MKW Chapter 334

Chapter 335  [Fiancee???


“Yoko Nishikawa! Why are you here?!”

The voice contains shock as well as anger.

The group of them turn around and take a look only to see a couple of men and women standing in the lobby.

There are a number of them chatting with each other in Japanese, furthermore, some of them are rather familiar and seems to be Japanese exchange students from their school.

While standing at the front and calling Yoko Nishikawa is actually a man wearing traditional Japanese samurai attire.

Liu Yi says in his heart, in the middle of summer and wearing so much, wouldn’t you get heatstroke?

This guy is rather handsome looking, thick eyebrows and large eyes, square shape face but if he is taller it would be better.

He is wearing wooden clogs but when he is standing he is only up to Liu Yi’s shoulder.

Although he has stayed in Asura Realm for 500 years, Liu Yi’s height has already passed 1.8 meters. But this Japanese samurai is rather short ah…

“Oh, isn’t that Youchi Ronkou?”

Su Junping mutters apprehensively by the side.

“Who is that?”

Liu Yi ask.

“One of the top ten most influential person from our school… a second-year senior. An exchange student from Japan and the president of the kendo club.”


Liu Yi says in his heart, this Su Junping is really our school’s encyclopedia. He even knows about this clearly!


Seeing that man Yoko Nishikawa is somewhat shocked.

“Why is it you?”

Yoko Nishikawa appearance is like she has seen a ghost and is also somewhat afraid.

“Heng if I am not here then I would not have known what you have done!”

That Youchi Ronkou is not tall but his tone is big, “You take a look at yourself! What do you look like! You are really throwing away my face!”

“Youchi! My matters are not up to you to decide.”

Yoko Nishikawa starts to become unhappy and this is the first time Liu Yi seen her appearance when she is angry.

“Why can’t I decide for you? Don’t forget that you are my, Youchi Ronkou’s fiancee!”


When Youchi Ronkou says out that sentence, everyone around got a shock. Especially Yoko Nishikawa’s dormitory girls who are completely shocked.

Yoko Nishikawa actually has a fiancee?! Why didn’t we hear her mention it before?!

“Youchi Ronkou! You are crazy!”

Yoko Nishikawa instantly got mad, “How can you randomly say such stuff?!”

“When did I say it randomly! From the moment you are born you are a person from my Ronkou family! Let me warn you, you better hang out less with this bunch of people.”

He turns his head and glares coldly at Liu Yi and his brothers.

“At the same time let me warn you guys. This is my Youchi Ronkou’s woman. If I see you guys hanging around her then do not blame me for being impolite!”

“Youchi Ronkou! You are too much!”

Yoko Nishikawa is so mad that she is about to explode.

While Liu Yi only sneers, “I say. Which family did not look after their dog properly? It actually comes over to our China’s territory and barks crazily.”

“You are seeking death!”

Rage flashes through Youchi Ronkou’s eyes as he reprimanded, “Looks like you are a year one junior right! Do you know who am I?”

“Why should I care about who you are? I only know that here, is China!”

Liu Yi points at the ground, “Perhaps you are very powerful in Japan but down here, if you are dragon then you better coil up, if you are a tiger you better crouch down! Otherwise, even if the emperor of Japan comes here I will also beat him down.”

“Where the hell did this fellow pop out from! To dare to talk to our president in this manner!”

A tall male walks out and fiercely scolds Liu Yi.

“Don’t you have f*ing eyes! This is our kendo club president Youchi Ronkou! And you actually dare to be arrogant I think you are seeking to be beaten down! If you do not wish to be trashed then you better hurry up and apologize to our president!”

From the way he speaks this guy is a person from China.

His words cause Lai Junwen and the rest to be angry.

China people not helping China people but instead, helping a Japanese devil speak up!

“Hehe, there are indeed a lot of ungrateful bastards who call other people boss ah.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms and looks at that guy, “No wonder this Youchi Ronkou dares to be arrogant so it is because of this group of traitors. I say brothers don’t mingle around Ke Da anymore and hurry home and sever your relationship with your parents. Your parents must have really thrown away all of their face giving birth to you bastards who are traitors.”

“You are seeking death!”

