MKW Chapter 337

Chapter 337  [Sending out LIttle Black


Liu Yi has changed into the attire of Blood Emperor as he walks into the main hall of Hunter’s Organization.

There is no one in the usually boisterous Hunter’s organization hall, it is very empty and quiet.

Liu Yi feels that the atmosphere is somewhat strange, but thinking that this is the Hunter’s Organisation which is not an ordinary place he did not pay more attention to it.

As usual Leng Mo is sitting at the secretary position.

When she sees Liu Yi walking in she trembles slightly.

“Xiao Leng Leng, long time no see.”

Liu Yi greets Leng Mo.

Leng Mo seems to be somewhat stuttering as she asks Liu Yi: “You, why did you come…”

Liu Yi places his hands in his pocket and replies: “Liu Yuping ask me to come. Where is he? Do I need to go to the department head office to look for him?”

“I, I do not know…probably he is there…”

Leng Mo’s words are very strange. Being Hunter’s Organization contact member, how could she not know where Liu Yuping is.

A trace of doubt finally emerges in Liu Yi’s heart.

“Forget it. I’ll go and look for him myself.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder before walking towards the inner part of the hall.

“Blood Emperor…”

Leng Mo seems to wish to say something as Liu Yi raises his head, but she did not continue on but her expression is somewhat hesitating.

Liu Yi seems to be joking as he asks: “What is the matter, is there danger waiting in front of me?”

Leng Mo’s face turns white but she did not say anything.

“Xiao Leng Leng although there are some conflicts between the two of us, it has been so long already and I hope that you don’t place it in your heart.”

Liu Yi feels that perhaps it is because Leng Mo is still somewhat prejudiced towards him thus he takes the initiative to apologize, “Perhaps back then I am too young thus am more impulsive. Later I will tell elder sister to treat you better, after all from all points of view you are also a cute girl. En….”

“Blood Emperor! You idiot! Quickly leave!”

Leng Mo is finally unable to bear it and shouts: “This is a trap ah!”

Just as Leng Mo speaks, from above the hall comes a cold order.

“Begin capture.”

As the voice is speaking, shackles fly out as fast as lightning from all direction, with some clanging sounds the manacles on the shackles lock themselves on Liu Yi’s wrists and ankles, fixing him in the center of the hall.

Following which figures walk out from the darkness and surround Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is familiar with these people and has worked together with some of them for some tasks.

During the past year, other than training with Ma Hua, he has gone out with a few other Hunters to do tasks. To Liu Yi, that period of time is quite enjoyable.

A number of the hunters have also imparted Liu Yi with some of their knowledge allowing him to learn something.

Looks like the comrade-in-arms of the past are now my enemies.

The leader of them walks out. And that person is none other than Liu Yuping who messaged him to come to Hunter’s organization tonight.

“Hahaha. Blood Emperor you must now have thought that in the end you still landed in my hand!”

Seeing that Liu Yi being chained there, Liu Yuping is instantly delighted but very quickly his eyebrow raises.

“Why are you not shocked?”

Obviously, he has fallen into a trap but Liu Yi’s expression is very calm like nothing has happened.

“Why do I need to be shocked?”

Liu Yi’s lips curl up faintly, “From the moment I walked in I have already know that you guys are around.”

“Hmph, nonsensical quibble.”

Liu Yuping sneers, “Since you already know that it is a trap would you still enter? Blood Emperor other than talking big what other abilities do you have?”

“If you guys really think that you are able to trap me here in this manner then so be it.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and does not explain further.

While he is at Asura Realm for 500 years, Liu Yi has already mastered the usage of Black and White World.

As long as he blinks both eyes, he will automatically activate Black and white world and probe the surrounding for enemies.

In the Asura Realm, there is no time to rest.

At any moment, any place an enemy might pop out. From Liu Yi’s point of view, Asura Realm is like a dungeon that randomly and continuously spawn monsters.

If you rest then you will lose your life.

Thus the moment Liu Yi walks into the Hunter’s organization he has blinked with both eyes and has seen the countless of hidden red figures in the hall.

“But I do not know why would our department head Liu want to catch me, a C-grade hunter?”

A year earlier, Liu Yi already upgraded to C-grade hunter, thus he does have some power in the Hunter’s organization.

But now he is besieged in the hall which is such a joke.

“Blood Emperor, the only way to prevent others from knowing is to never do it!”

Today Liu Yuping can be said that he is proud of himself as he stretches out his hand that is holding a piece of parchment, opening it he says: “Today it is not I, Liu Yuping who is purposefully trying to find trouble for you. Did you see this? This is an arrest order from the Hunter’s Organization parliament to capture you, you traitor of Hunter’s Organisation! Blood Emperor!”

“Traitor? Strange when did I have such a nickname.”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrows and turns around and look at Leng Mo.

