MKW Chapter 351

Chapter 351 [Dog girl Xiao Mi


“You are just all talk that’s all!”

Hearing what Liu Yi says, the tree demon snorts, “Let my treemen smash this human who only knows how to boast!”

As he speaks, the treeman rushes towards Liu Yi as it lifts up its enormous leg and kicks.

Liu Yi did not dodge, instead, he only withdraws his right hand to his waist calmly.

“Go and die!”

Under the gaze of the pale-faced Yoko Nishikawa, the tree demon roars manically.

“Illusion extermination.”

Liu Yi’s right-hand arms aims towards the treeman.


The treeman is instantly blasted into four to five pieces and turns into a ground filled with dead wood.

“Scorpion tail lance return!”

After blasting the treeman apart, Liu Yi’s right-hand makes a gesture at something deep inside the forest.

Imperial sword technique activate!

Instantly the scorpion tail lance turns into a black ray of light and flies back, returning to the side of Liu Yi’s right hand.

“Charging technique!”

Liu Yi’s right-hand exerts strength as Scarlet Blood Sutra’s fiery qi inserts into the revolving scorpion tail lance.

Very quickly the lance turns red from the heat, causing the surrounding air to distort!

Even Yoko Nishikawa in Liu Yi’s embrace is also unable to bear with the heat, as she wishes strip and jump into the water and take a good bath!


Liu Yi’s charging technique speed is very fast and in almost a blink of an eye, he waves his hand and sends the scorpion tail lance flying out.

The scorpion tail lance directly pierces through all of the remaining treemen.

Every time it pierces through one of them, it will set that treeman on fire. Furthermore, Liu Yi’s control over the flames is very good. Other than the treemen which are burned into ashes, the rest of the greenery is unaffected nor are they even touched by a spark.

When the red scorpion tail lance has reached the front of the tree demon, he is utterly shocked. He suddenly opens his mouth and throws up his inner pellet, sending it flying towards the scorpion tail lance’s point.

All of the demons cultivate their inner pellet, thus it can be said that their inner pellet is their final attack and defensive method!

Liu Yi has already forced the tree demon to use his inner pellet, this it can be seen that the tree demon has already used up all of his moves!

After all, it is an inner pellet, thus it is considered rather hard and is temporarily blocking the scorpion tail lance a distance away.

“You, you cannot kill me!”

While blocking the scorpion tail lance, the tree demon yells out hysterically, “I am a manager of LOST! If you kill me you will receive endless retaliation from LOST!”

Liu Yi’s figure suddenly appears in front of him as his right hand suddenly hits the end of the scorpion tail lance.


With a scattering sound, the scorpion tail lance suddenly increases it speed like a missile activating it’s engine and breaks the tree demon inner pellet before piercing through his throat and chopping off his head.

The tree demon body starts to burn, he is unable to react before being killed by Liu Yi.

“After all I already have a bill to settle with LOST, adding this one does not matter at all.”

After Liu Yi killed the tree demon, he keeps his scorpion tail lance before extinguishing the still burning flames in the forest.

If the fire continues burning, it might attract the attention of other people.

For insurance, it is better to extinguish earlier.

“That…thank you…”

The beauty in his embrace suddenly blinks her eyes before saying thanks.

“No need to thank. After all, I am here to catch you.”

Liu Yi suddenly has the intention of teasing Yoko Nishikawa, “Thus you are my prey. How can I let other people catch you?”

“You, you, you…what do you wish to do to me…”

Yoko Nishikawa suddenly turns stiff as she looks at Liu Yi in nervousness.

The other person is wearing a black helmet, thus the only thing she is able to see a pair of deep eyes.

It is this unknown person who has saved me and uses a very powerful magic technique to instantly kill that tree demon…

I am unable to fight against this man…other than surrendering, I can only wait for death.

“Just now what the tree demon did to you is what I wish to do to you, hehehe…”

Liu Yi acts out a vulgar smile as he stretches out his hand slowly towards Yoko Nishikawa’s chest.

What shocked Liu Yi is that Yoko Nishikawa did not resist as he had thought, instead, she closes her eyes and turns her head away, like she is giving him free reign to do anything he likes.

“Why do you not resist?” ask Liu Yi in shock.

“What is the point of resisting…in front of you it is completely pointless. After you are done with me I shall suicide.”

Yoko Nishikawa’s words cause Liu Yi to be shocked but very quickly he sneers.

“Little lass, although words sound pretty if you wish to die perhaps you would have already bitten your tongue and suicide. You did not resist then what is the thing standing behind me?”

Yoko Nishikawa is shocked, at the same time Liu Yi’s right-hand strikes out and sent out a punch.

Yoko Nishikawa’s clone who was secretly creeping close is utterly destroyed.

“You, how is it possible for you to notice!”

“This clone should have been hidden by you very early to take advantage when the tree demon is eating you up and focusing all his attention on you, you will use this clone to assassinate his original body! It is a pity that I have taken action early thus there is no opportunity for your clone to act.”

