MKW Chapter 358

Chapter 358 [Ai Ling’s headache


This technique of Ma Hua was learned from the Realm Guardian.

Back then when the Realm Guardian crippled his star jade, when he is injured he had comprehended his move.

It can be said that he has used his own cultivation in exchange for this technique!

Ma Hua passes down this technique to Liu Yi but Liu Yi’s power is not enough and is not as perverted as that Realm Guardian who is able to cripple several star jade with a single move.

His single move is only able to cripple one to two star jades. But this damage to a cultivator is very severe. In a human body, if two star jades are crippled, even if he opens up the rest of the star jade he would also lose a large part of his strength.

A human body has 28-star jades, all of them forms a complete body. Lacking one is not good!

It is like a martial artist, in his body if one of his meridians is spoiled it will affect his martial arts!

“Star Destroying Fist!”

A baleful qi condenses within Liu Yi’s palm, causing Chen Yu to be shocked as he starts to sweat and have a bad feeling.

This…this technique seems to be very scary!

“Before I attack let me say this first.”

Liu Yi is not in a hurry to attack Chen Yu yet. He believes that even if he kills him he should let him die with understanding.

Thus the Star Destroying Fist power condenses within his palm as Liu Yi warns Chen Yu.

“This move is called Star Destroying Fist. When it hits you, it will not make you vomit blood, neither does it kill you…but, it will destroy one of your star jades.”

“What, what….”

Knowing the suffering that will soon be happening to him is not as scary as not knowing.

For example, a person who has cancer, if he does not know he would still be able to happily live every day until his death.

But if this person knows about it then the following days he would be suffering until he dies.

The current Chen Yu is feeling this kind of suffering under Liu Yi’s reminder.

“It is impossible to have this kind of technique…how is that possible…”

While Chen Yu is horrified he hopes fervently that it is not possible.

“Whether is there such a technique, you will know when you try it.”

Liu Yi smiles, “Since you do not use your powers for a proper cause then there is no point in you having it. Today I shall cripple one of your star jade as punishment!”

“Wait! Wait!”

At this moment, Maki rushes over from the walkway by the side.

When she sees Liu Yi and Chen Yu, her face instantly turns pale.

“Liu Yi! What are you doing! He is a person from Dragon Group team 1 ah!”

Maki does not know what had happened between the two of them but she understands one thing. If Liu Yi really did something to Chen Yu…perhaps he will end up badly.

“Dragon Group no longer needs this kind of person.”

Liu Yi did not raise his head as he says to Maki, “I will personally cripple him.”

“Liu Yi you are crazy! If you do this, you will definitely suffer punishment from the higher-ups!”

Maki immediately says: “You are still young. You cannot destroy your future ah!”

“Dr. Ma, thank you for advising me.”

Liu Yi finally raises his head and looks at Maki, “But I am no longer a little child. There are some matters that I am able to see clearly. This matter if I do not do it because I am afraid, then there wouldn’t be anyone who would do it. And Chen Yu will forever become Dragon Group’s vermin. Apologies I, am unable to betray my feelings. Cripple him is what my spirit is telling me as well.”

“Liu Yi, you, you don’t be rash!”

Maki suddenly does not know how to advise Liu Yi. Chen Yu’s identity is not low ah! Dragon Group team 1 person and every one of them is a treasure of the country! Elites among people!

If they lost one, Dragon Group will feel heartache ah! At that time how would they let go of Liu Yi!

“You have heard it. If you cripple me it will only bring about endless troubles!”

Chen Yu keeps nodding his head and says to Liu Yi, “If you are a smart person then you better quickly release me. I am willing to be a kind person and let you off this time!”

Hearing what Chen Yu says, Liu Yi smiles.

“I  apologize…I have a nickname which is the idiot. What a smart person does, I am afraid that I am unable to do.”

Liu Yi raises his palm.

“You are not afraid that Dragon Group will find trouble for you! You are not afraid that my Subduing Dragon Peak will hunt you down?”

“Hunt me down? Sure, I shall be waiting here for you guys.”

Ma Hua has told him before that if you are mixed into the cultivation world then you must never be afraid! This cultivation world is not as harmonious as you think and is a place where the strong swallows the weak! Afraid? The end result of being afraid is weak. The end result of being weak? Then you shall become the food for others!

Thus Liu Yi has already gone for broke since the beginning.

“Remember I am Dragon Group team 3 agent, Liu Yi!”

Liu Yi thrust out and slaps Chen Yu’s chest.

The power of Star Destroying Fist activates! The star map in Chen Yu’s body instantly lights up and one of the already lighted up ‘House’ star jade suddenly starts trembling, following which like a glass it splits open layer by layer before turning into fragments and scatters among cosmos diagram.


Chen Yu’s face turns completely pale.

He is like a corpse lying there not moving.

With a star jade crippled, it also means that his future cultivating path is basically….destroyed.

Liu Yi takes back his right hand as he loosens his breath in secret.

