MKW Chapter 330

Chapter 330  [Check below


“Me this year?”

Zhang Meixin pauses for a moment as she seems to be considering whether to answer the student’s question.

But seeing the hopeful gaze, she sighs before saying: “This year I am F cup now.”

Everyone instantly collapses. What the hell, when did we ask teacher this question ah!

Liu Yi slaps his forehead, don’t tell me this teacher is a natural foolish baby!

Why is it that the big chested are all natural fools! Wang Lele is the same!

Is it destined that chest big means brainless? That is also wrong ah. This Zhang Meixin is so smart! How could she be foolish!

“Teacher…teacher I am asking your age ah…”

[TL: for those who are confuse, the word have two meaning in english depending on how it is used. 1) big, 2) old . But usually we apply the first meaning]

That student continues to raise his hand as he sprays out blood.


The teacher pointer in Zhang Meixin’s hand gently lands on that student head, “Heng, nonsense how can you randomly ask a girl for her age!”

Liu Yi is completely defeated.

I’ll be damned…can reveal bra size but not age… what kind of rule is this ah…

“If you ask again then I shall deduct points! Take note!”

Zhang Meixin warns that male student before striding back to the podium with her long legs.

Plump butt and fat breast, plump butt and fat breast ah…

Her sleek butt is also very perky and is wrapped by her short skirt revealing two pretty curves. A lot of males are secretly swallowing their saliva.

This female teacher is a bit too captivating already…

Or is it that after I have stayed in Asura Realm for 500 years I have already lost my ability to judge girls?

I should ask Chen Cai and exchange our knowledge…

Liu Yi turns around and sees Chen Cai lying on a table full of saliva and blood and is completely defeated.

Forget it. Looks like he still has strong self-control.

“From today onwards you all are my students. In the next 4 years of university life, I hope that we can help each other our. If there is anything that you do know about your studies or life you can come and ask me.”

She smiles brightly like a next-door neighbor big sister. Just as everyone is about to cry out okay, her teacher pointer bangs on the podium.

“But, one point to avoid is to cause trouble for me! Otherwise, I would not mind turning you into a specimen for our next lesson!”

Instantly all of the students start to sweat.

What the heck…this speech is too fierce already!

Liu Yi is not really shocked, one hand with the rod while the other with sweets is the way to manage people. This Zhang Meixin is not completely silly.

[KG: Also called carrot and stick method]

“Teach, Teacher Zhang…can I ask you another question…”

Chen Cai suddenly raises his right hand.

Zhang Meixin ask: “This student is your nose really alright? You have already created a miracle. Base on a medical point of view, after you have lost so much blood, by now you should be slightly faint. But from what teacher can see you are still very energetic?”

“Hehe…since I’m young my ability to make blood is very strong!”

Chen Cai smiles faintly before continuing to ask: “Then can I ask my question?”

“Ask then I am your guide. I will try my best to answer your question.”

Zhang Meixin nods her head.

“That, teacher…do you have a boyfriend?”

Chen Cai asks a question that all of the males are interested in. Instantly all of the males stare at Zhang Meixin.

Zhang Meixin blinks her pretty eyes not understanding what these students are curious about.

Are the students nowadays so gossipy?

But since he has asked, it is not something that I cannot say.

“Teacher, I ah…have indeed dated a few times before.”

Zhang Meixin presses her temple gently, “But I do not know why…later on it always failed.”

Su Junping ask curiously: “Did teacher dump them?”

“No, no. Boyfriends, these creatures is something that is hard for me to obtain how could I bear to dump them! It is them who broke up with teacher.”

Zhang Meixin’s sentence shocks all of the males in the classroom.

How is this possible! Zhang Meixin is such a beautiful lady how would there be a guy who can bear to break up with her!

Unimaginable. Really unimaginable ah!

“Okay enough discussion of teacher’s private life. Now it is time to discuss about you guys.”

Zhang Meixin does not seem to be willing to talk more about her problem as she gently claps her hands and says: “In the future, everyone will be classmates. Since we will be together for four years, first let us introduce yourselves. I will follow the namelist.”

As she speaks, she flips open her attendance book and take a look at the names.

“Oh, we actually have a top scholar from a city in Shandong! Student Huang Dianyang introduce yourself!”

Top scholar?

This name is very fresh to Liu Yi.

Actually, if he wishes to he is able to able to obtain a scholar degree. But it is a pity that during that time Lin Tong left, his condition is very bad thus he just casually answers the questions and only aims for a decent score.

While to be a top scholar from Shandong how bullish is that!

“Nice, nice to meet everyone…my name is Huang Dianyang…please advise me…”

A very honest looking man stands up and gives a very simple introduction with bashfulness and shyness.

But everyone only nods their head and glances at him casually.

