MKW Chapter 352

Chapter 352 [Underground secret laboratory


Seeing the dog girl Xiao Mi pull out Chen Cai’s umbrella from between her legs, Liu Yi’s eyeballs nearly pop out.

Where the heck did this lass pull out such a long umbrella from ah! Are you for real!

“Thank you owner for you umbrella meow! Xiao Mi likes owner the most meow!”

The dog girl Xiao Mi rubs against Liu Yi arms happily like she is very close.

Liu Yi somewhat stunned, this Xiao Mi is that white little Alaskan dog?

This is not logical ah! Obviously, she is so strong why is she bullied by those wild dogs?!

“Those few days, Xiao Mi’s body is undergoing some changes thus I am unable to use much strength. If it is not for owner meow, then Xiao Mi will be very miserable meow!”

Hugging Liu Yi’s arm, the dog girl gives off a very happy appearance.

“You actually have a relationship with the zodiac beast already…”

Yoko Nishikawa is shocked as she wallows in her bitterness, “You…what kind of demonic power is this!”

“Stay away from my owner meow~!”

Xiao Mi shakes her tail as she stares at Yoko Nishikawa angrily, “If you dare to get close to owner, I shall scratch you meow!”

Liu Yi cannot help but ridicule: “Oi, oi, Xiao Mi you are a dog girl okay! Not a cat maiden ah! Don’t keep meowing and scratch people! My worldview is about to be destroyed by you okay?!”

“It is not like I wished to be a dog girl ah meow~~”

Xiao Mi gives a pitiful look and says in grievance: “It is that Dr. Ma meow…who inserts Xiao Mi into the power of Moon Swallowing beast…”

Moon Swallowing beast? Isn’t it an Alaskan dog?

Liu Yi immediately checks Little Jade database and pulls out the information regarding the twelve zodiac plans from Dragon Group as well as the Glorious Sun Conglomerate.

Indeed on the data regarding the dog zodiac is recorded down a few words, mystical beast gene: Moon Swallowing beast!

This Moon Swallowing beast is a mystical beast from ancient China, its body possesses the power of gods and consumes moonlight as food. Every time it evolves, it will directly swallow the moonlight and digest it swiftly in its stomach. After transforming, it will vomit back out the moonlight.

Thus there is a story of a heaven dog eating the moon in the past.

Actually, it is caused by the Moon Swallowing beast. And within the dog girl, Xiao Mi should be this gene!

But…Dr. Ma…who is this person? The person in charge of the twelve zodiac plan?

Looks like I really need to go to the laboratory to be a guest soon…

“No matter who you are we must obtain the twelve zodiac beast.”

Yoko Nishikawa knows that this time around she does not have any method to deal with the zodiac beast as it is too powerful. She must immediately return, report and request for powerful reinforcements.

To deal with the zodiac beast as well as this Dragon Group agent, I must first remove the seal on my body…

“You all?”

Liu Yi has matured a lot in Asura Realm and has become more experienced and immediately found clues from her words.

“Looks like there is more than one person who has come to Ke Da this time around…”

“You…damn it!”

Yoko Nishikawa did not think that she would accidentally reveal her group’s information and becomes extremely anxious.

“Sooner or later I will defeat you! You actually saved me damn it!”

To Yoko Nishikawa, being saved by an enemy is an unbearable shame.

“So what if I save you! Why do you say so much rubbish.”

Liu Yi waves his hand, “I am only saving you in passing, there is no need to be troubled.”

“Damn, damn you…how dare you look down on me!”

Yoko Nishikawa is hopping mad, “I will let you know what a big mistake it is of you saving me!”

Liu Yi snickers in his heart as he waves her off, “Okay, okay stop acting cute. Hurry and leave!”

“Owner let you quickly go back meow! Annoying girl quickly leave! Xiao Mi does not like the scent of you meow~ ~ ~”

“See you in the future!”

Yoko Nishikawa also does not wish to tangle with them anymore as hurrying to apply for reinforcement is more important.

Her figure slowly turns into water and slowly disappears in front of Liu Yi. While Liu Yi throws her a sentence, “As long as I am here you guys will never be able to get close to the zodiac beasts! No matter when it will be the same.”

Yoko Nishikawa gives Liu Yi a complex look before her figure completely disappears.

“Owner meow~~~ A lot of people are coming over meow~”

After Yoko Nishikawa leaves, Xiao Mi sniffs the air before reminding Liu Yi.


Liu Yi nods his head. He also senses that nearby there are a number of aurae and judging from the aura there are normal people and should be students or teachers who are investigating.

“Xiao Mi do you know where is the entrance of the laboratory?”

“Of course I know meow~ But at the entrance, there is an annoying person guarding and Xiao Mi does not like him meow~! Thus Xiao Mi snuck out from another place meow ~”

“Another place?”

Liu Yi is somewhat shocked if it is that kind of place, wouldn’t other people be able to sneak in?

“Owner follow me meow~”

After Xiao Mi finishes talking, she brings Liu Yi deeper into the scenery district lake.

In a blink of an eye, the two of them are under a stone bridge. Xiao Mi looks at the lake water under the stone bridge and says: “Owner, we go in from here meow~”

She wags her tail and jumps into the lake. She gracefully doggy paddles and swims in the water.

