MKW Chapter 343

Chapter 343 [Military training is about to begin


Liu Yi turns around and suddenly sees a large face by the side of his bed.

He is so shocked that he raises his leg and kicks that face.

“Aiyah boss…I am so worried about you that I watched over you the entire night and you actually kick me…”

Chen Cai sits on the ground as he rubs his butt and stares at Liu Yi in anger.

Liu Yi looks around and realizes that Lai Junwen and Su Junping did not wake up from the commotion before sighing in relief. He gets up in a hurry and asks: “Damn Chen Cai. How did I return back to the dormitory? What happened to the Hunter’s Organisation? What about Yuanyuan?”

“Ma Yuanyuan is fine. Master has removed her memories and sent her back.”

Chen Cai nervously asks: “Regarding the Hunter’s Organisation…boss you really do not remember?”

“Remember what?”

Liu Yi frowns, “I only remember releasing Little Black and started fighting in the Hunter’s Organisation….”

“Boss…you dragonised again…”

Chen Cai’s complexion becomes heavy.


Liu Yi trembles as his complexion turn pales.

“Which stage?”

Chen Cai shows him two fingers and Liu Yi nearly fell onto the floor.

“Did I injure anyone?”

“Luckily…it is only those fellows from Hunter’s Organisation who died…but, Boss you nearly killed me.”

Chen Cai thinks for a while but did not say out the matter of him nearly killing Li Biyue and Wenren Qian. If he says it out, boss will definitely not be able to take it.

“I am sorry…”

Liu Yi apologizes to Chen Cai with a guilty face, “My temperament is still too weak…if it was stronger I would not have dragonised…”

“Boss don’t be to upset. Just do your best and strengthen your temperament cultivation. North Dragon city Hunter’s Organisation is already demolished by you and master has also moved over to Jingdou to be a night watch guard for our school. In the future, if we have problems regarding cultivation we can ask him for pointers.”

“…Are you sure that he is not here to look at legs instead?”

“This…looking at legs also would not delay teaching us right?”

“Also true…master being by us is better otherwise I will be worried about him being alone.”

“En…also boss your Blood Emperor name is on the wanted list of Hunter’s Organisation…master has asked me to warn you to be careful. From now on it is better to not expose your Blood Emperor identity if it is possible.”

“I have let master worry. But master is overthinking it. For the current Hunter’s Organisation, I do not think that there is anyone who is my opponent.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he becomes slightly arrogant, “Since I have done it then I cannot be afraid. No matter what kind of enemy Hunter’s Organisation sends towards me, I will receive them.”

“I will definitely follow beside boss.”

Chen Cai: “Whoever who wants to deal with you is my Chen Cai’s enemy!”

“You are too weak…you better continue cultivating…”

“What the…boss you are so mean…oh yeah boss. Master has cast a curse on you and used a demonic dragon mark to seal up your dragon qi.”

“Ah okay. Later I will buy two bottles of good wine to thanks master…en, it is already morning. I will go and wash up first to prepare for the military training.”

“Your attire is on your table. They sent it out yesterday.”

Chen Cai returns back to his bed and sleeps for a while more. After taking care of Liu Yi for the whole night he is slightly tired.

The two of them did not have a good rest for the past 500 years thus when they returned back to the human realm they are slightly greedy for sleep.

Liu Yi jumps off the bed and takes a look at the military attire on the table and it seems to be a decommissioned set of soldier attire, but it still looks good.

Ke Da is indeed a famous school and is not short of money for this matter.

Not only did they pass them a military attire, they also passed them military boots.

But this increases the amount of torment because it is summer now and if everyone wears this attire, they might die from the heat. A lot of people are probably complaining but Liu Yi thinks that this kind of military training is important because other than studies, China’s children basically do not know of the five crops thus their body is very weak. Military training can strengthen their physique and strengthen their collective honor which is good.

Liu Yi changes before washing up in the toilet and sits in the dormitory silently meditating.

The ninth ‘ox’ star jade is still not lighted up as three different qi are continuously surrounding it and provoking it.

In the past, he thought that he would be able to swiftly increase his strength in the  Asura Realm. But later on, Liu Yi realizes that it is a big mistake.

Star jade cultivation needs meditation especially when breaking through the star jade.

While in the Asura Realm, no matter when or where there is always combat and there is no time to let you properly sit down and meditate in peace and revolve your heart sutra.

500 years of combat life along with the continuous absorption of Asura qi, in the end, Liu Yi breaks through to the eight-star jade. But the ninth star jade is a major point. Especially for Liu Yi who cultivates three different qi at the same time. The later stage he cultivates to, the more he feels that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. This ninth star is like an enormous cosmos. Inside is incomparably spacious and empty. No matter how much qi he pours in, he is unable to activate the star jade and step into the gates of earth grade.

