroichi again.

“Seeking death…”

Tetsu Choroichi forcefully bears with his pain and jumps up suddenly as he sends a heavy kick towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not even dodge, instead, he grabs hold of the incoming leg with one hand while his other hand clenched into a fist and hammers onto his body.


Tetsu Choroichi is instantly sent smashing onto the stage, creating a hole on the stage.

Broken stones fly out landing all over the place.

The crowd exclaims in shock at Liu Yi’s brute strength!

To smash a person into the cement stage…just how much strength is needed ah!

Chinese martial arts is very mysterious ah!

The crowd naturally does not know that what Liu Yi displayed is not Chinese martial arts but rather a cultivation technique that is even more profound than Chinese martial arts.

“Just weak karate, how dare you be arrogant in my China! Do you really think that there is no one who can oppose you?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out a hand and grabs Tetsu Choroichi by the head and lifts him up.

“Let me show you know what is the strength of China!”

He swings his right hand and throws him into the air. Following which he turns in a circle as his right-hand clenches. After turning a circle he hammers Tetsu Choroichi who is falling down.

Yu Haitao who is sitting on the stands jumps up and exclaims: “Windmill hammer!”

Liu Yi actually used the same move as Lai Junwen on Tetsu Choroichi who caused Lai Junwen to vomit blood.

Currently, the situation has completely reversed. The one who is vomiting blood is not Lai Junwen but the expert from Japan.

“Prepare to stay in the hospital bed for half a month. This is a gift for what you did to my big brother.”

Done speaking, Liu Yi rubs his fist.

Tetsu Choroichi’s bone is indeed tough but is incomparable to me who is a cultivator.

Other than a slight numbness on his fist, the rest is all fine.

Tetsu Choroichi who is lying on the ground and broken bones all over his body suddenly opens his eyes and says ferociously: “You…you deserve death…”

Following which Liu Yi frowns as he stares at Tetsu Choroichi who is lying on the ground.

From his body, Liu Yi is able to sense a wild beast’s aura!

Tetsu Choroichi’s eyes turn slightly red as he opens his mouth, revealing fangs.

At the same time, a faintly brown fur appears on his face. Although no one in the crowd is able to see it, Liu Yi is able to see it clearly.


Tetsu Choroichi roars as he climbs to his feet and stands angrily in front of Liu Yi.

Even with all of his bones in his body broken, he is still able to stand up?!

Something is wrong…his injuries seem to have recovered by quite a lot now!

{Gene Beast!}

Little Jade reminds Liu Yi, {Owner this should be the gene beast that the Japanese Glorious Sun Conglomerate and Tetsu Group have developed together! Looks like this Tetsu Choroichi should be a member of the Tetsu Group!}

{He should also be an influential person as well…}

Liu Yi is able to see that Tetsu Choroichi did not completely turn into a beast form. Looks like there is some reservation to prevent revealing his real intentions.

This Tetsu Choroichi, as well as the Tetsu Group behind him, should be also coming for the gene map of the Twelve Zodiac Plan.

I must definitely not let them get their way!

“This is you who is seeing death…do not blame me ah!”

As Tetsu Choroichi speaks, his steps heavily on the stage.

The whole sports hall seem to tremble along, causing Liu Yi’s body to tremble as well.

A crack appears on the stage like it is able to split the stage into two halves.

“Die for me!”

Tetsu Choroichi roars as his hands grab towards Liu Yi like he wants to rips his body apart.

It is the scent of a bear.

No wonder he wants to rip his enemy. Does he think that he is fighting a devil….

Wait. It seems that I am mistaken…this Tetsu Choroichi is the devil.

“Apologies but I still do not wish to die.”

As Liu Yi speaks, his raises both his hands and knocks aside both of incoming large arms.

Following which Liu Yi take advantage of the fact that Tetsu Choroichi’s defense is open and press his palm against his chest.

“China’s prestige is beyond your imagination!”

Done speaking, he uses Desolate Flame!


Tetsu Choroichi is instantly sent flying again and smashed apart the railing behind him before crashing onto the wall of the stands.

Liu Yi has used 30% of his strength, even if Tetsu Choroichi has the gene of a wild bear in his body, he will still be forced to vomit blood!

Indeed, when Tetsu Choroichi crashed into the wall, he starts vomiting blood before fainting.

Yoko Nishikawa who is sitting of the stands appears to be listless.

Tetsu Choroichi actually lost!