That guys instantly rage as he sends out a kick towards Liu Yi’s stomach.

Lai Junwen moves over swiftly, turn around and send a kick towards that guy’s stomach kicking him onto the ground.

“Damn you! I hate china traitors the most!”

Lai Junwen pats his shoes, “Damn it you dirtied my shoes.”

“From what I see, you guys no longer want to mingle around in Ke Da already!”

Youchi Ronkou’s face turns ashen as he clenches his fist.

“Youchi Ronkou what do you wish to do! You want to use violence again?”

Yoko Nishikawa blocks in front of Liu Yi and the rest and says angrily: “What Liu Yi says is right! This is China not your Ronkou’s house! Did a dog eat up all of the manners that you have learned?”

“You being a woman from my Ronkou’s family, actually help outsiders speak up! ”

That Youchi Ronkou instantly exploded in Japanese, “How dare you fellows instigate my woman! Today I shall give all of you a lesson!”

He stretches out his hand and receives a shinai from a club member beside him and walks over on the wooden clogs.

“Youchi Ronkou you dare!”

Yoko Nishikawa blocks in front of Liu Yi like a mother hen protecting her chicks.


Youchi Ronkou flings Yoko Nishikawa aside before chopping down with the shinai at Liu Yi’s forehead.

This chop is very fierce and carries vigor.

But Liu Yi does not place this chop in his eyes. After being in Asura Realm for so many years what kind of enemy has he not seen?

A Japanese devil actually dare to be arrogant in our territory?

Before Liu Yi is able to take action, Lai Junwen has already stepped  forward.

He grabs towards the shinai at lightning speed but that Youchi Ronkou only snorts as the shinai swiftly changes direction and sweeps towards Lai Junwen’s throat.

Lai Junwen got a huge shock as he quickly withdraws his hand and blocks with both his hands in front of his face.


When the shinai hits Lai Junwen’s arms, he is actually forced to retreat a few steps! It can be seen how much strength does Youchi Ronkou have!


Xiao Ya move ups in concern but is blocked by Lai Junwen.

“Don’t come over!”

He shakes his numb arms as glares at that Youchi Ronkou like he is a big enemy.

“Just this bit of flowery fist and fancy footwork and you actually dare to be arrogant.”

Youchi Ronkou sneers.

At this moment there are a number of people surrounding them watching the show, among which are people from the KTV. But it seems like Youchi Ronkou has quite some fame here as even a manager looking person does not dare to interrupt them.

Liu Yi carefully observes that manager for a while and seeing his height as well as his voice when he speaks into his intercom, it seems like he is a Japanese?

So that is the case…this is a KTV opened by Japanese people ah!

Perhaps this might also be a business open by this Ronkou family.

“You are Lai Junwen right.”

Youchi Ronkou lifts up the shinai and looks at Lai Junwen before saying, “Just this roadside trash could at most challenge Wu Junping that third-rated fellow. Today I shall show you what is called a real martial artist!”

As he speaks, the shinai in his hand stabs towards Lai Junwen’s throat swiftly like lightning.

This stab is very quick and no one at the scene is able to see it clearly even Lai Junwen.

Youchi Ronkou is very delighted as he plans to use this stab to kill a chicken and scare the monkeys and make Lai Junwen be hospitalized for at least half a month.

At this moment Liu Yi stretches out his leg, intentionally or unintentionally, and causes Youchi Ronkou to trip.

-pu tong-

Youchi Ronkou trips over the leg and tumbles onto the ground harshly as stars appear in front of his eyes and the shinai in his hand flies away during the tumble.

He lies in front of Lai Junwen in a falling flat position and his facial appearance and is completely unsightly, his earlier awe-inspiring might is gone.

Liu Yi at the back immediately shouts: “Ai yah our president Ronkou what is the matter with you. Why are you giving our big brother such a big bow? You are too polite. Quickly stand up, quickly stand up!”

When Xiao Ya and the rest see how wrenched Youchi Ronkou is looking, they start to laugh.

While Yoko Nishikawa is somewhat shocked, this Youchi Ronkou actually tripped?

Did the wooden clog spoil?


Youchi Ronkou curses in anger as his members help him up.

“How dare you sabotage me!”

