MKW Chapter 327

Chapter 327  [Forest


Only when everyone in the dormitory is asleep did Liu Yi jump out of the third-floor window.

At 11 pm in Ke Da, all of the lights will be turned off to implement a night ban.

Within the school, only a few of the self-study rooms would have basic electricity to allow those who love to study to use.

While Liu Yi is naturally not going to self-study but to explore around.

He enters the night sky and immediately puts on Monarch armor.

The black armor is the most suitable armor to protect him in the night.

He is like a specter in the night weaving through the campus.

Ke Da is not small at all and is like a small city. There are a number of school buildings as well as scenery which allow the students to rest.

Currently, Liu Yi plans to find the rumored secret laboratory in Ke Da.

{Little Jade find the place where the school’s signal is most concentrated.}

Liu Yi stands on top of a streetlamp and gives his Ai an order.

{Understood master. I start checking now.}

Little Jade immediately reply before starting to investigate.

Very quickly the whole school map appears in front of Liu Yi.

The map appears in front of Liu Yi in 3D format.

Liu Yi takes a looks at it appears that the concentration of signals is from the school’s dormitory buildings.

Looks like even though it is lights out a lot of students still enjoy their nightlife in their own ways.

Even old four Su Junping also chats with his mother for almost an hour after lights out…sweat, the other brothers are also suspicious that he has an Oedipus complex.

[TL: Basically it is a child’s desire to his/her opposite sex parent and anger/hatred towards the same sex parent.]

It will be hard to investigate this way…looks like the secret laboratory should be using some methods to hide its signals.

Liu Yi starts pondering on top of the lamppost.

{Little Jade give me a map of the underground heat sources.}

Liu Yi has no other choice but to use other methods to search.


Little Jade’s ability activates again as signal ripples spread out, covering the entire school campus.

Very quickly the signals returns and when Liu Yi takes a look, damn it the underground heat is all very low and there isn’t any special area.

Something is wrong…there must be a way to find it.

Liu Yi frowns and he suddenly thought of something.

Right! Since it is an underground laboratory it must have some special protection…

Liu Yi lands on the ground and punches the ground lightly.

The thick cement trembles slightly from Liu Yi’s punch.

At that instant within Ke Da occurs a minor earthquake.

But no one notices the gentle earthquake because only two lights tremble before everything went back to normal.

A lot of people are still in deep sleep and did not wake up.

{Earlier which place is not affected by the trembles. Show me the analysis diagram.}

Liu Yi instructed and Little Jade immediately display the analysis diagram.

Liu Yi takes a look at the analysis diagram and within the whole Ke Da under the scenery district underground there is a very large vacuum zone.

This vacuum zone is naturally not affected by the earthquake.

Based on Liu Yi’s speculation, since Ke Da has established this underground laboratory, they will definitely set up shockproof against earthquake.

Such an important laboratory even if a nuclear warhead is fired on it, it will not be affected! Thus Liu Yi created a small earthquake and is easily able to find the location of the secret laboratory.

Scenery district eh…since it is so late already there might be a few wild mandarin ducks around there.

When Liu Yi thinks of it, he sighs.

Aiyah what a good thing it would be if I could have a romantic relationship with a junior sister in the small forest in school.

Such a pity I can only be by my lonely self! Even if I call someone to accompany me it is only Chen Cai that guy!

Comparing two men walking around in the night, Liu Yi feels that it is better for him to go on his own.

He moves swiftly and jumps up to the top of a lamppost by the side and continues moving swiftly.

Although Ke Da is very big with Liu Yi’s speed, it is nothing much. With a few leaps, he has already reached the lush green forest.

The forest isn’t small at all and inside the forest seems to have an artificial lake.

Standing there Liu Yi is able to sense the fresh scent of the lake.

He takes a deep breath and senses several scents hidden within the forest.

And all are in pairs. Indeed there are wild mandarin ducks in the forest.

Liu Yi moves gently so as to prevent startling the wild mandarin duck and scaring the man to some problems.

Liu Yi walks into the forest when he suddenly hears a barely discernible voice.

“Senior brother…senior brother…I, we cannot like this…”

It is a girl’s sweet voice, which makes people’s blood boil.

“No problem…junior sister I will take care of you…”

A man starts speaking and Liu Yi listen carefully. What the heck isn’t it our Senior Wang!

What a good fellow. In the morning after he has just finished chasing after Wang Yuzheng at night, he brings other junior sisters to the little forest to be happy.

What a good fellow! How carefree he is ah!

Liu Yi can only give a thumbs up.

“But…but…senior brother…wu, first, first do eat there…I, I don’t have the energy to speak anymore…”

That junior sister’s voice really lets people imagination runs wild ah…

“No problems. You say what you want to say I eat what I want to eat. There is no interference…”

Wow, this Wang Zhanfeng indeed is good. Really worthy of me to learn.

