MKW Chapter 341

Chapter 341 [Check the bottom


Li Biyue recalls that this man seems to have gone to the Asura Realm with her little brother.

Taking advantage that Liu Yi is somewhat calm, Li Biyue hurries and ask: “What bad thing has happened?”

“Indeed it is very bad…”

Chen Cai looks at the quiet Liu Yi who is standing there as he shivers, “We…it is better if we hurry and escape.”

“Run your sister! If you do not talk I will kill you!”

Wenren Qian’s temper has never been good as she immediately summons out an enormous flame beast above Chen Cai’s head, its enormous jaws are open as it prepares to bite off Chen Cai’s head.

“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t ah! Let me finish first ah beauty!”

Chen Cai immediately blurts out, “Currently it is summer and it is very easy to have pimples!”

“Hmph! Hurry and say!”

Wenren Qian waves her hand and dispelled the enormous flame beast.

Li Biyue ask: “What on earth did you and Liu Yi experience in Asura Realm? It is only 50 days why did he change in this manner?”


Chen Cai considers for a while before deciding to say everything.

Originally he was at an internet cafe in Jingdou playing LOL but he hurries over after receiving Little Jade’s message.

Boss actually transformed into a dragon again…this is not a good matter ah.

Luckily Chen Cai has a unique method to quickly return to North Dragon city.

When he returned to Hunter’s Organisation, indeed he sees this situation.

He sighs before saying faintly: “Human realm 50 days, but for me and boss….we have stayed in the Asura Realm for 500 years…”


Li Biyue is still okay but Wenren Qian hands trembles in shock.

“Five, 500 years…the two of you…these 500 years….did something happen in Asura Realm…”

Chen Cai hurries and says: “I am still a real man! Boss also!”

“Who is talking about that! I am asking did something horrible happen?!”

Wenren Qian rolls her eyes.

“What the…this…”

Chen Cai says in his heart, can’t you speak properly…why make it so confusing.

“Hurry and talk!”

Li Biyue also does not have a good temper, especially since this matter is regarding her little brother, thus she is very anxious.

I never thought that little brother had actually stayed at the Asura Realm for 500 years…no wonder his nature has changed so much…ai it is elder sister who is incompetent… 500 years how on earth did he live through it…

“During the 500 years in Asura Realm, we have experienced quite a bit…there was once an Asura God had angered boss and boss transformed into a dragonised state…”

“Like right now?”

Li Biyue glance at Liu Yi in worry, “The earlier state has already started to recede, isn’t that fine?”

“This is only the first stage of dragon transformation only…”

Chen Cai’s face turns bitter, “In the first stage, Boss is not conscious and only knows how to fight…but at this time if you let him fight till he is happy he will change back…thus the time in this state is rather short…”

“Ah, then that is good ah.”

Wenren Qian nods her head, “Looks like the bitter time is about to be over.”

“But…you guys just now must have angered boss…currently boss is not changing but…but transforming to dragon form second stage…”

“Dragon form second stage?”

Both of the girls exclaim in shock at the same time, “What is that?”

“That is an even scarier state…”

Chen Cai seems to recall something as he trembles and say: “Back then boss transformed to the second stage…then that Asura God was chased by him for 100 years…until he had personally killed that Asura God…before he exits dragon form second stage…”

“Under dragon form second stage, will Liu Yi restore his intelligence?”

Wenren Qian seems to feel that something is wrong.

“He will…but….I do not think that that is my boss…”

Chen Cai looks at Liu Yi who is standing in the hall with some horror in his gaze, “You girls…will understand soon…how scary is boss under the second stage…”

Just as he finishes, Liu Yi in the hall starts to transform again.

His hair becomes longer and turns silver and is tossed to his back casually.

While his pupils have turned golden red.

The scales on his body start to recede while the wings on the back turn into mini wing size and dangle by the side of his shoulders.

“Seems like…there are a lot of experts…”

Different from the roaring dragon state earlier, this state of Liu Yi is speaking human language.

But the voice carries a type of chillness which causes Wenren Qian and Li Biyue to feel very foreign.

This person aura is completely different from Liu Yi!

“Who should I start with? Hmmm? I remember…just now it seems like you hurt me quite a bit.”

Liu Yi’s gaze lands on Wenren Qian.

Wenren Qian shivers as she immediately says: “Liu Yi you must calm down. It is me ah, Wenren Qian!”

“Glorious Sun Palm…”

But Liu Yi only raises his right palm and aims at Wenren Qian.


Chen Cai is shocked! Later when boss wakes up and realizes that he has injured these two ladies he will definitely go berserk!

He hurries and runs over and pushes Wenren Qian aside.

“Illusion extermination!”


A golden seal exploded on Chen Cai’s chest sending him flying away faster than a bullet! He instantly smashes onto the wall of the hall and creates a large hole.


