MKW Chapter 360

Chapter 360 [100,000 to have a meal together


Very soon, Su Junping and the rest also see the recruitment area and Chen Cai’s jaw immediately drops.

“@#$@# you can’t be for real! So desolate! And where are the beauties!”

Looking at the recruitment area of the Martial Arts club, there are only fat lasses fanning themselves.

In front of them is not a single new member, which is completely different from other clubs who have a lot of people!

“Damn… it is way to desolated already ah…”

Completely deserted ah! Did not think that the countless number of girls that Yu Haitao says is this kind…

Lai Junwen is quite righteous as he says: “Ai, martial arts is declining ah. We need to be responsible to help out ah! Didn’t old two say that we need to keep our words, we must restore the martial arts club!”

“That…I actually am also interested in playing basketball…”

Liu Yi changes his tone, “After all helping our country’s basketball progress, en, is also our responsibility.”


Lai Junwen and the rest instantly gives Liu Yi the middle finger.

Chen Cai ask: “Boss, where is your moral integrity!”

“Who? Who are you talking about? You created a new word?”

Liu Yi narrows his eyes as he looks at Chen Cai, “But Chen Cai ah you really improved ah, already learning how to create a new word!”

“Your sister ah boss!”

“Then do we…join or not…”

Su Junping is also somewhat wavering as his eyes start to stray to the basketball club. Those white legs as well as the cheerleaders.

What a beautiful scenery ah…

Liu Yi proposes, “How about we… withdraw…”

Just as they are about to withdraw, from near the martial arts club a pretty figure walks over.

The two fat lasses instantly turn around and greet, “Hi, vice-president!”

“Vice-president. This place is very hot ah. Will we be able to recruit new members?”

The beautiful brushes her bangs and say confidently: “I can confirm one. There will definitely be people who will be interested in martial arts.”

As the beauty speaks, she walks to the back of the recruitment table and sits down, “I, Ling Zhuoyi do not believe that this year there isn’t anyone who does not have eyes!”

The number one school flower is actually the vice-president of the Martial Arts Club!

To think that Su Junping also did not get hold of this information!

“Looks like everyone has the responsibility of supporting Martial Arts.”

Lai Junwen nods his head, “We must not fall behind ah…”

“That’s right, that’s right! We need to help out!”

Chen Cai also agrees. While Su Junping somewhat cowardly ask: “That…didn’t second brother say that he wants to join the Basketball club…”

The three of them turn around, but Liu Yi has already walked over to the recruitment area and greets warmly: “These few beauties! I am here to join the Martial Arts Club!”


The three of them gift Liu Yi’s back view with their middle finger again.

“You have indeed come.”

Ling Zhuoyi smiles merrily at Liu Yi, “I am still worried that you would not grace my Martial Arts club. But I have heard that a few days ago you beat up Youchi Ronkou, is it real? Or is it a fake news?”

“I am rather shocked that the number one school beauty is the Martial Arts Club vice-president.”

Liu Yi takes an application form from one of the fat girls and asks: “Last time at the bar why did I not see you come and look for us?”

“Recruiting members, that matter, I’ll just leave it to Yu Haitao.”

As Ling Zhuoyi speaks, she stretches in an enchanting manner, attracting their eyes. If only her chest is not so flat then it would have been even better.

Forget it…although her chest is not enough, her face is enough. No matter what, Ling Zhuoyi is still very pretty. Her appearance is completely perfect when combined together.

“Other than being the vice-president, this miss also has a very important consultant identity. I still need sponsors for the martial arts club as well. It is a pity that there are too few companies who are willing to sponsor martial arts. Junior brother, how about it do you want to sponsor some?”

I…do I look like I am rich…”

“Don’t be in a hurry to reject ah. You sponsor a thousand dollars and this miss will accompany you to have a meal. How about it?”

Ling Zhuoyi smiles merrily as she looks at Liu Yi.

…This Ling Zhuoyi is not that easy to deal with ah!

These terms of hers are very attractive…having a meal with the number 1 school flower. If said to others it is quite reputable…especially the three guys behind me, their eyes are already red.

“He is a pauper. Let this miss sponsor you.”

At this moment from beside them comes the voice of a girl which attract their attention.

All of them turn over and take a look and instantly takes a deep breath.

It is two great beauties ah! One of them is noble and gorgeous while the other has a dazzling figure!

The two beauties are wearing black and white skirts respectively as they hold hands and walk over.

Beauties like this are rare to see even in Ke Da!

A lot of guys are following behind them as they follow them admiring them.

One of the guys seems to be looking at them too serious until he walks into a tree but there is no laughter because everyone else is looking at the two beauties.

“Great, great beauties ah!

Su Junping is almost salivating already, “Why did I not know that there is actually these kinds of beauties in Ke Da…What the heck is the top notice list doing ah! The two of them are absolutely in the top 5 ah!”

“Ai…I found a girlfriend too soon…”

Lai Junwen is also very regretful, but out of their expectations, Chen Cai who is usually the most excited when seeing beauties is calm this time around.

Did this guy shoot already? Or does his eyes have problems?

