MKW Chapter 346

Chapter 346 [Commencing Military training]



Chen Cai and the rest stands up, “Eh, it seems like it is not yet time ah why did they blow the whistle so early?!”

“Don’t look at the time already, let us hurry to the sports field now!”

As the temporary class leader, Lai Junwen still has a sense of responsibility, “If we arrive at the sports field late, our class’s behavior points will be deducted! I still hope to make sure that our class’s behavior points are number one!”

They hurry and stuff the dumplings into their mouths before rushing out of the canteen.

“Liu Yi I also need to leave first. When it is rest time I will come and find you again!”

Wang Yuzheng waves goodbye to Liu Yi before turning around and runs over to her class gathering point.

Lai Junwen runs to their class gather point to take a look only to see a lot of students are slowly walking over while even more of them are still not yet there!

He is very anxious as he immediately starts shouting: “Gather! Gather!”

But his voice is very soft. Ke Da is a large school ground, thus basically no one is able to hear him.

Liu Yi sees that a lot of their classmates are still prioritizing strolling in other places.

Lai Junwen is so anxious that he is sweating. This Sandong man is quite good at fighting but he not good in other matters.

Liu Yi pats Lai Junwen’s shoulder to calm him down, at the same time he takes a deep breath and shouts loudly: “Class 11 Biological course students immediately gather up!”

This shout is as loud as thunder!

The whole school campus resounds with Liu Yi’s voice.

A lot of biological course students who are still strolling immediately hasten their footsteps when they hear the shout.

Lai Junwen glanced at Liu Yi gratefully while Liu Yi smiles and walks back to his place.

En, en…Big brother I can only help you to here.

Because of Liu Yi, biological class students are the fastest to gather up in the sports field. But the students are standing there lazily. There are some who did not wear their attire properly and some who did not even wear the military attire. There are also girls who are standing together chattering.

Although Lai Junwen is the temporary class leader but not many people listen to his instructions, making him sigh.

Very quickly, Liu Yi sees a row of soldiers walking out of the corner of the canteen wearing neat and tidy military uniform, walking in steps and jogging over spiritedly.

The leading squad leader-like soldier of the troops shouts loudly: “One! Two! Three! Four!”

“One! Two! Three! Four!” replies the soldiers behind him.

Although there are only around 20+ soldiers their shouts cover the chatting sound of all of the students in the sports field, echoing all around.

Liu Yi cannot help but praise in his heart, this is soldiers ah.

Looking at the students…ai, it is completely an inferior group of soldiers. If it was a real battlefield they can only be cannon fodder to help the opponents promote themselves.

The soldiers walk to the center of the field and form a row. Under the instructions of the squad leader, they spread out and walks toward the class they are in charge of.

While the squad leader turns around and directly walks towards their class.

Good fellow to think we are actually assigned to a squad leader…they are really regarding us biological course students highly ah!

Liu Yi noticed that the soldiers who are assigned to other classes are looking towards them with pity and instantly starts to have a bad feeling.

The squad leader walks in front of their class and says loudly: “Attention!”

This shout scares people and with his military aura, it causes the students to tremble before they immediately stand up straight.

“Tsk, tsk…”

The squad leader seems to be the same as Liu Yi and the rest and is a northeast person who has a fiery temper. He looks at the students before sneering.

“What a bunch of elite university students ah. Take a looks at all of you, what kind of shit appearance is this! Let me tell you guys that if this place was a battlefield then all of you would already be dead!”

A pampered student immediately retorted: “Here is not a battlefield but a sports field.”

“I am your military instructor! Before talking to me you must report!”

“Re, report…”


“This, this place is not a battlefield but a sports field…”

“Refuting your senior official words! You! Step out of ranks and do 100 push-ups!”

“You. What you are doing is corporal punishment…”

“Forgetting to say report! Add another 100!”

“Report..this, this is corporal punishment!”

“Corporal punishment?”

The military instructor sneers, “I have already told you. Now here is a battlefield not your sports field nor is it your warm and cozy bed! In my eyes you are not students but my underlings, my soldiers! If you do not wish to complete military training then you can now go home and cry! I can let you go!”

The student has no other choice but to harden his heart and obediently do push-ups.

If they do not complete military training their school points will be deducted.

In Ke Da it is hard to earn school points thus who would dare to give up military training.

After doing 30+ push up the student is already covered with sweat and soon he is no longer about to continue as he collapses to the ground. But the instructor did not take pity on him.

“Instructor…I, I am unable to do anymore…”

“Either you finish or you faint here.”

After the instructor finished speaking he turns around and looks at the group of people.

“Everyone who is not wearing military attire step out of rank and do 30 push-ups each!”