Tetsu Choroichi who possess the gene of a bear actually lost to Liu Yi!

Could it be that Chinese martial arts are really so powerful?!

Yoko Nishikawa suddenly feels that China is too mysterious and the water is too deep…can our plans to snatch the gene map really succeed? Yoko Nishikawa is starting to become less confident.

“Too great….way to great already….”

Yu Haitao is very agitated.

The fame of Martial Arts Club will definitely rise this time around!

“Our Martial Arts Club…finally is able to blow off steam!”

“So powerful ah! So martial arts is so impressive!”

“That’s right, that’s right! I want to learn martial arts!”

“Tomorrow I shall resign from the Karate Club! Compared to martial arts, what does karate count as!”

The surrounding spectators are discussing with one another, causing Yu Haitao’s blood to boil.

“With this, we have both people and funding! Martial Arts Club will definitely become the number one club in Ke Da!”

Ling Zhuoyi is also very confident.

While Su Junping and his classmates rush up the stage and start throwing Liu Yi into the air cheering.

It can be said that at this moment Liu Yi has become the hero of Ke Da and help China’s martial arts get back their face.

“Damn it…that fellow is actually still alive and such so comfortably alive…”

When Ling Tian who is sitting in the corner sees Liu Yi being crowded around by the spectators as well as Wang Yuzheng who went up the stage with water and towel, he clenches his fist tightly.

“What is going on with elder brother…he actually did not get rid of this fellow! This cannot go on. I must think of my own methods to deal with him!”

Ling Tian seems to have thought of something as he starts sneering.

“Liu Yi, I love you!”

“Liu Yi, I want to be your girlfriend!”

A lot of beautiful girls start shouting from the spectator’s stand, causing Chen Cai to cry.

“Damn it…the limelight was snatched away by big boss alone again…I also want to find a girlfriend ah…”

“That…handsome guy…”

At this moment, a delicate and pretty girl weakly calls out from behind Chen Cai.

“Oh? Beauty do you require any service?”

Chen Cai instantly becomes excited as he looks at the delicate beauty. Looks like I finally have the day where someone appreciates me!

Indeed, gold will shine no matter what!

“That…handsome guy…I…I do not know how to open my mouth…so embarrassing…”

The beauty’s slightly uncomfortable appearance causes Chen Cai to feel elated.

Indeed she wants to confess to me ah!

He patiently guides the beauty, “No worries girl. Just be daring and say it out! There is no need to be afraid or embarrassed. We are all adults right?”

The beauty takes out a pink colored envelope with a love letter in it and passes it to Chen Cai with a completely red face.


“I know, I know…”

Chen Cai excitedly receives the love letter, “Relax, I will definitely look at it carefully. I will cherish the fate between the two of us! I, Chen Cai do not dare to say anything else but I am definitely very good to my girlfriend! In the future what do you want to eat I will definitely buy it for you. What you want to wear, I will sew it for you…er, if you point north, I will not go south. You say hit the dog, I will not kill! With heaven and earth as a witness, I, Chen Cai is absolutely a good man! I will treat you very well, please believe in me…”

“That….handsome guy…you, you…”

“In the future do not call me handsome guy. You can just call me Chen Cai!”

Chen Cai is very excited as his spring has finally arrived, “Or you can just call me Cai, or Cai Cai or Xiao Caicai…hehehe, a bit sappy but it is still fine….”

As Chen Cai fantasizes about his fortunate life with this Mami in his future school life, Chen Cai starts to have an elated feeling.

“No ah, handsome guy… I….”

The beauty is so anxious that her face turns red.

“I understand. Xiao Caicai is indeed sappy then how about calling me by my name first. But I personally like a bit of sappiness. How about I call you baby?”

“I…I want to ask you to help me pass this love letter to Liu Yi…”

The beauty is finally unable to take it and musters her courage and says it out.

“Haha, so that is the case ah. You should have said it earlier…ehhh?”

Chen Cai stands there blankly like he has turned into a sculpture.

“Handsome guy, handsome guy are you fine? Handsome guy? Gods! Help ah! A person has fainted!”


Chapter 367  [China’s Prestige]

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  1. Karma strikes back, Chen Cai.

    I really want to know what the japanese guys’ names spell in chinese, given that they are very unusual (and, different from the girl names shown, they are not from voice actors or porno actors).

    As a side note, I wonder how much truth there’s in the crossed accusations of both China and Japan that many if not all of the other country’s college exchange students are in fact spies.


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