MKW Chapter 34

Chapter 34  [Title below]


“Ha, ha…finally  home…”

Liu Yi closes the door before leaning against the door panting.

Mother, where did such a powerful beauty pop out from!

Earlier that black suit guy was scary enough and now a white-clothed beauty appears!

What the hell man…

What is the matter with me today, why is my luck so bad!

Is it because I did not check the calendar before leaving home?

Hearing the sound of the door closing, from the bedroom comes the weak voice of Ma Yuanyuan, “Big brother Liu Yi…why, why are you only back now…”

Ah, right!

Liu Yi immediately notices the pack of sanitary pads in his left hand.

I nearly forgot about Ma Yuanyuan. I was only focused on escaping!

If I got caught by that beauty and Lin Tong got extracted, along with the crippling of my cultivation….

Then wouldn’t my life, once again fall back into the earlier dark valley,

Since the moment he provoked Kai Wen as well as young master Lan, Liu Yi understands that his life has already started to change.

What he needs is strength to protect himself!

If he does not have this strength…then he might need to change schools and move houses…

Grandpa said before, as a guy to survive outside, he must not let people look down on him!

Liu Yi clenches his fist and cheers for himself.

Liu Yi, you can do it! You can do it!

From the side comes Ma Yuanyuan’s crying shout, “Big brother Liu Yi…I, I cannot take it anymore…”

“Ah! Coming, coming!”

Liu Yi is shocked awake and hurries to bring the sanitary pads over.

The moment he enters the bedroom he immediately sees Ma Yuanyuan who is kneeling on the bed.

She did not dare to move like she is afraid that every single step she takes is like dripping blood.

Liu Yi smiles bitterly, this lass still has such a cowardly side.

She makes people want to talk to her but they are unwilling to.

No wonder she is the princess of her family at home but a devil girl when she leaves the house.

Ma Yuanyuan kneels on the bed as she slightly raises her butt.

But it seems like she feels that this is graceless. She actually pulls up Liu Yi’s bedsheets and covers her butt.

The bedsheet is unable to hide the arc of her butt. The two circular shapes becomes even more captivating.

As Liu Yi is heartache about his bedsheets, he swallows his saliva.

Looks like tonight is a washing day.

“Here you go. Fit it in yourself.”

But Ma Yuanyuan shakes her head and says, “I, I do not know…big brother Liu Yi…you should help me…”

“What…this, how can I help….”

Liu Yi’s head instantly becomes big. You don’t know, I also do not know, okay!!

“Then… you have not used it before….didn’t you say every month will come…”

“What the, it is not like Great Aunt has come for me before!”

Liu Yi is nearly hopping mad, “I am not a girl!”

The devilish girl starts complaining that the gods are unfair, “Why does great aunt only come for girls….wuwuwuwu…not fair….you guys should also have it as well….”

“What use is there being angry about this!”

Liu Yi tears open the packaging and took out a piece. He passes it to Ma Yuanyuan and says, “Here. You research how to paste it on!”

Ma Yuanyuan begs, “I, I am afraid…Big brother Liu Yi… help me…”

That sweet voice nearly causes Liu Yi to turn numb.

“What are you afraid of? You know how to eat people!”

Liu Yi feels that what he says is slightly wicked.

Ma Yuanyuan says feeling wronged, “I, I am afraid of blood….I bled, bled so much already…”


“I beg you…Big brother Liu Yi…in the future I will listen to whatever you say ..”

The devil girl transforms into a weak girl.

Liu Yi sighs, alas, who asked me to be soft-hearted.

He takes the sanitary pad and sits by Ma Yuanyuan’s side.

Seeing that slightly raised up butt, Liu Yi’s heart wavers.

It is like there is someone who keeps muttering by his ears, (touch it…touch it fiercely…If you don’t take advantage you are a bastard!)

Liu Yi’s hand is about to touch that round butt.

But he suddenly gives himself a slap.

Liu Yi!

Are you a human or a beast!

Such a young girl and you actually got horny!

Ma Yuanyuan is only 14 years old!

What are you thinking!

Liu Yi bits his own lips waking himself up with the pain.

He bears with his body urges and slowly pulls open the bedsheets.

That pair of perky butt appears in front of Liu Yi once again.


Seemingly like she senses Liu Yi’s hand appear on her key parts, Ma Yuanyuan trembles slightly. Her body is heating up but she does not dare to say anything.

The usually barbaric devilish girl is completely obedient today.

Liu Yi’s hand hastily pastes the sanitary pad on and then pastes the two sides.

It feels like aiming into a hole. 

Only then did Liu Yi let out a sigh of relief and withdraw his hand. After which he pulls her panties back up.

But the lass’s pants are really covered with blood and it does not seem to be wearable anymore.

