MKW Chapter 365

Chapter 365 [Single elimination tournament


Within Ke Da’s sports hall comes a loud scream.

Today is the day where Liu Yi and Wu Jingjun would have a fight. A lot of Ke Da’s students are gathering here to watch a show as well as supporting their idol.

Looking at the situation, the number of people who support Wu Jingjun is more. A number of the sections in the crowds are holding the picture of Wu Jingjun, some are even holding a banner which says <Karate aweing Ke Da, Wu Jingjun dominating Jingdou>.

There are also a group of female fans who are definitely supporters of Wang Zhanfeng, they are slightly crazy as they scream in a high-pitch ‘I love you Wang Zhanfeng’ and the likes, their shrieks pierce through the roof of the sports hall.

Looking at Liu Yi and Lai Junwen’s side, it is weaker. Most are their classmates who are cheering for them.

Yoko Nishikawa is also sitting among them and she just shouted ‘Liu Yi do your best!’ but was immediately drowned out by Wu Jingjun’s fans.

At this moment, Liu Yi is sitting by the stage and ignoring the clamor in front of him like he is not involved in it.

He is still thinking of the conversation between him and his master yesterday night.


Relying on his Red Scarf Army’s robust funds, after secretly bribing a few higher-ups of the school, Ma Hua is able to smoothly enter Ke Da and become the glorious night watch foggy.

Liu Yi has slipped into his master’s duty room yesterday night to inquire about the matter regarding Acacia Sect.

“Acacia Sect?”

Ma Hua who was pouring some liquor into his cup was somewhat shocked when he heard Liu Yi mentioning Acacia Sect.

“This sect has a very bad name ah, Why did you come and ask me this?”

“Today they sent a person to come to kill me, but they were killed by me.”

Liu Yi ask: “How is it, will this trouble be very big?”

“Not big.”

Ma Hua smiles calmly, “With your current strength, you be able to flatten a sect on your own, not to mention Acacia Sect this kind of small sect. Although they have some fame it is infamy. For the money, they are willing to do anything. I feel that what you should be worried about is not Acacia Sect but Medical King Valley.”

“Medical King Valley? Why did master mention this?”

“Have you forgotten what you have told me? The matter of that lass Wang Yuzheng?”

Ma Hua touches his wine cup and says faintly, “I have secretly entered Wang Yuzheng’s home…her mother’s sickness has entered her heart and diaphragm ah… and is quite serious. You need to go to Medical King Valley to obtain the Vitality Pill to be able to save her mother from her sickness.”

“Eh? Lay chicken egg? Do we even need to go to Medical King Valley to steal this kind of thing? Can’t I go to the market to buy some?”

“Scram! What lay a chicken egg! It is Vitality Pill! A medicine able to increase vitality! It is a type of elixir. Whether Wang Yuzheng’s mother is able to recover from her sickness depends on it!”

Liu Yi is eager to give it a try, “Then I shall go to Medical King Valley and obtain it now!”

“Stinky fellow! Now is not the time!”

Ma Hua calculates, “If I did not calculate wrongly, the World’s Dao Gathering is about to begin. At that time, Medical King Valley will prepare the Vitality Pill for their disciples to let them consume it before the start of the World’s Dao Gathering. You should take advantage of that time to obtain the pill.”

“World’s Dao Gathering?”

“That’s right. It is a Dao Gathering of our Cultivation world once every ten years. When the Dao Gathering starts, all of the sects in the entire world can join. The sects who want to increase their prestige would send their most outstanding disciples to join. The sect whose disciples manages to get number one will become the leader of the all the sects in the world, being in command of the whole cultivation world.”

“Wah, it sounds very savage.”

“Indeed. Other than letting you take the opportunity to obtain the medicines, Master actually has another task that I wish to ask you to do.”

Ma Hua’s gaze is somewhat hesitating, “Only that this task…would be somewhat awkward for you.”

“Master can just tell me what you want me to do. After all, you are equivalent to my parents. If there isn’t master there wouldn’t be the current me.”

Liu Yi is rather thankful of Ma Hua. Although it is Lin Tong who brought him to walk into the doors of the Cultivation world, the one who really allowed him to become powerful is Ma Hua this fallen devil king.

“Master hopes that you can help master with a matter….”

“Just tell me master, why are you so hesitant today?”

Liu Yi looks at the humming and hawing Ma Hua curiously.

“Actually…before master had fallen into a devil, I was a former disciple of the Sword Sect, Raising Immortal Hall. Back then both Raising Immortal Hall and Concealed Sword Pavilion were equally famous. But in the end during that year just before the World’s Dao Gathering, because of some matter, I who was supposed to take part was expelled from the sect and turned into a devil.”

Ma Hua sighs, “After losing that time, Raising Immortal Hall started declining and was never able to rise up. Currently, I don’t even know what happened to it. Master hopes that you can join Raising Immortal Hall and help master complete my regret by helping master take part in the World’s Dao Gathering.”


Liu Yi is shocked, so it is this kind of task?

But as a disciple, helping one’s master to complete their dream is part of my responsibility.

“Master also know that mentioning this matter now is somewhat awkward for you. But, other than you, master has no idea who to rely on. Chen Cai’s strength is nowhere close to yours.”

