MKW Chapter 366

Chapter 366 [What is Karate


Provocation! Absolute provocation!

Indeed Lai Junwen is unable to take it as he rushes up the stage.

“Husband! Do your best ah!”

Xiao Ya who is sitting by the side watching the stage shouts loudly, scaring the people beside her to strategically retreat.

Our Ke Da’s girls are indeed swift and fierce ah.

Liu Yi cannot help but to give her a thumbs up.

Ling Zhuoyi and Yu Haitao who are sitting on the front row seats starts to become anxious.

After all, this can be considered as a fight between Martial Arts Club and Karate Club!

If Lai Junwen wins, then Martial Arts Club will gain reputation. But if they lose…then it’ll be very bad as Martial Arts Club wouldn’t be able to show their face in the school anymore.

“Lai Junwen. Today is your unlucky day.”

Wu Jingjun sneers as he provokes Lai Junwen.

Lai Junwen takes a deep breath before getting into his Luohan Quan form.

Although Lai Junwen’s Luohan Eighteen Fists look simple, its transformations are endless.

“Let me show you what is real martial arts!”

As Wu Jingjun speaks, he moves swiftly towards Lai Junwen and sends out a knife hand towards his throat.

Karate is all about speed, accuracy, and ruthlessness. Every attack must be to one’s advantage and chases after the shortest time needed. Using the most efficient manner to subdue the opponent!

While Lai Junwen stands there calmly when he suddenly stretches out his right hand like lightning and grabs hold of Wu Jingjun’s wrist.

At the same time, he lowers his body as his elbow borrows the downwards force of his left leg lowering force and fiercely strikes Wu Jingjun’s chest.

Luohand Eighteen Fist’s Subduing Dragon Hand!

This technique is brilliantly used by Lai Junwen, causing Wu Jingjun’s face to turn pale when hit as he stumbles backward a few steps.

Instantly the sports hall is becoming noisy as people start hissing.

The expressions of the clubs members of Karate Club also change as they start to feel unrest.

Our Club President wouldn’t lose right?!

“Good fellow!”

Wu Jingjun hurries and stabilized himself as he rubs his chest and shouts out, “I am only letting you have one move, that’s all. From now on it will be for real!”

As he speaks, he suddenly takes a step forward and sends a kick towards Lai Junwen’s lower body with his left leg.

Lai Junwen immediately dodges and the two of them instantly starts to trade blows, in an instant they went through over ten moves.

A lot of people watch till they forgot to breathe. This is then an expert combat ah! Previously that Thailand fellow who went up is too weak and is basically going up to make a fool of himself!

Lai Junwen and Wu Jingjun’s abilities seem to be equally matched, their fight is very close and neither is giving in to the other.

Liu Yi knows in his heart that it is because Lai Junwen’s base is in contrast more superficial.

He is not the same as Wu Jingjun who trained in Karate for many years. Lai Junwen has only learned some superficial Kungfu from the monk that’s all. Although it is able to strengthen his body he is not as hardworking as Wu Jingjun.

But he is winning based on the fact that in the past he had done farm work, thus has lots of strength and his stamina is great. In addition to the profoundness of Luohan Eighteen Fists, he is then able to fight Wu Jingjun to a standstill.

Wu Jingjun suddenly managed to win a move first, forcing Lai Junwen backward.

At this moment Wu Jingjun’s gaze is instantly filled with joy as he immediately turns around and prepares to use his strongest kick to end the match!

But as this moment, Lai Junwen turn ruthless as his eyes turns red. Ignoring the danger of being kick, he moves forwards and ferociously attack with the most commonly seen Twin Peak Piercing the Ear with both hands towards Wu Jingjun temples.

Wu Jingjun got a huge shock, if this kick of mine sticks Lai Junwen, perhaps my temples would also be hit as well!

He immediately withdraws his legs and retreats a step.

But it is this step that allows Lai Junwen to catch up as he turns around throwing out his right hand, circling his arm and hammers fiercely at Wu Jingjun’s face.


Wu Jingjun is instantly sent flying out and falls off the stage.

Lai Junwen stands by the stage side as he pants while thinking how lucky he is.

Luckily at the end, I acted ruthlessly and scared Wu Jingjun into retreating.

Otherwise, the one who would have lost would have been me!

The entire crowd is silent as they looks at Wu Jingjun who is lying below the stage.

The Karate Club President actually lost to a year one new student!

“Junwen! Junwen! You are too cool!”

Xiao Ya immediately shouts while Ling Zhuoyi and Yu Haitao also exclaims excitedly.


At this moment a thunderous shout exploded from the crowd.

The crowd turns over and takes a look at the direction where the sound from, only to see a gloomy-faced guy walking out from the crowd and steps onto the railing before jumping into the venue.

The closest row of seats in the spectators’ stands is around 3 meters in height. He lands heavily on the ground causing the floor to tremble but he seems to be fine.

Yoko Nishikawa who is sitting at the front turns completely pale when she sees him.

“How dare you call that Karate! You are completely throwing away the face of Karate!”

As the guy speak, he walks up the stage and stands in front of Lai Junwen.

“I am called Tetsu Choroichi, Year One exchange student. Please advise.”

Tetsu Choroichi’s chinese is rather stiff, clearly he is a japanese!

Liu Yi narrow his eyes as he sense that something is about to go wrong.

Lai Junwen ask: “You want to fight me?”

“That’s right. I want to expand on my county’s Karate teachings. That guy down there is trash. I, shall be your opponent!”

His arms lower in front of him as an aura spreads out.

