MKW Chapter 340

Chapter 340 [Something really bad has happened


Cold sweat drips down Li Biyue’s forehead.

Little Brother’s speed…is very fast…


She seems to be moving subconsciously as she kicks Leng Mo away before she herself borrows the force from kicking Leng Mo and flies in the other direction.

Liu Yi’s dragon claw brushes by Li Biyue’s shoulder and slashes out.

“No good…”

Li Biyue knows that she can no longer treat Liu Yi as the idiotic little brother in the past. She needs to take out all of her ability in combat.

She uses shadow steps and instantly moves behind Liu Yi, but Liu Yi seems to have sensed her as he swiftly turns around.

-boom, boom, boom-

Their fist and arm clashes against each other and in a blink of an eye they have exchanged a number of moves.

Li Biyue’s arms are numb like she is hitting steel!

It seems like I am in a disadvantage in this kind of close combat!

I think little brother is a body cultivator which is king of close combat!

Shockwaves after shockwaves exploded outwards as the two of them exchanges blows.

Leng Mo hides very far away to avoid getting hit by the shockwave. The two of them are too strong and it is not possible for her to get close and watch!

In just a little over one year of effort how on earth did Blood Emperor become such so strong? Did he eat some kind of mystical pill or herb?

Li Biyue is an actual A grade hunter ah! Even among all of the hunters in the Hunter’s Organisation, grade A hunters are like national treasures! An earth grade expert even outside of Hunter’s Organisation is a peak expert in the cultivation world!

But currently, Li Biyue has met an evenly matched opponent…ah wrong it looks like Elder sister Yue is in the disadvantage…


Liu Yi suddenly smashed aside Li Biyue’s defense with both hands before kicking her.

Li Biyue is instantly sent flying away through the firewall and crashes into the wall before collapsing to the ground.

A hole appears on the wall as stone falls off the hole and lands on Li Biyue.

“Elder sister Yue!”

Leng Mo cries out in fright.

“I am fine.”

Li Biyue slowly climbs to her feet as she eyes Liu Yi opposite of the firewall.

“Looks like..if I do not take out some ability I would not be able to defeat you, this little brother who causes people headaches…”

As she speaks, black smoke flies out from under her feet and covers her body before entering her body.

Instantly black lines creep up Li Biyue’s face making her very sinister looking.


Liu Yi roars as his wings flap and flies towards Li Biyus.

The firewall automatically moves apart giving Liu Yi a path to exit.

“Let elder sister help you wake up…”

Li Biyue who has turned into a black light as she instantly moves in front of Liu Yi.

At the same time black smoke surges out violently and in that instant, Li Biyue has sent out tens of attacks, her speed is so fast that there seems to be ten of her punching and kicking Liu Yi.

-boom, boom, boom, boom….-

Explosive sound continuously rings out from Liu Yi’s body while he is forced backward by the attacks.

But the attacks do not seem to be affecting Liu Yi much, instead, they make him even more savage.


With a dragon roar, Liu Yi flaps his wing as a shockwave occurs around his body and he bulldozes into Li Biyue and sends her flying.

Li Biyue flips in the air and lands gently on the ground as her frown deepens.

Little brother he…is too hard to deal with!

Originally it was already very troublesome and I am also not able to use blade techniques which makes it worst.

Ai, it is really cannot run nor fight!

Little brother ah little brother ah…you are really making elder sister worry ah.

As Li Biyue thinks, the black qi twining around her body once again rushes towards Liu Yi to attack him.

At this time all of the flames in the hall suddenly extinguish.

Following which a bunch of fire slowly blossoms in the middle of the hall like a fire lotus.

A beautiful girl walks out from the flames.

She looks at Li Biyue and sneers as she write flame words in the air.

-You think that you can escape?-

“I never have the thought of escaping.”

Li Biyue replies coldly: “But I have more important things to deal with…”

Before she can finish speaking, Liu Yi suddenly lets out a roar with all his might causing the whole hall to tremble.

The girl who walked out from the fire lotus got a shock and when she takes a look at Liu Yi who stands in the middle of the hall, her shock increases.

“Liu Yi…”

She utters out two words.

“You know how to talk!”

Li Biyue got a huge shock as her complexion losses color, “You know my little brother?”

“He is your little brother?”

Wenren Qian turns her head over and looks at Li Biyue in shock, “The two of you…are really brother and sister… you only know how to kill our Great God sect people!”

Because Liu Yi is present, Wenren Qian starts talking again and her lovely voice makes Li Biyue somewhat jealous.

Not knowing why but Li Biyue suddenly feels somewhat uncomfortable in her head.

She has a feeling that her favorite thing has been snatched away by other people.

“Liu Yi, what is the matter with you?”

Wenren Qian looks at the roaring Liu Yi standing in the hall, “After not seeing you for a while…how did you turn into this? Did you turn into a devil?”

