MKW Chapter 354

Chapter 354 [Ninth manager


Xiao Mi indeed controls the ability of spatial movement as she continuously flashes around the lobby.

While the ninth manager only closes his eyes like he does not need to use his sight to be able to determine Xiao Mi’s location.

“DIE meow~!”

Xiao Mi raises her leg and appears by Ninth Manager’s side and kicks at his head.

But Ninth Manager only bends down and dodges the kick, at the same time his right-hand forms a palm knife and cuts towards her waist.

“Careful!”, cries out little aunt as her body suddenly transformed. A pair of beautiful five colored wings emerges from her back and with a few flaps, sends out a lot five colored feathers.

The beauty’s originally black hair also turns colorful and is very eye-catching.

Her hands grab the feathers and throw them towards the Ninth Manager.

The Ninth Manager’s speed is rather quick as he immediately changes direction and grabs the feathers in his hand.

“Piece of cake.”

Ninth Manager laughs weirdly while a smile appears on Little Aunt’s face.


The moment she speaks, the feather in Ninth Manager’s hand suddenly turns similar to a C4 and exploded, instantly swallowing the Ninth Manager in it.

This explosion power is not weak at all and the Ninth Manager is sent flying away by the explosion and crashes into the wall behind him. Xiao Mi also instantly disappears and appears on the other side of the room dodging the explosive force.

“Little Aunt…why did you not say anything when you are attacking meow…you nearly exploded Xiao Mi ah meow~~~”

“If it exploded you,  then it serves you right.”

Little Aunt rolls her eyes at Xiao Mi, “You are not careful and lured this kind of enemy here. If the higher-ups know then I would need to write a report again, damn you!”

“So, sorry meow…”

“The two of you…aren’t you girls being too relaxed already?”

At this moment, from the flames flies out a blade qi, instantly cutting the flames into two causing the flames to extinguish.

Other than this western suit being slightly burned on the outside, the Ninth Manager is completely fine but his eyes contain some anger.

“The two of you only possess the strength of an earth grade but do not know how to use it. Do you really think that you are able to defeat me?”

As he speaks, he stretches out his hands and from his palms, two transparent bent blades instantly appear.

This pair of bent blades looks to be very sharp as it stretches along Ninth Manager’s arm and sticks to the top.

Little Aunt has more experience as she instantly exclaims, “It is a praying mantis demon! No wonder your blade technique is so sharp!”

“Hehe…now then you understand. But it is already too late. Today is the day where your body and head separate! Relax I will properly preserve your heads…collecting beauty’s heads is my Ninth Manager’s hobby, hehehehe….”

“Hehe, your sister ah!”

Little Aunt feels nausea, “You pervert! Xiao Mi, quickly go and ask for help. I will stall him!”

The wings on her back open up like a mother chicken protecting her chick blocking Xiao Mi.

“No one will be able to escape.”

Ninth Manager licks his blade edge, “No one will be able to escape from my Ninth Manager’s blade…”

He raises his hands and instantly crosses them and send out his blade qi.

“Cross blade soul!”

A cross-shaped blade qi instantly flies out and flies towards Little Aunt.


Little Aunt is not willing to be weak as she instantly throws out a number of feathers which exploded in midair, using the explosive force to affect the blade qi.

But the blade qi is too sharp and instantly cuts through the exploding forces and reaches the front of Little Aunt.

“Quickly dodge meow~!”

Xiao Mi suddenly appears and hugs her Little Aunt before appearing on the other side of the room.

Liu Yi is also able to see that Xiao Mi’s instant movement has a large distance weakness. At the very least she is unable to escape from the room. Is it because there is something that is obstructing her?


The wall behind their original spot is instantly cut into four and drops onto the ground.

“Escape ah, you pitiful bugs…”

Looking at the girls who are preparing to escape, Ninth Manager excitedly licks his blade edge, “All of you are my prey…”

“Leave from that side!”

At this moment, Little Aunt pulls Xiao Mi and runs towards another section of the passageway.

Chen Yu that fellow should be guarding there! As long as we are able to find him then we be able to kill that damn praying mantis demon!

But at that moment, Little Aunt suddenly felt danger behind her back!

She does not know when the Ninth Manager had appeared behind Xiao Mi as his two sharp blades are piercing towards the back of their neck.

The Ninth Manager’s eyes brighten up with excitement.

But at the critical moment, a black smoke suddenly flies out from Xiao Mi’s pocket and blocks in front of Ninth Manager.

A man walks out from the black smoke as he stretches out a hand and grabs hold of Ninth Manager’s head, before smashing him head first into the ground.


On the ground appears a large hole and Ninth Manager’s head is embedded in it.

Liu Yi’s hand presses down on Ninth Manager’s head as he half kneels there as the still disputing black smoke curls around his body.

“Who is it!”

Little Aunt got a shock as she turns around and looks at Liu Yi who has appeared suddenly and saved their lives.

“I am…”

Liu Yi is worried that there might be a misunderstanding as he hurries and tries to explain.

“Liu Yi!”

