MKW Chapter 326

Chapter 326  [It turn famour


“Just now was really a fun fight!”

“That’s right. Big brother, you are way too cool!”

After walking out of the bar, Liu Yi compliments Lai Junwen.

While Su Junping praises Lai Junwen with a red face, “When we return to the dormitory you must teach me!”

“Not a problem. Not a problem.”

Lai Junwen nods his head, “We are brothers. I will definitely teach you guys. This Luohan 18 fist is actually very simple and you guys will be able to learn it very easily.”

Although Lai Junwen says so Liu Yi knows the truth in his head. When is learning martial arts easy, nor is it within a day and night! Although the techniques are easy to learn but to train it up to Lai Junwen’s strength, without many years of training it is impossible,

But to use it for strengthening body it is alright but to us, to deal with experts it is impossible.

I should learn this Luohan 18 fist to strengthen my body as well as a close combat martial arts. Other than Glorious Sun Palm and Spirit Fox Step I should also research on other martial arts.

Just as they are about to return to their dormitory, from the bar ran out a person who immediately blocks them.

“These few junior brothers please don’t go yet!”

A tall and skinny man stands in front of them and watches Lai Junwen like he is his missing finance.

Liu Yi shivers. This guy is not a gay right?

He moves slightly away from him just in case he got pulled in!

“What do you want?”

Lai Junwen ask as he watches that man vigilantly.

“Ah junior brothers do not misunderstand please do not misunderstand ah!”

The man immediately says: “I am Yu Haitao. Club leader for Ke Da’s martial arts club! Earlier I have seen this junior brother’s techniques and it is very marvelous! I really appreciate talent thus I chased after you guys. Junior brother, you are called Lai Junwen right? Are you interested in joining our martial arts Club?”

Yu Haitao stretches out his hand in expectation hoping to invite Lai Junwen.

Lai Junwen scratches his head as he glances at Liu Yi.

After what has happned in the bar earlier everyone seems to have taken Liu Yi as the leader of their little group.

Although Lai Junwen is the big brother in the dormitory he is too simple and honest.

Even earlier when they are playing LOL it is Liu Yi who is directing them.

Liu Yi is able to see from Lai Junwen’s expression that he is troubled thus he help him say: “I don’t think it is a good idea honestly. Our big brother only lends a helping hand to help out and it does not seem like he has thoughts of joining the martial arts club.”

“Don’t be like this…joining our martial arts club is also to strengthen our Chinese martial arts ah!”

Yu Haitao pats his chest and says in righteousness.

Lai Junwen is still somewhat troubled. Although he is quite good in his kungfu he really does not wish to fight.

He fought today because he wants to protect Liu Yi as his brothers cannot be bullied!

“That…recently there is this saying, learning martial arts can slim down…thus this year there are a number of beautiful junior sisters who joined our martial arts club…”

Yu Haitao seeing the situation added a sentence.

“That, strengthen our Chinese martial arts is a glorious mission of us martial artists!”

Before Liu Yi is able to speak up, Lai Junwen already pats his chest and learns from that Yu Haitao’ appearance and say: “President. In the future, you are my close president!”

What the heck!

What rubbish moral principles is this ah!

Liu Yi is stunned as he did not expect that his dormitory big brother would have such a shameless side.

I really cannot look down on Sandong men ah!

Su Junping by the side asks weakly: “I, can we join as well?”

“Of course, of course, you guys can join. Our martial arts association does not need you to be an expert to be able to join. You guys can also join us and learn martial arts as well! We must let the glory of martial arts spread throughout Ke Da! And make those damn karate clubs, taekwondo clubs and kendo clubs cry by the side!”

Yu Haitao says in aggravation.

The most popular martial arts clubs have always been these three.

Their martial arts club has very few people. Although there are a few junior sisters who wish to slim down they do not have the heart to learn martial arts.

Hai, to strength our martial arts club, is really difficult!

But seeing Lai Junwen’s kungfu today, Yu Haitao feels that the opportunity has come!

“Okay president. You can leave it to us regarding the matter of strengthening our martial arts club!”

Lai Junwen nods his head.

“En, then that’s all for now. After the military training has ended, the clubs still start their recruitment. Remember to come and look for us to register!”