“Understood master, just leave this matter to disciple to take care of.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “But to join Raising Immortal Hall…is it that simple?”

“Not difficult.”

As Ma Hua speaks, he hands over a letter, “This is a letter that master has written. You just have to pass it to Liu Haishen in Raising Immortal Hall. After he sees it, he will naturally accept you.”

“Okay. Disciple will keep it properly.”


Currently, Liu Yi is sitting in the sports hall and Xiao Mi who is in the appearance of a little dog lies on a chair by his side curled up and snoring.

He stretches out his hand and touches the letter hidden on his chest.

Looks like after I have reported to the Dragon Group, I should go to the Raising Immortal Hall. There are less than two months to the World’s Dao Gathering and there isn’t much time left.

“Big Brother, what are you walking around for?”

Su Junping uses his own small DV to take a picture of the surroundings as he asks Lai Junwen who is pacing up and down in front of him.

“Damn it lah. Just a bit nervous.”

Lai Junwen punches the air a bit as he says: “I have learned martial arts for so many years but this is the first time I have taken part in a single-elimination tournament!”

The punches he sends out are short but forceful, causing a ‘pa, pa’ sound like firecrackers.

“Relax, that Wu Jingjun is weaker compared to Youchi Ronkou.”

Chen Cai comforts Lai Junwen, “There is no need to be so worried! Just put on a good show for your Xiao Ya to watch!”

Last time when Youchi Ronkou defeated Lai Junwen, it created some pressure on him.

“That’s right big brother, you can relax and fight.”

Su Junping also encourages, “Your Kungfu is so powerful it will definitely be fine!”

Lai Junwen looks at Liu Yi who is sitting down as he asks: “Yeah…but old two, why are you so absent-minded today?”

“Ah, I am fine. I am just waiting to trash that Wang Zhanfeng when I go up the stage later.”

Liu Yi smiles at him to indicate that he is fine.

“Ai, you are fine ah. That Wang Zhanfeng does not know kungfu at all, you are just bullying the weak.”

“But that is not what he said at the bar.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he turns around and glances far away.

Wang Zhanfeng is currently sitting over there as his legs trembles from fear.

Looks like that fellow knows about the matter of me defeating Youchi Ronkou. Today’s fight can be said that he is done for.

Liu Yi also encourages Lai Junwen, “Big brother do your best. Do not let Wu Jingjun show off his karate.”


Lai Junwen takes a deep breath and nods his head.

Just as the single-elimination tournament starts, Su Junping suddenly cries out as he looks at the image on his DV and shouts, “Guys looks, looks! There is a person going up the stage!”

“Who? Lai Junwen?”

“No, no. It seems like an exchange student!”

During the conversation, Liu Yi and the rest raise their heads and looks at the stage.

Only to see a tall and skinny fit guy removing his outerwear revealing the short pants he is wearing.

His skin is black and quite buff, his muscles look like rocks.

“Come, come. Today I, Barsong shall help Muay Thai get number one!”

Muay Thai? Is he from Thailand?

A few people in the crowd look at each other.

“Get down!”

Wu Jingjun who is wearing a white gi jumps up the stage and say: “Today is my and Lai Junwen’s fight to see who is better. It is not your turn.”

“Since it is so, then we should see who is stronger and who is weaker.”

Barsong says stiffly in Chinese, “Do you dare to fight a round!”

He stretches out his right and which is wrapped in bandages and beckons Wu Jingjun to fight.

With so many people watching as well as it is related to the reputation of the Karate Club, how could Wu Jingjun back down!

“Fine then. Then let me first warm-up with you.”

“Good let’s fight!”

As the crowd shouts, Barsong suddenly quickly steps over as he sends out a combination of punches towards Wu Jingjun.

Thailand is a country that is prevalent in punching techniques. There is a sentence ‘Ten guys, nine punches’! Barsong has learned Muay Thai for many years and has already wished to create some fame for his Muay Thai in Ke Da! Now that he has found the opportunity, he attacks Wu Jingjun like a fierce tiger!


But Wu Jingjun only snorts as he stretches out both arms to protect his front and blocks Barsong’s combination of punches.

At the same time, he kicks Barsong in the stomach and sends him collapsing onto the ground instantly.

“Oh, looks like this Wu Jingjun does have some moves eh.”

Chen Cai who is standing by the side smiles faintly when he sees this scene, “That kick does have formidable power. Big Brother looks like you will have some pressure later.”


Lai Junwen wipes away his cold sweat, this Wu Jingjun does not seem to be weak ah…

“Damn it!”

Shouts Barsong as he climbs to his feet as anger cloud his eyes. He suddenly shouts out as he sends a flying knee towards Wu Jingjun’s face.


If Wu Jingjun received that flying knee, his face might be split apart! But he is not alarmed, after snorting he went into a horse stance and sends out an ordinary straight punch, once again punching Barsong in his stomach before his flying knee reached him.

Barsong groans as he is sent flying out before his knee is able to hit Wu Jingjun and faints on the stage.

Wu Jingjun stands up amidst the cheering. After tidying his black belt he hooks his fingers towards Lai Junwen.



Chapter 365  [Single elimination tournment]

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