MKW Chapter 347

Chapter 347 [Unique way of drinking Sprite]


Everyone instantly casually sits down, after all, it is so hot and wearing so much, they are already tired after standing under the hot sun for a while.

They watch Liu Yi with the attitude of watching a show.

When Liu Yi and the rest implicated them, they only knew how to curse and scold.

But when they got benefits from Liu Yi’s action, none of them thank him, instead they laugh at him.

Liu Yi’s expression did not change as he says: “Big brother, Chen Cai, Old four you guys go and rest first. It is only 5000. Ill be done in a bit.”

Lai Junwen says in worry: “It is 5000 ah. Its be better if I help you…”

“No need big brother. If you help me then I am not a man.”

Liu Yi smiles towards Lai Junwen before continuing to do the push-up.

Duan Tianheng stands there without expression as he looks at Liu Yi.

5000 push-ups. Even if it is them who are professional soldiers, completing it wouldn’t be easy.

Furthermore, they train daily, thus how is it possible for these students who have gotten into Ke Da.

The students nowadays other than studying they are not good at anything else. As for their constitution, it is very weak. He is now waiting for Liu Yi to be unable to continue on and give up.

The student that had refuted him earlier has already collapsed onto the ground panting like he is about to die.

“You have not finished your 500 push-ups.”

Duan Tianheng says to that student: “Don’t think that I am not counting. You have only done 51.”

“Instructor…Instructor I am wrong…please give me a chance…”

The student is so tired that he is about to faint as he pants and gasps while begging for forgiveness.

“You have deeply understood now?”


“Very well. Return to the squad and rest.”

“Tha…thank you, instructor…”

That student is unable to climb to his feet and has to be carried back by his dormmates.

“Did you see? As long as you acknowledge that you are a soft egg then there is no need to do this 5000 push-ups.”

Duan Tianheng says to Liu Yi: “As long as you acknowledge that’s all.”

“I now know that Instructor is so talkative.”

Liu Yi calmly does his push-ups, “I have already done 120+ push-ups already. There is still 4800+ left. Instructor you need to count properly ah.”

Duan Tianheng frowns lightly, I did not think that this fellow is such a tough bone.

If this fellow is in the army he will definitely be a pricky head! A completely pricky head!

“Okay. I will watch you do it properly!”

Duan Tianheng sits in front of Liu Yi and did not do anything else but stare at him.

Almost everyone else in the sports field is also looking at Liu Yi. 5000 push-ups ah…this student really does not want his life ah.

Almost everyone is counting in their heart as they think, school has yet to start and there is already a famous biological course student online.

Very quickly Liu Yi easily did almost 1000 push-up but he did not even have any sweat on his forehead and Duan Tianheng is already starting to feel that something is wrong.

Did this fellow train before his body?

Fine, then I just don’t believe that you are able to complete 5000 push-ups! Even if you are able to you do it you’d be half dead after 5000 push-ups.

Until Liu Yi has done 3000+ push up and is still calm and collected, Duan Tianheng is almost unable to sit still.

Where did this fellow appear from? How did he train his body so well?

How can he do the push-ups so easily like he is walking?

Is this fellow really a Ke Da student? Are you for real?

Under the shocked gaze of Duan Tianheng, Liu Yi completed 4000 push-ups.

Liu Yi’s classmates who are originally watching the show are all watching intently as they help Liu Yi count.


Yoko Nishikawa also covers her mouth in shock. His constitution is quite good…did he really learn some kind of ancient martial arts before?

Back then when he had defeated Youshi Ronkou, she is already starting to think about it. After which when she recalled the time when she had sex with him…and the exchange of something within their body’s…

Thinking to here, Yoko Nishikawa’s face turns red as she spits secretly.

So annoying…why did I think of that again…didn’t I decide to forget all of it.

Why did I recall that again…so annoying…

“4998… 4999…5000!”

Liu Yi dusts his hands and stand up before stretching widely and says to the stunned Duan Tianheng: “Not bad. I feel like my body is much more comfortable now. Thank you, Instructor Duan.”


Just as Instructor Duan is about to say something, he suddenly shouts: “Forget it. Rest time, all disperse! Twenty minutes later, everyone gather here!”

Duan Tianheng looks at Liu Yi before leaving.

“Yah, yah! Disperse disperse!”

The group of students finally relax as they quickly leave.

Lai Junwen is worried about Liu Yi’s body after he has done the 500 push-ups and immediately asks: “Old two are you alright?”

“Relax. I am fine. Let me go and buy water first. Chat later.”

Liu Yi turns around and walks towards the school’s convenience stall.

The temperature is so hot and he has also done 5000 push-ups, thus Liu Yi feels that he should rehydrate himself. Most importantly is he wishes to buy some water for Wang Yuzheng. That lass is a normal person thus she should be hot and thirsty. But she would definitely not bear to spend money to buy water.

