MKW Chapter 348

Chapter 348 [Enemy from Asura Realm]


Middle East region, within a desert.

Two military armies are crazily shooting at each other with infantry, tank, and mortars for the ownership of an oilfield.

The whole desert has turned into a battlefield envelope with flames of wars and covered with corpses all over the place.

A commander of one of the side laughs evilly, “Haha. Buying a batch of advance guided missiles from country X is indeed very useful! Move forward for me! Today we must kick that group out of this territory!”

He is very confident of his own troops!

With this plot of the oilfield, my country will become rich and powerful!

At that time we can continue to buy even more advanced military weapons and snatch over more oilfields! HAhahaha! That’s right! That is what we are going to do!

The bright and beautiful future is waving towards them.

At this moment an underling of the commander suddenly exclaims in shock: “No good commander! An unknown energy source has appeared on our radar!”

“Ah? Did the opponent manage to prepare a secret weapon?”

As the commander suspects, an enormous black halo suddenly appears in the sky in front of him.

This halo is at the location where the battle is the most intense.

The halo continues to widen and soon it envelopes the whole battlefield.

In an instant, the halo turns into a black hole as it sucks countless number of soldiers in.

Even those tanks, military vehicles are all sucked in.

The commander is completely stunned, “This..what is this…a new type of weapon?!”

Where did this scary advance weapon appear from! What on earth is this damn thing!

After the halo absorbs all of the surrounding people, it suddenly rapidly shrinks and soon turns into a small dumpling-like thing and lands on the desert.

A deep hole has already appeared in the desert and lot of sand and stones are dispersed by the halo.

Very quickly a beautiful figure stands up from the deep hole.

She is wearing a black stalwart attire, which is mostly made of bones and is very strange.

But it must be said that this girl is very beautiful and her figure is quite good.

Her lower body attire is very short and reveals her two long beautiful white legs.

The black bone armor skirt only wraps around her butt slightly and as she crouch there her anus is slightly visible.

The attire in front of her chest is also quite bare, with only around half of her large chest being covered. The top half of her chest is exposed provoking people to salivate.

The woman is wearing a half-face bone mask on her forehead which is covered with cracks. Below the mask is an absolutely beautiful face which is definitely an idol grade face.

This woman’s beauty seems to make everyone forget how to breathe as well as forgetting the horror of death.

“She is an enemy! Kill, kill her!”

The commander suddenly recalls that this woman is an enemy, not an ally as he wakes up from his daze and immediately orders.

Instantly the surviving soldiers start to open fire and prepare to use missiles to blast that beautiful woman.

One of the missiles is in the lead as it shoots towards that woman.

The woman only snorts as she suddenly takes out a black demonic saber using her right hand and chops towards the missile.


The missile is instantly chopped into two before exploding.

“Wh…what….this, what devil is this…”

The commander is trembling in fright.

After the woman has chopped the missile, she keeps the saber before opening her mouth and takes a deep breath.

Instantly a black fog flies out from the soldier’s body and flies towards the woman’s mouth.

Including the commander as well, he only feels like his body is very light and is flying in midair.

I know how to fly? Something is wrong…wasn’t I  standing on the commander vehicle …what is this? My spirit is leaving my body?!

Before the commander is able to think anymore, his spirit is sucked into the woman’s mouth.

At that instant, there is no longer any more survivors in the battlefield, all of their spirits were eaten up cleanly by that woman.

After dealing with all of these people, the woman spits out a mouth of impure breath.

“Liu Yi do you think that by leaving the Asura Realm this Queen would not be able to find you? Even if you run to the edge of the world this queen will still capture you back!”

A smile appears before she turns into a black ray of light and disappears from the desert.

At this moment Liu Yi did not sense that there is danger coming towards him as he is currently focusing on enjoying his university life.

In a blink of an eye, 10+ days of military training have passed. These 10+ days are not that hard for Liu Yi as they are concentrating on the formation of the biological students.

“Today there will be some changes to our military training content.”

During their morning exercises, Duan Tianheng stands at the front with his hands behind him as he looks at the group of students who are tanned and says: “Today I shall teach you guys some military boxing. It is alright to train a bit to strengthen your body.”

A lot of guys become excited, military boxing ah that’s great!

“What I want to teach you guys is the first set of military boxing. It is simpler and the principal characteristic is a combination of wrestling fundamentals and basic movement technique. Its movement has an applicable hidden meaning of attacking. There is a certain value of strengthening your body as well as for self-defense. I need a helper to show the drill to you guys. Liu Yi! Step out of rank!”

Duan Tianheng beckons Liu Yi over.

Lai Junwen is afraid that Liu Yi will be at a disadvantage thus he raises his hands and says: “Reporting! I have learned a bit of martial arts and have a deep kung fu base. Let me do the drill with you Instructor!”

“Did I give you permission to speak? 100 push-ups!”

Duan Tianheng glares at Lai Junwen, “It is only a showcase. I have proprietary okay and will not injure you guys. Liu Yi do you dare to step out of ranks!”

