MKW Chapter 349

Chapter 349 [Tree demon]


He lost without understanding how he lost and furthermore, he has lost to the technique that he had just showcased to the students, Bow Step Charging Fist!

Just now Liu Yi has beautifully executed the technique’s might on him!


“Thank you, instructor, for your leniency.”

Liu Yi magnanimously stretches out his hand and helps Duan Tianheng up.

A lot of students ‘ah’ in their hearts, so it is Instructor who is being lenient to showcase the technique to them ah!

No wonder Liu Yi who is a student is able to defeat the instructor invited over by the military!

“Good fellow. In the future, if you want to join the army come and look for me.”

Duan Tianheng looks at Liu Yi a few more times, the more he looks the more he likes as he says: “My Duan family has some authority in the army…en…I appreciate you, fellow!”

Liu Yi is somewhat touched by Duan Tianheng as he has never mentioned before his background and because of him, he says it out.

“Thank you Instructor for your affection but for now I do not have the thoughts of joining the military.”

Duan Tianheng points out as he says: “Being a soldier regret for two years. Not being a soldier regret a lifetime ah.”

“Even if I am not a soldier I will still use my strength to protect this country Instructor Duan.”

Liu Yi last few words are said softly voice.

Duan Tianheng does not know what Liu Yi means by his words and only feels some regret.

He is not in the frame of mind to instruct the students thus he waves his hand and says: “Ai. A pity for a talent. Disperse, disperse. I have lost so everyone can go and rest early!”

“Released ah!”

“You are incredible ah Liu Yi!”

Some of the student’s applauded for Liu Yi while there are some whose eyes turn slightly red.

Huang Dianxiang stands by the side and looks at Liu Yi.

During these few days of military training, this fellow is in the limelight! I, this top scholar seems to be forgotten by them! Hmph after all military training and the likes are for boorish people. After military training is over, it will be my turn to be in the limelight!

Military training and what not, should not have existed from the beginning! After all, we are students. What we need is to know how to study and pass the tests!

Huang Dianxiang feels uncomfortable in his heart as he looks at the surrounding girls who are discussing Liu Yi. Especially Yoko Nishikawa whom he likes. Although she looks like a person who is easy to get close to she is only somewhat close to the people in the class…all except Liu Yi who she seems to have a different kind of closeness!

[TL: …what do you even expect…it is her first guy]

“Have something to drink.”

Yoko Nishikawa passes a bottle of mineral water to Liu Yi, “Earlier you had fought quite well.”

“Thank you.”

Liu Yi receives the mineral bottle and nods towards Yoko. Opening the bottle he takes a drink. Hmm, it is rather sweet.

Yoko Nishikawa’s face turns slightly red.

“I let you drink and you really dink ah…I am only trying to be polite okay… this person is really…based on your Chinese tradition shouldn’t you politely reply, no need?”


Liu Yi is slightly unable to understand, does Yoko Nishikawa want me to drink or does she not wants me to drink?

“Annoying… these few days I was researching your Chinese customs and it is making me stupid.”

Yoko Nishikawa snatches over the bottle of mineral water in Liu Yi’s hand, just now I had just drank from that bottle…does this means that the two of us have just indirectly kissed …

“Chinese culture is indeed wide-range and deep. Even if it is us Chinese it is worthy to research for a lifetime.”

Liu Yi unyieldingly says: “But these etiquettes should have also passed to your Japan. You should also know a few of them.”

“Seems like there are some differences.”

Yoko Nishikawa also does not know what to say as she stares at the bottle of mineral water.

Liu Yi thought that Yoko Nishikawa is in heartache about the bottle of water as he smiles and says: “Come on, Big sister ah it is only a bottle of mineral water. I’ll buy one for you okay.”

“Hmph…annoying…it is not that…”

Yoko Nishikawa rolls her eyes before throwing the bottle back to Liu Yi, “You, you drink….I am going back to my dorm… it’s so hot…”

What the…this lass…why does she looks like she is somewhat shy?

Liu Yi shakes his head and his gaze follows her while he continues drinking water. It is very hot during summer thus it is best to drink more water if possible.

At this moment Liu Yi frowns.

For convenience sakes, back then Liu Yi had inserted an illusion butterfly into Yoko Nishikawa’s body to track her location.

At this moment, Yoko Nishikawa location is not on the way back to her dormitory but towards the scenery district…

Under broad daylight, Yoko Nishikawa is actually planning to take actions towards the laboratory?

Her courage is rather big ah! Looks like she is unable to take it anymore and wishes to complete her task as soon as possible.

Thinking until here, Liu Yi immediately walks behind a tree and hides his body. At the same time he transforms into a black butterfly and flaps his wings, flying towards the scenery district.

The temperature is too hot and other than those year one students who are going through military training, none of the seniors would go to the scenery district to be suntanned.

Thus even though it is daytime, the scenery district is very peaceful and quiet and you are able to hear the cries of the birds.

As he flies over to the scenery district, Liu Yi feels that something is wrong. In the scenery district, there seems to be a demonic aura.

