MKW Chapter 328

Chapter 328  [Japanese Junoichi Soldier


Liu Yi secretly chases after that figure and follows into the inner part of the forest.

The figure seems to be small and short but his speed is not slow. In the night he is like ghost shuttling through and fro. That person is wearing completely black clothing and his face is covered with a mask and is unable to see who it is.

Liu Yi is able to smell a fragrant smell from the night wind, is this figure a girl?

In the middle of the night this girl who comes to the scenery district to be hero…tsk, tsk, this person is definitely not a good person.

Liu Yi moves lightly as he chases after the girl.

Very quickly the girl reaches the artificial lake and stops there as she gazes at the calm lake water.

Liu Yi’s intuition is also pointing in this direction, perhaps the underground laboratory is built within the artificial lake?

This has a rather high possibility!

The girl stands by the lake and says: “Yoshi!” [means okay in japanese]

What the! A Japanese!

Liu Yi instantly becomes vigilant as he starts to carefully observe the girl.

The girl does not seem to be taller than 1.6meters and looks to be around 1.55meters.

Her figure is rather good, front and back protruding.

If only she was taller, it would be better.

But when he thinks of girls from the Japan Liu Yi does not dare to have too high of a standard. So be it if she is short, at least she looks like a Loli.

The Japanese girl stands by the lake as her hands start to form some weird hand seals.

Gradually the originally calm lake water starts to bubbles.

Just like a person pulling apart window curtains, the lake water is split into two and exposes the center of the lake bed.

The lake bed is very clean and does not have a single fish or prawn, instead, it reveals some metal gloss.


The girl says a string of Japanese words which Liu Yi does not understand and immediately asked Little Jade to translate the words.

Little Jade is indeed the most powerful artificial intelligence, very swiftly the girl’s voice is translated into Chinese.

“So it really here. Looks like the information is correct. But tonight is not the time to take action there will definitely be people guarding here…I need to get more information first.”

She swiftly forms new hand seals and the lake water returned back to normal.

“Master, it is kunoichi’s soldier water ninja arts.”

Little Jade’s database records a complete information of ninjas which she immediately passes it to Liu Yi.

Ninjas…japan’s strongest special soldier.

Liu Yi knows in his heart, but he cannot let the ninja come and go as she please.

After all, this is China’s territory!

After gathering the data, the Japanese girl prepares to leave. She turns around and got a huge shock because standing in front of her is a man wearing black armor like a statue glaring coldly at her.

“Who are you!”

The Japanese girl cries out in shock as her hands move to her back.

-dang, dang, dang-

Liu Yi did not reply, instead, his right-hand start waving around blocking the ninja stars that the Japanese girl instantly threw at him.

This girl is so fierce ah, her move is so black-hearted!

“Your Japanese people indeed really know manners. But here is not your territory thus let’s not talk about how you treat guests.”

As Liu Yi speaks, his right-hand takes out his Scorpion Tail Lance and waves it around before saying: “We do not welcome you here. Since you have come then you shall not leave here alive.”

“You uses Japanese to talk with me? Are you a special agent from Dragon Group?”

The Japanese girl observes Liu Yi vigilantly as she asks: “Or are you another country’s special agent…if you are a special agent from another country then we are not enemies and perhaps we can work together.”

“Looks like we do not have the opportunity to work together.”

Liu Yi lets Little Jade turn off the auto-translation of his spoken words to other language and replies in Chinese: “But I do not mind digging a grave for you.”

“Go and die!”

Knowing that the opponent is an agent from Dragon Group, the Japanese girl did not speak anymore and her hands move swiftly.

Instantly water arrows shoot out from the lake towards Liu Yi.

“A water ninja eh.”

Liu Yi is calm as he swings his lance, sending out a qi wave that instantly breaks the water arrows.

“Nothing at all.”

As he is speaking his figure suddenly appears in front of the Japanese girl as his lance pierces through her belly.

-Pa ka!-

In the end, a broken tree trunk lands on the ground as the girl disappears.

“Substitution technique?”

Liu Yi smiles, “You guys have indeed stolen a number of interesting things from us.”

“Damn you, this is originally our ninja arts!”

A girl’s voice resounds from the surrounding woods in all direction rejecting Liu Yi’s words.

“True or not you know in your heart.”

Liu Yi stands still not moving at all.

“Damn you! Go and die!”

The Japanese kunoichi seems to be angered as ninja darts flies out from the forest in all direction towards him like an inescapable net.

“These kind of parlor tricks are useless. Normal ninja techniques are pointless.”

Liu Yi did not move as he stands there.

When the ninja darts land on his armor, they are instantly sent flying away, ding dang, ding dang as they great sparks.