The moment he talks, Liu Yi walks out of the ranks and stand in front of Duan Tianheng.

Duan Tianheng looks at the youngster while feeling strange in his heart. In the 10+ days of military training under the sun, everyone is tan except for this fellow whose skin is still white.

Put on sunscreen lotion? Does not look like it as the girls in the class also put on sunscreen lotion but are still tanned.

Liu Yi smiles faintly and says: “Reporting to instructor we can start now.”

“Okay. Watch carefully. The first move is called Bow Step Charging Fist!”

As he speaks, Duan Tianheng suddenly moves in a bow step as his right fist instantly shoots out towards Liu Yi’s chest.

Indeed he is an instructor, the fist is fast and beautiful, majestic and imposing.

Liu Yi did not move, neither did the smile on his face disappear. Facing the instructor’s punch, like a spring breeze, Liu Yi does not seems to care about it.

“Be Careful ah Old two!”

Lai Junwen cries out in shock! Even if it is me I would also have to dodge that punch!

Military body technique is not weak!

But Duan Tianheng’s fist stops an inch away from Liu Yi’s chest.

“How do you know that I would not hit you?”

Duan Tianheng frowns.

“Didn’t Instructor say that this is only a showcase. I believe in instructor words.”

Liu Yi says faintly, causing Duan Tianheng to have a new level of respect for him.

“Good fellow! Do you dare to fight one round with me!”

Looking at Liu Yi, Duan Tianheng suddenly has an itchy feeling.

“That’s no good instructor…I am only a student wouldn’t you be bullying me?”

“If you are able to win me then today’s training shall end early!”

The moment Duan Tianheng finished speaking, all of the guys encourage Liu Yi.

“Liu Yi go ah!”

“That’s right! That’s right! We are supporting you!”

What the heck it is not even you guys fighting why are you guys being excited about!

Liu Yi rolls his eyes at those people who are excited to watch a show before nodding his head.

“Since instructor says in this manner than I also cannot sweep away your excitement. But I only know a bit of basic kungfu thus instructor need to be lenient with me ah.”

“Relax I have propriety.”

He turns around and sends a heavy kick towards Liu YI.

Liu Yi becomes speechless, this is still called have propriety?

But to Liu Yi, this is indeed nothing much. He stretches out his right hand and blocks by the side of face. With a pa, he firmly blocks instructor’s whip kick.


Duan Tianheng though that he has kicked a metal plate as he withdraws his leg and looks at Liu Yi in shock.

“Hard Qigong?”

“It can be considered.”

Liu Yi nods his head while Duan Tianheng suddenly moves up and punches out continuously at Liu Yi.


Liu Yi is calm as his hands blocks in front of him and deflects Duan Tianheng’s attack.

While being attacked by Duan Tianheng, Liu Yi is still able to smiles and say: “Instructor you are too ferocious. I am still a student ah aren’t you bullying me too much?”

Duan Tianheng almost vomited blood, this is called me bullying people?

Who on earth is this fellow ah…he is still fine despite facing my swift attacks!

Duan Tianheng suddenly changes his fighting method as he sends out a hand chop towards Liu Yi’s throat.

Krav Maga!

[TL: This ‘martial art’ basically for self-defense or killing and is widely used in most military]

Since military boxing is useless against Liu Yi but Krav Maga is the most savage among the military arts.

Facing Liu Yi, Duan Tianheng feels that being lenient is pointless and he uses the most savage technique.

“Isn’t this technique too savage?!”

Liu Yi’s head moves back and dodges Duan Tianheng’s chop.

While Duan Tianheng seems to have expected it as his shoulder rams forward towards Liu Yi’s heart.

“Instructor! You are bullying people ah!”

As Liu Yi speaks, his leg directly hooks onto Duan Tianheng’s ankle and nearly tripped him onto the ground.

Luckily Duan Tianheng had trained for such situation before. Otherwise, he would have tripped.

“Instructor be careful ah. Yesterday night it had just rained and the ground is slippery don’t slip and fall ah!”

Liu Yi teases as he looks at Duan Tianheng’s sorry looking appearance.

“Good fellow! You have some ability!”

Duan Tianheng stabilizes his body and is not angry, instead, he gives Liu Yi a thumbs-up, “Indeed this fellow is soldier material! If you are unable to defeat me then quit school and come under me as a soldier! I guarantee that you will at very least become a commander grade person!”

The moment Duan Tianheng finished speaking, a lot of students become envious.

“This one… apologizes ah instructor…”

Liu Yi suddenly moves forward a step and moves to the front of Duan Tianheng and at the same time he sends out a Bow Step Charing fist onto Duan Tianheng’s chest.

Watching Duan Tianheng flying away, Liu Yi says faintly: “It is not possible to date in the army and how is it better than university where there are so many girls ah…I still have not attended university enough!”


Chapter 348  [Enemy from Asura Realm]


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