MKW Chapter 350

Chapter 350 [LLance in hand]


Chapter 350 Lance in hand


The branch seems to be alive and is very agile.

It slowly extends up Yoko Nishikawa’s leg before splitting into two, one of them coils around her waist while the other moves up her back before going around her shoulder to her chest and wraps around her chest.

Yoko Nishikawa had left in a hurry thus she is only able to change her outerwear to her ninja attire and did not wear anything else.

With this, after being tied up by the branch, her body is almost completely revealed and her curves are obvious.

“Damn, damn you…what do you want to do…”

“This old man only wants to check your body that’s all…hehehe…let me see if you are suitable for me to absorb your essence…this old man’s taste is very picky one…”

The tree demon’s smile turns vulgar.

Just as the upper section of the branch squeezes Yoko Nishikawa’s chest, the lower branch also presses against her genitals.

Yoko Nishikawa is instantly badly frightened as her face turns pale and screams: “You, you, you, what are you doing!”

“Hehehe…absorbing essence ah…”

The tree demon licks his lips, “Let this old man’s babies serve you nicely…hehehe, your body will be ruthlessly pierced through, hehehe…..”

“No, don’t…”

Feeling the lower branch rubbing against, Yoko Nishikawa has thoughts of dying.

Ahahahahaahah….why, why would it become like this!

Who can come and save me…is there anyone….

Yoko Nishikawa is praying in her heart when she suddenly recalls that this is China while she is a kunoichi from Japan, thus she gave up in dejection.

As the tree branch rubs against her even more fiercely, seeing that it is about to break her clothing, Yoko…bite your own tongue and suicide…

Just as Yoko Nishikawa is about to suicide, a black ray suddenly appears in front of her.

-Pa, pa, pa!-

The black light sweeps against the tree branch on her body and instantly the branches are turned into pieces and drop on the ground.

Yoko Nishikawa’s body also lightens and falls down before being pulled into a firm embrace.

She raises her head in shock, only to see a tall man wearing black armor embracing her with an arm while holding a Scorpion lance with the other.

This man…isn’t he the Dragon Group agent who was chasing after me a few days ago? He actually…saved me?

“Who are you? How dare you disturb my good matter!”

Seeing the prey that is about to be eaten by him being snatched away, the tree demon is instantly anger.

“Well, what do you know. Just a little tree demon and you being so arrogant in my territory?”

Liu Yi holds Yoko Nishikawa with one hand while pointing his lance at the tree demon with the other hand and say: “If you do not wish to die then scram right now.”

“Your territory? Who the heck are you?”

“Dragon Group agent.”

Liu Yi directly reports out his identity.

“What?! You are actually a person from Dragon Group? Didn’t they say that the Dragon Group people are deployed to do another task…why are there people guarding here…is the report from the higher-ups wrong?”

The tree demon frowns, “You are from which team?”

“Looks like you have some understanding of a few matters of our Dragon Group?”

Liu Yi ridicules: “I am from the third group. How about that?”

“Tsk, so it is a weakling from the third group.”

Hearing this the tree demon instantly lets out a sigh of relief before looking at Liu Yi in disdain and say: “To think that I thought that you are an expert from group 1 or 2.”

“How dare you look down on us from group 3!”

Liu Yi is very unhappy, “I hope that later when I utterly trash you up you are still able to say such words.”

“Hahaha! Little doll you are too arrogant! Do you think that with a bit of power you are undefeated throughout the world?! Let me tell you. Dragon Group is too small and they have too little experts! This world is very large and experts are numerous. You will never be able to imagine it! Especially my LOST. People who have offended our LOST never end up well!”

Liu Yi smells the fragrance of the girl in his arms as he asks faintly: “Oh? Then what do you wish to do?”

“Very simple. Scram from here and obediently give that doll in your arms to me! She is my delicious lunch…”

Hearing what the tree demon say, Yoko Nishikawa’s body trembles slightly.

Liu Yi is able to feel Yoko Nishikawa’s horror as he pulls her closer, letting her lean against him more.

Not knowing why, obviously they are life and death enemies earlier but Yoko Nishikawa is able to feel that the hug is very warm and comforting…furthermore there is some…familiar feeling…

Liu Yi counter asks: “If I do not pass her over?”

“Then you can just go and die! Don’t think that I do not dare to kill people from your Dragon Group. For our glorious LOST, for the rise of the demon race, I would not hesitate to kill you.”

“Ah? Who did you say you want to kill?”

Just as the tree demon finished speaking, Liu Yi’s black figure who is holding a girl in one hand and a black lance in another suddenly moves tens of meters in an instant and reaches the tree peak, landing in front of the tree demon.

The scorpion tail lance in his hand pierces towards the tree demon like a dragon emerging.

The tree demon is so frightened that he nearly peed in his pants as he subconsciously activates his magic.