Lai Junwen is once again challenged and as an inheritor of Martial Arts, he is unable to reject the challenge.

“Good then let’s fight! Take my move!”

He rushes towards Tetsu Choroichi, at the same time he sends out a fierce windmill hammer towards Tetsu Choroichi’s face.

Lai Junwen is also somewhat tired, thus he is in a hurry to force Tetsu Choroichi off the stage.

But who would have known that Tetsu Choroichi did not move, instead he gets into a horse stance and allows Lai Junwen’s windmill hammer to hit him in his face.

His trembles slightly but his body did not move.

At the same time, his right hand sends out a straight fist and hits Lai Junwen in the stomach.


Lai Junwen instantly vomits out blood as his body is sent flying like a kite with a broken string across the 15 meters wide stage until he collapsed on the side of the stage.


“Big Brother!”

Immediately a group of people rush up to the stage to check Lai Junwen’s injuries.

“Carry him to the hospital.”

Tetsu Choroichi keeps his fist and sneers, “Lying in a hospital bed for half a month and he will be fine.”

“Don’t you think that your move was too ruthless?”

Liu Yi sees that Lai Junwen fainted as well as having a pale white face, frowns as he asks Tetsu Choroichi.

“Fist and legs do not have eyes.”

Tetsu Choroichi sneers, “Since he had come up the stage then he should not have wishful thinking. Me not killing him is already considered as being lenient. Those who tarnish karate must die.”

“Is it?”

Liu Yi starts sneering as he clenches his fist, “Since you have said so then let me reply you with an ancient Chinese saying: Whoever who dares to tarnish my China’s prestige shall be punished no matter how far away!”

“What does this saying mean?”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand towards Tetsu Choroichi and beckons him, “You shall know soon.”

“Challenge me? You must be prepared to lie in bed for a month. Furthermore, I have not seen you fight before so I don’t even know if you are worthy for me to fight. Your Chinese martial arts are too weak and are unable to withstand my Karate.”

Tetsu Choroichi crosses his arms as he look at Liu Yi in contempt.

Tetsu Choroichi’s words instantly enrage all of the Chinese students as they start shouting and scolding.

“Damn you, this Japanese is too savage!”

“Liu Yi! Go up and settle him!”

“Liu Yi are you able to ah! Don’t throw any more of our face ah! Lai Junwen has already thrown away a lot of our face!”

The group of students are saying all kind of things.

Tetsu Choroichi completely disregards the surrounding voices as he stands there like an iron tower.

“Whether I have the qualification, you shall see it yourself.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he slowly walks over to Tetsu Choroichi.

Every step he takes, he steps on the ground and leave behind a hole on the stone slab of the stage.

The clearly visible 3 to 4 cm deep hole left behind Liu Yi, causes Tetsu Choroichi to frown faintly and causes the surrounding crowd to become speechless.

This…what kind of strength is this ah!

Everyone is deeply astonished as the sports hall descends into a silence. The only sound is the footsteps of Liu Yi walking on the stage.

This year one student…he is a monster ah!

While Yoko Nishikawa narrows her eyes slightly as she gazes at Liu Yi, lost in thought.

“Not bad, looks like it will be somewhat interesting.”

Tetsu Choroichi is not afraid as he stretches his neck, making his joints give off a popping sound.

“Come let me show you what is called Karate!”

As he speaks, he gets into a horse stance and keeps both hands on his waist before stomping on the ground and rushes towards Liu Yi like a bullet.

Liu Yi frowns slightly before moving to the side.


Tetsu Choroichi’s fist hits the ground and punches out a hole scaring the crowd.

Damn it what strong strength!

Is this guy made from steel?

“This fist is for my big brother.”

Liu Yi takes advantage and moves forwards, appearing in front of Tetsu Choroichi and punches him in the chest.

Who would have known that the opponent did not even move, while Liu Yi feels like he has punched a steel plate.

“Hehe…only so-so.”

Tetsu Choroichi sneers, like what happened earlier is him purposely being lenient to Liu Yi.

“Lie down for me!”

As Tetsu Choroichi speaks, his right hand suddenly attacks fiercely towards Liu Yi’s chest.


A shockwave exploded out from Liu Yi’s back and pushes against his body causing him to slide over 2 meters backward.

“Oh? Still  not falling over?”

Tetsu Choroichi is somewhat surprised, “Not bad but actually falling over is a fortune. Because my next punch will be even heavier.”

He walks towards Liu Yi as his fist makes a cracking sound as he clenches his fist.

“Liu Yi…”

Wang Yuzheng sits there in worry as her palms start to sweat.

“Lie down for me!”

Tetsu Choroichi walks towards Liu Yi and fiercely punches downwards.

At this moment, his fist is actually grabbed by another hand.

Liu Yi raises his hand and says faintly, “The one who should be lying down is you.”


Chapter 366  [What is karate]

Teaser of the day:

Liu Yi clenches his fist, causing Tetsu Choroichi’s face to fall as cold sweat forms on his body.

The bones of his hand are broken by Liu Yi!


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    As a side note, the unarmed martial arts japanese take pride in is not karate, but judo (then aikido, then jujutsu); karate hails from Okinawa, and while that is currently a prefecture of Japan, its people are a mixed race of protojapanese and aboriginal people, so they are not regarded as japanese-japanese (nihon no nihonjin, that they say), and that prefecture is regarded as an exotic touristic spot (Hokkaido too, but less since more than half of the people are japanese-japanese while the rest are of mixed descent japanese-ainu due to the political situation after WWII (also, while Okinawa is a tropical archipelago, Hokkaido is freezing cold).

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