MKW Chapter 333

Chapter 333  [I am not Immortal Fox sister


“You must accept your loss when you bet!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Chen Cai do not let us sisters look down on you ah! You see Su Junping also did not say anything!”

The group of girls start giggling when Chen Cai’s face turns black.

Are you for real ah! This is my first kiss ah! Am I really giving it to a guy!

Luckily it is only kissing the face only! If it is kissing lips then Ill be finished!

Chen Cai trembles as he stares at Su Junping’s face.

But it seems like Su Junping is more nervous than Chen Cai as his hands are trembling.

“Third, third brother…you, you must take responsibility ah…”

He subconsciously blurts out.

Originally Chen Cai had drunk quite a bit on liquor already and when he hears what Su Junping says, he vomits immediately.

“What the heck third brother…you can’t be for real…am I so repulsive to you?”

“Sorry, sorry I have drunk too much…arg…”

After vomiting and finding a cleaner to clean up the area, the group of girls still do not plan to let him off and in the end, he still has to kiss Su Junping.

No choice. After all, this is the king’s game and the rules must be followed.

The group of them played a few more rounds and Liu Yi is rather lucky and did not get picked.

The rest of them are forced to dance belly dance, drink as punishment for not obeying, act like a dog, basically it is very interesting.

But it seems like lady luck will not always stand behind Liu Yi and soon it is Xiao Ye who has picked the King’s role again. It seems like she has drunk too much and has lost her reasoning as she raises and hand and excitedly shout: “Number three, number 7 kiss the lips, kiss the lips!”

Liu Yi takes a look at the number 3 chopstick in his hand stun.

What the heck…don’t tell me that Ill be kissing Su Junping okay! I’d rather die then do it!

Although I no longer have my first kiss…but kissing a guy…only Chen Cai is able to do this kind of thing!

Liu Yi nervously places his chopstick on the table before glancing around to see who he has to kiss.

Even if it is Lili, so be it. It must not even be a guy ah…

“Oh it is finally our Sir Liu’s turn!”

Xiao Fen realizes that Liu Yi is number three and instantly become slightly jealous, “Then who is number seven ah? Who is the cool one?”

She hopes that Liu Yi will pick his brothers from his dormitory.

But she did not expect that Yoko Nishikawa raises her hand while trembling.

“That…it seems like…I am number 7…”


Xiao Fen is instantly stunned and is slightly regretful of the command she has given.

But a game is game and there is no chance of regret.

Ai, I should have to ask number three to kiss me instead…mistake ah, damn it!

“If it is not okay with you then let me drink the punishment drink.”

As Liu Yi speaks he raises the beer can.

The punishment is very harsh. If you cannot do the king’s command then you must down three bottle in a row.

Even if it is the small Budweiser from KTV, downing three cans in a row is a large amount.


But surprisingly Yoko Nishikawa shakes her head, “Student Liu’s drinking capacity is not good. How can you drink so much because of me? A game is a game, we must accept the loss.”

After which she leans forward with her eyes closed as her lips move towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi almost could not hold onto the beer can.

Seeing Yoko Nishikawa’s serious manner, he is almost unable to take it.

Beauties really have destructive power ah, not to mention this beauty who is one of the top 5 beauties in Ke Da…

Looking at the red lips in front of him, Liu Yi’s mouth turns dry.

To be honest, if I say that I am not excited then it is fake. Unless I am not a man but a girl or a eunuch.

“Boss. I’ll give you a hundred to change numbers with you!”

Chen Cai is envious, jealous and regretful as he pleads with cheeks streaming with tears.

Which idiot would sell!

{Hurry and kiss ah, little fellow what are you waiting for! This is such a good chance, hehe recently your luck with girls is rather good ah. This miss is considering if I should pass you to other people.}

Liu Yi seems to be able to hear Lin Tong speaking to him by his ear.

He instantly looks around but he did not see any sign of her.

Immortal Fox sister…are you doing well at Osmanthus Flower Mountain?

“Kiss ah!”

By the side, Xiao Ya urges, “Our Yoko beauty is already sent to the side of your mouth already why are you still not eating it?!”

“That’s right, kiss ha!”

Lai Junwen sings while the women follow. Eh is woman sings while the man follows.

This devil couple…but if they marry soon then I’ll just take some losses.

When Liu Yi thinks here, he gently kisses Yoko Nishikawa on the lips.

Yoko Nishikawa’s lips are slightly cold and sweet like ice-cream.

As their four lips touches, Liu Yi is able to feel Yoko Nishikawa’s body trembles faintly.

Her first kiss ah…is taken by me in this way…

Should I hang up a nickname like first kiss killer?

Liu Yi thinks.

Before he can sample this sweet feeling more, Yoko Nishikawa has already leanes back.

Her face is completely red as she pretends to be calm.

“Ok, okay…let us continue to game…”

This lass…

Liu Yi suddenly feels that she is becoming more and more interesting.

“Continue, continue!”

Xiao Feng is unhappy as she starts to shake the cup again, and the King’s game continues on in the KTV.

After a while, as they play till they are running out of ideas, everyone is starting to be slightly bored. When Lili draws the King’s role, Xiao Ya suggests, “It is rather later already. Let us play to here. Lili, last round of King’s game you make a decision.”

