MKW Chapter 339

Chapter 339 [Berserk oppression of the crowd


“I shall kill you monster!”

A hunter rushes in front of Liu Yi as he swings his weapon at Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi’s actions are even faster as he moves in front of that hunter and grabs him with both hands.


The muscles on Liu Yi’s arms tighten as he exerts strength with his arms and tears that hunter into two.

The blood sprays very far away scaring a lot of hunters till they peed in their pants.

That hunter earlier is a 6-star hunter and he died in such a horrifying manner and doesn’t even have a complete corpse ah!

The group of hunters who were aggressive earlier instantly collapse as they subconsciously only think of escaping.

While Liu Yi’s afterimage appears and keeps appearing in front of the closest hunter to him.

His claws are uncomparably sharp and as he slashes at the hunters’ chest, he would take away their heart.

In a blink of an eye, seven to eight hunter are lying on the ground with a hole in their chest, dead.

“This, this is impossible…”

Liu Yuping is trembling in fear as the current Blood Emperor is completely different from the earlier appearance and is a terrifying human form devil!

“Da, damn monster! Go and die!”

A hunter takes out two guns and aims at Liu Yi and fires madly.

-bang, bang, bang-

Bullets rain down on Liu Yi but were sent flying away by his dragon scales.

“Monster! Monster ahahaha!”

This hunter’s ability seems to be related to space as he pulls out a bazooka from the air and rests it on his shoulder, aiming at Liu Yi before firing it.

The rocket is trailed with smoke as it flies towards Liu Yi.


While Liu Yi only stretches out his dragon claws and grabs hold of the rocket with a single hand.


The rocket instantly explodes as the flames engulf Liu Yi.


That hunter instantly starts laughing manly, “Let’s see how arrogant you can be after taking my rocket! I shall turn you into mincemeat!”

Everyone stops moving as looks at the flames quietly.

Liu Yuping’s breathing becomes hurried as he stares in the direction of the flames.

Such an impressive rocket. He should be blown into bits.

Very quickly a red fireball flies out from within the fire sea and smashes in front of that hunter.

That hunter is instantly burned into ash by the fireball.

Raging wind starts blowing around extinguishing the flames.

Blood Emperor stands there like nothing had happened with his hand stretched out with the light of the fire burning on his hand.

Horror and despair swim through everyone’s minds.


“Let us escape…”

Everyone has only one thought, escape, as they stare at that figure.

After transforming into a dragon, Liu Yi seems to have forgotten all of his techniques and only knows how to fight with his instincts.

But this kind of combat method is very bloody and effective!

The hunters are already scared till they do not have any intention to fight anymore. All of them only have a single thought and that is to escape from here.


But it seems like Liu Yi does not wish to give them a chance to escape as he seems to have erupted.

Flame columns appear in the surrounding and form a firewall, trapping everyone inside.

“Damn it we are unable to escape now!”

“Fight to the bitter end! Risk everything!”

The group of hunters do not have any other choice as they prepare for their last resistance.

They once again take out their strongest power and rushes towards Liu Yi.

Either Blood Emperor dies or they die!

While they still wish to live longer!

Liu Yi takes actions once again as his afterimage appears continuously.

Every time he pierces through a hunter’s chest, he will pull out their heart.

A lot of hunters attacks land on him but were deflected by Liu Yi’s dragon scales thus it is unable to harm him.

“I just don’t believe that your bones and skins are made of iron!”

At this moment Liu Yuping suddenly walks forward in large stride.

His body seems to slightly expand as he grows to nearly two meters in height. White light twines around his body making him look like a god that has descended.

Activating his super strength, Liu Yuping picks up his weapon, an enormous hammer, and smashes towards Liu Yi.


The hammer smashes on to Liu Yi’s arm causing his body to sink slightly.

The wooden flooring under his feet breaks as dirt flies up.


Liu Yuping looks to be very energetic as he raises his hammer and smashes down again.

While this time around, Liu Yi stretches out his right claw and receives the hammer blow in mid-air.


A shockwave instantly erupts sending the hunters by the side flying.

This is a battle between an eight-star Liu Yuping and a devil!

“You think you can go head on with my strength? Retard!”

Liu Yuping smiles in confidence, “My ability is super strength! To block my power! Dream on!”

As he speaks he tries to lift up his hammer and smash down again, smashing Blood Emperor into mincemeat!

But to his shock, the hammer seems to be welded to Liu Yi’s claws and can’t be pulled away!

“Seeing a ghost!”

He fiercely smashes a few more times without any effect.

Cold sweat forms on his body.

Don’t tell me that this fellow is stronger than me?

This, how is this possible…are the gods trying to joke with me….

Even if it is Li Biyue, she is also unable to go head on with me in strength ah!