As she speaks, Liu Yi turns his head over and looks at her.

That glance causes Wenren Qian to feel somewhat chilled.

Because that gaze is very foreign and filled with killing intent.

His enormous wings flap again as he instantly appears in front of Wenren Qian and his claw slash towards her chest.

“Ah! Why are you still so perverted!”

Wenren Qian exclaim in shock as a flame barrier emerges in front of her and blocks Liu Yi’s ‘Claw of Luoshan’.

[TL: Claw of Luoshan is basically perverted hands that reaches for the goodies.]

But the flame barrier that she was usually proud of actually did not last for more than a second before with a ‘cracking’ sound, Liu Yi’s claws passes through.

Luckily Wenren Qian’s reaction is very quick. The same time when the barrier broke, in astonishment she turns into a flame and instantly appears on the other side of the hall.

“What an enormous strength…is this still Liu Yi? How did you guys turn him into this? What dirty things did you guys give him to eat?”

“You ask me, I ask who?!”

Li Biyue rolls her eyes, “Anyway now is not the time for the two of us to fight. Let us first take down my little brother.”

“Hump, I am unhappy that I have to work together with this hypocrite.”

Wenren Qian sneers.

Li Biyue says faintly: “Then watch my little brother go crazy then.”

“Tsk, only know how to make use of your own little brother. Indeed you are a hypocrite person!”

As Wenren Qian speaks, she still stretches out her hands and forms a seal and summons out seven burning lotuses in front of her.

“My little brother’s defense is very strong. You do not need to be polite and use your full strength to attack.”

As Li Biyue speaks she also gathers all of her strength, “I will help you lock him in place!”

She places her palm on the ground.

Instantly black shadows fly out from underneath Liu Yi’s feet and twine around his body and locking his movement.

“Demonic girl! It is your turn now!”

“No need you to teach me! Flat-chest girl!”

As Wenren Qian speaks, her long hair dances as the seven lotus hits Liu Yi one after the other.

Everytime the fire lotus explodes, the explosive power increases by countless times each time!

The ground of the hall turns black as the rolling flames and smoke rush out.

Luckily everyone in the hall is not weaklings thus the fire and smoke does not affect them much.

Leng Mo ask: “Is it okay now?”

“Seems like…not okay…”

Li Biyue is still frowning while Wenren Qian covers her mouth in shock.

“How is this possible…he actually blocked my seven lotus flowers…”

While she is speaking, the shock and flames are blown away by Liu Yi who flaps his wings. He is standing in the hole while staring at his target with golden red eyes.

Very quickly he locks-on to Wenren Qian and immediately flap his wing and flies towards her swiftly.

Wenren Qian is still stunned and did not react immediately.

At this moment, Li Biyue suddenly appears no longer holding back her black sword as she slashes at Liu Yi chest with it.


Sparks fly out as Liu Yi is sent into the ground.

But the scales on his chest are still perfectly fine.

Li Biyue reminds: “Don’t be distracted! Attack!”

“Who, who needs you to remind me!”

Although Wenren Qian says so her gaze becomes serious.

She continuously form seals and very quickly countless of table tennis ball size fire lotus suspense themselves in midair.

Liu Yi starts to fly up again but this time around he turns around and flies towards Li Biyue.

While the fire lotus are no longer still, as they whistle towards Liu Yi like a locust swarm.

-countless of explosion sound-

A succession of explosions causes Liu Yi to retreat from the force.

The number of fire lotuses is alarming and uncountable as they explode on Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s scales once again protect him completely.

The small fire lotus are unable to injure Liu Yi, instead, they make him even angrier.


He suddenly opens his wings as he roars.

An enormous storm instantly spread out, buffering the entire hall.

Dragon prestige also spread out causing Li Biyue’s and Wenren Qian’s body to stiffen as their face turns pale.

“Seems like…it is still not enough…”

Li Biyue seems to have squeezed out these words from her throat.

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly stops moving as he stands in the hall as his body starts to transform again.

The dragon wings on his back are slowly becoming smaller while the dragon scales on his body starts to vanish gradually.

“Eh? Did we succeed?”

Wenren Qian ask in shock, “It seems like there is an effect…”

“Seems like it…”

Li Biyue also does not dare to confirm, as she feels like her little brother…still looks somewhat foreign.

At this moment the lights in the hall start to flicker as a black figure suddenly flies out from the lift and lands on the ground.

“What the heck …what did the two of you did to boss?”

“Who are you?”

The two girls instantly look at the person warily.

“Beautiful older sister. It is me ah. I am Chen Cai, Boss’s good friend ah!”

The youngster says anxiously, “Finished, finished. The two of you…something bad has happened now…”


Chapter 340  [Something bad has happened]

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  1. As far as I remember Li Biyue is not Flat Chested ah ! ( maybe when compared to Wenren Qian ). Also Liu Yi = OG Hulk Confirmed.


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