Along with my bed sheets, school uniform…

Big washing, today is a big washing day …

“Okay ….you are fine now, quickly go back home…”

Liu Yi is very afraid the longer she stays over in his house, she will do more weird stuff!

It is best to send her home!

Ma Yuanyuan kneels there on the bed as she looks at Liu Yi pitifully and says, “But, but…today grandmother says that she is playing mahjong and will not come back…big sister also says that she will be staying overnight outside and will not come back….I, I am alone at home…I am afraid….”

Damn it!

This lass did not use a devil technique but changed to moe techniques!

This is heaven-defying!

Ma Yuanyuan begs pitifully, “Big brother Liu Yi….I beg you…please let me stay….”

Liu Yi’s heart becomes soft.

It is hard for a hero to pass the stage of beauty.

Even the hero is unable to do anything, not to mention Liu Yi.


“Yah! Big Brother Liu Yi is the best! Yuanyuan likes Big brother Liu Yi the most!”

Ma Yuanyuan transforms from a devilish girl into the neighborhood little sister, causing Liu Yi to almost not to take it.

At this moment the figure above Ma Yuanyuan’s head suddenly jumps again.

-Goodwill +5-

What the hell! This caused it to add another 5!

The goodwill instantly jumps up to 30!

At the same time, the red qi flow in his body also increases by a piece!

It feels like the red qi flow is about to be as strong as the white qi flow!

That’s great! Today my harvest was great!

Everything is due to Ma Yuanyuan!

This lass brought me luck!

Seeing Ma Yuanyuan only wearing a white shirt, her lower body covered in a small panty covered with blood, revealing her two eye-catching white legs. The legs swaying in front of Liu Yi cause him to have a feeling of doing something foolish.

Amitabha…amitabha…..the world beauties, all are just skeletons with rouge and powder…but this skeleton…the legs are too nice looking…

“Then you sleep here….I, I’ll go and wash my clothing….”

Liu Yi swallows his saliva and picks up the dirty clothes and is about to leave the room.

“I am not sleeping! I can’t fall asleep so early!”

Unexpectedly the neighborhood little sister instantly transforms back into a devil girl.

“Hmph, I will not be coaxed to sleep so early by, this uncle! I want to play the computer! I want to play CrossFire!”

After so much effort and I turn from big brother into uncle!

Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears.

Indeed she is still a devilish girl!

The moment she finished, she bends over and raises her butt as she plugs in the power socket.

Her manners completely cause Liu Yi’s psychological barrier to collapse!

Mother, this is too alluring …

Isn’t this just luring me to commit a crime!

The red qi flow seems to be unable to be controlled and is about to go berserk!

Why is this qi flow so lecherous…

Liu Yi hurriedly charges out of the room as he hugs the dirty clothing, bedsheets, and rushes into the toilet.

After tossing the clothing into the washing machine, Liu Yi walks over to the basin and turns on the tap before washing his face.

The cold water splashes against his face causing Liu Yi’s heated up body to cool down.

14 years old and she is already so alluring.

If she grows up then what to do!

Wouldn’t she become a femme fatale!

{What the! Which innocent girl did you eat up! Why did your strength increase by so much?!}

While Liu Yi is washing his face, Ling Tong suddenly speaks up beside Liu Yi.

What the,  now she came back!

{Oh…there is also the smell of a girl on your body! You indeed did someone!}

“What the, don’t think that!”

Liu Yi immediately explains, “It is my neighbor’s little girl who had some problems…I helped her out a bit and increased her goodwill!”

{Then this goodwill increased by too much! Increased by 20+ in one night! What did you do!}

“Just….helped her, that’s all…”

Liu Yi recalls the things that he had done tonight as his face starts to burn…

I actually helped a girl to put on a sanitary pad…

Thinking about it, it is just like a dream ah!

{Your goodwill harvested too much…increasing your strength by so much in such a short period of time….if you follow this speed…your cultivation speed might make me envious…but perhaps it is not possible! You, without the help of me Lin Tong, wanting to date a girl, will be very difficult!}

“Yes, yes, yes…you are my biggest savior!”

Liu Yi immediately asks, “Then, have you found a suitable cultivation technique for me?”

{Hehe…is there a need to ask?}

Lin Tong wags her tail and says proudly, {Why don’t you see who I am! I am a genius fox immortal! When I take action, what matters can I not handle! I returned to the spiritual world and looked around. I have found a powerful technique that my master left behind in my spiritual world! This technique is not suitable for me to use and is only suitable for a guy!}

“Ah? Such a coincidence!”

{Of course! Furthermore, I remember that my master has said before that this is a very powerful technique! Because our sect is a sole inheritor sect, and it has always been a girl, thus this powerful technique has never been shown before! You have gotten a huge advantage!}


Chapter 34  [Long-awaited technique]

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