MKW Chapter 342

Chapter 342 [Each leading their own life


“Little brother what happened to you!”

Li Biyue opens her eyes and sees Liu Yi’s painful expression and becomes anxious as she hurries forward to hug him.

“Don’t touch him!”

By the side, Ma Hua who is covered with blood says coldly, “I am sealing his devil nature!”

When Li Biyue hears this, she retreats but her gaze when looking at Liu Yi is still full of worry.

On Liu Yi’s body appears a demonic dragon. The tattoo is like it is alive as it moves around Liu Yi’s body. Very quickly the black dragon swims around him seven, seven, forty-nine times before stopping on his back and stops moving.

Liu Yi collapses onto the ground and faints for the time being.

Li Biyue immediately moves up and supports Liu Yi.

“What is the matter with him?”

It seems like she has completely forgotten that Liu Yi wants to kill her as she asks anxiously.

“He is fine. He will sleep for a while before I have sealed up his demonic nature.”

Ma Hua takes out a cloth and wipes off the blood on his face.

“Damn this…Liu Yuping this fellow actually sent three B-grade hunters to wait on me…breaking away from them was not easy ah…”

Ma Hua has already used up most of his qi a long time ago. Luckily he still possesses this secret skill and left the last of his qi for Liu Yi.

Although Ma Hua has wiped off the blood, he is currently sweating continuously.

Chen Cai immediately hurries behind Ma Hua and presses both hands against his back and passed qi into him to prevent him from collapsing from weakness.

“This fellow has consumed a dragon pearl as well as absorbed quite a bit of asura qi. Looks like when he is provoked he will turn into a real asura that only knows how to kill and fight and does not care about anything else.”

As Ma Hua speaks, he glances at Ma Yuanyuan who is locked up in the cage.

“Liu Yuping ah…what good thing have you done…so many deaths cannot be blamed on anyone but you ah…it is all because of you…”

He clenches his fist as his nails pierce his palm as blood flows out.

“This time around the organization will not let Blood Emperor go…”

Leng Mo says in worry: “From now on, Blood Emperor will be on Hunter’s Organisation wanted list…who knows how many hunters will chase after him…”

As Chen Cai passes qi to Ma Hua, he arrogantly says: “Hmph, with me here, who dares to touch my boss!”

Although he is injured by Liu Yi Chen Cai does not seem to be angry at him, because he knows that this is not boss’s intention.

Remembering that master says he has sealed Liu Yi’s demonic nature, Chen Cai asks: “But…that perverted boss…would he appear again?”

“Not easy to say.”

Ma Hua sighs, “My powers are only able to temporary seal up this fellow’s demonic nature for a while…asura realm qi and his dragon qi have tangled up. Whether he is able to defeat his demonic nature is up to himself now.”

“He must get well ah…”

Wenren Qian says softly, “I do not like you in that state…”

“Talking about this…who is this lass?”

Ma Hua looks at Wenren Qian curiously, “How did this stinky fellow gets to know so many earth grade experts…and all of them are beauties as well!”

Even Ma Hua can only praise Liu Yi’s luck in girls…is this the rumored fortunes favors the fool.

The girls that this stinky fellow knows…whichever of them is not an absolute beauty.

“She? Hpmh!”

Li Biyue who is hugging Liu Yi snorts, “She is a demonic girl. A dog of the Great God sect and our enemy!”

“Flat-chested girl! Earlier I have just saved you and now you are going to bite the hand that saved you?!”

Wenren Qian retorts back, “If it is not for the fact that you are Liu Yi’s elder sister I would have killed you right now!”

“You still have the strength?”

Li Biyue smiles, “Just now you have received an attack from my little brother and your injuries are not light right?”

“I have enough to kill you!”

“Okay then, let’s fight to death today!”

“Who is afraid of you?”

The two girls start going at each other tit for tat.


Ma Hua berates, “Right now Liu Yi needs to rest after I have sealed up his demonic nature with great difficulty. Do the two of you still wants to fight?”


The two girls look at each other before turning away at the same time.

Chen Cai glances at Ma Yuanyuan and asks: “Master what about that girl?”

Ma Hu thinks for a while before saying, “She is an innocent bystander and should not be involved in our world. This time around if not for Liu Yuping bringing that girl here, this situation would not have turned to bad. Ai, this Liu Yuping, idiotic ah, really is idiotic ah!”

“This matter is already unable to be hidden. The organization will receive the news soon. Blood Emperor was originally on the wanted list and this time around his rank will be increased by a bit…”

Leng Mo shakes her head.

Wenren Qian ridicules, “Hmph, Hunter’s Organisation is nothing but a group of false fellows. He has helped the organization so much and in the end, he is actually placed on the wanted list. How ridiculous.”

“Enough with you.”

Before arriving here, Li Biyue had already gathered information from the organization through her handphone.

“If not for you, he would not have been placed on the wanted list.”

“Because of me?”

Wenren Qian instantly got a shock.

“That’s right it is because of you.”

