MKW Chapter 361

Chapter 361 [Club crisis


The crowd turns around and take a look. The person is none other than a group of people from the Karate club!

Their leader is none other than Wu Jingjun. He walks over with wide steps as a number of his club members follow behind him,

These club members are wearing the same kind of attire, which is the white karate gi and on it is written KARATE giving them a vigorous aura even from far away.

“Today’s sun has risen from the west ah, looks like there are a number of people at the Martial Arts Club.”


Ling Zhuoyi sits down as she sneers, seeming like she is not angered by Wu Jingjun words but she retaliates by asking: “What is the matter President Wu, why are you so carefree today, not accompanying your little lover Wang Zhanfeng?”

The relationship between Wu Jingjun and Wang Zhanfeng has always been the number one topic of discussion among the school’s fujoshi.

Like how the two of them do it ah, who is the attacker who is the acceptor. It was discussed so many times. To the point during the discussion, the fujoshis are split into two factions. One faction says that Wu Jingjun is the attacker because of his strong kungfu, making sex very fiery. The other faction says that he is the acceptor because this kind of person definitely has a soft side which is showcased during sex!

Hearing Ling Zhuoyi’s words, it is like piercing his weak point making him angry.

“Ling Zhuoyi! Don’t be cocky!”

“Am I cocky? President Wu really likes to joke around ah! Why don’t you take a look at who is the one who came over to look for trouble before saying that I am too much!”

Ling Zhuoyi says in her heart, this Wu Jingjun really knows how to invert black and white.

“So what if I am finding problems. I, Wu Jingjun came here to see the bustling in your Martial Arts club. So what about it?”

Wu Jingjun crosses his arms and says slowly, “Every year, Martial Arts club is not able to recruit many people. This year the school has already given orders that if you guys are not able to recruit at least 5 people then you guys are no longer qualified to be a club. Hehehe. Let me see what you guys are going to do now. Ling Zhuoyi, it is better if you obediently disband your Martial Arts club. Why don’t you consider joining my Karate Club as an advisor?”

“Dream on!”

Ling Zhuoyi mocks back, “It is better to let your little white-faced Wang Zhanfeng be your advisor, that way it is guaranteed that you’ll be able to get more girls. Who says that this year I am unable to recruit 5 members. Did you not see that there are already 4 here?”

As she speaks, she points at Liu Yi and his dormmates.

“These fours?”

Wu Jingjun sneers, “Just four trash who only know how to talk big that’s all and its still not enough people ah.”

“So what. This miss joins this club as well then.”

Murong Die does not like Wu Jingjun, especially when he says that her Liu Yi is trash, making her dislike him more.

She steps forward and takes a form.

“Then I also want to join.”

Wang Lele bounces over, her enormous chest’s movement instantly causes countless of guys heart’s to race.

Even Wu Jingjun cannot help but stare.

These two top grade girls ah…if they really join the Martial Arts club then how many people would be attracted to join ah!

I definitely cannot let that happen and must pull them over!

And perhaps I might even be able to date one of them, wouldn’t that be even good?

After all, I am the president of Karate Club, which is impressive and I am also an attractive person, chasing after a lass should not be a problem.

“These two beauties, the Martial Arts club does not have any future. Why don’t you join my Karate Club?”

Wu Jingjun straightens his black belt around his waist and says: “I am a 4th dan in Karate. It can be said that in the entire Ke Da, I do not have any opponent!”

“How dare you snatch my people in front of me! Wu Jingjun aren’t you too much?!”

Ling Zhuoyi is very unhappy.

“Club recruitment members use all kinds of methods!”

Wu Jingjun continues, “Furthermore your Martial Arts Club also do not have any genuine talent and still wishes to lie to the new students. What a joke. How about it two ladies. Join my Karate Club, the membership fees are cheap, the treatment is also good and there are professional trainers who conduct the training!”

“I am really sorry but we cannot join other clubs ah…”

Wang Lele looks at Wu Jingjun in difficulty, “I can only join the Martial Arts club…”

Wu Jingjun pets his chest and says confidently: “What is the matter, you girls are being threatened? No worries if she dares to threaten you, I will help you girls out!”

“No, no…this elder sister did not make things difficult for us lah…but there is an ancient saying that is correct, ‘Marry husband, follow husband’. So I can only follow along with my boyfriend’s choice…”


Wu Jingjun takes a shocked breath, this top grade big chested lass actually has a boyfriend already?!

Mother ah! What a waste of heaven’s gift ah!!!

“Which guy among the four is your boyfriend…”

“Of course it is him!”

As Wang Lele speaks, she walks over and hugs Liu Yi’s arm.

Killing intent ah!!!

Liu Yi immediately feels all kind of killing intent coming at him from all directions, brushing against his body like it is able to stab him full of holes!!

Especially when Wang Lele’s large chest rubs against his arm, the thousands of guys killing intent gives him a feeling of a target on his back ah!!

“Damn it!”

Wu Jingjun wants to scold people but he turns around and asks Murong Die: “How about you? Join my Karate Club ah.”


