MKW Chapter 331

Chapter 331  [Making Friends


Chapter 331 Making friends


“You want to find a boyfriend here?”

Zhang Meixin looks at Yoko Nishikawa curiously, “The males over here are different from the guys in Japan…”

Liu Yi instantly has an evil thought but it is only a thought that he does not dare to say out.

En, for my life’s sake it is better to learn to keep my lips sealed.

“So what kind of man are you looking for do you mind telling teacher?”

Zhang Meixin’s question is also what the other guys wish to ask. Although Yoko Nishikawa is a Japanese girl she is indeed a beauty! Who does not wish to have such kind of girlfriend!

Yoko Nishikawa’s face is slightly red as she says: “The guy I wish to date…he must be gentle…furthermore he must be a hero.”

A gentle hero?

These conditions are rather special!

“Gentle is still okay.”

Zhang Meixin thinks for a while as she ponders and say: “But as for hero…it is slightly difficult. After all now is a peaceful era where do we go and find a hero.”

“I have heard of a person called Blood Emperor! I am very interested in him!”

Yoko Nishikawa’s eyes brighten up.


Zhang Meixin covers her mouth and smiles, “Little fellow you do not understand. Although Blood Emperor is powerful I have heard that he is not a hero but a criminal.”

What the…when did I turn into a criminal!

Liu Yi felt indignant. It is still better at North Dragon city. I have a lot of fans there!

The people in Jing Dou do not understand me!

“No ah. I have heard some news about him and heard that the people he killed are the bad guys.”

Yoko Nishikawa seems to have done some investigation as she is rather informed.

“This…it is also hard for us to say. Anyway, Blood Emperor is not in Jing Dou. Furthermore, that kind of person is imaginary. Teacher advises you to not consider him.”

Zhang Meixin advises, “Although there is no Blood Emperor beside us there is a rather good hero-like person. You take a look at Lai Junwen. His punches are not bad! Teacher has seen the video!”

As she speaks, Zhang Meixin glances at Liu Yi’s dormitory big brother.

Lai Junwen’s face instantly turns red as he becomes very shy.

“Nice to meet you Student Lai Junwen.”

Yoko Nishikawa greets Lai Junwen.

Lai Junwen’s face is as red as a monkey butt as he stiffly says: “Nice, nice to meet you…”

Liu Yi sighs. With such a thin skin how is he going to chase after girls?

Only people like Chen Cai with a city wall thick skin are able to get the goods.

The rest of the students do their self-introduction. As there are only 30+ students the self-introduction is done very quickly.

After all of the people have done their self-introduction, Zhang Meixin turns around and writes down a few important matters regarding the school on the blackboard. Afterward, she lets the students chat with each other to give them time to get to know each other.

Liu Yi makes use of this time and walks over to Yoko Nishikawa’s side.

This shocked Yoko Nishikawa and her dormitory mates as they did not think that there will be such a daring male student.

“What the heck. Second bro is so fierce. Is he going to start attacking now?”

Su Junping says enviously, it is a pity that my guts are small and do not dare to be like Liu Yi so daring.

“En…I am slightly afraid of girls…”

Lai Junwen dares to fight with Wu Jingjun but he does not dare to get too close to girls.

“Boss…you can’t be for real ah! You already have so many red flowers already why are you still snatching food ah…”

With great difficulty, Chen Cai manages to wake up only to see Liu Yi walking towards Yoko Nishikawa and instantly starts to feel heartache, “Forget it. It is better if I try to get our teacher Zhang instead…within this university period I must get rid of my virgin identity!”

Chen Cai has decided to die under Zhang Meixin.

When Liu Yi sits down beside Yoko Nishikawa, he instantly smells a fragrance.

His heart instantly tremble. That’s right. This is the scent that I  smelled yesterday.

Looks there is something mysterious about how Yoko Nishikawa is able to overnight with her roommates yesterday.

Liu Yi smiles gently without any evil intention as he asks: “Student Yoko Nishikawa right?”

“Right…Liu Yi right? You can just call my name. Just call me Yoko.”

The way Yoko Nishikawa speaks is completely natural and without restraint and is completely different from the kunoichi that Liu Yi meet yesterday night.

But the more it is so, the more Liu Yi is alarmed.

This kind of two-face babes are the hardest to deal with.

Furthermore, she let me call her by her by her name which has a very unordinary meaning in Japan. Only close friends are able to call each other by their name. Usually, they call each other by their surname.

“Student Nishikawa, I have heard that you played games overnight yesterday. What did you play? I am also a gamer and I want to see if we have any games in common.”

Liu Yi did not call her Yoko and keeps a slight distance.

This causes Yoko Nishikawa’s eyebrow to lift up slightly.

Perhaps based on her thinking, at this point, the male should take the initiative to pick her up. But the male student in front of her did not do that which makes her curious.