“Senior brother…you, you really like me….”

“Of course, junior sister is so pretty and cute how would I not like you!”

“But, but…I have heard…senior brother, today senior brother is chasing after Wang Yuzheng…”

Indeed it is news ah, it spread around so quickly.

“Ai, junior sister ah how can you believe those kinds of gossip! How would I Wang Zhanfeng like Wang Yuzheng! How is that bitch comparable to you!”

“Hehe, senior brother…I know what you have good eyes…I, it is my first time…senior brother you need to be gentle…”

“Okay junior sister let’s not care about Wang Yuzheng that bitch. Senior brother is coming…”

Looks like the two of them are about to get into action.

But Liu Yi has decided not to let Wang Zhanfeng enjoy it.

F*** you! You chase girls then chase girls why the heck are you scolding our Wang Yuzheng for!

This kind of rubbish man if I let you off then I am letting down a lot of women!

Liu Yi smiles faintly as he stretches out his hand and summons out his Monarch axe.

Senior Wang ah Senior Wang. Today I have enjoyed your care so it should be my turn to return it back to you.

“Junior sister…senior brother is coming in now…”


Just as Wang Zhanfeng is about to take the junior sister that he had just chased, a black figure suddenly jumps out holding an axe and says fiercely: “Both of you do not move! Hand over all of your money!”


On the junior sister’s body is a skirt, her lower half of her body is bare. Her lower body is also lifted up as she prepares to have sex.

When she sees a person suddenly jumping out her face turns white in fright and shriek.

While Wang Zhanfeng’s lower body trembles and immediately softens!

He holds his trousers as he stands up trembling badly as he looks at the fierce looking black armored man behind him.

The armored man is holding a sharp axe and is very scary looking.

When has Wang Zhanfeng experience such kind of situation before as his face turn green with fright and he feel like he is able to lose control of his bladder.

Liu Yi raises his axe and says fiercely: “F**-ing wear your trousers properly! I want to rob fortunes not sex!”

“Ah, ah….”

Wang Zhanfeng hurries and puts on his trousers while the junior sister lowers her skirt while crying.

“Stop your bloody crying! It is making me annoying! Be careful I’ll chop you up!”

Liu Yi is worried that the girl might cry and attract people over thus says in this manner.

The junior sister instantly stops crying from fear.

“Take out all of your money then you guys can scram!”

“I, I don’t have money…”

Wang Zhanfeng scowls as he still owes people money, thus how is he able to magic out money.

Liu Yi smiles faintly and says: “No money? Since you have no money then you can leave behind your girl and let me be happy!”

“Okay, okay. Then it is settled…”

Wang Zhanfeng immediately nods his head and agree without any moral integrity.

“Senior brother you!”

The junior sister’s face turns even paler as she did not expect Wang Zhanfeng is this kind of person.

“Be obedient…junior sister after all you are also not at any disadvantage. After this senior brother will help you buy oral contraceptive medication…”

“You, you…”

The junior sister starts trembling with anger as she does not know what to say.

“Why are you still not scramming and hindering my matter!”

Liu Yi raises his axe and chops down on a coarse tree.

The tree trunk trembles as it’s leaves start to fall scaring Wang Zhanfeng so badly that he peed in his pants.

He is almost crawling out of the forest as he escapes.

The junior sister watches him run away as her tears start falling like rain.

Finished! This time around I am really finished.

Out of her expectation, the figure removes his axe from the tree trunk and says: “You can go.”


The junior sister is shocked as she did not expect that the unknown person did not take her.

This is not science ah…

“I said to go, did you not hear it!”

Liu Yi secretly rolls his eyes and says in his heart, this lass is so stupid…I let her go but she does not want to go.

“You…why are you letting me fo?”

The junior sister ask: “Is it because I am not pretty?”

“What the…there is no link!”

“Then is it that you are unable to?”

“Do you wish to die?”

Liu Yi chops the tree beside him in half.

The junior sister starts trembling from fear and immediately ask: “Then why…”

“I just want to tell you what kind of man is not trustable!”

Liu Yi snorts, “Next time when you choose a man to be more alert. Goodbye.”

Liu Yi is too lazy to care about that junior sister anymore as he still has more important things to do.

Thus he moves quickly and immediately disappears from the junior sister’s sight.


The junior sister cries out in shock as she thought that she had met a ghost.

“I should settle my next matter.”

Liu Yi takes a look at the map in front of him as he decides on the next place to go to.

Wang Zhanfeng ah Wang Zhanfeng if you are really scared until you become unable to like Ling Huayan then do not blame me ah it is you who are asking for it.

Liu Yi walks towards the center of the scenery district as he faintly feels that a certain place should have an entrance.

At this moment a black figure appears from another part of the forest and returns back to the inner part of the forest.

There is another person?

Hehe…looks like this matter is becoming interesting.



Chapter 327- [Forest]

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