MKW Chapter 353

Chapter 353 [101 Bind date feiled


Entering the laboratory, Xiao Mi pulls Liu Yi to her side before pointing at a faraway surveillance camera on the outer wall and says: “Owner…it is better for you to transform into a little scorpion and hide meow~~~otherwise if you are discovered you will be very miserable meow~”

Just as Liu Yi is about to open his mouth and explain that he is from Dragon Group so there is no need to be secretive.

But Xiao Mi’s expression is very impatient as she rubs against Liu Yi.

Xiao Mi pitifully shakes Liu Yi’s arm as she begs, “Owner please meow~ ~ if we are really discovered, Xiao Mi’s butt will be beaten meow…”

Liu Yi is unable to resist that lass nagging, thus he can only rub her head before turning into a small scorpion and lands on Xiao Mi’s palm.

“Hehe, thank you owner meow~~ I know owner pampers Xiao Mi the most meow~”

Xiao Mi places Liu Yi who has transformed into a scorpion into her fur skirt pocket before openly walking into the range of the surveillance camera.

Liu Yi who is inside Xiao Mi’s skirt pocket uses his tail to poke a small hole to look out.

Only to see that everywhere outside of the laboratory is covered by surveillance cameras, as well as some infrared probing device!

Xiao Mi is originally a person from the laboratory thus those infrareds are ineffective on her.

When the infrared hits her, it quickly moves to other places.

“Owner, this place is fun meow?”

Xiao Mi brings Liu Yi to stroll around the laboratory. There are a lot of researchers walking around the laboratory and the numerous high tech equipment causes Liu Yi’s eyes to be dazzled.

“Still not bad…”

Liu Yi asks Xiao Mi softly, “But are you not afraid of me secretly leaking information from this place after you have brought me in?”

Liu Yi is very curious about this question.

“Hehe, Xiao Mi believes owner meow~~ from the moment I first saw owner Xiao Mi felt that owner is a good person meow~~”

Am I a good person?

Liu Yi also does not comprehend this question…If I am a good person then I would not have killed so many people…

Especially in the Asura Realm, the number of people who died under my hands is unmeasurable…In the past my principle is only killing bad people…but at Asura Realm there is no such thing and everyone is an enemy…

Just as the two of them chat softly, from beside them comes the shout of a woman.

“XIAO MI! You still know to come back!”

Hearing the woman’ss shout, Xiao Mi instantly trembles before turning around in fear and looks at the woman walking over.

This woman looks very pretty and is wearing a white lab coat, which hides her figure.

But she is rather tall, thus her legs are long. Although this beauty is wearing a white lab coat, she is wearing denim shorts, thus revealing her long white legs to Liu Yi.

As he looks upwards, on the woman’s pretty face is a black spectacle on her nose. Although that is the case, it did not spoil her beauty, instead, it gives her beauty a trace of elegance.

But currently, this beauty is flying into a terrible rage and hopping mad.

“How many times have I told you not to slip out! You actually still dare to run outside! Are you trying to anger me to death?!”

“So, sorry meow…Little aunt…”

Little aunt?

When Liu Yi hears this greeting, he instantly got a huge shock.

“You called wrong again!”

The beauty who is called Little aunt pushes her spectacles up and says angrily, “In the laboratory, you must call me Dr. Ma!”

“Okay …Dr. Ma then Dr. Ma meow…”

Xiao Mi pouts and appears to be slightly wronged.

“Enough you follow me! I have some matters to tell you!”

After the beauty has scolded Xiao Mi, she turns around and walks off. Xiao Mi does not dare to be slow as she hurries behind her. Liu Yi sways inside Xiao Mi’s pocket as he thinks.

This beauty seems to have a close relationship with Xiao Mi ah…she is also a researcher in this laboratory. Who on earth is she?

The beauty leads Xiao Mi out of the laboratory with lots of people to a lobby.

After she walks in, she starts to remove her white lab coat and reveals her denim shorts and a small white T-shirt.

Liu Yi peeks out of the hole as he thinks in his heart, this lass is quite white ah!

Seeing her white skin and tall height, Liu Yi is suspicious that she is a Northeast lass.

But she seems to be quite young…is she really Xiao Mi’s Little Aunt?

“Xiao Mi help me take a look…this is a shaping underwear that I have just bought… I don’t know what is its effect…”

As the beauty speaks she takes out a sexy black underwear from her wardrobe.

I’ll be damned…are you for real! There is also this kind of service?!

Liu Yi secretly swallows a mouthful of saliva.

Xiao Mi sees that her Little aunt want to change her underwear and recalls that in her pocket is a living person, who is also a guy and instantly panics and says: “Little aunt, little aunt cannot ah meow~!~!”

“Why can’t I. There is not anyone else around here.”

The beauty rolls her eyes, “Help Little aunt see if the underwear is okay. There is no other person that I am able to find to help me. You this lass still likes to go wild!”