This is a pair of absolute beauties ah!

“Oh? This two beauties also want to apply to my Martial Arts club?”

Ling Zhuoyi asks as she takes out two application form and passes them over.

If our Martial Arts Club is able to accept this two beauties…then there will definitely be a lot of guys applying to our Martial Arts Club! At that time, there will definitely be a large sum of membership fees ah….

Her eyes brighten up like stars.

“Sorry Senior sister. The two of us are not from Ke Da but from QingBei.”

The large chest girl says apologetically.

Even Ling Zhuoyi is also somewhat dazzled…

Hateful ah. I hate girls with big chests the most!

“This miss is here to sponsor.”

The other beauty who is wearing black skirt crosses her arms and speaks like an arrogant peacock, “My Murong Financial Group will sponsor your martial arts club,  how about 100k?”


All of the guys got a shock.

I’ll be damned! Ms Perfect!

“Murong family?”

Ling Zhuoyi immediately becomes excited, It is a large financial organisation in the North!

“What is the terms! We can print Murong financial organization logo on our uniforms as an advertisement when we go to competitions how is it? Or we can also add a name, er, yeah Murong Martial Arts Club!”

Ling Zhuoyi is very happy, just how much money is that ah!

“No need. My terms are that he needs to have dinner with me! Hmph!”

As the beauty speaks, she angrily glares at Liu Yi.

Ling Zhuoyi’s smart brain nearly stops working.

What? What are these terms???

A lot of guys instantly glare at Liu Yi in rage and hatred.

@$#$$!!!! What kind of lady’s luck does this fellow have! To make a Ms. Perfect spend money to have a meal with him?!

If it is me, being able to have a meal with this beauty…don’t say getting paid 100k, even if I pay 100k….ah, pay 10 dollars is also okay ah!!!

“Xiao Die, stop messing around…”

Liu Yi is somewhat embarrassed to be under the gaze of so many people.

Damn this! They know each other?!!!!!

Lai Junwen and Su Junping’s gaze instantly turns bad, as it starts to be filled with envy.

Why did Liu Yi also know this kind of beauty?!

Ling Zhuoyi also slightly tilts her head to the side as she looks at the three of them. It seems like, there are some stories ah!

“Aiyah. It is really my fortune that our Sir Liu actually remembered me ah.”

Murong Die crosses her arms as she mocks Liu Yi.

“Eh? What is with your tone? Are you angry at me?” asked Liu Yi, completely lost.

“Aiyah how would this girl dare to be mad at our Sir Liu ah. Our Sir Liu is so arrogant like an emperor and is so hard to invite. Even trying meet is also through other people, passing messages ah.”

Murong Die continues to ridicule making Liu Yi completely confused.

“Xiao Yi gege…you promised to have dinner….”

By the side, Wang Lele secretly reminded Liu Yi.

“Damn lass whose side are you on!!!”

Murong Die is hopping mad, “When we are coming didn’t we talk about this! If this fellow does not apologize and treat us we will ignore him! Damn it, you traitor!”

“So, sorry lah…”

Wang Lele pouts, “I also see that…Xiao Yi gege seems to be unable to remember…”

“What the heck! You know his morality and conduct! If we do not beat him up, how would he get it straight!”

Murong Die is about to blow her top, “Damn Lele selling out your teammate! How can I trust you in future!”

“Sorry lah Xiao Die sister…I would not dare to do it again in the future…”

“You still dare to have a future?! OHHHH so angry!!!!”

As the two beauties start quarreling, Liu Yi immediately hurries to soothe them.

“Okay okay. Stop talking Lele. This matter is indeed my mistake…recently I am rather busy and had some matters. How about this, tonight I’ll treat you guys to a meal okay…”

“Go and die! You only know how to side with Lele!”

Murong Die is unhappy, “Did this miss own you?! Still, you made me look for you first!”

As she speaks, she turns around and walks over to a guy by the side. Grabbing him by his collar she asks: “Are you willing to have a meal with this miss?!”

“Ah! Willing! Willing ah!”

The guy is so happy that he almost faints.

Murong Die pushed him aside before glaring at Liu Yi, “Did you see! There are guys who are willing to treat this miss to a meal, hmph!”

That guy instantly cries, why…am I used for this…my heart is breaking ah….

“Don’t be angry. My big miss ah how about I treat you to a meal?”


Murong Die raise her eyebrow, “Our Stingy Liu is finally willing to be generous? Tell me what will you be treating.”

“MaLa Tang…I guarantee that you will be full…..”

“Your sister!!!!”

“The two of you!”

Ling Zhuoyi jumps out to smooth things over, “Are you guys still willing to sponsor and apply?”

She is not interested in the story, rather she cares more about the money!

“Of course.”

Murong Die and Liu Yi reply at the same time before staring at each other.

“Aiyah, why are there so many people at that Martial Arts club today? Did the sun rise from the west?”

At this moment, a mystifying voice comes from their side.


Chapter 360 [100,000 to have a meal together]

Today’s teaser


“No need for that. He is a pauper after all. Let me sponsor you. All I need is for him to have a                   with me!” saying Murong Die angrily.

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