Numerous tree branches sprout out from the branch he is standing on as they join together and crash into Liu Yi, sending him flying away onto the ground, creating a large and deep hole.

“I’ll be damned…nearly scared me to death…”

The old man is completely covered with cold sweat. He is so fast! He had moved over tens of meters instantly! Luckily my magic techniques are deep otherwise I would not be able to keep my life ah!

But after that attack, that fellow should be killed by me, right! Even if he did not die, he would still be heavily injured!

Just a fellow from Dragon Group third team, he actually thinks that he is powerful, tsk!

“Ai what a pity about my doll…she might also be turned into meat paste as well, ai….”

“Who did you say turned into meat paste?”

At this moment, the dust cloud has dispersed while a voice comes from the top of the trees, scaring the tree demon badly.

He immediately looks upwards, only to see that Dragon Group guy standing on the very peak branch of the tree he is on. One of his hands is still holding the doll with the other is holding a lance which is blocking in front of him. He had actually used the strength of an arm to block that thick tree branch smacking down!

This, this, this….how is this possible! Just how strong is this fellow to be able to fight against my magic powers head on!

“Looks like this old tree demon does not know the horror of us Dragon Group third team.”

As Liu Yi speaks, his right-hand used strength and brandishes the lance fiercely.

Instantly the thick branch is smashed into pieces and drops beside him.

“Damn you! Take this move then!”

While being shocked, the tree demon still does not forget to continue casting his magic technique.

Very quickly the surrounding seven to eight meters tall trees seem to have come into life as they uproot themselves and walks on the ground, waving their two arms-like branches as they roar and attack Liu Yi.

“So scary…”

Seeing these tall treemen as well as their increasing vigor, Yoko Nishikawa starts trembling.

“Hug me tightly.”

Liu Yi only smiles faintly and asks Yoko Nishikawa to holds him tightly, after which he uses Spirit Fox Step and agilely moves into the sky before landing towards those treemen.

Their crazily waving branches become the foothold for Liu Yi, continuously giving him recoil power to move upwards.

“Kill him! Kill him!”

The tree demon rages manically as his eyes turn red from anger.

While Liu Yi is dodging casually as does not seems to be concern about the treemen.


This lance pierces towards the bark of a treemen but got deflected away.

“Hahahaha! You think that my magic technique is for fun?”

When the tree demon sees this scene, he laughs maniacally, “After the transformation, the bark of the treemen is even tougher than steel! If you wish to break through their defense you still need 500 years of training!”

“Just one 500 years is already enough.”

As Liu Yi speaks, a fiery qi from his right-hand moves to the lance.

Instantly the lance turns somewhat red.

Activating Scarlet Blood Sutra, the high temperature is the sharpest weapon.

“Go and die for me!”

The tree demon waves his hand and a treeman immediately rushed forward roaring while smashing its twin arms down on Liu Yi’s head.


Liu Yi is calm as he sweeps out with his lance.

“You don’t know your lesson ah…WHAT!!”

The tree demon’s eyes nearly fly out as the treeman that he is proud of suddenly cries out pitifully as its arms got chopped off by Liu Yi’s lance.

When the treeman’s arm drop onto the ground, it starts burning.


Liu Yi slashes downwards with the lance and directly chops the treeman without arms into two.

After which, under the flames, the treeman turned into ashes after a few pitiful cries.

“This, how is this possible…”

The tree demon finally knows fear as he starts trembling.

“I have settled one. There is still….eh, five.”

Yoko Nishikawa in his embrace ridicules him: “Idiot! It is 5! Your math teacher definitely died early!”

“Fine then…I counted wrongly..”

Liu Yi truly has no concept of math.

Just as Liu Yi is planning to take care of the rest of the treemen when the tree demon suddenly looks behind Liu YI and exclaim: “Zodiac beast! You have finally appeared!”


Liu Yi immediately turns around to look but he only sees dense trees and no sign of any zodiac beast.

At the same time, a tree root suddenly erupts from the ground and hits Liu Yi’s right hand.


The scorpion tail lance is instantly sent flying away and pierced onto the ground in the mud nearby. Afterward, a tree root emerges before picking up the lance and throws it deep into the dense forest.


The tree demon starts laughing weirdly again, and it sounds completely horrendous.

“In the end, you are still too tender ah…this time around without that damn lance let me see how you are going to be ferocious! Prepare to die!”

The tree demon roars out and lets the remaining treemen attack immediately.

While Liu Yi only looks at the tree demon pitifully as his mouth curls up and says: “Who says that I am weak without my lance?”


Chapter 350  [Lance in hand]

Teaser time!!!!

Liu Yi reaches out as he says: “I am just doing what the tree demon is about to do to you.”

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  1. Every tree fears! Use Fire for gods sake!
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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    “I have settled one. There is still….eh, five.”

    Yoko Nishikawa in his embrace ridicules him: “Idiot! It is 5! Your math teacher definitely died early!”
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