He knows in his heart who is the one who has caused him to become like this!

He picks up the shinai and glares fiercely at Liu Yi with rage in his eyes.

“Ah? Why does president Ronkou say so? You are the president of the kendo club ah you cannot bully me. I have already burned incense and prayed to god why are you looking at me?”

“Less nonsense you baka!”

Youchi Ronkou has a violent temper, thus how would he listen to Liu Yi words as he lifts up the shinai and runs over in small quick steps and chops towards Liu Yi.

“Ah! Second brother be careful!”

Seeing how fierce the chop is, Lai Junwen hurries and warns Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi only casually stands there and gently clasps the shinai between his index and middle finger.


Seeing how his chop is being clasped between Liu Yi’s two fingers he is very shocked!

“President Ronkou have you not eaten?”

Liu Yi clasp onto the shinai as he smiles, “Why is it so weak?”

Yoko Nishikawa is shocked as she covers her mouth. As the Ronkou family’s fiancee, she obviously knows how powerful is Youchi Ronkou’s kendo skill!

But currently, his shinai is being clasped between Liu Yi’s two-fingers!

Just who on earth is this person…who has taken away my first time!

Lai Junwen jaw drops, what the heck, second brother is really damn cool!


Youchi Ronkou’s face turns red as he wishes to pull back his shinai but realizes that the shinai is soldered to Liu Yi’s finger and no matter how much strength he exerts he is unable to move the shinai at all.

Damn it…just how strong is this fellow!

He roars: “You! Let go!”

“As you wish then.”

Liu Yi loosens his fingers, as Youchi Ronkou is still pulling, he falls backward and lands on his butt.

“Looks like President Ronkou is tired. Then have a sit to rest for a while.”

“Baka yarou! I want to kill you!”


Chapter 335- [Fiancee???]

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  1. My bet was bloody right on the mark 😂
    F*ck too damn predictable. 😂
    Well people gonna die in the next 1 – 6 chapters or so.
    Fox sister where are you to meme at Liu yi when we need you!


  2. 1. tyftc. But I preferred the previous chapter >///<
    2. Please change these Japanese words: baka, nani to English idiot, what
    3. Chinese racists strike again!

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    • They are supposedly in japanese in the original. Not like they are the correct ones in this situation, since at list those “baka” should be “temee” and instead of that “baka yarou”, “kuso yarou” fits better.

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    • You don’t need to have it translated. Sheesh not all translated words are good. Like fuji translating Xiao Yi Gege. Making it stupid to read as Little Yi Older brother.
      Again this is a CN novel. Best learn some small words as Gege, jie Jie and so on.
      Just like Baka which everyone who reads novels knows as idiot. Don’t need it translated to english to know.

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    • Yeah, they only blame the nazi-leaning ones (or, at most, play the victim card). However, hate for Japan is a big and useful weapon to support China’s expansionist and supremacists policies; just to note, the official China maps, including those in their passports, show a larger country than what it is, with their claimed borders taking up great chunks of other countries’ territories (and they even have souvenir T-shirts with them on it for chinese tourists to wear abroad). They are also known to send tourists to Taiwan in order to harrass them to accept PRC’s government.

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  3. This is ridiculous. What kind of retard wears his country’s traditional garb as a foreign exchange student abroad in a casual setting? It’s not a chick from India in a sarong, it’s a young Japanese guy ffs! They usually wear casual western clothing back at home, why wouldn’t do that when in China as well?

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  4. Disgusting racism and jingoism. I found it painful to read even though I am not Japanese. I can understand if it’s one or two novels,but it seems like every Chinese novel in a modern setting has the same disgusting mindset. It’s a pity because it’s otherwise an interesting novel. I guess this is what happens when your Govt. censors all critical thinking and constantly bombards you with false propaganda. P.S : I have never seen Jews indulge in such widespread fantasizing about raping/’conquering’ German women and humiliating/murdering German men like the Chinese fantasize about the Japanese.

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  5. This my first time commenting because the japanese words somehow are painful to read… BAKA… I think KISAMA is better to hear… Baka is idiot/stupid… So i think kisama is better it means bastard… Baka yarou… I think ONORE would be better haha… Just my opinion i know translators cannot simply change the words right…


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