“But little aunt…real, really cannot ah meow~~”

“Stop saying anymore! I your little aunt is in a hurry to change and go out for my blind date…”

“Meow? Little aunt, you are going for a blind date again meow?”

Xiao Mi appearance seems to be somewhat shocking.

“That’s right ah…my mother is really pestering me to death…keep saying that I am already so old and is still not married, in future there will no longer be anyone who wants me…ai, 101 times failing in blind date…hopefully this time round I would not create a new record…”

The beauty rubs her forehead and says anxiously: “I have seen online that if a girl figure is slightly sexier, the success rate for blind date will be increased…damn it ahahahah! The surrounding colleague children have already manage to get their spring break but just what I am lacking in AH!”

As she speaks her fist smashes onto the wardrobe by the side and that wardrobe metal door instantly bends inwards.

“Xiao Mi feels like…it does not seem to be the problem of your figure meow…”

Xiao Mi swallows her saliva while Liu Yi got a shock.

I be damn…isn’t this beauty a bit too violent…and furthermore, she is quite strong…

“No matter already. This time around after I go out, I must capture a boyfriend back!”

As she speaks she stretches out her hand and takes off her clothes.

Xiao Mi is badly frightened, wishing to stop her but does not know how to stop.

The beauty actions are very quick and swiftly removes her t-shirt, revealing a conservative bra which wraps around her chest tightly.

After which, she removes her shorts which is also a conservative panty which wraps around her butt tightly.

Liu Yi cannot help but shakes his head, this taste really bad and too backward already!

How is this call a bra…it is almost a sarashi already.

[TL: sarashi is the cloth-like breast binder that anime girls use]

“First let’s try the bra then…the internet recommended this model and says that it is very popular.”

As the beauty speaks, she stretches her hand back to unbuckle her bra.

“Little aunt meow~! Cannot ah meow~!”

Xiao Mi becomes anxious as she immediately moves forwards and stops her little aunt’s hand.

“What is the matter Xiao Mi. You are being weird today. Are you hiding something from me?”

The beauty looks at Xiao Mi in incomprehension.

“No, nothing at all meow…”

“Still say don’t have. When you tell lies you always like to wag your tail. You take a look at yourself, your tail can almost be used as a fan already!”

When Xiao Mi hears this, she immediately sandwiches her tail between her legs.

“It is too late. You this lass have already revealed it already! Quickly say what is the matter!”

The beauty is way taller than Xiao Mi as she crosses her arms and glared down at Xiao Mi.


Xiao Mi hesitates, not knowing if she should say.

Her hand loosen her grip on her little aunt’s arm and moves towards her pocket.

Liu Yi becomes anxious and says in his heart, damn it Xiao Mi you this unreliable lass, don’t tell me you are going to sell me out at this kind of timing!

If that is the case then wouldn’t I be labeled as a pervert and wouldn’t be able to wash it off no matter what!!!

Please don’t sabotage me like that ah!


Xiao Mi seems to have decided and at this moment, Liu Yi suddenly sense a demonic aura nearby!


The wall beside them is suddenly cut apart by two blade qi before being kick aside by a leg.

From the opposite room walks over a figure wearing black western suit.

“Hehehe…so all of you are here…”


Xiao Mi and little aunt immediately react like they are facing a major enemy as they enter their combat state.

“Obediently have over all of the gene map…otherwise my blade will spare you girls.”

As the man wearing western suit speaks, he stretches out his tongue and licks his finger.

What in the nine hell this brother is slightly evil!

Liu Yi hides in Xiao Mi’s pocket and sways along with her skirt as he sighs in his heart.

“You are actually able to find this place…”

Although little aunt is only wearing her underwear she does not appear to be ashamed as she frowns and says: “Looks like the laboratory defense needs to be increased…what the hell is Chen Yu that fellow doing to actually let the enemy enter.”

“There are indeed a few stupid human beings who wish to block me at the entrance…but they have already turned into ghosts under my blade.”

The western suit guy who calls himself Ninth Manager speaks, excitement flashes across his eye, “Watching their body’s being cut apart…that feeling is really enjoyable…”

“What a damn pervert meow~!”

When Xiao Mi hears what he says, she is no longer able to bear it. She instantly appears behind the Ninth Manager, at the same time she sends out a kick towards his head.

At this moment, Liu Yi is able to feel that Xiao Mi is not fast at all…rather it seems to be a spacial movement ability!

The Ninth Manager seems to have sensed Xiao Mi attack as he retreats instantly, dodging the attack.


Xiao Mi’s kick lands on the floor and kicks out a large hole.

“Nine-star power?”

The Ninth Manager eyebrow raises, “Very good…no wonder King Wu wishes to obtain the gene map…indeed this is the key to the rise of my demon race…be obedient and hand over the gene map! Otherwise, I will be forced to chop off your pretty head from your neck….”

“You pervert meow~! Xiao Mi will kick you to death meow!”

Xiao Mi seems to be mad as she rushes towards Ninth Manager again.


Chapter 353  [101 blind date failed]

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