Liu Yi suddenly roars as his dragon claws close and turn that alloy hammer into a pancake!


Liu Yuping eyes nearly pop out as he nearly peed from fright.

He is so frightened that he no longer wants to hammer anymore as he retreats and just barely dodges Liu Yi’s left claw which is swiping at him.

He feels himself bathing in cold sweat!

Currently, the only thing in Liu Yuping’s mind is to escape!

But surrounding him is fire, which direction can he escape from.

“Xiao Yi gege…save me…”

At this moment Ma Yuanyuan in the cage has a nightmare as she lets out a sound.

Liu Yuping suddenly understands what he had to do as he turns around and rushed towards the cage.

“Get rid of that skeleton! Hostage! We still have a hostage!”

The group of surviving hunters immediately understand and throws all kind of attack at Little Black.

All kind of skills crashes onto Little Black.

Although Little Black has very powerful offense, its defense is too weak and is quickly turned into bone fragments and to revive again it needs some time.

“Blood Emperor immediately stop attacking otherwise I will kill this girl!”

Liu Yuping roars out as he stretches his hand into the cage and grabs hold of Ma Yuanyuan by her throat.

Liu Yuping places all of his hope on Ma Yuanyuan!

This girl…that’s right, as long as I have this girl here, Blood Emperor will definitely not dare to act easily!

At that time I can easily kill him again!

That’s right! That’s right!

Liu Yuping once again became excited.

But at this moment he suddenly felt a jolt from his wrist.

He looks over and realized that his right hand had been cut off without him knowing as blood sprays out.

“Ahahahahah! My hand, my hand!”

Liu Yuping is so frightened that he lost control of his bladder as he holds his arm and cries.

While Liu Yi stands behind him with blood dripping down from one of his wings.

His dragon wing is sharper than steel blades!

“My hand…”

Before he finishes, Liu Yi’s wing flashes again.


A black ray flashes and Liu Yuping’s head is sent flying high up in the sky as blood sprays out while it tumbles in the sky. Finally, it lands on the ground while his mouth is still mumbling, “Hand…hand…”


Liu Yi stomps on Liu Yuping’s head, exploding his head into pieces.

As the proverb says, plucking off the head to be stepped on like a bubble should be similar…

The rest of the hunters collapse onto the ground with their organs destroyed.

Death descended approximately in this manner.

Everyone is regretting, regretting why did they anger this killing god…

Leng Mo covers her mouth as she stands by the side and vomits uncontrollably.

Corpses, blood, and organs cover the entire floor.

In a blink of an eye, the hall of the Hunter’s Organisation has turned into a place from hell.

Blood Emperor he… he turned crazy…


Liu Yi tossed a corpse to the side before looking at the last hunter.

That hunter’s pant is wet and he scrambles backward while sitting down as he shouts while crying: “No, don’t kill me…I will not dare anymore…I still have elderlies and children to take care of…please I beg you to let me live…”

Liu Yi walks to the front of that hunter as his pair of golden red eyes stare at him.

“I beg you, please don’t kill me. I am willing to do anything for you. Don’t kill…..”



Liu Yi stretches out both hands and twists off that hunter’s head and tossed it aside.

Leng Mo vomits even harder.

The current her is deeply afraid of Liu Yi.

That person who is covered with blood…is, is he really Blood Emperor?

He actually…killed all of the hunters in the Hunter’s Organisation…even if he manages to survive…in the future the Hunter’s Organisation will chase him till he is dead…

Elder sister Li Biyue…what kind of devil did you actually recognize as your little brother ah…


Liu Yi roars and turns around, finally seeing Leng Mo who is standing at the corner.

Leng Mo was instantly frightened as her blood seems to have stopped flowing.

Liu Yi instantly appears in front of her with his claw raised up.

Leng Mo closes her eyes in despair. She already gave up hope on begging as the current Blood Emperor…no matter how much she begs it would be useless.

Death is just in front of her.

“Hold your hand!”

A very familiar voice suddenly shouts and Leng Mo opens her eyes in delight.

A black qi wave instantly appears in front of him and sent Liu Yi backward.

At the same time a woman burst through the firewall and lands inside, seeing the countless corpses on the ground her face turns pale.

“Why did it turn like this?”

“Elder sister Li Biyue….”

Leng Mo seems to have found a stone in the raging river as she rushes into the embrace of the woman, “Blood Emperor…Blood Emperor he…”

“What is the matter with my little brother?”

Li Biyue looks at the roaring youth in the hall, “He…he is my little brother?”

Before Leng Mo is able to explain, Liu Yi’s gaze lands on Li Biyue.

With a thunder-like roar, Liu Yi instantly appears in front of Li Biyue.


Chapter 339 [Berserk oppression of the crowd]

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