MKW Chapter 344

Chapter 344 [Public enemy who snatched the goddess]]


Hearing Su Junping’s words, Liu Yi turns around and takes a look.

Indeed standing at the dormitory doorway is a pretty girl in pony-tails wearing camouflage clothing. If it is not Wang Yuzheng who else could it be?

She is standing there beautifully and because of the hot weather, she has pulled up her cuffs revealing her white arms.

Her figure is also quite good. This camouflage clothing is not very loose and when she is wearing it, not only did it not cover her fragileness, instead, it gives her a heroic feeling.

Indeed she is Ke Da’s school flower. Just by standing there,  Wang Yuzheng has attracted countless of guys’ gaze.

Especially since this is the doorway to the boy’s dormitory. In the early morning, she is like a feast for the eyes for the guys.

At this moment a charming guy wearing a branded sportswear is standing by Wang Yuzheng’s side with an attentive manner.

Although outside is very messy and they are a distance apart but Liu Yi is able to hear what they say clearly.

“Yuzheng ah. The canteen’s breakfast is not really nice to eat. How about I be the host and bring you out for a meal. Outside there is a steakhouse which is rather good.”

“Ling Tian stop bothering me okay.”

Wang Yuzheng’s tone is impatient, “So what about the canteen. I just like to eat the canteen food. Furthermore, for our class military training all of us needs to wear military attire can you please go and get changed okay?”

“Aiyah so what about it. Who am I Ling Tian? Why should I follow those useless school rules? Those school rules and regulations are for normal people. Let me tell you Yuzheng. You can also not follow the rules. With me supporting you, you will be able to walk sideways in school.”

“Ling Tian. Are you done? Why do I need to walk sideways in school? I am not a crab.”

Wang Yuzheng is impatient with that guy but he does not care and keeps bothering her.

“Ai looks like our school flower has an owner already.”

Su Junping pushes his spectacles. He is unable to hear what they are saying so he had thought that the white face guy is Wang Yuzheng’s boyfriend.

“Such a pity…she is the most popular new student goddess among all of us new students ah…”

Liu Yi sighs in his heart, Wang Yuzheng this lass…in North Dragon city, her appearance made the school headmaster’s son Lin Huayang drool over her and now when she is in Ke De her charms still have not decreased.

“Enough. We are unable to chase this kind of goddess.”

Lai Junwen is rather realistic as he pats Su Junping on the shoulder and says: “It is better to honestly find an ordinary girl to be your girlfriend. That Xiao Fen or Lele are both not bad ah!”

“Wuwu…forget about that…if you are a human you be able to see that Xiao Fen is interested in second brother ah!”

Su Junping wipes away his tear, “As for Lele…boss…with my thin frame wouldn’t she crush me!”

“Lele is not as bad as what you exaggerate okay!”

Liu Yi ridicules, “Who says that goddess cannot be chased. Big brother losers can also counterattack okay!”

“Pei, if you are able to counterattack Wang Yuzheng then I, Lai Junwen will eat a shoe!”

At this moment, on Wang Yuzheng’s side, the argument got louder.

“Ling Tian I already said that I have a boyfriend!”

“Not possible. Yesterday I followed you around for the whole day and I did not see the boyfriend that you mentioned! Yuzheng ah I know what you are just trying to test me. You can relax I guarantee that I am an eligible boyfriend.”

“I really have a boyfriend already…”

“Okay ah. Then you tell me who is your boyfriend!”


Wang Yuzheng’s eyes search among the crowd and finally brightens up like a light bulb as she runs over. Under the gaze of countless guys, she hugs Liu Yi’s arm.

“Liu Yi…I, let us go and eat breakfast…I have waited for you for so long…”

This is the first time that she has hugged Liu Yi’s arm so tightly and furthermore, it is also under the gaze of so many people, at the same time she is able to feel Liu Yi’s strong male scent, causing her heart to beat rapidly as her face turns bright red.

Wang Yuzheng ah Wang Yuzheng you cannot retreat you must fight!

This is no longer high school! In university, you are allowed to fight for your own love!

I must snatch Liu Yi over…

Seeing Wang Yuzheng embracing Liu Yi in this manner, instantly a lot of guys who secretly like Wang Yuzheng have their hearts scarred.

Lai Junwen and Su Junping jaws drop, like a frog that got struck by lightning, they did not close their mouths for a while.

Chen Cai swiftly takes off his own shoe and passed it to Lai Junwen, “Big brother eat this shoe!”

“My, my appetite is not good…in the future then Ill eat…”

Lai Junwen swallows his saliva and reneges on his bet shamelessly.

“What the heck. But what is going on…how come Wang Yuzheng is your girlfriend!”

“Ah she is not…”

Just as Liu Yi is about to explain, Wang Yuzheng pulls on his arm and causes his arm to press against her chest.

“You must be Liu Yi’s dormitory friends right. How are you, I am Wang Yuzheng…”

She snatches to speaks first and cause Liu Yi to swallow down the words that he wants to say.

What is the matter with this lass today? Why is she so strange?

Liu Yi slightly tilts his head and looks at the beauty beside him.