Still, need to enter the water?

Liu Yi can only follow along and jump in. At the same time, he uses his qi to surround his body to repel the lake water, so as to not wet his clothing.

The dog girl does not seem to mind being wet as her fur clothing are sticking to her body because of the water.

The clothes stick to her body tightly and completely reveals Xiao Mi’s figure.

Perky butt, large chest…especially faintly discernible black patch between her legs…Xiao Mi is originally wearing very small clothings and now it is even tighter, causing Liu Yi to feel hot despite being in the cold lake water.

This lass…why does she not care about her image ah!

Since I am already her ‘owner’, then I shall have to take up an owner responsibility and instruct her properly in the future…ah wrong it is teaching her!

Right, that is the way…

Xiao Mi does not know about her spring break matter and swims with all her might in front. Liu Yi chases behind her while guessing.

Where on earth did Xiao Mi pull out that umbrella from…unless it is really from below?

Shouldn’t be ah…even if that place can accommodate extreme things, but it wouldn’t be able to keep such a long umbrella ah!

Not knowing why, a beauty verse appears within Liu Yi’s mind.

Peach blossom deep water thousand foot deep…@!$#@…no, no, no that is too sinister already!

“Owner meow~, we have reached meow~”

Xiao Mi points at a waste pipe by the stonewall within the lake.

This waste pipe is very narrow and its radius is smaller than 20cm. It is impossible for human to enter such a narrow place.

Xiao Mi turns into a white light before turning into a little white dog and easily enters the waste pipe.

I’ll be damned…I have completely forgotten that Xiao Mi has this move.

But this does not stump Liu Yi as he turned into a black light and in a blink of an eye, his human figure disappears and a palm-sized black scorpion lands by the entrance of the waste pipe and crawls in.

Xiao Mi turns around to see Liu Yi transform into a little scorpion, her eyes filled with curiosity.

Perhaps it is because Liu Yi crawling speed is too slow, Xiao Mi opens her mouth and pops him in her mouth before jumping into the water and swimming.

Oi, Oi! How can you hold me in your mouth! Liu Yi cries without tears.

But I must say this speed is a lot faster…

The pipeline is very long and zigzaggy, adding the fact that Xiao Mi is swimming against the current, it took her a good ten minutes before she leave the water and climbs out from a gutter of an underground cavern.

Xiao Mi places Liu Yi on the ground before shaking off the water droplets on her.

Liu Yi immediately transforms back to human form as he looks around the spacious underground cavity.

Did not think that underneath KeDa there is such a kind of place!

This spaciousness is definitely bigger than a football field and at the foremost of this underground field is a steel fort-like building. It is built into the wall like it is embedded in.

“This is the side gate meow~This field is used for us zodiac beast to test out our combat ability meow~”

Xiao Mi follows beside Liu Yi’s leg as she wags her tail and say: “It is that cowardly rat that told me about the gutters meow! But it is a pity that that fellow is afraid of water thus he does not dare to try it meow~, it is still Xiao Mi whose courage is the biggest meow~”

Cowardy rat? Is it other zodiac beasts?

“Xiao Mi wants owner to praise me meow~~”

The little white dog rubs against Liu Yi’s leg as she demands.

Liu Yi smiles before bending down and scratches Xiao Mi’s forehead a few times.

Xiao Mi barks happily and looks completely cute and adorable.

Seeing Xiao Mi sprawling on the ground and stretching out her limbs, Liu Yi starts to think of his Immortal Fox sister.

My Immortal Fox sister ah! How are you now? A year’s time is about to be up. You must wait for me. No matter who it is, as long as they wish to separate to two of us, I will not let him have a good time!

“Owner we walk that way meow~”

After getting comfortable Xiao Mi climbs up again and happily runs towards the laboratory.

Liu Yi hurries behind but he did not know that from under the lake, a green leaf slowly floats out before landing behind a stone.

At the same time in a tall building far away, a man standing by the window looking out suddenly trembles.

“That fellow has finally sent back news?”

He stretched out his head and rubs the dragon horn on his head. Although it is a joyous matter his expression is still cold and stiff, without any expression.

“So the laboratory is hidden at that place and there is also a formation. No wonder we were unable to find it. This time around, Lord Demon King will be satisfied…I, Ao Ri will definitely complete Lord Demon King’s wish. Is Ninth Manager around?”

“Underling is here!”

A man wearing black suit suddenly appears behind Ao Ri’s back.

He is very skinny and gives off a ghostly aura.

“Sir please give your orders.”

The man being addressed as Ninth Manger kneels on the ground.

“Go here and take the thing that should belong to us.”

Ao Ri did not turn around as he throws out a somewhat yellow leaf.

“Be slightly careful. Tree demon is already dead. The enemy…has some ability.”

“Hehehe…since that is the case I have interest in ripping off his head…I’m going!”

He waves his arm and chops the wall in front in half, allowing him to fly out.

“….the money for the wall will be deducted from your pay!”


Chapter 352  [Underground secret laboratory]

Teaser time!!!!

Where the heck did you pull it out from ah!!!!

“It is not like I want to be a dog meow~~~”

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