Huang Dianyang’s face turns red.

Top scholar ah…this term perhaps can allow him to be somewhat famous in High school but when it comes to university, the use of it is not much.

Everything you have achieved in high school will be reset the moment you come to the university.

Here not only do they look at results, they also look at your interpersonal relationships and your ability.

Seeing that the surrounding people do not have much reaction he seems to be somewhat disappointed as he walks back.

Although he is smiling shyly, Liu Yi is able to see that his eyes contain conceit.

It is common after a top scholar is a city heaven’s son ah.

If we say he is not arrogant it is impossible! This kind of person should have received countless admiration and praise. Thus how would he not be arrogant.

Huang Dianyang gloomily sits down not saying anything else.

Zhang Meixin also did not say much like she is not really interested in the top scholar. She moves down the attendance book and continues to call out names and like Huang Dianyang they stand up and introduces themselves.

Very quickly she reaches Chen Cai’s name on the attendance list.

“Oh? Nosebleed man so you are called Chen Cai ah.”

Zhang Meixin’s giggles causing Chen Cai to nearly vomit blood.

I’ll be damned…why did I get such a nickname…

On the other hand, Liu Yi nods his head as he feels that this nickname matches Chen Cai.

Zhang Meixin says smiling: “Introduce yourself Nosebleed Man.”

“Teacher I am not nosebleed man. I come from North Dragon City! Man, not married, currently a bachelor. My goal is to marry a biological teacher as a wife!”

Chen Cai immediately says boastfully, shocking all of the males in the classroom.

Good fellow. His skin is damn thick!

“Real, really?”

What shock the males, even more, is that Zhang Meixin actually becomes excited as she holds Chen Cai’s hands and inquires: “You really wish to marry a biological teacher?”

“Yes, yes!”

Chen Cai’s eyes instantly brighten up as his blood boils.

Liu Yi by the side becomes apprehensive. What the heck! Did this fellow’s fortune in love fianlly arrived?

“You do not mind if the other side is older than you?”

“Not at all, not at all. Slighter older women are better!”

“Don’t mind if she is always dumped by other men?”

“Those men do not know how to appreciate!”

Their conversation makes a number of male envious as they are regretting why did they not thicken their skin and propose, instead they let this fellow take the advantage.

“That is great…you are too considerate…”

Zhang Meixin is very happy, “My aunt is also a biological teacher. 40+ years old but is still not married. She is almost about to try out blind dates already…later I will tell her this good news. She will definitely be excited and be unable to sleep…Chen Cai, I have a whole new level of….Chen Cai, Chen Cai? What is the matter with you?”

Chen Cai has already fainted onto the table.

Liu Yi hurries and says: “No problem. He might have slight anemia. He will be fine after a while.”

“En, en. Later I will let my aunt buy some pig’s trotters for Chen Cai to supplement…”

If that is the case, Chen Cai might really die and return to Asura Realm.

Liu Yi pats his brother’s back as he says in his heart, brother ah your luck is really rotten. It is best if you hurry and go to the temple and pray…

“Okay, let us introduce the next one…en, Liu Yi. Who is Liu Yi?”

Finally, it is my turn?

Liu Yi stands up and says faintly: “Nice to meet you everyone. My name is Liu Yi.”

Done speaking he immediately sits down.

While in university, Liu Yi does not wish to be too high profile. To be high profile is not suitable for his identity.

While he wishes to have a low profile, Zhang Meixin immediately scatters his plans.

“I recalled now. You are the Liu Yi who challenged Wu Jingjun and Wang Zhanfeng in a bar yesterday?”

At that instant, all of the students look at Liu Yi.

Even that Yoko Nishikawa also glances at Liu Yi, her cartoon-like eyes contain some other emotions.

“The one beside you should be Wu Junwen then! The two of you are not bad. Although teacher does not encourages fighting but daring to stand out and challenge your seniors lets other people’s blood boil ah, hehe…”

What the heck…this kind of things shouldn’t be said by a teacher guider ah!

“Tomorrow will be the start of the military training. It is nice the two of you can take part in it and train yourselves. You must not throw away our biological course’s face!”

Zhang Meixin narrows her eyes at Liu Yi and Lai Junwen, “If you throw our face…hehe…”

The teacher pointer in her hand warps slightly as Liu Yi felt a killing intent.

This…is this still the earlier Teacher Zhang….

Why is it that she has become so scary in an instant.

“Okay, next…this one is our exchange student, Yoko Nishikawa.”

“Nice to meet you everyone my name is Yoko Nishikawa and I come from Tokyo.”

The Japanese doll finally stands up and does her self-introduction. “I like China and like the culture here…and finally I wish to find a boyfriend that I can date here.”

These spoken words shock everyone!


Chapter 330- [Yoko wants a boyfriend]

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