MKW Chapter 363

Chapter 363 [Give me a dance


Just as Liu Yi is stuck in a dilemma, a few drunk men walk over towards them.

One of the bald guys who is holding a bottle of beer smiles as he says to Ling Zhuoyi, “Little Lass. Your dance is not bad ah…come to give me…hic!…a show!”

As he speaks, he hiccups as well.

Ling Zhuoyi immediately pinches her nose as she dodges to the side.

“Who are you ah! I am not here to sell! Scram to the side!”

This lass is originally very bold. When someone comes over to take advantage of her, she immediately starts to scold back impolitely.

“Woah! This lass is quite fiery eh! Brothers, what do you guys think?”

The bald guy sneers as he asks his brothers by his side.

One of the vulgar looking guys licks his lips and replies: “Hehe….of course, it is bringing her back to discipline ah…”

“That’s right, that’s right…at that time she can give us a show after stripping naked…hehehehe…”

“Keep your mouths clean!”

Ling Zhuoyi is instantly angered, “What is the matter with this bar! How did they let this group of trash in!”

Usually, this bar is quite okay but she did not think that the first time she has brought her friends here, she would meet this kind of matter causing Ling Zhuoyi to lose her face,

“Hehe…lass, this place was opened by our family.”

The bald guy sneers, “In this place what I say are the rules!”

Hearing what the bald guys say, Ling Zhuoyi instantly turns silent.

People who are able to open this kind of business in Jingdou are unordinary people. It is best to not provoke them if able to.

“This boss, we are only students, as for pole dancing and the like, it is not possible. Let me punish myself with a cup.”

As Ling Zhuoyi speaks, she picks up the wine cup and is about to drain it in a gup when the bald guy suddenly stretches out his hand, grabs hold of her hand and starts rubbing her hand.

“Little girl why drink…go up and dance ah…”

Ling Zhuoyi’s eyebrow twitches but she bears with it.

At this moment, Murong Die stands up and picks up the bottle in front of her.

“Go dance!? Go back home and watch your mother dance!”


Under the shocked gaze of Ling Zhuoyi, that bottle of alcohol is splashed onto that bald guy’s face.

At that instant, everyone is stunned, while the whole bar seems to have turned silent for a second.

The bald guy wakes up slightly from his drunkenness but it is substituted with anger.

“F** you! You are seeking death!”

The bald guy raises up his bottle and throws it towards Murong Die.

Although the bottle is not considered heavy, if it hits Murong Die’s head, it will definitely cause an injury!

Ling Zhuoyi instantly really feels that this matter really going to become really, really ugly.

At this moment, a hand appears and grabbed the bottle from the air.

The bottle is held in that hand causally before being placed on the table.

After Liu Yi places down the beer bottle he raises his head and glance at the baldy and says: “Don’t you think that it is too tasteless to take action against girls?”

“Who do you think you are pretending to be a hero! Brother do him in!”

He raises a beer bottle again and smashes it towards Liu Yi’s head.


Before the beer bottle is able to hit his head, it is scattered into half by Liu Yi’s knife chop!

Although he did not wear the Monarch Armour, he has Hard Qigong to protect his body, thus shattering the beer bottle is very easy.

When the baldy sees that the beer bottle in his hand was shattered he is stunned.


While Liu Yi has already flipped over. With a hand he presses against the table and jumps out.

At the same time, he kicks out with his leg and kicks the baldy on the chest causing him to instantly fly out and crash onto the table behind him.

Well since this bar is opened by him, when it gets smashed, I hope that he does not have any heartache.


“This fellow is ferocious ah!”

When the rest of the baldy’s buddies see this, they instantly start attacking Liu Yi with their beer bottles.

A good tiger is unable to fight against a pack of wolves. They do not believe that this fellow is able to fight against so many of them!

Liu Yi stands there not moving as he stretches out his hands and sends out knife chops.

-Pa, pa, pa, pa-

With the hard qigong protection, his hands are like the sharpest knife and easily cut through the beer bottles.

After which Liu Yi directly picks up a heavy marble tabletop and forcibly tears it off before swinging it out horizontally.


The tabletop flies out with a large force and smashes those people onto the ground.

With their side fighting, the bar is instantly in an uproar.

A number of bouncers immediately rush forward as they directly attack Liu Yi with the rubber truncheons in their hands.

Taking peoples money to help them get rid of calamities. If at this time they do not take actions, perhaps afterword they might be fired!

“Liu Yi be careful!”

Wang Yuzheng cries out a reminder.

“Small matter.”

After roaming the Asura Realm for 500 years, how would Liu Yi be frightened by this small matter?

He casually walks between the bouncers as he dodges the rubber truncheons. At the same time, his hands keep attacking.

Every time he attacks a bouncer, he will send them flying away and crashing into the tables and chairs by the side.

Liu Yi’s attacks are neither heavy nor light, Although he did not heavily injure them, they are still rendered unable to stand up for a while.

“F***-tards, trash! A bunch of trash ah…”

When baldy sees that his underlings were so easily beaten up, for a moment he forgets about his chest pain as he starts scolding angrily.