Liu Yi reaches the convenience store and bought two bottles of Sprite. When he turns around, he suddenly sees a small white dog lying down by a tree.

The small white dog seems to see Liu Yi as it wags its tail slightly.

“Oh? It is you?”

Liu Yi walks over and crouched down in front of the little dog and rubs its head, “Are the wounds you had back then recovered? In the future don’t get bullied again. Whoever who dares to bully you just bite them back.”

Liu Yi says in his heart,  I don’t know if teaching this little dog these things is correct…but no matter what it at least needs some bravery!

The little dog barks twice, not knowing if it understands what Liu Yi said.

“You must be hungry right. Wait for me to buy some food for you.”

Liu Yi walks back to the convenience stall and bought a thick ham sausage and places it in front of the dog.

“Here eat this. In the future, if you are hungry then wait here for me.”

Liu Yi pets the little dog’s head.

But strangely the little white dog did not eat the ham sausage, instead, it embraces the ham sausage under itself.

“What is the matter? Do not wish to let people see you eat? Then I shall go first. Take your time eating.”

Just as Liu Yi stands up, he suddenly hears a person calling him.

“Liu Yi! Liu Yi!”

He raises his head and that person is none other than Wang Yuzheng, that lass.

She stands there and waves her hand at him.

“Liu Yi, what are you doing?”

“Feeding a dog.”

“Feeding a dog? What dog?”

Wang Yuzheng tilts her head curiously as she looks at Liu Yi.

“It is this small dog ah.”

Liu Yi lowers his head and suddenly realizes that the little white dog, as well as the ham sausage,  disappeared without him knowing.

Really strange…when did it leave.

“Forget it. Nothing much. Here, have something to drink.”


Wang Yuzheng seems to feel somewhat embarrassed making Liu Yi spend money as she lowers her head and says: “That…in a while I plan to find a job…at that time I will treat you to something good to eat…”

“Work? Oh, okay.”

Liu Yi knows that although Wang Yuzheng looks to be very smart but underneath it is stubbornness. If he rejects, she will definitely be unhappy.

“Aiyah…is it cold…”

Wang Yuzheng touches the cold Sprite and says awkwardly: “I recently…am unable to drink cold stuff…”

“Ah. Then I’ll buy another bottle for you!”

Liu Yi immediately pats his head and says in his heart, how can I forget about the special period of a girl….

“Don’t…waste money…”

Wang Yuzheng immediately stops Liu Yi in heartache.

“Then what should we do?”

Liu Yi looks at Wang Yuzheng who is covered with sweat in heartache.

“That, that…also have a method…”

Not knowing what she is thinking of, Wang Yuzheng’s face suddenly turns red.

“What method?”

Liu Yi does not understand.

“You drink first….”

Wang Yuzheng’s face is red as she indicates to Liu Yi to first drink a mouth of her sprite.


Liu Yi opens the bottle and drinks a mouth of the cold sprite when Wang Yuzheng suddenly reminds, “Do not swallow!”


Liu Yu does not know what the lass wants to do as he looks at Wang Yuzheng while keeping the Sprite in his mouth.

But out of his expectations, the lass actually tiptoes as her hands press down on his shoulders before planting her lips against his. Following which her tongue moves aside his lips before sucking the sprite out from his mouth.

Instantly Liu Yi’s mind turns blank.

I’ll be damned…sp..sprite can be drunk this way???

How come this lass has become so daring ah…I, I….

This is the first time where Liu Yi has a feeling of not knowing what to do!

Wang Yuzheng is like a shy and greedy little kitten as she kisses Liu Yi, before sucking out the sprite like sucking on a sugarcane while her tongue roams around his mouth.

This is…this should be the first kiss between me and Wang Yuzheng!

Liu Yi finally reacts as his tongue replies Wang Yuzheng and duels with her.

While Liu Yi’s hands start to move around, one of his hand is on her back while the other is on her waist.

Although above them is the blistering sun Liu Yi’s body is like an air conditioner which is cooling. Wang Yuzheng kisses Liu Yi warmly but does not feel hot, instead feel that her body is feverish.

Very quickly Liu Yi’s hands starts to be dishonest.

Although she is wearing the camouflage clothing she is only wearing that and inside are her underwear. After all, it is summer thus no one would cover themselves too thickly.

Under the camouflage clothing, Liu Yi is able to feel Wang Yuzheng’s soft skin.

Especially her waist….as long as Liu Yi’s fingers move lower he be able to touch Yuzheng’s peak.

Wang Yuzheng did not block him but her body trembles faintly.

But just when Liu Yi is about to move downwards to touch her butt, Wang Yuzheng suddenly pushes aside Liu Yi and runs off with a red face.

Ah……do you really need to keep me in suspense!

Liu Yi watches the figure of her running away as he tastes his tongue. But he did not realize that from far away a handsome guy is clenching his fist ferociously.


Chapter 347  [Unique way of drinking Sprite]


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