It can’t be right…broad daylight and there is a demon?

While Liu Yi is thinking a girl wearing kunoichi attire appears in his line of sight.

Indeed it is Yoko Nishikawa, under the tight clothing, her figure is clearly revealed.

Especially when she stops and walk, the outline of her ass causing Liu Yi to stare.

Recalling the time when he and she had sex, Liu Yi’s heart starts to race.

Mother ah…this… do I want to do it again?

Liu Yi ah…you cannot mess around now. Last time was an accident and there is no second time. Otherwise, this relation will become even messier.

“Strange obviously I have felt a zodiac beast scent…why did it disappear again?”

Yoko Nishikawa stands under a tree as she looks all over the place like she is finding something.

“This cannot go on. Today I must definitely find the zodiac beast…”

As Yoko Nishikawa mutters, she stands on the tree as her hands form ninja seals.

After forming a number of messy seals and muttering something, tens of Yoko Nishikawa appears and emerges from dust cloud and moves in different directions and perform a carpet search,

I’ll be damned…what the heck is this shadow clones?

[TL: Shadow Clone JUTSUUU!!!]

Liu Yi has a deja vu of watching Naruto.

While at this moment he is in the form of a black butterfly which gently lands on a leaf, not afraid of being discovered.

Which zodiac beast is Yoko Nishikawa is searching for? Is it related to the 12 zodiac beast plan?

Liu Yi did not alert Yoko Nishikawa as he prepares to continue to observe on.

After carpet searching the scenery district with her clones for nearly half an hour, she finally has some findings.

“So it is here?”

While she is speaking, all of the Yoko Nishikawas instantly rushes towards a direction.

At this moment a violent wind raises from the ground!

This gale originates from within the scenery district and the wind power is quite strong, wrecking havoc all over the scenery district.

All of the trees are making cracking sounds as the tree trunks bend backward.

Liu Yi can only grab hold of the leaf tightly to prevent being blown off.

The Yoko Nishikawa clones also quickly protect their bodies as they bear with the wind baptism.

At this moment the students who are undergoing military training in the sports field also felt the strong wind, causing the originally orderly ranks of students to turn messy.

“Aiyah! Why is there suddenly such a strong wind!”

“Wah! Where the heck did that plastic bag that hit my face come from!”

“!@$%@!!!  My fake hair!”

The students become chaotic.

The one who causes the wind is a demon! After Liu Yi has confirmed his judgment, he immediately opens his black and white world and searches the scenery district.

Indeed! Within the trees of the scenery district, there is a hidden bright red dot.

This fellow really knows how to hide his aura!

The demonic wind slowly turns small and before Yoko Nishikawa is able to react, rows of wood suddenly erupt from the ground and pierce through her clones.

-pish! pish! pish!-

Instantly all of Yoko Nishikawa’s clones’ heart’s are pierces through and turns back into smoke.

Only Yoko Nishikawa’s original body is easily dodging the chase of the roots.

“What is this?!”

As she dodges, she looks at the roots in shock.

But just when she had finally gotten away, a giant tree behind her suddenly moves and stretches out its branches and wraps around her body, lifting her high up into the air.

“Damn this….”

Yoko Nishikawa did not imagine that there is still this kind of trap as she clenches her teeth and struggles to escape.

She tries her best to escape and it seems like she is not wearing a bra as her chest jiggles along causing Liu Yi to get excited.

These leaves seem to be uncommon items as no matter how Yoko Nishikawa struggles, it only becomes tighter until she is finally unable to breathe properly, out of strength.

“Little doll thank you for helping me find the zodiac beast…but it belongs to LOST so you can go and die.”

While speaking, from the tree grows out a lot more branches and leaves and finally from the leaves walks out an old man wearing a green qipao.

There is no need to say, this fellow is definitely a tree demon!

Liu Yi perks up his ear and listens carefully.

LOST! Isn’t that the organization of the wolf demon that I had killed way back then? I remember Immortal Fox sister saying that it is a very evil demon organization! They actually have plans on the twelve zodiac plans?!

Looks like he is also an enemy!

Should I or should I not save Yoko Nishikawa who is in a crisis?

Although we have some relationship…but this lass is still a kunoichi from Japan! For the cause of our motherland, what is a boy and girl relationship worth!

Liu Yi clenches his fist! His gaze suddenly fixes on Yoko Nishikawa’s trembling chest as his heart trembles.

Damn it ah! Before resisting the foreign aggression I must first pacify the inner ah! Let’s settle that damn tree demon first before dealing with the rest!

“Let this old man absorb all of your essence, hehehe…..”

The tree demon laughs evilly before stretching out a hand-like branch towards Yoko Nishikawa’s leg.


Chapter 349  [Tree demon]

Teaser time!!!!

The tree demon’s branch split into two halves, one of them coils around her chest while the other coils around her legs, pulling them apart.

The tree demon smiles vulgarly as his lower branch presses against her genital while her upper branch squeezes her chest together.

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