Murong Die shakes her head and rejects directly.


Wu Jingjun is shocked, there are actually people who are not willing to join my Karate Club?!

“Because this miss does not like the look of you.”

Murong Die’s sentence instant kill Wu Jingjun.

What kind of reason is this! But it is reasonable ah!

“That…thank you two girls for your kind intentions….”

Ling Zhuoyi says with some difficulty, “But you are not students from our school so you girls are unable to join our club…”


Wu Jingjun’s face which was green turns happy when he hears the conversation, “Hahaha! You also can only see but cannot eat! Hahahaha! Good ah, really good. Looks like this year your club is destined to be disbanded! Relax I will request to take over your site, to be our Karate Club division! Hahaha!”

“There is actually this kind of setting, is so annoying.”

Murong Die unhappily pouts, “Then how about sponsorship? If I sponsor 100k would your school still disband the club?”

When Wu Jingjun hears this his body instantly trembles.

What? Sponsor 100k?!!?


Although Ling Zhuoyi is a miser she also does not know how to reply.

After all the 100k sponsor funds for the Martial Arts club…and having no relationship with the school’s club union.

“Not enough? Then is 1 million enough?”

Murong Family may not have everything but they have money.

This kind of throwing away money is not something an ordinary person can understand.

At the very least everyone in the surrounding is stunned.

“Murong Family is indeed very rich..this…I think can.”

Ling Zhuoyi’s brain spins around quickly as calculates in her heart. Actually, the school’s club union side is easy to deal with. Just give them some benefits, bribing sponsors for the school’s club union construction should be okay…

This way even if there are not enough members, we can still be able to get past this stage.

“So what if you have money!”

While Wu Jingjun is not willing to let go as he sees through Ling Zhuoyi’s thoughts, “Don’t think of sponsoring the club union! I will publicise this matter. With Karate Club’s supervising, no one is allowed to abuse their position for personal gain! Not even members, then you must disband!”

“A small matter ah.”

Ling Zhuoyi instantly smiles, “Friends who wish to join Martial Arts club hurry up ah! There will not be any club fees and everyone will get a $100 meal voucher!”

The moment she speaks, instantly a group of people starts shouting that they want to join.

What the hell! Is there such a prodigal?!

“You, you can do it like this as well?!!”

“Ling Zhuoyi don’t do it like this!”

At this moment, President Yu Haitao who was not around until now finally shows his face.

When he sees Ling Zhuoyi doing it like this he is instantly somewhat upset, “Martial Arts Club only accept friends who are really interested in martial arts! What are you doing to our club!”

“Then what do you want to do. Do you want to watch our club get disbanded?”

Ling Zhuoyi is also somewhat angry, “I am the advisor. I need to make plans for the development of the club!”

“I am also the president! Have you forgotten what the previous president said to me when he passed down his post to me?”

“Of course I remember! But if there is not club then we will have nothing! Martial arts spirit, what bullshit spirit do you have when there is no club!”

Ling Zhuoyi and Yu Haitao start quarreling.

Wu Jingjun sneers by the side, “Hehe, dog bites dog. Not bad, continue on.”

Liu Yi and the rest are also helpless as they do not know how to help.

“That…can I join the Martial Arts Club?”

Just as the two of them are quarreling endlessly, a weak voice speaks up beside them.

They immediately turn around to take a look and the person is none other than Wang Yuzheng!

“Can I join…I am interested in martial arts and wish to learn a few defensive methods.”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks, she looks at Liu Yi, “I do not wish to always give other people trouble…”

“Silly lass, how would you be troublesome.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hands and strokes Wang Yuzheng’s hair.

This lass is really thinking too much.

The group of people jaw drops. You already have Wang Lele that big chest girl and you still want to take our school flower! Are you trying to kill the rest of us!

“Now it is enough already, right?”

Murong Die turns around and looks at Ling Zhuoyi, “The two of you do not need to quarrel anymore.”

“Enough people! Enough people!”

Ling Zhuoyi immediately nods her head, “That…the sponsorship would not decrease right…”

“Of course, what I promised you, how would it be less.”

To Murong Die, a million is just a few months allowance that’s all.

Wu Jingjun stands by the side awkwardly as well as unhappily.

Not being able to disband the Martial Arts club as well as letting them get a million in sponsors…damn it even until now I have not seen such a large sum of money!

Shameless rich family ah! Even if it is a beauty spending it is really shameless ah!

But the day after is our agreed upon fight date, on the ring I shall humiliate these bunch of fellows!

“That is really great! Let me treat you guys for tonight’s dinner! Come, come, come. Let us go an eat!”

Ling Zhuoyi did not bother recruiting new students already as she pulls Murong Die and walks out of the school.

“Liu Yi, Lele, Yuzheng. Let’s go together.”

Murong Die calls them over.

Chen Cai points at himself and asks: “What about us?”

“You guys settle yourselves!”

“What the…you guys…don’t be like this ah…”


Chapter 361 [Club crisis]

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“But…but I do want to watch Xiao Yi brother doing *****”

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