MKW Chapter 359

Chapter 359 [Unique Breakfast


Dragon Group still has not sent down any order while the military training has already ended.

After which it is the start of the large-scale recruitment of the clubs!

“Second brother, are we really going to join the Martial association?”

Su Junping follows Liu Yi and the rest as they walk through the school, looking at the two rows of clubs recruiting members by the sides as well as the ladies task to recruit new members, he starts to salivate.

Especially since it is summer, the girls are wearing rather revealing clothing and attracting the eyes of people!

The most eye-catching one is the “K-ON”!

They are obviously a choir but why must they name it in Japanese!

But the girls there are all beauties ah…

Especially the girls who are inviting new members to join, all of them are wearing short blue skirts, revealing their white legs in a row!

Su Junping realize that Liu Yi is listlessly smacking his lips, thus ask curiously: “Second brother, second brother? What is the matter with you?”

When is Liu Yi so listless? Isn’t he originally very spirited?


When Liu Yi hears someone calling him, he jolts away as he turns around and looks at Su Junping and asks: “What is the matter?”

Su Junping looks at Liu Yi’s current state and asks: “What the…second brother did your soul fly off? Or did a female ghost suck away your vitality?”

By the side Chen Cai ask in envy and jealousness: “Boss…did you have an affair again?”

Liu Yi suddenly turns silent as he starts to recall the matter that had happened earlier in the morning when he wakes up.

When he wakes up in the morning, Liu Yi suddenly feels that there is something heavy on his body. Opening his eyes, he sees a beautiful girl sprawling on his body sleeping sweetly.

Ah, what is this situation!

The beauty’s chest is pressing against his chest and that soft feeling causes Liu Yi’s blood to boil!

Originally it early morning and during this time, a man will usually…support the sky with a pillar!

Currently, with this girl’s provocation, Liu Yi is almost unable to control himself as his lower body wakes up.

I seem to be wearing a small underwear only ah…

“Wu…owner meow…”

The beauty seems to feel that something is poking her lower body as she stretches her hands down to fiddle with it as she smacks her lips and mumbles, “Let Xiao Mi sleep a bit more meow…”

This fiddling causes Liu Yi to be unable to bear it anymore as he immediately stretches out his hands and lifts Xiao Mi off his body.

Luckily it is still early and the rest of the guys in the dormitory are still in deep sleep, thus no one noticed his ‘affair’!

Otherwise, even if he jumps into the yellow river, he wouldn’t be able to explain ah…

“Xiao Mi…why did you come here? Aren’t you supposed to be confined?”

Liu Yi counts the date and it seems like one week has yet to pass!

“Xiao Mi missed owner meow…so I secretly snuck out meow…”

Xiao Mi who is lifted up looks very cute and adorable.

“…Are you not afraid that your Little Aunt would look for you!”

“No worries meow…Xiao Mi has turned off my handphone meow…So Little Aunt wouldn’t be able to find me…”

As Xiao Mi speaks, she stretches her hand down between her legs and pulls out a red handphone from within.

Liu Yi is about to faint. Damn…why did she pull it out from there again?!

That part of Xiao Mi is what kind of secret place? I really wish to lift up her skirt and take a look ah!

“Xiao Mi…I, I want to ask you a question.”

Liu Yi uses his powers to compress his voice and sends it into Xiao Mi’s ears, “Where did you pull the umbrella as well as the handphone from…”

“Owner, you have forgotten that Xiao Mi’s ability is space meow…inside Xiao Mi’s skirt is a storage space meow…anything can be placed inside meow…”

As Xiao Mi speaks, she stretches out her hand and takes down the Taiji Sword that Liu Yi had hanged on the wall and inserts it up between her legs.

Indeed the Taiji Sword disappeared…

[TL: girls please do not try this at home…Xiao Mi have went through years of training to be able to place such a long object in.]


Are you for real? Why did you set it at that kind of place! Xiao Mi really too exotic already…

“Owner…Xiao Mi is not comfortable like this…”

Xiao Mi shrugs her body slightly.

“Then do not sprawl over my body okay…”

“Okay, meow~~”

Only then did Liu Yi relax his hands, while Xiao Mi props her body with her hands, although she is not sprawling over his body, it is more towards riding him…

“Oh…right, good morning owner meow…Let Xiao Mi help owner to wash your face meow…”

As Xiao Mi speaks, she suddenly lowers her body as she presses down on Liu Yi.

She stretches out her tongue and gently licks Liu Yi’s face.

What the @#@$%!! This lass still retains the habits of a little dog ah!