Seeing Liu Yi’s gaze, Chen Cai can only stare at the sky.

Ai…staying in the Asura Realm where birds don’t even shit for 500 years, boss’s strength increased greatly but his EQ has dropped…

Gods why can’t we meet a female Asura in the Asura Realm and let boss and her fall in love…In the Asura Realm there was an obviously female Asura king, female Asura god and the like…furthermore all of them are absolute beauties!

Talking about this in Asura Realm, while boss was in his dragonised form I was basically not by his side.

After being apart for almost 200 years…during this 200 years perhaps something have happened to boss!

“Ah how are you, how are you…I, I am Lai Junwen…the big brother in Liu Yi’s dorm room.”

Lai Junwen somewhat stupidly stretches out his hand and shake hands with Wang Yuzheng.

Even in his dreams, he could never imagine that he be able to shake hands with the goddess.

“I am Su Jinping!”

Su Junping’s face is bright red as he blurts out, “I, I am the fourth brother!”

Wang Yuzheng says with a red face: “Nice to meet you all…that…please take care of Liu Yi…”

When Liu Yi hears it he feels that something is wrong…

“Yuzheng you!”

By the side Ling Tian walks over to see this scene, his face looks defeated as he clenches his fist tightly.

At this moment, Wang Yuzheng turns around and say: “Ling Tian I have already told you that I have a boyfriend so please stop bothering me in the future. We will still have a classmate relationship where we help each other and study with each other.”

“Yuzheng! What is good about this kind of man! How can he be compared to me, Ling Tian!”

Ling Tian uncomprehendingly ask: “My Ling family has authority and power and can cover the sky of Jingdou! If you follow me you can become the young miss of the Ling Family! A lot of girls fight till they got badly injured as they wish to become the young miss but are unable too and you are actually not interested?!”

“Ling Tian. Authority and power are what you want but not what I want. What do you think love is, a money exchange?”

Wang Yuzheng’s expression turns cold and in front of the crowd in the hall, she retorts back against Ling Tian, “Anyway don’t be so proud as well. Those girls that you have mentioned do not like you at all. What they like is the superior and luxurious materialistic lifestyle that’s all. As long as they are able to enjoy that so what if it is not you, they can just like whoever is rich. What they like is not you but your Ling Family’s young master status.”

“Yuzheng! Fine, let us see!”

Being refuted in front of so many people by the goddess, Ling Tian’s face is somewhat unable to take it.

He turns around and walks off in a panic.

Liu Yi smiles as he says to Wang Yuzheng: “Little lass you have really hide so well ah. When did you become so good at talking logic.”

“I, I am already no longer the senior high little lass who can be casually bullied by people already okay…”

Wang Yuzheng pouts, “I am already an adult!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Welcome to the adult world.”

“You…are so vulgar…”

“Oi, oi…it is you who is thinking wrongly okay!”

Liu Yi does not know where to cry or laugh.

“Hump. Don’t care let us go and eat breakfast! Your treat!”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks, she pulls Liu Yi’s arm and drags him towards the canteen.

Could never imagine that Wang Yuzheng would have such a barbarous side but it is rather cute.

Chen Cai and the rest hurries behind them while Su Junping asks secretly: “Third brother…is Wang Yuzheng really second brother’s girlfriend?”

“Tsk, I have already said so earlier but you guys just didn’t believe that’s all.”

Under the gaze of the crowd, Liu Yi is pulled by Wang Yuzheng towards the canteen.

Ke Da is a big school, thus there are also a lot of students and there are quite a number of seats in the canteen.

But no matter how many there are, there is one matter that they are unable to block, that is to queue up to get food.

Liu Yi looks at the large windows as well as the group of people queuing up for food and sighs. This canteen is basically a warzone ah…

“Come let’s go up to the second floor to eat. There will be fewer people on the second floor.”

In this canteen, the first-floor food is cheaper while the second-floor food is more expensive, thus on the second floor, there is fewer people.

Lai Junwen seems to be short of money as he says with a red face: “The second floor ah…it is expensive ah…”

“No problem. It is my treat. Let us go.”

Liu Yi waves him off as he does have this bit of money.

In a group, the five of them went to the second floor. Indeed there are ⅔ fewer people on the second floor! Only those students who have a somewhat decent household have a meal up here.

Liu Yi and the rest went to buy the breakfast before finding a seat and sit down and prepare to eat.

At this moment a few fierce looking students suddenly come up to the second floor holding a broom, baseball bat and the likes with ill intention.

Chen Cai sees them looking towards them and placed a steam dumpling into his mouth as he says: “Boss seems like they are coming after us.”


Liu Yi turns around and looks at them.

The leader of them looks very angry as he holds a cigarette in his mouth.

“Damn you. It must be you little worm right! To dare to snatch our goddess! I, Li Yihao don’t like you and am here to tell you that today you can forget about walking out of this canteen upright!”


Chapter 344  [Public enemy who snatched the goddess]

Teaserrr timeeeses

“If you are a man then sit down and fight against my boyfriend!” shouts Yuzheng.

“Stop using your family to threaten him! You worthless person!!!!”

and cut

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