MKW Chapter 33

Chapter 33  [Title below]


Liu Yi hastily went downstairs. In his pocket is his tomorrow’s lunch money that his mother gave him.

Looks like tomorrow afternoon I will be hungry again. Looks like the heavens wish to let me, Liu Yi, to lose weight ah.

Originally I am already skinny enough, perhaps after this, I will become skeletons.

But who would have thought that Ma Yuanyuan would actually request me for help?

This is the first time in a thousand years ah!

Liu Yi walks downstairs to the small store below.

“Boss…where are the sanitary towels…”

Liu Yi had never bought before sanitary towels thus he does not know how does this thing looks like.

He lower around the store a few times and does not know where is the thing he is supposed to buy.

“It is over that row.”

The aunty manning the cashier gives Liu Yi a weird look and points at the goods rack by the side.

Liu Yi lets out a sigh of relief and walks over.

On it is colorful sanitary towels packaging of all kinds of brands, instantly causing Liu Yi to be dazzled.

He picks one and immediately walks over to the counter.

Seeing the item in Liu Yi’s hand, the aunty says, “This is a protection pad, not a sanitary pad.”

Liu Yi nearly fainted, “What, this…”

“The first time buying right.”

The aunty clucks lightly. Her gaze towards Liu Yi is very weird, making him wish to bury his head into a crack.

“Use this one. Space 7-day sanitary napkin. My daughter also uses this brand.”

Looking at the pink packaging Liu Yi ask, “How much…”

“8 dollars.”

“This….is, is there anything cheaper…”

The aunty gives Liu Yi a disdainful look before taking a package that Liu Yi does not recognize and tossed in front of him.

“This one is 3 dollars.”

“Is…is there anything even cheaper…”

“Little fellow, what you are doing is not right!”

The aunty instantly starts criticizing, “Girls need to be protected! This kind of item is used once every month, you should protect the girl better!”

Bullshit…in my pocket there is only ten dollars.

Liu Yi makes a bitter face.

Facing that aunty’s criticism, he thickens his face and asks, “Is there…really nothing cheaper….”

“Take this!”

The aunty is angry as she tosses out a half a roll of toilet paper.

“I’ll gift this to you! Take it, go back and improvise yourself!”

“Give, give me that 3 dollar one….”

Liu Yi’s face is almost completely red.

Bullshit….it is not me who is using it!

It is Ma Yuanyuan that demonic girl who needs to use!

He takes the sanitary napkin and hands over the money before walking out resentfully.

What is this luck of mine ah…?

Got completely upset by Ma Yixuan then got tormented by her sister.

But after all, I did see and touch Ma Yuanyuan’s butt….alas, it seems like I did not lose out!

While Liu Yi is having random thoughts, he walks out of this small shop.

After walking out two steps he suddenly has a strange feeling.

It is like there is something looking at me from the roof by the side…

Liu Yi raises his head to looks in the direction of the roof.

A full moon is hanging over the edge of the building. The scene is not bad and there does not seem to be anything peculiar.

Strange…could it be that I am thinking too much?

Liu Yi shakes his head and says in his heart, I am really overly suspicious today.

He turns around and prepares to leave when suddenly in front of him a white human figure appears!

Mother ah!

Liu Yi lets out a cry and tosses the sanitary napkin into the sky as he retreats a few steps!

The white figure in front stretches out a hand and grabs hold of that sanitary napkin pack firmly. She takes a look at it curiously!

Borrowing the moonlight, only then did Liu Yi sees that girl’s figure clearly!

Red lips, white teeth, fluttering black hair!

How is this a female ghost! This is obviously a beautiful girl!

This beauty looks to also be around 17 years old. Her long back hair hanging down like a waterfall. A silver ribbon ties the ends of her hair together giving the center of her long hair looks very luxuriant and very nice to look at.

But what is lacking among this beauty is her chest….is seems to be a bit small…

She is wearing a white long skirt, very clean without a bit of dust.

Her watery eyes seem to carry a wisp of immortal qi, unpolluted by a single bit of the mundane world. It instantly causes Liu Yi to nearly fall into it.

At this moment that watery eyes are looking at the sanitary pack that Liu Yi had bought.

“This thing…what is it used for…could it be a kind of food?”

Hearing the beauty’s words, Liu Yi instantly starts sweating.

How can this toy be eaten!

Wouldn’t you be choked to death on it!

Liu Yi is afraid that someone might die and immediately stretches out his hand to grab back the pack of sanitary packs.

At the same time he is still curious, such a big girl how come she still does not know about sanitary pad?

Liu Yi’s hand grab the air. Although the beauty seems to be weak, her movements are very agile. She moves backward slightly dodging Liu Yi’s hand.

“How can you be so miserly. This good thing let us all eat together…my master said before that it is best to share!”

“Sweat! This is not for eating!”

