MKW Chapter 357

Chapter 357 [Crippling star jade


Maki’s sentence nearly insta-killed Liu Yi.

I’ll be damned, what is this situation! Maki actually wants to sacrifice herself?!

Smelling her delicate scent and feeling her softness…as Liu Yi is a normal man, thus his blood starts to race slightly.

But because he has made a mistake due to the dragon pearl going out of control, now he cannot make a second mistake!

Liu Yi, you must bear with it!

Nine Mysterious Icy qi immediately revolves, flowing throughout Liu Yi’s body. The cooling feeling that swims through his body allows him to calm down.

Woman ah…women are indeed poison…

This poison is so tempting and delicious…but if eaten, the feeling would be completely opposite.

They are able to corrode your heart then corrode your soul, making you completely losing yourself and turn into their slave!

Liu Yi uses Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra to cleanse his spirit before pushing Maki aside.

“Stop messing around. Xiao Mi and I do not have the kind of relationship that you are thinking of.”

Maki looks at Liu Yi in shock, not knowing why as her eyes brighten up slightly.

“Then forget it. Since you did not cherish the opportunity then we shall end here.”

Maki stretches out her hand and takes out a white lab coat from the closet beside here. She puts it on and blocks the view of her fair skin.

“I hope you are able to do what you say and nothing happens between you and Xiao Mi. Otherwise, even if I tear apart the face of Dragon Group…I will bring my twelve zodiac beast power and chase you to the edge of the world and kill you!”

“These kinds of words is easier to accept that you sacrificing your body…at least it resembles concern more.”

Liu Yi stands up and walks out of the room.

[TL: …confuse did he even sit down? ahh nevermind he is bent backwards over the table…]

Maki leans against the door as she covers her red face before loosening her breath and says: “Considered as you passing my appraisal…”

Liu Yi does not know about Maki’s appraisal of him as he is rejoicing that he had protected his innocence.

After walking out of the door and turning around a corner, Liu Yi is suddenly stopped by a figure.

Chen Yu stands in front of Liu Yi with his arms cross and says arrogantly:“Team 3 person right? Have a chat with me.”

“I got a name. I am called Liu Yi.”

In the end, Chen Yu’s slow reply infuriated Liu Yi.

“Why should I? Just a team 3 agent is not worthy for me to remember.”

Is this fellow really think that he is very damn important?

“What? Are the agents from team 1 very remarkable? Do you have more tails than us team 3?”

Liu Yi mocks. What is there to be arrogant about? Back then when I meet those Asura Gods which one of them did not have their eyes above their head. Compared to the Asura Gods this idiot is nothing!

Just a ten-star earth grade cultivator and he thinks that he is unmatchable?

“Originally I am disinclined to find you. With your rank, you are not worthy to talk to me.”

Chen Yu crosses his arms as he stands there, his eyes almost looking up at the sky as he says: “But I’m giving face to Dr. Ma, I shall give you this chance!”

As Chen Yu speaks he points a finger at Liu Yi’s face and say: “I’ll give you one chance to leave Dr. Ma. She is my Chen Yu’s one.”

“Firstly I do not need you to give me chance.”

Originally thinking that Liu Yi will agree fearfully, but Liu Yi only sneers and says: “Secondly, Dr. Ma and I are not familiar with each other. Even if we are familiar with each other it does not concern you. Now please scram from my sight.”

“Are you seeking death?”

Chen Yu snorts as killing intent erupts out from him, “A team 3 trash actually dares to talk to me in this way?”


Liu Yi finally raises his head and looks at Chen Yu.

“What, you do not like it? This name is very suitable for you guys, trash. A group of people with slight power that’s all and you guys still dare to join Dragon Group. Really, lowering our Dragon Group’s value.”

“My value is not up to you to access.”

Liu Yi feels that this fellow is way too arrogant. Compared to the Asura Gods, he is only more arrogant not less ah!

“So please take back your assessment of our team 3.”

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly understands why did Long San tried everything to invite him and Chen Cai as well as ‘Blood Emperor’ to join Dragon Group.

“Why should I take it back? You guys are originally trash and are not even worthy of helping us hold our shoes!”

Chen Yu sneers, “Just now if it is not for Dr. Ma stopping me you would already be smashed into pieces by my Subduing Dragon fist.”

“Let me say again, take back your words…”

Liu Yi’s voice contains killing intent.

“Take back? Hahaha, trash you are just a tra…”


Liu Yi instantly appears in front of Chen Yu, at the same time a punch hits his stomach fiercely.

Chen Yu’s eyeballs nearly pop out as he is instantly sent flying into the ceiling.

The ceiling dents inwards as Chen Yu is embedded in the hole.

Chen Yu vomits out blood onto the ground.