“You, you, you, you actually know everything!”

Yoko Nishikawa is very shocked. How is it possible for anyone to find that clone of mine which have completely hidden its aura!

She does not know that Liu Yi has the Black and White World, this heaven-defying technique.

“What I know is a lot more…”

Liu Yi smiles faintly when he suddenly feels that there some danger behind him.

“But you must not have sensed this one then! Let’s die together!”

A human shape tree trunk suddenly erupts from the ground and hugs towards Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi instantly starts sweat!

Even if Liu Yi activates Black and White World he will definitely not be able to escape!

Because this tree trunk is the just a diversionary tactic as within the radius of 100 meters the ground is already under the control of the roots of the tree trunk.

Looks like this still alive tree demon is using a kamikaze technique!

Within these 100 meters, everything will be turned into flat land.

As I am wearing Monarch armor, it shouldn’t be a major problem…this tree demon is dreaming too much if he plans to drag me along to hell.

But what he is worried about is not himself but rather Yoko Nishikawa in his embrace…although this lass is crafty she is still a weak-fleshy body kunoichi that’s all!

This large 100 meters explosion will definitely explode her into unidentifiable pieces!

LOST’s people are really ruthless!

Even though that tree demon is left with a bit of life, instead of escaping he uses it to perish together with me!

In that short instant, a lot of thoughts flashes through Liu Yi’s mind.

At that peril moment, a while large figure suddenly descended from the sky and pounced over from the side and bit off that tree demon head.

Without his head, the human-like tree trunk has lost its self-exploding power.

“Arrrrrr! Damn you….ZODIAC BEAST!”

The tree demon exclaims in the middle of his curse while the three meters large white enormous animal roars and smashes that tree trunk into pieces with a claw.

“This is a…zodiac beast!”

Yoko Nishikawa suddenly becomes excited as she jumps out from Liu Yi’s embrace and rushes towards the large dog.

“You are mine!”

“Don’t dream about it!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, this lass really does not know when to stop.

His right-hand aims at the back of Yoko Nishikawa and prepares to send her flying with a fist.

No matter what, the secret of the zodiac beasts cannot fall into the hands of the foreigners!

Thus…I am not wrong even if I kill Yoko Nishikawa.

But at this moment, Liu Yi and Yoko Nishikawa got a shock as the white wolf dog suddenly disappeared and in a blink of an eye transformed into a beauty wearing an animal hide.

The beauty’s figure is very erotic, fair and tender skin, an animal hide wraps around her perky butt and large chest while the rest of her body is exposed to the air.

If it is not for a furry tail and the pointed ears that are sticking out from the top of her head, perhaps everyone will think that this is a very beautiful wild girl.

“Damn it meow! Bullying Xiao Mi meow!”

The dog girl wags her tail as she jumps on the spot a few times.

Following which her figure turns into a row of afterimages and circles to Yoko Nishikawa’s back.

Even Yoko Nishikawa is unable to see through the dog girl’s actions!


The dog girl suddenly appears behind Yoko Nishikawa as she raises her legs high up and kicks her shoulder, sending her flying out.

Underneath the skin-like skirt is a faintly discernible black batch…it seems like that lass did not wear any panties…

Liu Yi feels like he is about to have a nosebleed…

But obviously, this is a dog girl ah, why the hell when she speaks she ends with a meow!

Isn’t it way too strange already meow!

“Xiao Mi is not easily bullied meow! Xiao Mi will protect owner meow!”

The dog girl keeps her sexy look and glares fiercely at the Yoko Nishikawa who is kicked to the side.

“What a fast speed…is this the power of a zodiac beast…”

Yoko Nishikawa looks at the dog girl in bitterness and nervousness.

Liu Yi estimates that this dog girl is around earth grade level!

Although she does not look like much it is completely not the case! No wonder the all of the countries in the world are trying to get the plans for the zodiac beast…if they are able to manufacture an earth grade expert…it would be really really scary!

“Xiao Mi does not like you meow! Leave my owner alone meow!”

The dog girl suddenly appears by Liu Yi’s side and dodges behind him, hugging his arm with both hands and intimately enters his embrace.

“Owner is Xiao Mi’s meow…”

The dog girl cutely wags her tail as she rubs her face against Liu Yi’s arm with a fortunate face, “Owner spoils Xiao Mi the most meow…”

“Can you wait first! Where did you come from ah elder sister!”

“Owner forgot about Xiao Mi already meow?”

The dog girl suddenly pulls out a familiar looking umbrella out from between her legs, “This is something that owner gave Xiao Mi meow!”

What the hell! Where the heck did you pull it out from ah my sister!


Chapter 351  [Dog girl Xiao Mi]

[TL: lols can also be bitch Xiao Mi]

Teaser time!!!!

Where the heck did you pull it out from ah!!!!

“It is not like I want to be a dog meow~~~”

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