MKW Chapter 338

Chapter 338 [Transform into a dragon


The smile on Liu Yi’s face makes Liu Yuping even angrier.

Back then he also thought that the little skeleton was killed…but…

At the same time, like the skeleton is trying to prove Liu Yuping’s fears, a black wind suddenly starts to revolve around the broken bones on the ground.

The black wind rages at it twirls in the center of the hall.

The hunters who originally heaved a sigh of relief, felt a jolt in their hearts as they retreat.

The black bones reform back together and swiftly a ten meters long, three-headed bone dragon appears in the hall roaring.

“This, what is this ah…”

A hunter drops his weapon onto the ground as his legs trembles in fear.

“Looks like you guys have angered Little Black.”

Being chained down, Liu Yi says with regret, “Take care of yourselves comrades.”


The bone dragon takes a step and instantly the hall trembles.

Liu Yuping’s face turns white as he watches the enormous bone dragon opening two of its maws.

One of the dragon head’s breathes out raging fire while the other breathes out bone-piercing frost.

A number of those hunters did not dodge in time, they either turned into ashes or turned into ice sculptures.

“This damn Blood Emperor!”

When Liu Yuping sees this situation his heart is filled with horror and anger as he curses.

“It is you guys who are asking for it.” sneers Liu Yi.

It is not that he is emotionless but that the current him has discarded all of his sentiments.

In the Asura Realm, Liu Yi has learned not to be kindhearted.

Because your enemy will definitely not be kindhearted. Indulging in them is indirectly killing yourself.

When these past ‘comrades in arm’ wants to kill me, they do not even have any merciful intention. Thus why do I need to be polite to them?

“Blood Emperor it is you who forced us!”

Seeing the bone dragon rush towards him, Liu Yuping’s expression turns fierce.

He takes out a remote control and presses on it.

Instantly in front of him drops down a cage and in the cage is an unconscious girl.

Seeing the girl’s figure, Liu Yi instantly got a huge shock and immediately stops his Little Black, “Stop!”


When Little Black hears Liu Yi’s command, it instantly stops in mid-action as its enormous jaw is about to bite down on the cage.

“Look familiar, right? Blood Emperor?”

Liu Yuping sees that it is effective and instantly starts laughing crazily, “Hahahaha, Blood Emperor? Or should I call you by your other name?”

Liu Yi’s tone is cold as he stares at Liu Yuping and asks: “How do you know…”

“Hehe…to get to know your real identity I really wasted a lot of effort ah.”

Liu Yuping proudly says: “I took advantage of Ma Hua, that old foggy when he is not paying attention and searched that enormous training room for your fingerprints. And through your fingerprints, I investigated your real identity. This girls relationship with you is not normal right?”

Of course…because she is Ma Yuanyuan ah…

Liu Yi clenches his fist, I did not expect that Liu Yuping is actually able to find out all of these.

This matter seems to have turn thorny.

“But you can relax. I have not reported this news to the higher-ups. I feel that passing you to the higher-ups to handle is too nice to you. After all, we have some bad blood between us. Today if I do not kill you personally I will not be happy!”

As he speaks, Liu Yuping stretches his neck, “If you do not wish for this girl to be harmed then you better be obedient and recall your natal pet!”

As he speaks, he commands his underling to place a blade against Ma Yuanyuan’s throat.

“Liu Yuping. You deserve death…”

Liu Yi’s voice is bone chilling.

“So what if I deserve death?”

Liu Yuping laughs nonstop, “The final winner is me ah! So what if I am shameless. I am a scumbag, what can you do to me?”


Liu Yi clenches his fist.

“Still not recalling your natal pet?”

Liu Yuping waves his hand and the blade in his underling’s hand trembles and instantly a faint cut appears on Ma Yuanyuan’s throat.

Liu Yu’s heart is dripping blood.

This neighbor little sister, a little girl who has lost her sister…this little loli who asked me to wait three years for her…

How could Liu Yi bear to let her get harmed!

“Come back Little Black…”

Liu Yi says softly and the bone dragon that horrifies everyone instantly turn into a black smog and returned back within Liu Yi’s body.


Liu Yuping starts laughing uncontrollably, “Take a look! Even if it is Blood Emperor he still has to obediently listen to my orders! But honestly, I am also curious. How would Li Biyue like a fellow like you?! You say which point are you better than me? I am a department head of Hunter’s Organisation. I have money, I am much more handsome than you! But she actually chose you!”

As he speaks to the later portions, Liu Yuping’s expression turns sinister.

“I shall let Li Biyue know that her choice is wrong!”

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at Liu Yuping coldly, “Not handing me over to the council and dealing with me on your own. Do you think that elder sister will let you off?”

