MKW Chapter 332

Chapter 332  [King’s game


“Damn Liu Yi where the hell are you? Didn’t we agree to eat together? Why do you always make this miss wait for you! Do you have a single— ”

Liu Yi ignores that phone call.

A few days earlier he has arranged with Murong Die that after they are done with the matters in school, they will go and grab a meal together.

In the end, before it happens, he is pulled away by his dormitory’s brother to accompany Yoko Nishikawa’s dormitory sisters for a get-together.

For his dormitory big brother and old fourth’s happiness, Liu Yi can only risk his life and accompany them.

As for Chen Cai…Liu Yi feels that his happiness is too far away.

At this moment, the four of them are sitting inside a KTV. Chen Cai pulls a few of them to drink wine and play dice while Xiao Fen is singing and her voice is not that bad.

Yoko Nishikawa is sitting by the side as she watches them play dice and drink and does not understand no matter how she watches.

“Aiyah. Since you come out don’t use your phone ah!”

Xiao Fen snatches over Liu Yi’s phone and tosses it aside, “Is it your girlfriend checking on your location?”

When Liu Yi sees that the call was hung up his heart aches.

Finished, this…I have completely offended Murong Die this time around…later will be very miserable…

Brothers ah you guys really place me in a difficult spot ah.

“Second brother, you have a girlfriend?”

Su Junping who is slightly red raises his head and asks Liu Yi in shock.

“Don’t have. Don’t have…I still do not have a girlfriend.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, when am I able to escape from a bachelor status..

Xiao Fen seems to be interested in Liu Yi as she pulls Liu Yi’s hand and says cutely: “That is serious then. Come come come, come and play as well!”

“Haha, forget it…I am not good at it.”

“I can teach you ah! If I lose you can just help me drink hehe…”

“I am also bad at drinking ah…I am very obedient one ah. I have not even go to an internet cafe before ah!”

Liu Yi pets his chest and solemnly swears.

“Heng, so boring!”

Xiao Fen rolls her eyes at Liu Yi before joining the rest and play, within a short while she starts laughing loudly.


At this moment Yoko Nishikawa walks over and ask Liu Yi: “Student Liu, do you know how to sing?”

“I…its okay I guess, basically I am not in tune, haha…”

Liu Yi does not wish to expose his own singing voice…Chen Cai has said before that his is not called singing but cutting throat…

Yoko Nishikawa is slightly regretful: “That way ah…”

“Why don’t you go and play with them?”

“I don’t really know how to play…furthermore I am not really good at drinking wine…but I did not know that people from China are so open when playing.”

As Yoko Nishikawa speaks she turns around and looks at Xiao Ya who is almost about to sit within Lai Junwen’s embrace.

Lai Junwen’s face is also red but it is not because of his drinking but because of his shyness.

“Xiao Ya also seems to be a girl from northeast…oh it seems like she is interested in my big brother.”

“Yeah…yesterday we also saw that video…your dormitory big brother’s technique is very that time when Xiao Ya finished the video her eyes have already brightened up as she exclaims hehe…”

Yoko Nishikawa seems to think of her dorm sister’s embarrassment as she laughs.

That smiles is very mesmerizing, dazzling Liu Yi for a moment.

Liu Yi echoes along: “Looks like my big brother is about to get rid of his bachelor status, congratulations to him.”

“Aiyah…when can I also have a boyfriend ah…”

Yoko Nishikawa’s eyes show some longing.

“What is the matter. You did not have a boyfriend before in the past?”

“En, because of my household…because my family is very strict. My parents did allow me to have a boyfriend. But now I am in university and I am also a girl…thus I also wish to try out the feeling of first love.”

As she speaks, Yoko Nishikawa blinks her doll-like eyes and look at Liu Yi, “Student Liu have you dated a girl before? Can you tell me what does falling in love feel like?”

Falling in love?

Is little fox considered as falling in love…perhaps not.

It seems like just when there were some feelings, she had to return back to the Demon Realm.

“How do I look like I have fallen in love ah…does one-sided love count?”

Liu Yi thinks carefully. It seems like in my life I have experienced two one-sided loves.

Once is Ma Yixuan…the other time…strange why is there two times?

Who is the other person?

A fairy from Concealed Sword Palace suddenly emerges in Liu Yi’s head.

Damn it…I have really seen a ghost!

Did that woman cast a charm magic on me?!

Yoko Nishikawa asks curiously: “How does one-sided love feel like?”

“Wah! You did not even experience one-sided love before?”

Liu Yi is really shocked.

“No…I havent….”

Yoko Nishikawa shakes her head as her face turns gloomy.

Looks like it is because she needs to train in ninjutsu so she does not have time to have a relationship. Good, let me try if I am able to dig out information from her!

“This one-sided love is very bitter it is better to not love…eh, student Nishikawa, I have heard that over in Japan martial arts are very popular. Does your family also practice martial arts?”

