MKW Chapter 356

Chapter 356 [How about we exchange for a bit


Dragon might is a unique ability of the dragon race, the reason why they are the king of demons is because they have their own prestige.

When they release their dragon might, all beasts kneel and worship them, while living beings are afraid of them.

Normal experts when facing the valiant dragon’s might will be intimidated as their spirits waver and are unable to control their body.

This Subduing Dragon Peak expert is using his palm technique to imitate a dragon’s might, to intimidate Liu Yi!

But… comparing dragon’s might…Liu Yi is then the real expert.

Liu Yi uses 500 years to dissolve that dragon pearl. After leaving the Asura Realm and doing the deed with Yoko Nishikawa, he has finally pressed out all of the power within the dragon pearl.

“Prepare to die!”

The golden light in Chen Yu’s palm becomes more eye-catching as the smile on his mouth becomes clearer.

The dragon’s might lands on Liu Yi’s body, suppressing his body.

Liu Yi sneers, what is dragon’s might…in a while, I shall let you know what is called the real dragon’s might!

His blood flows swiftly as dragon qi happily revolves around his body roaring like it would erupt out any moment.

Meeting a fake pressure, the dragon qi in Liu Yi’s body also wants to show off its own dignity.

But at this moment Maki roars out: “Chen Yu what are you doing! He is a person from our Dragon Group!”


Hearing this Chen Yu got a huge shock: “Dragon Group people? Why do I not know?”

“Of course you do not know! He is new here and is a helper that I requested from higher-ups.”

“Dr Ma you are looking down on me!”

When Chen Yu hears what Maki says, he seems to be slightly upset, “With me here why do you still need to request for a helper? As long as I am here this laboratory is guaranteed to be safe! Any enemies that come here will die!”

As he speaks, a golden dragon revolves around his body roaring.

Liu Yi’s mouth twitches, this fellow really likes to boast!

“Tsk! Just talking big meow!”

Xiao Mi is finally unable to bear it as she says while wagging her tail, “Just now if it is not for owner meow~ both me and Little Aunt would be dead meow~!”


Hearing this term, Maki instantly got a shock as looks at Liu Yi in shock.

“You, what did you do to our Xiao Mi!”

That gaze seems to be able to eat a person causing Liu Yi to be uncomfortable.

She did not notice that Chen Yu by the side taking advantage of Maki staring at Liu Yi, eyes her body numerous time, up and down, up and down not missing any part!

Tsk, tsk…Dragon Tiger path…

Although this lass figure is decent but with such a conservative underwear, there isn’t much arc or eroticness. But this Chen Yu’s gaze is so hungry like he has not seen a woman for hundreds of years.

Is it that Dragon Tiger path’s disciples need to be ascetic?

“Owner did not do anything meow!”

Xiao Mi hurries and holds Liu Yi’s arm and explains for him, “It is owner who saved Xiao Mi meow…without owner, Xiao Mi would have been very tragic meow~~”

Maki did not immediately dispel her suspicions, only her eyebrows crunch together as she stares at Liu Yi.

“Which part of Dragon Group are you from? Why did I not see you before?”

That Chen Yu is finally willing to withdraw his gaze from Maki’s body and looks at Liu YI.

“Dragon Group team 3. Liu Yi.”

Liu Yi replied very simply, but when Chen Yu hears this answer, his eyes start to contain disdain.

“Tsk, I thought that you are from team 2. So it is a just a trash from team 3. Other than your team leader Long San who is decent, the rest are all a bunch of trash! Dr Ma ah Dr Ma. I really do not understand. You do not use me but instead, go and look for these group of trash for? Is our laboratory lacking cleaners?”

“I do not allow you to talk about owner in this manner meow! Owner is way stronger than you meow!”

Xiao Mi’s tail is instantly erected as she angrily stares at Chen Yu, “Evil fellow! Xiao Mi does not like you MEOW~!”

“What do you know. I am a Dragon Tiger path, Subduing Dragon Peak’s disciple. Although I am not an inner disciple I am blessed by heaven which allows my cultivation speed to be faster than a lot of inner disciples and becomes an earth grade expert! While this fellow is only a trash from team 3 and still wish to compare with me? Idiots dreaming!”

“Enough already Chen Yu!”

Maki chides Chen Yu, “No matter how powerful you are but here I am your direct superior! Liu Yi is someone I called over to help. Do you have objections to my orders?”


Although Chen Yu is arrogant, he follows ranks, “But Dr Ma…I will report everything that you have done to the higher-ups!”

“Whatever you like.”

Maki waves her hand, “Liu Yi follow me for a moment!”

“I’m also coming meow~”

“You! GO to the confinement room for a week! This is your punishment for secretly slipping out!”

But Maki instantly gives Xiao Mi a restraining order.

“Wuwu…don’t want meow~ Xiao Mi want to accompany owner meow~”

“Enough! GO now! Otherwise, it will be two weeks!”

“Fine, then meow~ owner Xiao Mi is going meow~~ you must think of Xiao Mi meow~”

As Xiao Mi speaks, she suddenly went of tiptoes and brushes a kiss on Liu Yi’s face before skipping away.

