MKW Chapter 334

Chapter 334  [Dragon’s Nature body

Warning following chapter contains R-rated material

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This is the first time Yoko Nishikawa is so close to a male, currently, Liu Yi is kissing her lips as a strong male scent assaulted her sense, causing Yoko Nishikawa to be slightly lost.

Furthermore, she has never drank before liquor and the effects of liquor are starting to affect her.

While Liu Yi’s hands also start to be mischievous, because it is summer she wears lesser, thus the hand immediately reaches under Yoko Nishikawa’s skirt and start touching her tights.

Her tights have a satiny feeling and are very nice to touch.

Liu Yi’s eyes let out faint golden light, while Yoko Nishikawa only feels that at that moment Liu Yi is very handsome looking. Even though she has some resistance, but now she relaxes her body.

This man…didn’t I meet him for the first time today? Why do I…like him so much?

Yoko Nishikawa does not understand.

As she is thinking about it her body shivers suddenly.

Because Liu Yi’s hands have self-taught itself as a finger hooks onto her panties elastic band. As long as he pulls down with strength her lower body will be exposed!

“Eh…no…we still cannot do this…”

Yoko Nishikawa wants to reject when Liu Yi’s other hand reaches to her chest and pushed aside her bra to grab her slightly sagging chest.

Filling and pointed, nicely captured within a single hand.

Liu Yi completely relies on his male instinct and proceed, his finger agilely plays with her nipple, while his amorous ripple hand starts to secretly activate under his drunkenness.

Electricity jolts through Yoko Nishikawa, causing her to be limp as she gently trembles and curls up in Liu Yi’s embrace.

This fellow…is really…almost taking my life…

If this goes on…I…might really be eaten up…gods…who can come and save me…

Yoko Nishikawa moans softly while shouting strengthless in her heart.

Liu Yi suddenly lets out a deep panting noise from his mouth, at this moment he is no longer the usual Liu Yi and is more like a wild beast.

Dragon’s nature body, Liu Yi has almost finished digesting the dragon pearl within his body and the nickname of dragon hunter is not unworthy.

He suddenly carries up Yoko Nishikawa and places her on top of the basin.

The basin stone top is somewhat cold, while Liu Yi lifts up her skirts revealing her snow-white tights as well as her panties that are nearly taken off.

“We cannot..Student Liu…we, we just get to know each other…”

Yoko Nishikawa wants to resist but strangely her body is unable to exert any strength, her legs which close together but are pulled open by Liu Yi and wrapped around his waist.

{Perhap…it is to finish the final transformation.}

Yan Qiuhong who is hiding inside Liu Yi’s spiritual beast space is able to sense what is going on outside as she lets out a yawn.

{Japanese lass, looks like you are out of luck.}

As she speaks a formless aura spreads out sealing up the whole toilet.

The people from outside will not be able to enter nor will the people inside be able to exit.

Even sound is completely blocked from exiting.

Yoko Nishikawa has completely lost her bearings thus she did not notice it.


Her bra is torn off by Liu Yi and toss aside.


Just as Yoko Nishikawa lets out a cry of shock her nipple is being sucked into Liu Yi’s mouth.

Instantly the shock increases causing her to tremble uncontrollably.

Her hands wrap around Liu Yi’s head not knowing if it is to push away or to support Liu Yi.

This kind of feeling…is really like taking my life…

Yoko…you cannot be like came to China to do a very important task…how can you..lose your virginity here…

Yoko Nishikawa wants to resist when her lower body got a shock.

Apparently, her last protection has been torn away by Liu Yi without her knowing.

“No ah…wuwu…”

Before Yoko Nishikawa is able to speak finish, she immediately feels like her lower body is being pierced through, the pain causes her to close her eyes and nearly cry.

Although she has received many years of demonic training which causes her hymen to be broken, the first time being penetrated is still very painful.

But at the same time, a boiling object enters her from below and a warm current flows into her.

This warm current seems to be a strange power, when it enters her body it eases up her pain as her cozy feeling increases. At the same time, there seems to be an object in her body that flows through her through the place where they are connected into to Liu Yi’s body.

Really strange…don’t tell me having sex also has this kind of thing happening…

This is the first time Yoko Nishikawa has experienced this matter thus she does not know anything at all.

Before she understands anything, Liu Yi starts moving.

Where they are connected, Liu Yi slowly starts to move in and out.

No matter what Yoko Nishikawa is thinking of, her mind instantly stops.

The only thing she knows is to bite her lips tightly so as to not let out any sound and let people outside hear.

“Strange, why are the two of them still not back?”

At this moment within the private room, Chen Cai and the rest are still singing and drinking while they are waiting for Liu Yi and Yoko Nishikawa.

“Don’t know. But it seems like this is their first time drinking. Perhaps they will need to vomit for a while.”

