MKW Chapter 362

Chapter 362 [Number one school flower’s dance


“Elder brother you must help me!”

Ling Tian looks around his house for a few days before finally finding his elder brother Ling Feng.

“What is the matter?”

Ling Feng is the young master of Ling Family. Currently, he is starting to take responsibility for some of the family business and has very little time to return home. But he is the backbone of Ling Tian.

From young, Ling Tian is already the Ling Family playboy and has stirred up trouble outside. The one who dotes on Ling Tian the most is not his parents but Ling Feng, his elder brother. If Ling Tian has stirred up trouble, Ling Feng will be the first to come up and deal with it. No matter if it is through money or other people to deal with it.

It can be said that  Ling Tian was pampered since young by his own elder brother.

Ling Feng ask: “What trouble did you stir up again?”

“I did not stir up trouble this time brother. This time around there is a person who provoked me!”

Ling Tian gives a wronged face, “Little brother I got bullied…”

“What joke are you talking about. You are the second young master of our Ling Family. Who dares to bully you?”

Ling Feng smiles as he says in his heart, it is definitely my little brother who is telling lies to make me help him again.

“I really did not brother. This time around I was really bullied very badly…”

As Ling Tian speaks, he lowers his head as he secretly rubs the eye drops he dripped on his finger into his eyes.

When he raises his head again, it is like he had just cried, scaring Ling Feng.

“@#@$, who dared to bully my Ling Feng’s little brother! Tell me, I will go and teach him a lesson!”

“It is a new year one student from my school.”

Ling Tian is instantly happy in his heart but he says bitterly, “He snatched my girlfriend as well to humiliate me…”

Ling Feng frowns, “Did you not tell him that you are the second young master of Ling Family?”

“I said already brother…but…he said that Ling Family is not worth a fart in his eyes!”

Ling Feng immediately asks: “It is him seeking death. Who and where is he.”

Ling Tian almost wants to smile but he forcefully bears it and says: “He calls Liu Yi and is a year one student of my school Biological course! As for where is he…let me think. He should be in school.”

“Okay. Leave the rest to me.”

Ling Feng turns around, picks up his handphone and calls a number.

“Hello, young master Ling what orders do you have?”

From the handphone comes a laughing voice and it sounds somewhat like a girl.

“Help me settle a person.”

“Aiyah. A small matter only. Usually, Young master Ling takes care of us so much, this little matter is very simple. Tell me, who does Young master Ling want to get rid of?”

Ling Feng tells the person the name and that person laughs.

“Relax Young master Ling. Leave this person to us to deal with. Young master Ling. You are now the Yama King. When do you wish for this person to die?”

“I do not wish for him to see tomorrow’s sunrise.”

“OK! Young master Ling just needs to wait for the good news.”

As the girl’s voice gradually increases, the call is cut.

“Thank you brother…I know you treat me the best…”

Ling Tian stops crying as he is filled with satisfaction.

Ling Feng pets his little brother on the arm and says: “En…with me around, no one will dare to bully you.”

Currently, Liu Yi does not know that the Ling Family sent people to look for him. He is currently accompanying the girls in a bar while receiving the baptism of deafening music.

Although he is the Commanding Officer of Red Scarf Army and has a lot of gathering places. But Liu Yi seldom comes to this kind of gathering place because he feels that it is too noisy.

The surroundings vibrate with loud music while countless guys and girls are crazily twisting their body’s, drinking alcohol and screaming.

It is very lively indeed but there is too much noise who is not suitable for Liu Yi, this kind of cultivator.

He was helplessly dragged here, because after the meal, under the recommendation of Ling Zhuoyi, Murong Die that lass want to come here while Wang Lele and Wang Yuzheng seem to be taking Murong Die as the leader thus he can only follow along.

At the bar, they sit down on a sofa that is in the corner of the dar. Ling Zhuoyi magnanimously opens two bottles of vodka while letting the server place a container in the ice bucket.

Currently in front of them is a flirtatious pretty boy, hugging a steel pole and elegantly doing a pole dance.

A group of girls shriek crazily by the side causing Liu Yi’s head to become big.

Fine then if it is a girl doing the pole dance then I would be slightly happier.

“How is it. Fun right?”

Ling Zhuoyi drinks a mouth of alcohol before excitedly saying to the girls: “This spot is the fiercest in this place and is not a place that anyone is able to enter! It is because I know some people that is why I am able to bring you guys in to play!”

Actually, even without Ling Zhuoyi mentioning it, Liu Yi had also realized it.

It is obvious that there are a lot more girls in this bar! And all of them are here to see boys doing pole dance…perhaps this bar might also have some ducks as well.

“En, en…indeed it is interesting. This is my first time here!”

Murong Die’s face has already turned red, “Indeed it is fun..wah, that guy dances very handsomely! How are his legs so long!”

“I feel that Xiao Yi gege legs are also not short ah…”

As Wang Lele speaks, she looks at Liu Yi‘s lower body.

What the! Do not compare me with the pole dancers ah!

Liu Yi does not know whether to cry or laugh.

“Liu Yi you also go up and do a dance! If you dance well this miss will give you a reward!”