When Little Aunt sees Liu Yi’s appearance, she exclaims in shock, “I did not think that you are actually able to find this place…wait wrong, it is Xiao Mi who brought you in!”

“You know me?”

Liu Yi is shocked while Xiao Mi stands by the side twisting her fingers like a little kid who has done something wrong and does not know how to interrupt.

“Of course I know you. You are an agent from Dragon Group third team. I have already received your information already.”

What the! So they already have my information already! Then why do I have to secretly sneak in ah! Xiao Mi can really torment people ah!

Little Aunt starts speaking, “I am the person incharge here, Dr. Ma, Maki.”

As she speaks, she stretches out her right hand towards Liu Yi.

“That…”, Liu Yi’s face turns slightly red, “Shouldn’t Dr. Ma consider wearing a bit more…”

“Ah! Damn it!”

Only then did Maki recall that she is only wearing a set of underwear!

“Forget it. After all, it is very conservative, you will also not be able to see anything.”

In the end, Maki indifferently waves it off, making Liu Yi sweat. Gods…can’t this woman have a bit of bottom line…how is she able to find a boyfriend like this!

Perhaps the next time she goes for a blind date…it will also fail ah!

Liu Yi looks at the pair of five-colored wings on Maki’s back and asks curiously: “That…your ability?”

“Like what you see, I am also one of the zodiac beasts of the twelve zodiac.”

Maki nods her head, “We are the earliest group of people who had joined the twelve zodiac project…actually this project is not as successful as what you think in the beginning. In the beginning, the leaders did not agree to our project…thus a few of us earliest researchers can only use our own body as the research tools and continue the research…well you have seen the results, the effect is not bad. Sooner or later our twelve zodiac project will turn into our country strongest mysterious power.”

“Strongest might be pushing it.”

Liu Yi pours cold water over it, “The zodiac beasts ability are all stopped at around earth grade 9 stars, furthermore you guys do not have complete knowledge on how to use your abilities…it can be said that you guys are little kids swinging around a large ax.”

“Of course I know that. We are also doing training plans! Sooner or later we will be able to utilize our zodiac beasts abilities perfectly!”

Maki’s eyes turn firm.

“Then which zodiac beast are you?” asked Liu Yi curiously.

“This….I am….”

“Hehe, my little aunt is a chicken!”

Liu Yi nearly vomits blood as he looks at Maki who is hopping bad, “Dr. Ma, you, you are actually a chicken…”

“Damn you! You are then a chicken, your whole family are chickens!”

[TL: In chinese chicken() is a slang for prostitute.]

Maki is so mad that she rolls her eyes and glares at Liu Yi, “I am the rooster of the twelve zodiac beast…tsk, my gene is the mystical beast <HuanRi>! If you dare to call me a chicken again I will use my feathers and explode you to death!”

[TL: anyway I tried finding this mystical beast but have no results…so from Maki’s beast so far is a bird is multicoloured and explode? Anyone who knows of this mystical beast please let me know]

“Okay, okay, okay. Dr. Ma is not a chicken, not a chicken…”

Liu Yi immediately changes his tune but there seems to be something wrong with what he says.

“This fellow…is just asking for a spanking….”

Maki clenches her fist.

At this moment, a heavy voice interrupts them from the ground.

“Apologies…but I need you interrupt you guys for a moment…”

Two blade qi suddenly erupts from the ground before dissipating.

Like pulling up a leek, Ninth Manager’s head is pulled out from the ground and he glares fiercely at Liu Yi and the girls.

“You guys think that…I Ninth Manager am so easily defeated! I am a high-ranking manager of LOST, high-ranking manager do you guys understand! In other words, I am rich and handsome! Rich and handsome ah! How dare you shame me in such manner. You guys are going to pay for it with your lives!”

A green glow emerges from his body and revolves around his body.

It seems like this fellow is using his full power now and plans to fight with all his might.

“Damn it…his strength has increased by a lot!”

Maki pinches her spectacles frame and a row of data flickers through the lens, “From the data his power should have reached 11 stars already…damn it…we, we are not his opponent! Xiao Mi quickly bring us and escape from here!”

“But, but Xiao Mi is unable to bring another person along meow…”

Xiao Mi becomes anxious as does not know what she should do.

“No one will be able to escape! DIE!”

As Ninth Manager shouts, his arms keep swinging around.

Blade qi flies out from his blade, causing people to be confused as his blade qi covers the entire walkway as he rushes towards them.

“We are doomed now….”

Maki’s face turns pale.

“Monarch Shield!”

At this moment a black shield appears in Liu Yi’s hands. It is 2 meters tall and half a meter wide, like a door which Liu Yi smashes onto the ground in front of him and cracks appear on the ground.

“It is useless! No one is able to block my blade qi! GET RIPPED APART!!!!”


Chapter 354  [Ninth Manger]

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  1. When I hear multi-colored and explosive, I think Phoenix and of course this legendary fire bird is described as looking differently depending what story you read… a peacock, an oriole, I even read a story comparing it to a sparrow in one story, so why not a rooster/chicken

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