Leng Mo is already under the control of another Hunter as she bites her lips.

“Blood Emperor, like I have said. If you do not wish for others to do it, the only way is to not do it. Do you really think that our Hunter’s Organization would not know about the matter of you collaborating with the Great God Sect, Law King?!”

Liu Yiping’s excited appearance is slightly distorted, “Blood Emperor! We already possess enough evidence! Let’s see how you are going to refuse to admit it!”

Liu Yi’s heart tightens.

The Hunter’s Organization already knows about the matter between me and Wenren Qian?

Indeed it is a large organization. Their information gathering is very fast…luckily they still do not know my real life identity.

“Just wait to be captured and obediently go back to our parliament and receive your punishment.”

Liu Yuping is smiling brightly in his heart, this time around I shall take your life! Hmph, little fellow how dare you try and snatch Li Biyue from me! You are still not worthy! This is what you brought onto yourself! When you die don’t come and blame me!

“I am very apologetic…but I don’t seem to have this wish.”

Liu Yi sways the shackles in his hand, looks like it is very firm.

“Do you think that you are still able to escape ?”

Liu Yuping laughs, “Let me tell you. This chain is constructed with a special forging method. Even if it is an earth grade expert he can only wait to be captured!”

So this is such a powerful object?

Liu Yi says in his heart, comparing this toy to the shackles that Little Cai transforms into, which one is more durable?

“This time around it be better for you to wait for death.”

“To be honest, everyone is once comrades-in-arms. I do not wish to start an internecine strife.”


Liu Yuping laughs loudly, “Even now and he is still able to say such big words! Who will go and teach this fellow a lesson and let him know what  wet behind the ears means!”

“Hehehe…leave it to me….”

A man code-named Viper walks out. This man is holding two daggers in his hands and the daggers are laced with poison. Behind him is a three meters long emerald green poison snake which is his Natal pet.

Liu Yi has already done a task with him before. This person has a malicious heart and is an assassin that has around the power of five stars.

“Let my venom makes you beg for death!”

As he speaks, he points at Liu Yi and the poison snake instantly spurt out aiming to bite the arms of Liu Yi.

“Little Black!”

While Liu Yi only calls out the name of his Natal pet.

Instantly a two-meter tall human form skeleton jumps out from the void and with a ‘boom’ it steps on the poison snake.

At this moment Little Black has a very large change compared to the time before he entered the Asura Realm.

The current Little Black is way stronger than before he entered the Asura realm.

It is no longer the 1.5m tall little skeleton. Not only did it go past 2 meters in height, its body is covered by a black and gold armor. Behind his is a scarlet red clock, looking very impressive like a king!


Red flames appear within Little Black eyes as it stretches out both hands and pulls on the two ends of the poison snake, splitting the poisonous snake into two.

“My, my natal pet…”

The hunter Viper vomited a mouth of blood as his complexion paled and collapsed onto the ground.

The moment the natal pet dies, the owner will receive huge damage to his vitality.

While Little Black is not polite as he throws out a fireball which exploded on that hunter and instantly burned him to dregs.

In the Asura Realm, Liu Yi and Little Black have a mutual understanding.

As long as it is enemy, Little Black will immediately attack till death and shall show no quarter!

The first time it takes action after returning back to the real world, it still maintains this good habit.

While with Little Black’s move, all of the hunters there got a shock.

“This…this natal pet is very scary…”

The group of hunters look at the roaring skeleton as chills start to form deep in their heart.

Blood Emperor is indeed Blood Emperor…no wonder Liu Yuping activated so many people to capture him.

His Natal pet is already so strong…then just how strong on earth is he actually?!

Luckily he is being chained up otherwise…the consequences would be unimaginable ah!

“What are you guys afraid of. It is just a Natal pet!”

Although Liu Yuping says so, his forehead is covered with sweat, “Everyone attack together and kill him! Destroy his natal pet!”

While they are speaking a group of hunters instantly release their own natal pet and prepare to use the power of a group to kill off Blood Emperor’s natal pet!


While Little Black faces such a large number of enemies, it does not seem to fear.

It roars as a black image surrounds it and exploded outwards sending a few of the surrounding hunters flying.

At the same time it rushes into the group of hunters while holding two ice axes like a warrior, it tanks the attack from its enemy as it chops out striking a number of hunters.


A hunter uses a lighting ability and breaks one of Little Black’s leg, causing Little Black to kneel on the ground.

“Quickly! Quickly kill it!”

The group of hunters’ eyes turn red as they start to use all kind of abilities and attack the skeleton monarch.

Little Black’s body is unable to withstand the attacks and very quickly it turns into a floor full of black bones.

Almost all of the hunter’s breath a sigh of relief while Liu Yuping’s hearts become heavy.



Chapter 337 [Sending out Little Black]

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