Murong Die provokes Liu Yi.

“Oi, oi. Do I look like a person who pole dances?”

Liu Yi is not willing to do.

“Those who agree to Liu Yi dancing one round raise your hands!”

Ling Zhuoyi who is not afraid of trouble happily shouts out as she raises her right hand.

Instantly Murong Die also follows along and raises her hand while Wang Lele also raises her hand to show that she is not a traitor.

As for Wang Yuzheng, after looking left and right as well as Liu Yi, bites her lips before finally raising her hand as well.

Oi!!! Are you for real!

Liu Yi is stunned.

“See, see, everyone agrees!”

Murong Die laughs merrily.

“Pooh! One vote overruled!”

Liu Yi indicates his stance.

“Aiyah don’t be a letdown lah…how about this. If you go up and dance, ermm, then we let our Lele kiss you once.”

As Murong Die speaks, she gives Liu Yi a coquettish look.

“Why, why is it me ah!”

Wang Lele instantly feels like she got shot while lying down.

“Didn’t you wish to kiss a long time ago so it is not like you will suffer a loss.”

Murong Die waves her hand before saying to Liu Yi, “How about it youngster? ”

“Not doing!”

Liu Yi shakes his head rapidly, I would not do this thing even if I die!

Murong Die suddenly adds, “How about giving Lele’s first time to you as well?”

“Cough! Cough!”

Liu Yi who is drinking iced black tea nearly spat it out.

$%@$#, this lass is the real one who is selling out her teammate!

“Xiao Die jiejie…how can do you do this…”

Wang Lele is almost crying while Wang Yuzheng is also somewhat anxious. As for Ling Zhuoyi, her attitude is like a person watching a show.

“How is it Liu Yi, deal or no deal!”

Murong Die’s eyes contain hidden thoughts and her gaze causes Liu Yi’s hair to stand.

This…Lele’s first time…

Liu Yi’s gaze lands on Wang Lele. She is currently wearing a white blouse and the collar is not particularly high. That pair of dazzling snow-white mounds makes people unable to look straight.

Just enough he is unable to stop his saliva. Since the last time he had it for the first time, Liu Yi starts to feel that his desire for it has become stronger…

Although I did it with Yoko before…but I cannot just thicken my face and go looking for her again right?

Furthermore, the two of us are enemies!

As for Xiao Mi…that lass does not know thus she did another kind of service for me. As for that…honestly speaking I really cannot bare to do it to her!

As for human and a beast…it is completely about moral integrity ah!

As for Wang Lele…it seems like this lass has grown up and left the ranks of a senior high school student and is ripe to be eaten…

Ling Zhuoyi sneers and mock: “Liu Yi what are you even hesitating for. You don’t even act like a man!”

Liu Yi retorts, “Get lost! How is this kind of matter like that ”

The current Ling Zhuoyi is wearing a short sleeve beige shirt and a short denim short revealing her long legs.

Although this lass does not have a chest she wins in her beautiful face and long legs!

When she went up the stage and hugs the steel pole, instead of attracting the unhappiness from the crowd, she attracted the fiery cheers from the crowd.

This lass…is crazy?!

Liu Yi is really dumbfounded.

Ling Zhuoyi raises her legs as she pulls on the steel pole, pressing her leg against the steel pole and shouts: “Give me some NOISEEEE!!!!”


Instantly below the stage comes the wolves cries!

“Liu Yi watch carefully! After this, it is your turn!”

As Ling Zhuoyi speaks, she turns her head over and flutters her eyes at Liu Yi before starting her pole dance.

It must be said that the lass’s appearance when doing pole dance….is indeed very explosively sexy ah!

One of her legs hook around the steel pole as her well-rounded ass in short denim shorts display its arc attracting the gaze of the crowd.

Even Liu Yi is attracted to it.

At this moment his arm is in pain as Murong Die secretly pinches him.

She pouts as she glares at him.


Cries, I am wronged okay…

“Big sister Ling is very good ah…”

Wang Lele by the side unexpectedly claps her hand, “Very nice to watch…”

What the! This idiotic lass!

Wang Yuzheng is biting her lips like she is considering something.

Very quickly Ling Zhuoyi has finished dancing. After igniting the crowd’s mood, she gently jumps off the stage and walks to Liu Yi side.

“Little fellow Liu, it is your turn!”

What the hell, how did I turn into be Little fellow Liu! This damn Ling Zhuoyi really does not know how to control her mouth!

“That, today’s weather is not bad ah!”

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at the ceiling lights as he laughs.

“Get lost! I look down on you!”

Ling Zhuoyi instantly gifts Liu Yi with a middle finger.

Murong Die by the side also cries out: “That’s right. If you are a man then go up and dance ah!”

“Although Lele does not like to make things difficult for Xiao Yi gege…. I really wish to see Xiao Yi gege dance…it must be really cool…”

A bunch of girls without limits ah!

Liu Yi really wishes to cry.

Should I go up or should I not go up ah!


Chapter 362  [Number one school flower’s dance]

Question of the day:

Will Liu Yi go up the stage and do a pole dance?






























There will not be a rewards for the right answer ^^

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