Maki’s frown deepens.

Liu Yi says in his heart, this lass is too enthusiastic…but her mouth is very gentle and comfortable.

“Follow me.”

Maki turns around and walks into a nearby room while Liu Yi can only obediently follow behind as she can be considered as his current direct superior.

“Then what about me?” ask Chen Yu from behind them.

“Clean up the blood off the floor!”

“What the, I am not a cleaner!”

“Then go and find a cleaner!”

Maki’s temper seems to be rather bad, causing Chen Yu to be frightened as he rubs his nose not daring to speak.

Walking into an office looking room, Maki walks to the side of the door and locks up the door from inside.


Liu Yi is somewhat shocked, why did she who is only wearing underwear lock up the door for?

“This…lock the door for…”

Before Liu Yi is able to comprehend, Maki suddenly pushes Liu Yi, causing him to press against the office table behind him.

Liu Yi leans against the office table as he looks at Maki’s face which is almost touching his face not knowing what does she wants to do.

The faint fragrance from her body floats into his nose.

I must say this lass smells rather fragrant…en…if only the underwear that she is wearing is not so conservative then it would be better!

Maki observe Liu Yi for half a day before finally saying: “Liu Yi…you cannot treat Xiao Mi like this!”

Liu Yi’s heart tightens, indeed it comes? Earlier I already felt that Maki is somewhat strange. Looks like she is indeed worried about Xiao Mi ah…

“You can relax…I do not have any wicked thoughts regarding Xiao Mi. I only feel that she is like my little sister.”

Liu Yi hurries and explains, hoping to allow Maki to relax.

But Liu Yi feels that this explanation seems to be somewhat pale, like the next door neighbor who had slept with the village leader’s daughter then patting his chest and telling the village leader than it is by accident, that kind of feeling…

“No! You do not understand!”

Maki’s body presses against him more and is almost about to kiss Liu Yi’s lip.

But Maki does not seems to mind it as her gaze is somewhat filled with worry, “Xiao Mi is not an ordinary girl…”

“I know ah! She is a zodiac beast what! Aren’t you the same, you are a chicken…”

“What the, you are the chicken!”

[TL: shouldn’t it be duck? in Chinese duck/is a slang for male prostitute]

Maki punches Liu Yi’s chest but his chest is rather buff. Liu Yi is fine but the joints of her fist are numb.

“What I want to say is not that but another matter…”

Maki says softly, “This matter…after you know of it. You must not tell Xiao Mi.”

Maki exhales before saying into Liu Yi’s ear causing Liu Yi’s ear to feel itchy, as well as his heart.

“En. I know, I will not say.”

“You swear!”

Maki is very serious as she presses her hand against Liu Yi’s chest, “Swear on your conscious!”

Do I still have conscious?

Liu Yi considers for a while, but since she is so serious then Ill be serious as well then.

“Okay. I swear. If I say it out then my best friend shall become impotent and have premature ejaculation!”

Chen Cai ah I can only temporary wrong you for a while.


Maki did not think that Liu Yi is so shameless that he would sell out his best friend and nods her head and says softly: “Xiao Mi…is actually already…dead…”

Liu Yi has thought of a lot of things that Maki might say but this is completely out of his expectations!

“Xiao Mi…is already dead…and her death was caused by a car accident…”

As Maki speaks, she looks aside as sorrow fills her eyes, “Originally Xiao Mi was not supported to enter this dangerous project…but because I am unable to bear with it, I secretly brought Xiao Mi’s corpse to the laboratory before secretly injecting the mystical beast gene into her…I did not expect that it would really work, allowing Xiao Mi to resurrect…”


Liu Yi recalls the moment when he dies and went to the Yellow Spring. Is Xiao Mi’s soul still there? Should be. Back then I felt that exhilaration of her soul.

Ever since he had comprehended ‘Soul Destruction’, he becomes able to sense the existence of souls.

“That’s right…after resurrecting, Xiao Mi seems to have forgotten everything. Thus I based on my own interest to create Xiao Mi’s nature…but I did not know if she would have other side-effects…so I managed her very strictly but I did not expect that…she would acknowledge you as her owner!”

“I also did not expect it…it is just a coincidence…”

Liu Yi only feels that there are things that are destined to happen.

That prophecy…my special pets…

Although I did not know Xiao Mi before, it seems like the two of them already have a mysterious relation.

“I do not wish to let her experience getting harmed a second time. Thus please keep a distance from her!”

Maki begs for half a day before suddenly changing her tune, “If you do not agree…then I can only do it the hard way!”

“How are you going to do it the hard way?”

Liu Yi smiles as he asks: “Are you confident that you are able to defeat me?”

“I, I…..”

Maki’s face suddenly turns red, “I’ll give you me….let off Xiao Mi okay?”


Chapter 356 [How about we exchange for a bit]

Today’s teaser

“Today I shall cripple your **** as a lesson. From today onwards you shall …….[TL: I shall leave it up to your imagination for the rest of the sentence ^^]

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