This Star Destroying Fist is not something that he can casually use. Earlier why he keeps talking is because he wants Chen Yu to understand what is going to happen to him, on the other hand, it is because Star Destroying Fist needs time to condense.

Maki asks: “What, what is the matter with him?”

“Nothing much. He did not die, but I have crippled one of his star jades, that’s all.”

Liu Yi dusts his hands and stands up.

“Finished, finished…you…what do you want me to do….”

Maki completely did not expect that something like this would actually happen in the territory that she is in charge of!

Dragon Group internal fight!

Furthermore, it is a team 3 agent who had crippled a team 1 agent…

“Liu Yi…leave first…”

She does not have any other choice as she waves him away. She decided to report to the higher-ups and let them deal with it.

“But do not leave Ke Da. The higher-ups might summon you any moment.”


Liu Yi more or less understands Maki’s intention but he did not say much nor is afraid.

If he is afraid then he would naturally not did this kind of things.

Liu Yi does not regret crippling Chen Yu.

He turns around and leaves the laboratory. While Maki looks at Chen Yu on the ground who is about to collapse.

“Ai…why do I feel like I have brought a big trouble over…Chen Yu ah Chen Yu, you deserve your bad luck. Of all people to provoke you just had to provoke this fiend star…”


At Concealed Sword Pavilion.

A girl is standing on the Sword Reservoir Platform of Concealed Sword Pavilion while staring into the distances.

She is very beautiful as her limpid eyes give off a trace seductive appearance.

Not knowing from when, when it is dusk she would always come here and stare into the distance.

Seemingly like this gaze would be able to see the person in her heart.

“Ling’er what are you looking at?”

At this moment a figure suddenly descended from the sky and lands on the ground.

Different from Ai Ling who is carrying a yellow sword on her back, this man is only wearing a white robe but is not carrying the signature sword of Concealed Sword Pavilion.

This person is the disciple of Heaven Characters of Concealed Sword Pavilion. Concealed Sword Pavilion also has factions and one of them is Heaven Characters faction who cultivates sword qi as their main.

The other faction is Earth Characters faction which Ai Ling belongs to who cultivates sword technique as main which is the complete opposite of Heaven Characters.

It is also just like Hua Shan Sect where they have Sword faction and Qi faction!

Over the long history, the two factions fight relentlessly against each other, to obtain the leadership authority of Concealed Sword Pavilion.

Until the generation before Ai Ling when the situation slowly turns better because at this time, Concealed Sword Pavilion is declining and is no longer the leader of the righteous sects. The current leader of the righteous sects has changed to Immortal Snow Peak!

Thus the two factions decided to work together to resist the strength of Immortal Snow Peak. At the very least during this time’s Dao gathering they must snatch back the first place.

As for the man in front of Ai Ling, he is called Gao Feng and he is the successor for Heaven Character.

“Everyday during dusk you would come here. Is it because you wish to descend down the mountain?”

The man’s warm and gentle voice enters Ai Ling’s ear.

“Is it because that senior brother from your faction is pestering you again? Let me go and help you get rid of him.”

Saying finish he turns around and steps onto a sword qi and prepares to leave.

“Senior Brother Gao is too anxious already.”

Ai Ling turns around and looks at Gao Feng.

“That senior brother of mine is already beaten up by you till his lower body have failed and is still in bed recovering. I am here to look at the scenery only.”

Gao Feng says calmly: “The wind here is strong. It is better to not come here often to prevent harming your body.”

“Senior Brother Gao still likes to joke around.”

Ai Ling straightens her clothes as she rolls her eyes and says with a faint smile, “I am currently a seven-star cultivator, although I am not as strong as Senior Brother Gao my body would not get injured from just this small mountain wind.”

“I am only caring about you Ling’er.”

Gao Feng raises his head and looks at Ai Ling, his gaze is concentrated with to desire to dominate, “Do not forget that you are the girl that I desire. Caring for you is but my matter.”

“Senior Brother Gao, thank you for your care.”

Ai Ling rolls her eyes like she wishes to say something but in the end, she did not say it.

Since the last time during the summit meeting of Conceal Sword Pavilion, after she and this Senior Brother Gao have met, he starts to chase after her relentlessly.

If you say it is a chase, it is more like dominating.

From the moment he started chasing after her, Ai Ling no longer has any friends by her side. For guy friends, those who dare to get close to her were beaten up badly while for girlfriends, they are expelled or banished.

Ai Ling does not like it but she does not have the ability to resist. Because the faction higher-ups request for her is to accept Gao Feng. Because this can encourage the two factions to have joint growth.

“Let me stroll by myself.”

In Ai Ling’s mind appears the figure of a guy. If he is here now what would have happened?

How I wish I can secretly sneak down the mountains…how good would that be…

“Up to you. But you must remember you cannot leave this place nor leave me. This time World’s Dao Gathering, I will challenge all the experts in the world and becomes the sect leader before marrying you!”

Gao Feng swings his sleeve in anger and walks away.


Chapter 358 [Ai Ling’s headache]

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