“Seeing how anxious you are, it is definitely very nice to eat!”

That beauty becomes even more curious as she stretches out her hand to try and open the sanitary napkin packaging.

Bullshit! How can this be! It is 3 dollars!

If you spoiled it I still have to rebuy it!

I am a poor person ah!

Liu Yi instantly becomes anxious as he stretches out his hands to snatch back.

But that beauty did not move at all, just her arms keep dodging let and right, easily evading all kind of Liu Yi’s snatching action.

“You forced me!”

Liu Yi becomes anxious as the red qi flow in his body suddenly speeds up stimulating Liu Yi’s strength and speed.

The beauty in front of him got a shock as she stares at Liu Yi blankly, not even noticing that the item in her hand got stolen away.

“You, you…”

“What is the matter with me, it is you who snatched my item okay!”

Liu Yi feels that this beauty is perfect is everywhere, just that her thoughts are slightly not regular.

But he feels like her voice, as well as that fragrance from her body, is really familiar…

Where did I get acquainted with it…just where…

“I said it before…why does it seem like there is a faint demon qi in the north…so it was really emitted by you…gods…looks like this time round it will be really troublesome…”

The beauty makes a bitter face as she looks at him in worry.

Demon qi…is pointing at me?

What a joke I am obviously a cultivator! Where did the demon qi come from!

But who is this beauty…how did she know so much?

Could she be a person from the cultivation world?

Liu Yi becomes vigilant.

“Looks like that demon is haunting your body! I must capture her out!”

The beauty’s sight suddenly lands on Liu Yi’s right hand.

Liu Yi instantly subconsciously hides his right hand behind him.

This beauty what does she want to do?

“Oi, what do you want to do?”

Seeing Liu Yi covering up, the beauty cannot help but says apprehensively, “This miss is trying to help you okay! This kind of thing is not something a mortal like you can cultivate!”

“What cannot be cultivated by us mortals?”

“Don’t think about it. You are just an ordinary mortal. Just live your mortal life! How can this thing be something that you cultivate, what a joke!”

Liu Yi completely understands.

This beauty is definitely from the cultivation world,  but it seems like she is looking down on me!

Liu Yi instantly becomes unhappy and says, “How can you be like this! What does me cultivating have to do with you!”

“Who says that mortals cannot cultivate! Who says that I must live an ordinary life! I,Liu Yi will definitely live and show you guys who look down on me!”

The beauty seems to have been wrongly accused as she says, “Who looks down on you!”

“You are not looking down on me?”

“Of course! I don’t even know you, strangers coming together by chance, what is there for me to look down on you! Who are you ah!”

The beauty’s word instantly pierces Liu Yi’s heart.

Damn it how can there be an even injuring words.

“Oi…why do I feel like your words are strange…oi! Don’t go ah! Hand over that fellow in your hand!”

The beauty becomes anxious. She originally wished to save people that’s all and did not expect that this matter will have some oddities.

This young fellow in front actually cultivated demon qi!

Furthermore, it is a type of very powerful demon qi!

This causes her to be very anxious.

If she continues to let this develop on…she also does not know what the result will be!

Because in history there had never been a person who is able to cultivate demon qi!

This…thinking about it is basically not possible!

But why….is this youngster in front able to cultivate it!

“What are you doing!”

Seeing that beauty is still thinking of taking action against his right hand, Liu Yi immediately dodges her and ask warningly, “Just what do you want to do to me?”

The beauty says solemnly, “You are just a mortal, that’s all. Relax I will not do anything to you.”

“I only want to capture the thing in your hand and then cripple this strength that should not belong in your body and let you return back to a mortal that’s all.”

“Based on what! This strength is mine, no one can take it away!”

Liu Yi then does not wish to bother about this beauty that seems to be crazy. His left hand is holding the sanitary napkin pack as he turns around and runs.

But just as he turned around that beauty wearing a white skirt is actually standing in front of him.

Gods! What is this speed! When did she come over!

Liu Yi is very shocked and feels numb all over his body.

He retreats a few steps while that beauty stretches out her hand.

Her left-hand grabs hold of Liu Yi’s right hand.

“Let me capture this demon o…ut…”

The moment she holds onto Liu Yi’s right hand, the beauty suddenly feels her body turning soft as her gaze turns lustful.

Her eyes become even more watery as her lower body suddenly seems to become damp.

There is also an itchy feeling….

This…cultivating for so long…this is the first time I had this feeling…

The beauty instantly clamps her legs together and sits on the ground!

This lass fell into the trap!

Liu Yi is delighted. Taking advantage of the beauty’s body turning soft, he instantly escapes.

The beauty sits on the ground as her body shivers slightly but she says stubbornly, “Da…damn it….he actually dares to….plot…plot against me…let…let me Gu Yu capture…capture you…I…will definitely…definitely not…let you off…”


Chapter 33  [Immortal fairy also falls for it]

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