“Hahaha. You think I am an idiot?”

Liu Yuping sneers, “I will say that when apprehending you, you resisted forcefully and was killed by our hunters…aiyah it seems like the matter happened in this way. Blood Emperor ah Blood Emperor. Your death can be said for without purpose. But, this is your fate.”

He walks up to Liu Yi and grabs Liu Yi’s throat with a hand.

Liu Yuping’s special ability is to boost his strength, with him grabbing Liu Yi’s throat, Liu Yi feels suffocating.

Even if my body is even stronger, it seems like Liu Yuping can casually crush my throat.

“You are still wild? Still arrogant? Still wish to snatch Li Biyue from me? Currently, your life is in my hand. As long as I move my hand I still take away your life!”

“You can kill me.”

Liu Yi says deeply, “But let her go…”

“Such a pity! Your thinking is too naive!”

As Liu Yuping speaks, his palm clenches and snaps Liu Yi’s neck.

Liu Yi collapses onto the ground. Liu Yuping claps his hands and turns around.

Leng Mo’s heart twitches as her expression fell. Finished…Blood Emperor has died. Elder sister Li Biyue will definitely be very sad…how did this matter turn this way…who will tell her ah!

“Although we have to sacrifice a number of brothers today at least we have killed the sinner Blood Emperor. The rewards from the higher up will definitely be quite a bit.”

After Liu Yuping killed Liu Yi, he comforts his people.

A hunter points at Ma Yuanyuan in the cage and asks: “Department head…that girl…what do we do with her?”

“Leaving her is trouble. Kill her as well.”

Liu Yuping waves his hand.

“You cannot kill her!”

Leng Mo immediately cries out, “She is not related to this matter and is a normal human!”

“Her being alive will be troublesome.”

Liu Yuping sneers, “Furthermore she is but a normal lass that’s all. After killing her, there will not be any more trouble.”

Liu Yuping’s words cause Leng Mo to freeze.

This Liu Yuping is no longer a human…he, he is a devil!

“Do it quick.”

Liu Yuping orders his underling and that hunter nods his head before slashing towards Ma Yuanyuan’s throat with the blade.

At this moment a black figure suddenly appears in front of the cage and grabs hold of that hunter by the throat before smashing the hunter into the ground.

Instantly a hole appears on the ground of the hall as the hunter instantly die.

A black monarch skeleton stands there as the empty eye sockets stare at the crowd.

It stands by the cage like a guardian.

Seeing the black skeleton appearing all of the hunters got a huge shock while Liu Yuping cries out in shock, “Impossible! Blood Emperor has died how is it possible for his natal pet be alive!”

“You all…all deserve death…”

Liu Yuping realizes in horror that Liu Yi whose neck he snapped is slowly standing up.

Furthermore, his aura seems to have changed as a heavy aura surrounds the hall.

A human’s life central nerve is at the medulla oblongata, while the medulla oblongata is located in the cervical vertebra of a human body. When the cervical vertebra cracks and damages the medulla oblongata, it will cause death.

But the demon race is different. They possess a strong lifeforce. Even if the cervical vertebra breaks it might not damage the medulla oblongata.

Because of the powerful life force of the demon race, Liu Yi did not die.

Furthermore, when he hears that Liu Yuping wants to kill Ma Yuanyuan, rage clouds his mind.

Earlier when he and Yoko Nishikawa had sex and he received the power and transformation, it exploded out completely at this moment.

“Argggg!” roars Liu Yi all of a sudden as his sleeves rip as his arms turn into dragon claws.

His eyes turn golden red.

Scales start appearing on his body and as the scales join up, Liu Yi’s body becomes like he is wearing black scale armor.

At the same time a pair of wings grow out from Liu Yi’s back and with a flap, it opens up completely to three meters wide!

The shackles that Liu Yuping trusted were easily snapped by Liu Yi.

“This, what is this…”

Liu Yuping and the rest of the hunters are shocked.


Liu Yi roars again as his aura spread out.

At that instant, those weaker hunters instantly faint and vomit white foam from their mouths.

Dragon suppression!

At this moment if Chen Cai was around he would instantly exclaim in shock, dragon transformation!

This is the state that Liu Yi had unknowingly comprehended while he was in the Asura Realm.

This kind of state completely releases the volatile dragon qi that he has absorbed from the dragon pearl! But at the same time, it will cause Liu Yi to lose a part of his reasoning, thus Liu Yi does not really like to use this state!

But the current situation…he got mad with their actions!

“Don’t, don’t be afraid! He is only one person! KILL HIM!”

Liu Yuping does his final struggle!



Chapter 338 [Transforming into a dragon]

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