Li Biyue more or less know how powerful Chen Cai is.

Back then he is able to catch hold of her blade and forced her to retreat. Even if he is not an earth grade expert, he is more or less around the standard.

But in front of her, this earth grade expert, in front of Liu Yi can only receive a beating…

Looks like what Chen Cai said earlier of chasing after an Asura God for 100 years…is not false.

The current Liu Yi seems to not recognize his friends and sister…he is so unfamiliar…what should we do???

“Annoying little bug.”

Liu Yi says faintly before aiming his right hand at Li Biyue on the other side.

Li Biyue’s complexion instantly changes as she releases all of her power.

A golden glow exploded on Li Biyue’s body but hits an afterimage before landing on the wall behind.

The wall got broken through revealing the room behind.

Li Biyue appears by the side as she spat out a mouth of blood.

Although she did not get hit directly, Liu Yi’s Illusion extermination still glanced by her body causing serious injuries.

“Little brother…”

Li Biyue rubs off the blood around her mouth as she looks at Liu Yi not knowing what to do.

“This is not the time for a brother and sister’s deep feelings!”

Wenren Qian reminds, “We must think of a method to let Liu Yi wake up!”

“What kind of method?”

“He is also so pervertedly powerful. Let’s us first use our full power to beat him down first!”

As Wenren Qian speaks, she forms seals again as small fire lotuses fly out once again floating in the air.

Liu Yi seems to be clear about what happened to him during his first transformation as he frowns and glance at Wenren Qian and says: “This move again?”

“But isn’t it useful?”

Wenren Qian replies as she forms another seal and activates the technique.

Thousands, tens of thousand small fire lotus once again fly towards Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi stands there allowing the baptism of the small fire lotus.

Following which Wenren Qian realizes in shock that all of her small fire loti are passing through Liu Yi’s body and exploding on the wall behind him.

How is this possible! Is it possible for his body to turn incorporeal?

Wenren Qian focuses her qi onto her eyes before she is finally able to see clearly.

Liu Yi did not turn incorporeal but rather just before the fire lotus touches his body he dodges it at high speed.

Thus the small fire lotuses looks to be passing through his body continuously when he is actually dodging them.

So fast…Liu Yi have  really become very powerful already…

After staying in the Asura Realm for 500 years he is able to fight against me this eleven-star earth grade expert ah….

Although it is under the condition where he lost his own self-awareness, it is still too scary…

Liu Yi stands there as he sneers, “If it is only like this…I should stop my warm up already.”

Following which he instantly appears in front of Wenren Qian as he strikes her stomach.

“Desolate Flames.”


Wenren Qian is instantly sent flying as she crashes into the ceiling creating a large hole, stuck inside.

She vomits out a mouth of blood spraying all over the ground.

In just a few moves, two powerful earth grade expert were injured by Liu Yi.

“Weak, too weak…”

Liu Yi shakes his head as he walks towards Li Biyue slowly.

At this moment, Li Biyue is half-kneeling on the ground while her blood and qi has yet to recover.

While Liu Yi presses his palm on her forehead.

“Little brother…you, really want to kill me…”

Li Biyue’s gaze seems to be somewhat at a loss as she raises her head and looks at Liu Yi.

Not long ago..this youngster who needs my protection…in a blink of an eye, has become so strong…

Perhaps…me dying in this way is also good…this way I would not be drawn into the fight against Liu Yi…

Liu Yi has already killed all of the hunters in North Dragon city…the organization will not let him off.

“Death is the final ending.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he prepares to use strength.

“You are crazy!”

Wenren Qian force down the mouth of blood as she floats down and waves her hand releasing a large flame dragon which rushes towards Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi did not even move as his other hand raises up and uses Illusion Extermination.


The flame dragon instantly exploded from the attack and disappeared from the sky.

“Boss don’t!”

Chen Cai crawls out from the hole as he wipes off the blood around his mouth and shouts, “Quickly wake up boss! That is your elder sister!”

“That’s right Liu Yi! Quickly wake up ah!”

Leng Mo bitterly begs, Liu Yi has really gone crazy…

But Liu Yi only coldly replies, “Don’t be in a rush. After a while, it will be your turn.”

Li Biyue slowly closes her eyes and actually started smiling like she is free of all burdens.

At this moment of life and death, from the side comes a shout.

“Asura beings at my command! Thousand devils destroyer formation, nine turns assimilate heart command! Seal!”

An enormous black formation suddenly appears underneath Liu Yi’s feet and before Liu Yi is able to react black rays of light flies out and mark Liu Yi’s body. On his skin underneath his clothes portrays strange devil marks.


Liu Yi grabs his head and wails.


Chapter 341  [Not recognising one’s family member]

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