MKW Chapter 345

Chapter 345 [If you are a man then come over]


Seeing the fierce looking guys coming to find trouble for them, Wang Yuzheng is somewhat troubled while Su Junping starts trembling in fright.

Chen Cai continues to eat his steam bun like there is nothing bothering him and completely disregards those guys. While Lai Junwen clenches his fist and looks at them in warning.

Liu Yi picks up a steam dumpling and places it into Wang Yuzheng’s bowl before raising his head and says: “These few fellows. How much money did Ling Tian give you guys?”

“What money! It is us brothers…”

Li Yihao waves his hand as his expression suddenly changes and berates: “What the hell! What Ling Tian! I do not know anyone calls Ling Tian! I just find you eyesores and want to teach you a lesson!”

“Being so excited so early in the morning will cause internal heat, becoming easily irritated and harming your eyes.”

Liu Yi stirs his soymilk as he says: “Why don’t you drink some soymilk to calm the heat.”

“Rubbish!” Li Yihao starts scolding: “I….”


Before he finishes, the cup of soymilk that Liu Yi is stirring leaves his hand and splashes all over his face.

The soymilk is still hot and instantly causes Li Yihao to kneel on the floor from the heat as he holds his red face and cries out: “Ahhhhhh!! My face!”

“You already no longer have any face.”

Liu Yi says with regret, “Just a pity about the soymilk. Three dollars heh. Such a waste.”

“@$!#% Seeking death!”

The rest of the students are instantly angry as they lift up their weapons and rush towards Liu Yi.

“You guys eat slowly. I’ll go play with them a bit.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stands up and pushes the table.

The canteen tables are the ones that are joined together with the chairs. A table and two long chairs are joined together by metal poles.

The table is very heavy but under Liu Yi’s push, it is pushed back along with Lai Junwen and the rest until it moved 3-4 meters away and hits another table before stopping.

Lai Junwen is stunned at this sight, Old two really has huge strength!

Furthermore, from the Chinese kungfu point of view, this move is not hard but soft!

Otherwise, this table would not move so smoothly!

“Kneel down for me!”

One of the students swings his baseball bat towards Liu Yi’s shoulder. After all, this is a university. Although they sound so fierce they do not really dare to accidentally kill people, fearful that they might be expelled.

After they injure me, at most each of them will receive a disciplinary action and with Ling Tian supporting them it wouldn’t be a huge punishment.

But if they really beat me till I got seriously injured then it would not be easy to settle the matter.

With so much hard work to get into Ke Da who is willing to be expelled!

Facing the baseball bat Liu Yi is not panicky as his body slides to the side and dodges the bat.

At the same time, his fist lands on that student’s chest.


The student instantly flies backward and crashes onto a table.

Liu Yi did not attack ruthlessly otherwise that student would have been dead.

But even so, the student is not getting off lightly as all of his bones feels like they are broken, paining him into crying out.

The rest of the students were stunned seeing this scene. !#@$!…this…how is this a normal student…it is obviously a martial artist ah!

“I…I seem to recall….”

At this moment a student who is wearing spectacles exclaims, “He is that Liu Yi who challenged Wang Zhenfeng….it also seems like yesterday night he already beat Youshi Ronkou up…”

“What the heck why didn’t you say so earlier!”

“I..I also just remembered it ah…”

“So not going to play anymore? I  just warmed-up .”

Liu Yi rubs his wrist as he asks the stunned students.

“Big brother, big brother. I am wrong ah big brother!”

Li Yihao whose face is still red no longer dares to be cocky anymore as he bears with his pain and begs for forgiveness, “We are also being tasked by other people…please be merciful to us and let us go…”

How is a person who is able to defeat Youshi Ronkou someone who they are able to deal with?

This time, this time around I am really being sabotaged by Ling Tian ah!

“Oh, you are already begging for forgiveness just like this?”

Liu Yi smiles gently, “Earlier didn’t you say that I can only leave this place by crawling?”

“That, that is because I do not have eyes. Please just treat my earlier words as a fart, as a fart!”

Li Yihao immediately begs for mercy, “I, I was only momentary blinded…after, after all, we are all schoolmates there is no need to be so rigid right? Don’t you agree?”

“Ah, now you know how to speak like this ah?”

Liu Yi squats down and looks at Li Yihao face to face, “Where is the spirit that you had when you wanted to kill me earlier?”

He stretches his hand and pets Li Yihao’s red face, “Next time if you do not have that kind of spirit then do not come out to play around. You think coming out to mingle is a children’s game?”

“Yes…yes…boss’s teaching is correct. Next time I will no longer dare to, no longer dare to…”

In front of the gaze of so many people, Li Yihao bears with his pain as he nods his head like a little child not daring to retort back.

“Scram. Do not bother us eating.”

Liu Yi dusts his hands and stands up before walking back to the table side and says: “Sit tight.”

He stretches out his hand and pulls the table back to this original spot without deviation.

This move really shocks Lai Junwen.