Xiao Ya passes the initiative to Lili.

Lili looks at the king’s role in her hand and does not know what idea to give out.

They have basically played all of the ideas and thus she is unable to think of any good ideas.

“How about this. Let me give a romantic ending. Number one and number two, drink a cup of exchanged cup of wine! hehe…”

[TL: For chinese customs, this exchange cup is done by a groom and bride during their marriage ceremony. P.s who ever who have a better name/ correct term for this please let me know…my brain is still jammed]

Lili is rather soft-hearted and did not give a tricky command.

This should be still okay.

Liu Yi shows the number two chopstick in his hands.

Xiao Feng instantly got angry, why it is him again!

Who is number one?

“I, I am number one…”

Yoko Nishikawa places the chopsticks in her hand on the table and all of the guys send Liu Yi a gaze filled with envy, hate, and jealousy.

Why is he so lucky and always pair up with the most beautiful girl!

“I, I am not really good at drinking…”

Compared to the earlier kiss, Yoko Nishikawa seems to be even more horrified at the idea of drinking.

Xiao Ya advises, “You must accept the loss ah! It is only a cup!”

“Fine, fine then…”

Yoko Nishikawa is quite gamey as she raises her cup and glances at Liu Yi.

Luckily it is only one cup of exchange wine.

Liu Yi generously stretches out his hand and hook around Yoko Nishikawa’s arm. After which the two of them down their cup of liquor.

After Liu Yi drinks a mouthful he starts to feel that there is somewhere uncomfortable.

He has never drunk liquor before and this is his first time.

The spiciness is still okay, after all, it is only a small Budweiser and is of a lower content.

But it seems like I am somewhat unable to adapt. Although my cultivation is not weak it seems like I am not used to drinking…

It seems like the demon race is not suitable to drink liquor and I have demonic qi in my body thus I should be affected as well.

“You guys play first…I need to go to the toilet…”

Liu Yi is afraid that he might vomit like Chen Cai which is distasteful.

He stands up and walks towards the toilet.

The toilets in this KTV is like those in our home but it is not inside the private room, rather it is on the left after walking out of the private room. The design is rather special.

After Liu Yi walks into the toilet, he suddenly feels slightly better but the alcohol is starting to muddling his head…

What the heck…this alcohol…why does it affect the demon race so much? Are you for real ah?

“Why is there something wrong…”

Yan Quihong jumps out from the spirit beast space and lands on the back of Liu Yi’s hand in the form of a little black scorpion before climbing up to his shoulder.

“Your sister! You actually drank alcohol are you crazy?!”

“What, what is the matter…”

Liu Yi is starting to feel faint as he looks at the little scorpion on his shoulder and says: “I am fine ah…”

“Are you sure? Demon race is born afraid of alcohol…this toy, to us is poison ah!”

“Of course I am fine…hehe…you are looking down on me.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly before stretching out his hand to his shoulder and makes a grab.

“Eh….Qiuhong sister, you…did you learn avatar technique? Why are there two you?”

“Ah crap…you have really drunk too much!”

Qiuhong jumps onto the ground and transforms into human form.

A living beauty stands beside Liu Yi. As an Immortal pet, she is not constrained by Liu Yi’s spiritual beast shackles.

“You good-for-nothing, let me help you dissolve the alcohol!”

As Yuan Qiuhong speaks, she stretches out both hands and place on Liu Yi’s back and prepares to revolve her qi.

But at this moment the toilet door handle suddenly move.

What the, this fellow is actually so bad at holding his liquor! He actually did not lock the door!

Yuan Qiuhong hurries and turns into a black ray of light and disappears back into Liu Yi’s spiritual beast space.

When the toilet door is pushed open, Yoko Nishikawa walks in while massaging her head.

When she raises her head, she instantly sees Liu Yi.

“Ah…I had forgotten that you are also inside…”

As she speaks, she wants to retreat.

“Immortal Fox sister…don’t go…”

At this moment Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his hand and grabs hold of Yoko Nishikawa and pulls her into his embrace.


Yoko Nishikawa cries out in shock as she crashes into Liu Yi’s wide chest.

As Liu Yi embraces Yoko Nishikawa tightly, what appears in front of his eyes is the pretty face of Lin Tong.

“Student Liu…I, I am not your Immortal Fox sister ah…”

Yoko Nishikawa struggles with all her might but realises that Liu Yi’s strength is strangely large. This obviously week looking man…how on earth does he have so much strength ah…

“Immortal fox sister…”

Liu Yi takes advantage of Yoko Nishikawa raises her head and kisses her lips.

Instantly Yoko Nishikawa is shocked. In just one night this is already the second time I am being kissed on the lips by this man!

The first time is because of the game…but this second this is actually because he is drunk?

She subconsciously raises her right hand and placed at the back of Liu Yi’s throat as her finger presses against Liu Yi’s neck artery.

“I love you…”

While Liu Yi’s kiss becomes deeper after he mumbles to himself and directly uses his tongue and pry open Yoko Nishikawa’s teeth and coils around her little tongue.

At that instant, Yoko Nishikawa feels an electric shock through her.

Her hands stiffened slightly as she looks at Liu Yi who has tears around the corner of his eyes as her heart softens.

After which her body also softens…


Chapter 333- [I am not Immortal Fox sister]

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