“How is it possible. My father is an ordinary office worker only…”

Yoko Nishikawa immediately shakes her head without any unnaturalness. If it is any normal person he would have believed her acting but Liu Yi is not so easily tricked.

“It that so…then why do you want to come over here to study? Is it to find a Chinese boyfriend?”

“Also not that…I feel like Student Liu Yi trying to tease me….”

“How is that so. I am only curious only.”

“Hehe..that is good then. I only like the Chinese culture and wish to see if there is anything different from China what I understood before.”

“Oh? What does the China that you understand look like?”

“It is a dark place which is also filled with hatred.”

Yoko Nishikawa takes a deep breath before saying: “Student Liu, although I still cannot prove that if the Nanjing Massacre is truly tragic…but it is real, I represent my country and apologize to you all…”

When Liu Yi hears this he trembles slightly.

But he did not dare to have any goodwill towards Yoko Nishikawa. After all who knows if what this lass says is true or false?

This kunoichi is too good at concealing her true appearance, thus making it impossible for Liu Yi to figure out how much she says is the truth.

“But after I have come to China I feel that from what I understand of the news, there is indeed some difference in the things we learn from our class. I still love this place as well as the friends here.”

As she speaks, she smiles as she looks at the girls from her dormitory.

“They have let me feel…something that I was unable to feel in the past….”

Looks like being a kunoichi is very pitiable.

Liu Yi starts guessing.

“Oi, oi the two of you stop having a clandestine love affair with each other over there okay!”

At this moment Xiao Fen suddenly shouts, “Come over and play together!”

“We…we are not having a clandestine love affair….”

Yoko Nishikawa’s face instantly turns slightly red, “Xiao Feng stop saying nonsense…”

“Still not? I see that the two of you have been chatting with each other for nearly half a day! Quickly come over do not separate from the group. Let us play a game together!”

“What game?”

“I saw on a comic book that you guys like to play a game called the King’s game. Let’s us try and play it!”

Xiao Feng smiles merrily, “It looks to be very interesting.”

“This suggestion seems to be rather good. Praiseworthy ah!”

Chen Cai’s eyes instantly brighten, it seems like a chance to take advantage of girls is here!

“Okay, good. I also agree!”

Xiao Ya raises her hands before pointing towards the silent Lai Junwen.

“He also agrees!”

The heck…big brother is already under her sovereignty already!

Liu Yi is somewhat envious of Lai Junwen. It is only just the start of university and he already found a girlfriend. Looks like this gathering tonight is not pointless.

“Hehe, let me tell you guys the rules.”

Xiao Feng giggles as she takes out 8 chopsticks and says: “I have already made some markings on chopsticks. The one with red marking is the king! The rest of the numbers is your identity! The king can request a number or two other number to interact with each other! But nothing over the line! You guys better pay attention as we are reserved girls!”

“Okay, okay, okay. We will not be too overboard!”

Su Junping is happy that they are able to play. Living to now this is his first time playing so unreservedly with girls.

Indeed university life is good ah…

“Come, come. Let us draw the chopsticks!”

Xiao Feng places the chopsticks into the black opaque cup used for rolling the dice as she shakes it.

Afterward she places the cup on the table to let other people raw.

“Me first! Me first!”

Chen Cai excitedly picks a chopstick hoping to be able to snatch the king role.

The rest of the people also swiftly choose their own chopsticks and sits according to their number.

While Liu Yi is not in a hurry to pick. He is only here to join in the fun.

If he really wishes to cheat, it is very easy.

Little Jade has already made a marking on each of the chopsticks. No matter how the cup is shaken, it is unable to escape from Little Jade’s calculation.

As long as Liu Yi wishes to, he will be able to pick the king’s chopsticks.

But if that is the case there is not much meaning, thus he did not let Little Jade remind him and casually pick a chopstick.

En, it is not a king but number two.

The heck, why is my hand so unlucky and picked such a number.

Xiao Feng immediately ask: “Who is the king?”

“Me, me, it’s me, it’s me!”

Xiao Ya raises her chopsticks revealing the red dot on it.

“May the king gives your orders!”

“Hehe…let number 7 kiss number 8 then!”

Mischieve flashes across Xiao Ya’s eyes.

Liu Yi loosens his breath, still okay, still okay…

“Who is number 7 and number 8? Number 7 and number 8 quickly stand up! You cannot renege ah!”

Su Junping’s eyes contain some longing as he looks at the other three girls other than the king.

Although Lele is somewhat fat it is not too much.

I would not lose out no matter who kisses me…after all, after living till now I have still not been kissed by a girl before…other than my mother.

“Damn! I do not wish to live anymore!”

Chen Cai throws away his chopsticks as his head smacks against the table.

It looks like…a gay show is coming.


Chapter 332- [King’s game]

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