Xiao Ya shakes her hand to indicate to the rest not to worry, “They are no longer kids as well, there is no need to worry.”

“Their drinking capability is too weak!”

Xiao Feng pouts, “Next time we should not drink with them.”

“That’s right, that’s right…ah, it is my turn to sing!”

Yoko Nishikawa is no longer able to care if there is anyone worrying about her as the current her is completely limp after something flows out of her countless times.

That thing that is flowing out of her body is also at a limit.

When this limit reaches the peak, the two of them have also reached the peak.

Liu Yi finally exploded as Yoko Nishikawa hugs Liu Yi’s head tightly.

Finally, she lies limply on the basin as she pants gently with a captivating gaze.

Finished…I am being eaten up just like this…

While Liu Yi retreats a few steps as many expression changes within his eyes.

Actually, along with his Yin and Yang activity, the alcohol within his body is flushed out.

But as the matter have already happened but it is not good to stop halfway, thus Liu Yi thickens his skin and continues.

Because he is able to feel that he is absorbing Yin essence from Yoko Nishikawa’s body, when this Yin essence flows into his body, he finally completely absorbed finish the dragon pearl.

After 500 years of cultivation, there is still 1% of the dragon pearl that he was unable to completely absorb. Before this Liu Yi is trying to find out the reason and now he finally understands what is going on.

So…a dragon’s nature body has this meaning!

Only through sex can he completely transform all of demon fox qi to dragon qi!

Currently, within Liu Yi’s body, a fierce dragon qi is roaring continuously as it rushes throughout his five organs and throughout all of his meridians!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and tries his best to calm down his qi and suppresses the dragon qi that might go out of control at any moment.

He feels like a bomb is installed within his body and will explode any moment.

The matter that happened in Asura Realm…must never happen again!

Mysterious Ice qi flows through his body cooling down his body.


At this moment Yoko Nishikawa tries to stand up but because her lower body is still somewhat in pain, she frowns slightly.


Liu Yi feels very embarrassed as well as somewhat guilty and hurriedly walks over to lend her a hand.

“I am sorry Student Nishikawa…that…I…”

Liu Yi also does not know what he should say, as he speaks incoherently.

Currently, Yoko Nishikawa’s skirt is messy and everything is in Liu Yi’s sight causing him to swallow his saliva.

My first time…is actually given away while I am drunk…

Indeed alcohol harms people ah!


While Yoko Nishikawa stretches out a finger and gently presses on Liu Yi’s lip.

“Do not apologize…in the future call me Yoko. If you call me Student Nishikawa again I will be mad.”

Yoko Nishikawa says gently as her face looks apologetic, “Also…Liu Yi…because of some special reasons, I temporary am unable to have a boyfriend…so…”

Do not need me to take responsibility?

Liu Yi thinks in his heart, is this the rumored sex friend?

Although it seems to be rather good… isn’t this bad?

While Liu Yi is thinking, Yoko Nishikawa starts speaking again.

“That…we better hurry back otherwise if we are late they will start to worry.”

“Oh, okay…”

At this moment what else can Liu Yi say, yeah just treat it as I have eaten a mute pill.

Yoko Nishikawa looks at the torn bra and panties by the side and picks them up with some heartache before throwing them into the rubbish bin.

At this moment she is completely not wearing anything inside and is only wearing the outerwear like skirt and shirt.

If she is not careful she might accidentally reveal everything.

“I’ll go back first…later you go back as well!”

After Yoko Nishikawa speaks finish she pushes open the toilet door and walks out.

The aura field has already disappeared, as Liu Yi watches Yoko Nishikawa who is acting like a thief he only feels like laughing.

This lass…looks like she is worried about interfering with her task thus she does not wish to date.

Talking about this, ninjas like them are rather pitiable and do not seems to have any freedom.

After around two to three minutes Liu Yi start straightening his clothes before walking back to the private room.

“What the heck boss! You have finally returned!”

Chen Cai that big mouth instantly shouts when he sees Liu Yi walking in, “After leaving for so long all of us thought that you and Nishikawa are secretly having a date!”

Sweat instantly appears on Liu Yi’s forehead while Yoko Nishikawa is somewhat unable to sit still.

Liu Yi glares harshly at Chen Cai, “Are you looking for a beating?!”


Chen Cai a cough dryly, “It is only a joke. This kind of thing even if boss wishes for it Nishikawa might not agree to it!”

That might not be true.

Although Liu Yi thinks this way he did not say it out, instead he says: “Only this fellow likes to show off. It is already not early. Should we go back already?”

“Let’s go! Time to settle the bill!”

The rest of them instantly stand up and walks out of the room.

Yoko Nishikawa walks to Liu Yi’s side and gives him a grateful look.

Just as they walk to the main lobby, a cold voice says: “Yoko Nishikawa?! Why are you here!”


Chapter 334- [Dragon’s nature body]

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