Li Biyue’s complexion is ugly, “If you had not walked so close together with my little brother, he would not have been named as a traitor by the organization.”

“I, I….”

Wenren Qian trembles.

If that is the case…then Liu Yi has committed such a killing offense is all because of me….

Wenren Qian ah, Wenren Qian…why are you always giving Liu Yi problems…are you really such a bearer of ill luck?

“Enough Yue lass. You cannot completely blame it on that lass.”

Ma Hua comes out and says in fairness, “This fellow’s real identity I believe you know of it. He and the Hunter’s Organisation sooner or later…would have this kind of clash. But from what we see currently he is unable to bring Hunter’s organization to become the strongest but the latter ah…”

Leng Mo is still kept in the dark thus she asks curiously, “What do you mean by your sentence?”

“You can also be considered as a person involved…there is no harm in telling you.”

Ma Hua looks at Leng Mo darky, “But Leng lass…telling you is not a problem but if you tell it to other people…do not blame us for killing you…”

“I, I will not tell other people…”

Leng Mo immediately says: “If I say it out, big sister Yue will definitely become my enemy and I do not want that.”

“Very well.”

Ma Hua nods his head and says: “Blood Emperor is actually that honorable statue erected in the lobby.”


Leng Mo is so shocked that her jaws drop, “He…he is that person in the lobby??? My god…”

“Take care of your mouth.”

Ma Hua warns before looking at Liu Yi again, “Everything seems to be fate ah…”

“But luckily Master has sealed up boss’s demonic nature…otherwise that perverted boss…if he really stays in this world for a hundred years…I’m afraid all of us will die.”

“That might not be the case. Perhaps it might frighten out even stronger experts.”

“Anyway this matter if we can keep it under, then keep it under first.”

Li Biyue’s gaze fluctuates, “However long we can keep it under is better…I shall first send little brother back to Jingdou.”

“That’s right, that’s right ah. Tomorrow we still have military training! If we are late, we will definitely be in trouble!”

Chen Cai immediate says: “Boss definitely does not wish to be specially instructed…”

“This matter shall end here for how. Looks like I am also not able to stay in Hunter’s Organisation any longer. Chen Cai ah. Does your school still lack an old man for night watch? Can I apply?”

Thinking that Liu Yi can support him for a long time, Ma Hua has the thoughts of going to Jingdou.

“Seems like there is still a post. Master, I will go back and help you check.”

Chen Cai thinks for a while before nodding his head.

Here is already no longer a good place to hide. Ke Da that place is a decent place for master to retire…furthermore there are a lot of pretty girls there to heal his eyes as well ah.

“Good, good, good. Tonight let us all go to Jingdou then.”

“Master, do you not need to pack your luggage?”

“This old man is alone, so what kind of things do I need. I only have some shirts which I have turned into a ring using Sumeru magic.”

Ma Hua shows the rings on his fingers, “But rather it is Leng lass and Yue lass. What do the two of you plan to do?”

“I’ll just pretend that I know nothing.”

Li Biyue says: “No one will know that I had come here.”

“Then what about Leng lass?”

“I…plan to leave Hunter’s Organisation.”

Leng Mo things for a while before sighing, “I have realized that this place no longer suits me…Everyone in North Dragon city Hunter’s Organisation center has died. Me being the sole survivor will be a major issue. Thus I plan to change my name and leave China.”

“Looks like you will be suffering.”

Li Biyue rubs Leng Mo’s head.

“Hehe…if big sister Yue can take me in then that would be the best.”

“I recommend that you go to the USA. There has much more freedom!”

“Wuwu…big sister Yue why are you like this…”

Leng Mo is about to cry

“Relax. When I am free after this I will go to America to find you.”

Leng Mo hugs Li Biyue’s arm as she asks: “Real, really?”

“Of course…”


Li Biyue adds another word in her heart, while Leng Mo is so happy that she is bouncing.

“Okay then let us not waste time and start taking action…”

As the night deepens the group of them start their plan.


Liu Yi looks at Li Biyue in front of him as he presses his hand against her forehead.

“Little brother are you really going to kill me…”

“Death is the final ending.”

A golden glow emerges from his hand and lands on Li Biyue’s forehead.

Instantly Li Biyue’s body is blasted into pieces, turning into a floor full of flesh and blood.

“Elder sister!”

Liu Yi instantly sits up in shock with his body covered with sweat.

“Teacher Zhang…hehe…it must be tiring for you during the lesson…let me help you massage your legs..hehehe…”

Liu Yi hears Su Junping’s vulgar laughter from the top left bunk and got an even larger shock.

Didn’t I go to Hunter’s Organisation center?

Why am I back in the dormitory?

What is this situation!


Chapter 342  [Each leading their own life]

Teaser timeeee!!!!!!

Liu Yi turns around and a face by his bedside, shocked he instinctively kicks the face.

Chen Cai cries out in pain and says: “Boss…you, you dragonised again”

“What!”, Liu Yi exclaims as blood drain from his face. “Which…which stage…”

Error, error byebye

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