“Bastard!! How dare you create trouble in my place! Watch how I deal with you guys!”

“Okay then, then I shall deal with you first.”

After Liu Yi dealt with all of the bouncers, he turns around and picks up a beer bottle which he chops it into a triangular edge.

Under the lights, the sharp broken glass shines piercingly.

“You, what do you wish to do…”

The baldy looks at Liu Yi walking towards him and is instantly afraid.

“Nothing much. I’m just sending you a gift.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he squats by the side of the baldy and aims at his palm before piercing the beer bottle in.


The sharp broken glass easily pierces into the baldy’s palm, causing him to cry out in pain.

But he does not have any strength to struggle because Liu Yi’s palm is pressing against his chest as he uses meridian sealing, causing him to be unable to move and suffer the pain.

“There is still one more.”

Liu Yi picks up another beer bottle and breaks it again before aiming for the baldy’s other hand.

By the side, Ling Zhuoyi is frightened while Wang Yuzheng’s eyes widen as they stare in disbelief at Liu Yi.

When did Liu Yi…turn so ruthless…

I don’t remember that he was this way in the past ah…

The times when Liu Yi is by my side, he is always very warm and calm ah!

But in front of the enemy…he turns into a devil…

“No, don’t ah!”

The baldy is so frightened that he nearly peed in his pants.

“Big brother! Big brother I am wrong! I don’t have eyes and recognize the wrong person! I beg you! Please let go of me!”

The pain from just a single hand is already unbearable. He does not wish for his other hand to suffer the same treatment.

“Now then you know that you are wrong?”

Liu Yi plays with the beer bottle in his hand. As the head of Red Scarf Army, he seldom does this kind of thing anymore.

Currently, Red Scarf Army’s influence is slowly creeping into JingDou. Sooner or later, Liu Yi will turn JingDou into part of his territory.

But these are somewhat difficult, after all JingDou is the root of the imperial city, right under the foot of the Imperial Emperor thus to set up a gang influence here is very difficult.

Thus Liu Yi plans to uses both black and white methods as well as investments to allow Red Scarf Army to enter JingDou which is more convenient.

Seeing this kind of person like baldy, Liu Yi’s thoughts is even more resolute.

Darkness remains, Red Scarf never falls!

“Liu Yi forget it. Let him off!”

By the side, Ling Zhuoyi advices, “There is no need to fight with this kind of person. It is better to forget it.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Just treat me as a fart…”

The baldy also begs for mercy.

“Forget it, Liu Yi. There is no need to be stained with the blood of this kind of person.”

Murong Die waves her hand, “Let him off this time around.”

Thinking that Liu Yi can be considered as sticking up for her, Murong Die has a sweet feeling in her heart. As for how badly beaten up the baldy was, she does not care at all.

“Since they all speak up for you, I shall let you off this time.”

Liu Yi tosses away the beer bottle in his hand, “But remember, My grandpa has said ‘As a person you need to have a low-profile conduct, being high-profile is seeking to be struck by lightning’.”

It has been a long time since he has talked about his grandpa teachings, making Liu Yi reminisce slightly.

“You can let him off…but no one can let you off…”

At this moment inside the already quiet bar, resounds a sinister voice.

Liu Yi and the rest raise their head instantly to see a middle-aged man wearing a Chinese Tunic suit standing by the bar entrance.

[TL: Chinese Tunic suit is the attire that IP Man is wearing in the IP Man movie series]

The middle-age man is wearing sunglasses during the night which make him looks a weirdo!

But Liu Yi did not smiles because he is able to sense demon qi on that man’s body.

“Liu Yi someone has bought your death.”

The man’s opening speech causes Liu Yi to frown.

“Remember, you have died in the hands of Acacia Sect.”

As he speaks, he stretches out both hands and throws out an unknown object which disperses into the air of the bar.

“No good!”

Liu Yi senses that something is wrong as he pulls out a door sized black tower shield from out of nowhere in front of him.

An invisible barrier instantly emerges and protects the girls and Liu Yi within.

“Do not come out from inside!”

Liu Yi sees that the girls still do not know what is going on as he reminds them loudly.

Murong Die asks repeatedly: “Liu Yi what is this…where did this thing come out from ah?”

“Now is not the time to explain. All of you stand by the side of this shield and no one is allowed to move!”

Liu Yi warns the girls again, before walking out from his own shield barrier.

At the same time, those guys and girls in are still remaining in the bar, their expressions seem to have turn strange.

They are not watching the show but rather black colored blood flows out from their eyes before they start roaring like wild beasts and rush towards Liu Yi.

The tables and chairs in front of Liu Yi are all smashed to the side by those people. At the moment they seem to have boundless strength, swift and fearless!

“Gods…this, what is this…”

Ling Zhuoyi and the girls who are hiding in the barrier start to feel like their mind is shutting down as they watch this scene!


Chapter 363  [Give me a show]

Teaser of the day:

“No worries I will not let you die without understanding. Someone bought your death and sadly I have no idea who it is so, die in peace ^_^~~”


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