“Next time if you let me hear you say trash again…I do not mind making you silent forever.”

Liu Yi stands up and withdraws his fist.

“You, you deserve death!”

Chen Yu is indeed a body cultivator. Although he has taken Liu Yi’s fierce punch, he is still able to jump down from the ceiling and lands in front of him.

“Just now you have sucker punched me! What kind of ability does that count as! I will let you know how big is the difference between team 1 and team 3! AHHHHH!”

A golden glow erupts from his body as his fist becomes as eye-catching as two small suns.

“You bastard.”

Liu Yi scolds, “When the laboratory was under attack where are you! Damn you! Now you jump out too show-off what strength! Your power is not used to protect but to be show-off?!”

“Where I wish to use my strength shall be where I will use my strength!”

Golden light erupts from Chen Yu’s fist as he says sinisterly at Liu Yi, “No one is able to control me!”

“What was the original intention of you joining Dragon Group?”

Liu Yi cannot help but think of what Long San had said to him, join Dragon Group and safeguard China.

“Of course it is for the respectable identity! As well as all kinds of benefits and the payment idiot!”

Chen Yu sneers, “With the identity of Dragon Group, it is more convenient for me to do things! Furthermore, as a member of the first team of Dragon Group I have three pardons for killing anyone…hehe, it also means that it does not matter if I kill you!”

“Talking about this… I also have a pardon that I have not used.”

When Liu Yi hears what Chen Yu says he clenches his fist so tightly that his joints pop, “But using it on you…is a bit of a waste.”

“Kill me? Just you? Hahaha!”

Chen Yu laughs, “Do you have the ability? I am a ten-star expert! As well as an elite disciple of Subduing Dragon Peak! Just now if it was not for your sneak attack do you think that you could able to hit me? Let me tell you. Your punch earlier is only an itch to me!”

“Are you sure?”

Liu Yi puts on his Monarch Armour as he rubs his wrist.

“That’s right the difference between us is something that you can never imagine!”

Although Chen Yu says this, he still feels that his stomach is churning.

Liu Yi’s sudden punch has caused him to be injured. But he feels that it is because he is careless. In a proper fight, how is a team 3 agent his opponent!

“Just now I did not teach you a lesson and now you are seeking death yourself! Let me tell you, the fight earlier I only used 50% of my strength! Now I will use my complete strength to smash you!”

As he speaks, he raises both hands and instantly appears in front of Liu Yi before punching towards Liu Yi’s forehead with a fist with a golden dragon.

“The let me say honestly then…”

Liu Yi only punches, “Just now that fist is not even 10 % of my strength…”


Their fists hit clashes as an enormous shockwave erupts!

One is an elite disciple from Tiger Dragon path, Subduing Dragon Peak, the other is an infatuated youngster rebirthed after 500 years in Asura Realm.

The strength of the two of them is not weak as earth grade power crashes against each other!

At that instant, the floor of the laboratory that is able to withstand an earthquake of magnitude ten sinks down instantly!

With the two of them as the center, everything within the radius of a hundred meters completely sinks down deeply!

Everyone is shocked as Maki who is studying her underwear trembles as the floor she is standing on changes shape!

“What is going on?”

At this moment the alarms in the laboratory start to ring, all because of the shockwaves from their combat.

The walls beside them collapse from the shockwave as Chen Yu’s boy is instantly sent flying like a kite with a broken string, flying far away before leaving a hole on the floor.

He opens his mouth and vomits blood again.

“I, how is it possible for me to lose to you…”

Chen Yu tries to climb up but realize that his body is soft as his internal organs are in a mess.

While Liu Yi stands among a cloud of black qi like a devil god not moving.

“Let me once again tell you what is a Dragon Group agent.”

Liu Yi slowly walks over as the eyes behind the helmet lands on Chen Yu.

“Dragon Group’s definition is to safeguard China. Those who offend our people, even if far away shall be punished.”

Liu Yi points towards the outside, “Now in the entire Ke Da there is an uncountable number of foreign spies eyeing the zodiac beast project. As a third group agent, the trash that you are saying about, have to do everything outside to protect this place. What about you? First team agent?  Hilarious, really makes me want to laugh! Your first team is here to be an arrogant idler? Chase girls? If that is the case then let me take back your powers!”

Liu Yi walks towards Chen Yu as he steps on his arm, “Today I shall cripple your cultivation as a lesson. From today onwards, you no longer have the qualifications of the first team.”

As he speaks, Liu Yi prepares to activate his technique and directly cripple Chen Yu’s star jade!

This crippling star jade ability is something that Liu Yi had learned from Ma Hua! This technique is something that Ma Hua had comprehended from the Realm Guardian!

But this act is too offensive to the heavens, thus he has never used it before!


Chapter 357 [Crippling star jade]

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