With the protection of Monarch armor, these kinds of ninja darts are unable to injure Liu Yi.

“Stop using tricks. Girl, take out your real abilities.”

Liu Yi looks towards a direction in the forest and says faintly: “Warming up should have ended already, right?”

“Don’t look down on us ninjas!”

[TL: honestly speak…real ninjas would not even have replied…99% chance is they would have immediately escaped after the first attack…]

As they are speaking, the lake water behind Liu Yi starts to have changed.

A 10m long water dragon rushes out from the lake as it charges towards Li Yi.

“This is much more interesting…”

Liu Yi nods his head as he pierces the lance onto the ground as he punches with his right fist towards the water dragon.

{Illusion extermination!}

Within a radius of 50meters Liu Yi able to hit anywhere he intends to.


The water dragon in the air instantly exploded and turns into water waves as it crashes onto the ground.

As the water splashes onto the ground, the aura from Liu Yi blocks them from touching him.

“Too easy, it is also not that interesting.”

The kunoichi that is hidden in the forest is shocked. This is one of my strongest technique and it is actually so easily resolved?

How is this possible!

How strong is that man! When did such a strong expert appear in Dragon Group?

Isn’t the Dragon Group’s agents stationed here possess the strength of their second group?

But this person has the strength of their first group!

This matter is strange.

Weren’t all of the group one agents were sent to take part in another task? Where on earth did this fellow appear from!

“What is the point of hiding girl, come out and meet face to face.”

As Liu Yi speaks he points towards a direction.

A five color chain instantly flies out towards the forest and ties up the kunoichi firmly before dragging her out.

The kunoichi is shocked as she did not expect herself to be found!

“Don’t be shy. Let me take a look how beautiful you are girl.”

As Liu Yi speaks he stretches out his hand towards the mask of the kunoichi.

At this moment the bottom of the kunoichi mask suddenly lifts up as a beautiful mouth shoots out an azure water arrow.

The water arrow’s speed is very fast and pierces Liu Yi’s throat.

That is also the only place that is not protected by Monarch armor.

The kunoichi is originally very confident as her surprise attack will definitely be able to kill the Dragon Group’s agent!

It must be said that what ninjas are best at, is assassination! Within that water arrow also contains poison. Even if it is unable to pierce through the enemy’s throat as long as it manages to touch the skin slightly it will also be able to claim his life!

But out of her expectation, when the water arrow pierces through the enemy’s throat, his figure dissipates and disappears from her sight.

“Your method is indeed very vicious. Indeed you are a shameful ninja.”

Liu Yi’s voice sounds out from behind the kunoichi causing her to start sweating.

His speed…is actually so fast!

It is obvious that he is wearing a damn heavy armor ah!

“I can accompany you to play a whole night.”

Liu Yi is like a predator playing with his prey as he watches the kunoichi.

In the Asura realm, Liu Yi has seen before all kind of diverse enemy.

There are the cruel ones, cunning ones, undying ones…basically, he has seen all kinds.

Liu Yi is already numb to combat. Thus he starts to treat combat as a game thus allowing him to persevere in the Asura realm for 500 years.

“But I will definitely expose your identity.”

Liu Yi’s voice causes the kunoichi to be slightly depressed.

Unable to escape? No! No matter what I must escape!

“Water escape!”

Unexpectedly the kunoichi who is tied up suddenly turns into water and splashes onto the ground before reforming into a human figure and escapes.

You will not be able to escape.

Liu Yi keeps his Scorpion Tail Lance and starts to chase after the kunoichi.

As the kunoichi runs she keeps throwing ninja darts backward towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi keeps hitting away the ninja darts as he thinks, this girl’s technique is rather good.


After a while, the kunoichi realizes that she is still not able to throw off the armored person thus she changes her technique to a piercing one.

Water shells start to floats up and with the kunoichi gesture, they shoot towards Liu Yi.

-boom, boom, boom-

The concentrated amount of water shells smashes onto Liu Yi and exploded causing Liu Yi to retreat a few steps.

What a strong technique! But it is nothing much.

Very quickly Liu Yi stabilizes himself and prepares to chase after the girl.

At this moment a few of the water shell seems to fly off course due to the kunoichi’s rushed attack and fly far away to the side.

While a pair of lovebirds are hiding in the part of the forest where the water shell is heading towards.

“No good!”

The kunoichi exclaims as she immediately cancels her technique and continues to escape.

Liu Yi is stunned for a moment as he stops his step.

This girl actually did not kill people?

Looks like she is not really evil…since that is the case why don’t I just give her a path to live for now and see what actions she takes next.

But I will definitely find out your real identity.



Chapter 328- [Japanese Kunoichi Soldier]

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