The lass’s tongue is very soft and slippery, making Liu Yi itchy as well as excited.

“Xiao Mi, don’t…don’t be like this…”

Xiao Mi licks her lips like she is still not satisfied, “ Xiao Mi has not eaten breakfast meow…I still want to eat meow…owner give Xiao Mi a bit more meow…”

She wags her tail in anticipation while gazing at Liu Yi with watery big eyes.

Liu Yi looks awkward, how is this something that I want to give.

“Since owner does not want to give…then Xiao Mi shall make it come out her own…”

Xiao Mi starts to lick again.

Liu Yi completely collapses, I’ll be damned ah…are you for real…

This is not heaven, this, this is hell ah….

By the end, in just a morning, 6 rounds are being forced out of Liu Yi!

Liu Yi with a pair of panda eyes looks at the little white dog that is licking its lips in satisfaction and following by his side as a burst of sorrow flutters in his heart.

“Right second brother…where did you buy this dog from…it is very cute but if dormitory-in-charge finds it then he might deduct points ah!”

Su Junping looks at Xiao Mi who is following by Liu Yi’s side in worry.

“No worries…they will not care about this little dog…”

This is the dog zodiac ah, if the dormitory-in-charge is able to find it then it would not be called the twelve zodiac beast ah!

But if Maki knows that her dog zodiac that she had trained with great hardship as well as being her baby god-daughter…actually did this kind of thing for me…perhaps she might immediately drag me away to be flogged to death!

“Let us secretly raise it then…this little dog is really cute…”

Lai Junwen squats down and tries to pet Xiao Mi.

But Xiao Mi quickly moves away and walks to the other side of Liu Yi.

“What the…this dog of yours is really shy with strangers!”

Lai Junwen withdraws his hands resentfully and stands up.

But Liu Yi is able to hear what Xiao Mi says: “Not anyone can touch Xiao Mi meow!”

“Come and take a look ah. Our association is looking for new students ah!”

At this moment, the cheerleaders of the Basketball club by the side shouts, they are beauties wearing sexy short skirts and holding pom-poms.

Liu Yi dares to guarantee that most of the surrounding guys are not there to signup but to peek at the girl’s panties!

No moral integrity ah, no moral integrity…

Chen Cai swallows his saliva and says: “Boss….it seems like there is a girl who is not wearing panty’s ah….”

“Ah, my handphone has dropped.”

Liu Yi takes out his handphone from his pocket and ‘accidentally’ dropped his phone onto the ground.

Liu Yi immediately bends down and ‘picked up his handphone’.

“Damn…second brother you have no moral integrity!”

Su Junping looks at him in despise.

“What are you talking about. I am only picking up my handphone.”

Liu Yi slowly stands up before placing his handphone back into his pocket and says to Chen Cai: “Indeed she is not.”

“What the heck! I have dropped my handphone as well!”

“Aiyah my invincible spectacles have dropped!”

“I dropped my briefs!”

The three guys instantly bend down while Chen Cai is almost kneeling on the ground.

Liu Yi really wishes to kick Chen Cai in his back but thinking that it might weaken his appearance, he gives up.

Chen Cai rubs away his nosebleed and says: “Boss…I, I wish to join the basketball club…”

“Get lost!”

Liu Yi kicks Chen Cai before saying: “Didn’t we agree to join the Martial Arts club! We must keep our promise otherwise are we still men?!”

“That’s…fine then…”

Chen Cai can only sigh.

“Quickly take a look, there is the karate club recruitment new members!”

Su Junping points under a tree a distance away, indeed under the tree stands Wu Jingjun as he passes application forms to the new members.

Seeming like he has seen Liu Yi as well, Wu Jingjun turns around before giving them two thumbs down as a dispising sign.

Chen Cai starts to roll up his sleeves and says angrily: “What the! Boss let me settle them!”

“Forget it. We still need to hurry and report. Later, settling them at the stage is not too late.”

Liu Yi pulls them away and walks towards the Martial Arts clubs direction.

Based on what Yu Haitao said, their Martial Arts club location seems to be somewhere close to the library.

“Yu Haitao says that their club has a number of girls, so there must be a number of people applying!”

Su Junping starts to fantasize about him and a group of girls training together in the future…hehe, perhaps I might be able to take the opportunity to get some advantage.

“Take a look and wouldn’t we know…it is in front of us.”

Liu Yi’s eyesight is rather good and is able to see the location where the Martial Arts club is located.


Chapter 359 [Unique breakfast]

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“No need for that. He is a pauper after all. Let me sponsor you. All I need is for him to have a                   with me!” saying Murong Die angrily.

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