Three to four of the students who did not wear military attire obediently step out and do not dare to retort as they are afraid that he will add 100 more push-ups…

“From now on I do not care what university students you are, what background you have. As long as you are standing here you are all my soldiers!”

He places his hands behind him and says: “I am your instructor for your fifteen days of military training. I am called Duan Tianheng. You guys can call me Instructor Duan! As for what you guys like to call me behind my back that is your own matter. But from now on, whoever disobeys me, push-ups will be your lightest punishment! Perhaps you do not know, in my squad I have another name!”

He raises his voice and shouts: “Huang Jianxiang, step out of ranks!”


A soldier instructor who is admonishing his students instantly runs over and stands in front of Duan Tianheng and salutes.

“Tell them loudly what is my nickname!”


The soldier’s face instantly turns red but he did not speak.

“Say it loudly!”

Duan Tianheng roars and the soldier immediately opens his mouth and says softly: “Duan…”

“Speak louder!”

The soldier shouts out: “DUAN YAMA!”

“Very good. Calling my nickname, do 500 push-ups!”

Duan Tianheng nods his head in satisfaction and waves his hand.

The soldier did not say anything but starts doing push-ups.

Some people find it funny while others are stunned.

Duan Tianheng crosses his arms and says: “What are you guys laughing about! Do you think that this is funny?! Let me tell you guys a soldier’s task is to follow instructions! From today onwards you guys are the same. If you do not follow then either you obediently accept your punishment or scram out of my squad!”

I’ll be damned…indeed we have met a living Yama King ah…

Liu Yi sighs in his heart.

“To be honest I am very unwilling to be your military instructor!”

Duan Tianheng looks at the university students and sneers, “Take a look at all of you! What kind of appearance is this, how do you look like soldiers! From my point of view, all of you are a bunch of soft eggs!”

These words cause Liu Yi to tremble slightly.

“A group of soft eggs! A bunch of trash! If the country let you guys be guards then sooner or later it will become ruins!”


Liu Yi suddenly shouted scaring everyone.


Duan Tianheng is also shocked as he looks at Liu Yi.

This student wears the attire rather neatly and has a bit of a soldier look.

“Reporting to instructor we are not soft eggs!”

Duan Tianheng says straightforwardly: “Refuting your instructor right? 100 push-ups!”

By the side there are students laughing in secret, laughing at Liu Yi being stupid. This Duan Yama has already said that everything must go with what he says so why did you talk back to him, idiot.

Yoko Nishikawa also looks at Liu Yi, not understanding why did he stand out to refute the instructor.

“Reporting to instructor! I can do push-ups but I still want to tell you we are not soft eggs!”

“Good fellow still dare to refute. Add another 100! Tell me are you a soft egg!”

“Thank you Instructor but I am not a soft egg!”

“Add another 200!”

“Reporting to Instructor. Even if you add 2000, I am still not a soft egg!”

“Okay ah you. Then you come and do 2000 push up.”

Duan Tianheng points beside him and says: “Finish doing the 2000 push up then I will know that you are not a soft egg !”

Liu Yi did not say anything and immediately got into position and starts doing push-ups.

Duan Tianheng shouts: “Who else thinks that they are not soft eggs! Step out of ranks!”




Chen Cai and Lai Junwen snatch to stand out first while Su Junping glances left and right before finally stepping out as well.

“Very well. The three of you join him and do 100 push-ups each.”

Duan Tianheng sees Su Junping’s thin frame and lowers the number.

“I’ll do the same as him 2000.”

Lai Junwen points at Liu Yi before getting into position and starts doing.

“Instructor do not look down on us please.”

Chen Cai smiles faintly before getting down beside Liu Yi and starts.

Su Junping did not say anything. 100 then 100, after all, I did not even manage to do 20 back at home.

“The two of you wish to be heroes?”

Duan Tianheng grins, “Then he also needs to do 2000.”

Su Junping sees Duan Tianheng pointing at him and instantly trembles.

“Everyone else does 100 each.”

The moment he speaks the rest of the students immediately become angry and starts to hate Liu Yi and them.

What the hell! What kind of hero ah! You guys actually implicated us!

“Reporting to Instructor. Please do not implicate others for my matter!”

As Liu Yi does his push-ups he says firmly, “Instructor if you are a man then come at me!”

When Duan Tianheng hears this he becomes happy. I have been an instructor for so long and this is the first time I have seen this kind of firecracker! Do you think I would not be able to control you?

“Good fellow. You really have guts ah! Good, you want to take responsibility on your own right? Very well then you do 5000 push-ups on your own. Everyone else sits down and rest while watching him do the push-ups!”


Chapter 346  [Commencing Military Training]


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