“Let’s go…hurry and leave…”

Li Yihao gloomily brings the group of people and slips out.

At this moment a handsome guy runs up the stairs shouting: “Yuzheng! I have heard that you are in danger! I am here to save you!”

The handsome guy stands at the top of the second-floor flight of stairs as he shouts with confidence.

But everyone’s gaze on him is like they are looking at a clown.

“I, Ling Tian guarantee…eh?”

That person is none other than Ling Tian.

He had originally arranged with Li Yihao to let Li Yihao find him and create trouble. Then he would come in and heroically save the beauty, beating off these group of people and conveniently capture Wang Yuzheng’s affection.

But what he did not imagine that when he reached here, Li Yihao is standing in front of him gloomily while Liu Yi and the gang is happily drinking their porridge!

“Apologies, Young master Ling…we are unable to help you in this matter…”

Li Yihao greets Ling Tian before leading his people down the stairs and one of them is being carried down! Ling Tian who is left there standing is lost for half a day before coming back to himself.

This matter…seems to be somewhat different from my imagination ah?

Ling Tian is somewhat numb.

“Ai, it seems like our young master Ling is slightly late by a step.”

Liu Yi who is sitting down waves his hand towards Ling Tian, “We have already entertained your friends but they are too shy and are not willing to sit together with us and have breakfast together. Young master Ling how about we drink some porridge together?”

Ling Tian is also not an idiot and instantly realizes that Li Yihao and his people must have suffered a loss.

“Fine. Liu Yi right. You are ruthless!”

Ling Tian is not a person who will take a disadvantage as he gives Liu Yi a thumbs up and say: “But as long as you are in Ke Da you will understand that there are some people who you cannot provoke…”

“Ling Tian have you had enough already!”

Wang Yuzheng who was sitting down and not speaking is finally unable to take it anymore, starts saying angrily as she stands up: “Stop using your father’s authority and pretending to be powerful here! Without your father what the hell are you! Why the hell are you threatening Liu Yi, for what! If you are a man then step up and fight with my boyfriend head on! If you really win then I will be your girlfriend! Do you have this courage?”

Wang Yuzheng’s sentence shocks Liu Yi.

Good fellow this lass is angered!

Recalling back in high school, this lass also got angered once but Ling Hua that fellow is too positive and too shameless thus despite this lass being angered it was useless.

But now it is obviously different.

That Ling Tian is standing there stunned. As moving forward or retreating is both wrong.

Moving forward? And fighting with Liu Yi?

What a joke…Ling Tian has never learned how to fight before thus bullying a girl is still okay but to fight against a guy…how is it possible for him to win!

Furthermore, Liu Yi is a person who has beaten away Li Yihao and his group of people!


Wang Yuzheng has said already if you are a man then go over…

If I retreat from here wouldn’t it mean that I am not a man?

This is the first time where Ling Tian is caught is a situation where both options are to his disadvantage. He feels that everyone’s gaze on him are filled with mocking.

“I, let us wait and see!”

In the end, he still cowers as he turns around and escapes.

“So Ling Tian is just calling for fun only.”

Su Junping pushes his spectacles: “I thought that this Ling young master had some ability heh.”

Chen Cai ask: “You know him?”

“En…at the beginning I did not figure out but earlier when he mentioned his name I recalled.”

Su Junping continues, “I have seen some news about him in the forums. This Ling Tian is Ling Family’s second young master…the power of  Ling Family group in Jingdou is not low at all ah…his family is deeply rooted in Jingdou’s bureaucracy…But I did not think that this Ling Tian is like a silver candle and is frightened away by second brother…ah my mistake I mean scared away by second sister-in-law.”

Hearing Su Junping calling her second sister-in-law, Wang Yuzheng’s face instantly turns red and her earlier hot pepper aura completely disappears as she sits there pretending to be weak while eating her porridge.

But Liu Yi becomes somewhat apprehensive in his heart, so Ling Tian’s family has so much authority?

But it would not affect me much after all comparing backgrounds who is bigger than the country.

What is my identity? Dragon group’s agent. This kind of group is directly under the charge of Zhongnanhai. If this Ling Tian wishes to use his family power to suppress me, he will need to reconsider.

“He, he would not find trouble for you in the dark right…”

He is not worried but Wang Yuzheng starts to fret, “I, was I too impulsive earlier…”

“Relax. You have known me for more than two years already. Am I a person who is a good target for bullying?”

Liu Yi comforts Wang Yuzheng, “In North Dragon city there are so many people who wish to deal with me, Liu Yi, but in the end don’t they have to lie low? Trust me, there is no need to worry about me.”


Wang Yuzheng nods her head and just as they are about to chat more, from the sports field comes the sound of a whistle.


Chapter 344  [If you are a man then come over!]

Teaserrr timeeeses

“If you are a man then sit down and fight against my boyfriend!” shouts Yuzheng.

“Stop using your family to threaten him! You worthless person!!!!”

and cut

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