In comparison, Chen Cai is way faster. Back then he had already cultivated to the stage of 13-star jade…but back then when he was in his second stage dragon form he accidentally killed him once and immediately destroyed eight of his star jades, causing him to turn back to an Asura General.

After a hundred years of cultivating, Chen Cai has finally cultivated back to a ten star Asura King.

Thinking about that, just how scary am I in my second dragonised stage?

Kill anyone I see….that is completely more scary than the other me!

Yan Quihong has said before that the reason why I am unable to retrieve my state of mind during my second dragonise stage is that my foundation is unstable. The moment I have broken through to the ninth star jade stage, I would be able to control the dragon qi.

It is a pity that this eight-star jade stage has stalled me for 200 years and am unable to improve.

I hope that in this human realm there will be some miraculous encounter that is able to let me break through to the ninth star jade stage!

“Oh, old two you are already awake ah. When did you come back? Where did you go to play?”

Lai Junwen sudden sentence causes Liu Yi to jolt awake from his cultivating state. He raised his head to see Lai Junwen climbing down wearing underpants and says: “Yesterday night I went to find a friend. Morning big brother.”


Lai Junwen stretches, revealing his toned muscles.

Liu Yi exclaims in admiration in his heart.

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“Today is military training already. Xiao Ya that lass is complaining nonstop hoping that today would be nice and pleasant otherwise she will suffer under the heat.”

“Aiyah, big brother. You are already starting to worry about her ah. Looks like the two of you are really going to be together…how is it yesterday night did you take the opportunity to push her down?”

Liu Yi smiles evilly.

“How, how is it possible!”

Lai Junwen is a simple and honest man, hearing Liu Yi’s teasing his face instantly turns red as he stammers and says: “Just, just kissing only…still not married how can we do those things…”

“The society is different already ah big brother. But your fine moral character is praiseworthy.”

Liu Yi smiles understandingly.

“Stinky fellow how about you and Yoko Nishikawa?”

Lai Junwen’s unexpected question causes Liu Yi to be mute.

“I…we…what about the two of us…it is not like we are very familiar with each other…”

“Enough! Yesterday night you had already kissed and exchanged marital wine as well. The two of you can try living with each other already ah!”

Lai Junwen says enviously, “Although that Yoko Nishikawa is a Japanese lass but she is still our school’s flower ah. Facing our class flower what are you still hesitating for. Hurry and grab the chance!”

“That…cough, cough…”

Liu Yi is somewhat embarrassed as he recalls of his and Yoko’s short-lived love affinity as he becomes somewhat restless.

That Yoko Nishikawa…how should I put it…should be my enemy. Especially since this group of Japanese devils are eyeing the twelve zodiac project. Towards these enemies, I must not be soft-hearted!

But why are the demons and gods at work…and made me eat her up…

Ai…the more I think the more headaches I have.

Chen Cai wakes up and says with a faint smile: “Big brother stop worrying ah. Boss is a person who has a girlfriend and would not care about the class flower.”

“What? Second brother has a girlfriend?”

Su Junping who was originally lying on the bed pretending to be a corpse immediately sits up when he hears what Chen Cai says: “Which school does she go to! Is it from our school?”

“Of course she is also in our school, furthermore it is not one but three…hehehe…”

“What the heck! Second brother quickly impart me your knowledge!!!”

“Damn you Chen Cai do you believe that I won’t throw you out the window!”

Liu Yi glares at Chen Cai fiercely, this fellow really only knows how to spout nonsense.

“Old three really knows how to talk nonsense. If old two really had a girlfriend, how it is possible for us not to see her during these few days.”

Lai Junwen waves his hand, “Alright enough listening to your nonsense. We need to go out to line up now. Teacher Zhang has said that she wants me to be the proxy class monitor for now. I need to be responsible for arranging our class’s alignment.”

Lai Junwen picks up his towel and goes bathing.

“Ai…when would I be able to get a girlfriend ah…”

Su Junping lies on the floor and says in grief.

“Ai…brothers in hardship ah.”

Chen Cai also becomes sad, “You see boss and big brother both have girls already. The two of us are fellow sufferers ah.”

“That’s right…that’s right…”

Liu Yi roasts them, “Why don’t the two of you get together.”

“What the boss! You… this is all very easy to talk about but getting things done is another matter!”

“Enough, enough. Hurry and pack up. Later during military training just show off your heroic disposition and perhaps there might be a girl who might temporarily lose her mind and start to like you.”

“En, boss is right…wait what do you mean by losing her mind ah!”

“That…old four hurry and get off the floor. Today’s breakfast is my treat.”

“Hehe understod second brother!”

“What the! Boss I want to break all ties with you!”

In the early morning, while the four of them are bickering with each other, they have changed into their military attire and walk out of the dormitory room, towards the outside of the dormitory


When they are outside, Su Junping pushes his spectacles up and say: “Isn’t that our school flower Wang Yuzheng? Who is the guy beside her?”


Chapter 343  [Military training is about to begin]

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