“QQ dance, it is the dormitory friends who taught me how to play…Yoko…is not really good at it…”

As she speaks, Yoko Nishikawa’s face turns red.

By her side, her dormitory friends smile and say: “Aiyah how is that so. Yoko is very good at it!”

“That’s right. She is able to follow a lot of difficult songs and does not play like a newbie!”

“That…it is you girls who are good at teaching…”

The conversation between the girls sound very normal but from Liu Yi’s point of view, there seems to be somewhat strange.

He believes in his own judgment and intuition. That scent and body figure are indeed the same as the kunoichi from yesterday night.

Liu Yi suddenly thought of a possibility as it flashes across his mind.

“That is great. Student Nishikawa, I am also very interested in that QQ dancer game. Next time if there is an opportunity bring me along to play as well. How does it sound?”

“Okay ah. I hope to interact more with student Liu as well.”

Yoko Nishikawa did not reject and very happily agrees to it.

The other male students are regretting why do they not have a thick skin.

By the side of Yoko Nishikawa, one of her dormitory sister suddenly pops out and ask straightforwardly: “Liu Yi do you have a girlfriend? If you have a girlfriend you are not allowed to tease our pure Yoko ah!”

“That’s right, that’s right. Yoko is very pure so you better not lead our Yoko astray!”

The girls start to chatter continuously.

Liu Yi looks at the slightly red-faced Japanese girl as he sneers coldly in his heart.

Is she simple and pure? If she is really simple and pure then Chen Cai is the virtuous Zhan Huo!

[TL: Zhan Huo]

Yoko Nishikawa ah, your acting is really not bad.

As for how she is able to be at the internet cafe as well as investigating the scenery district at the same time, Liu Yi has finally understood.

Avatar technique!

For a ninja who is well-versed in ninjutsu, doing a simple clone technique should be rather simple.

Wishing to use this method to escape from being a suspect? Hehe, Yoko Nishikawa ah, you are really looking down on us Dragon Group agents.

But these few girls seem to be very protective of Yoko Nishikawa.

“If you really wish to chase after our Yoko then you must first treat us to a meal!”

A fat girl steps forward and says as she smiles merrily, “If you do not treat us sisters well don’t think of chasing after our Yoko!”

“That’s right! At least it must be something decent!”

“It is such a hot day, at least there must be ice-cream!”

Just as Liu Yi praised them, the girls have instantly sold away Yoko Nishikawa.

Alright then…it seems like I am still underestimating the girls.

This kind of creature that loses blood every month is very hard to imagine or analyze with a human brain.

“Boss you are really ruthless!”

When Liu Yi returns, Chen Cai clenches his teeth and say: “To chase after girls you become interested in that QQ dancer game that you do not like!”

“Come over and chat.”

Liu Yi glares at Chen Cai before pulling him out of the classroom and walks to a corner.

“What is the matter boss, you want to teach me how to chase after girls? No need, no need. Boss, you are looking down on me. After all I, Chen Cai is a generation’s love saint!”

“I see you are the leftover of relationship! Rubbish that is leftover from a relationship!”

Liu Yi unhappily ridicules Chen Cai.

“Damn boss…why are you so angry?”

“You only know how to chase after girls. Have you forgotten about our task?”

The foreigner must not be able to get their hands on the twelve zodiac project. Liu Yi is always concern about this matter but seeing Chen Cai’s behavior, it seems like he is enjoying the university life too much and has pushed his task to the back of his brain.

“Did not forget ah. How is it possible! But there is no clue at all so I am unable to do anything ah boss…”

Chen Cai looks at Liu Yi at wit’s end.

“We already have a lead.”

As Liu Yi speaks he glances towards their classroom, “If I did not judge wrongly, that Yoko Nishikawa should be a kunoichi from Japan. Yesterday she has already found the location for the underground laboratory. If we do not care about it, the next time…she might be able to enter the laboratory.”

“What the heck boss. So you did not sleep yesterday night and went to find a girl for a wild battle?!”

“Wild battle your sister!”

Liu Yi punches Chen Cai. “Anyways, pay attention to Yoko Nishikawa. Just now I have already placed an illusion butterfly on her body. In the future, if she gets close to the laboratory, I will know immediately. I want to see what this Japan kunoichi is playing at!”

“Boss…are you sure you will not use it to peek at her bathing?”

“Peek your sister! Do not let girls muddle your brain! Do not forget how on earth did we survive that 500 years!”

“This point definitely unforgettable boss…”

“En. That is good….”

As the two of them are discussing, Su Junping excitedly rush out from the classroom and shouts towards them: “Great! This is really great!”

“What is the matter with you old four?”

“No, no…it is Yoko Nishikawa, Yoko Nishikawa ah…”

“What is the matter with her that makes you so excited? She is pole dancing in the classroom?”

“What the, second bro you are very evil…it is Yoko Nishikawa’s dormitory people who want to get to know us better!”



Chapter 331- [Making friends]

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