Yu Haitao exchanges number with Lai Junwen before happily walking away.

“Looks like our big brother will become famous in future.”

Su Junping says: “Ke Da’s news is very fast !”

“How is it possible…it was only a fight in the bar how would it be on fire…”

Lai Junwen is somewhat apprehensive. It seems like he does not like being famous.

“When we go back to our dormitory we will know.”

The four of them brave the rain as they return back to the dormitory.

Su Junping immediately opens his computer and opens the school BBS.

“Big brother you see you see. A video of your fight has been uploaded! As well as the bet that the four of you have made. Wow! There are already people online voting!”

Liu Yi glances over and sees a newly posted post.

“Year one new student beat Wu Jingjun till he looks for his teeth all over the ground to attract attention from the school’s flower.”

Lai Junwen blinks, “When did I even beat Yu Jingjun?!”

“Big brother you don’t understand. This is call clickbait.”

Su Junping smiles faintly before saying: “It is relying on this to attract people to take a look at the details. Big brother, you see you are so cool during the fight! In the future, I also want to become that way, no one will dare to bully me! Hahahaha!”

“Relax with us around no one will dare to bully you.”

Liu Yi pats Su Junping on his shoulder, “You think our dormitory is decorative vase?”

“Hehe, university dormitory is indeed quite good!”

Su Junping sighs in sorrow before continuing to scroll down the post.

Below the post also talks about the bet between Liu Yi and Wang Zhanfeng making a lot of people reply to the post.

“Nowadays the new year one students are so brave ah!”

“Those that are born in the year of the cow do not fear the tiger ah!”

“Since the past, the third place is for idiots!”

[TL: basically in the forums, there are people trying to snatch first/second to post and post the second/third poster is an idiot but they accidentally become the second/third poster themselves thus end up calling themselves the idiot.]

“Haha, the third poster stabbed himself!”

“I am here to see the handsome boy! Lai Junwen is very handsome. Which major does he come from? I want to chase him!”

“Above seems to be a year four thirsty senior sister!”

Seeing the messy post they become interested.

Especially seeing that there are people who want to chase after Lai Junwen, Liu Yi teases him.

“Big brother you see. You have just entered university and you have already settled your lower body’s happiness! Ah sorry, I mean the happiness for your second half of life…”

“Old two can you be even more shameless?”

“What the big brother don’t call me old two! It sounds so damn weird!”

“So what. You are old two!”


Liu Yi is gloomy. Why on earth am I old two ah.

The heavens did not open their eyes ah!

“There are people still talking about you ah second brother!”

Su Junping continues to scroll down and say, “But most are scolding you ah!”


Liu Yi walks over to take a look. Indeed there are a lot of people scolding him.

“How dare he challenge our handsome brother Wang! Who is this fellow!”

“Sisters! Gather up and scold him!”

“Heng heng our Senior brother Wang will definitely instantly kill you!”

“From what I see those above are a bunch of brainless girl fans!”

“Fourth poster you are seeking death?!”

“Fourth poster is definitely a loser no need to care about him!”

“I feel that the two of them look quite good together ah…why don’t the two of them be together.”

“Sixth poster is definitely a fujoshi! Evaluation complete!”

“Math teacher Seventh poster, go and die early!”

“Eighth poster as well!”

“Ninth poster as well!”

“This is the eleventh post. All of you math teachers, all go and die early!”

“Poster above has miss posted…”

Seeing all of the posts, Liu Yi only feel shocked in his eyes and astonishment in his heart.

“Boss looks like you have provoked the fangirls of Wang Zhanfeng…so fierce ah so many kinds of burning.”

By the side, Chen Cai says: “We are so finished! In the future how are we still going to chase after girls ah!”

“I feel that the girls that would like Wang Zhanfeng are not worth chasing at all.”

“What you say is somewhat true.”

Chen Cai nods his head, “Then what should we do next?”

“First let us prepare for military training. Tomorrow we still need to go to class first to report.”

“Hopefully tomorrow there will be a few beauties!”

Chen Cai says: “I have heard that there are no beautiful girls in biology ah…boss, is learning biology a bad choice?”

Liu Yi glances at Chen Cai. This is an order from the top how can we change it as we like!

But the top still has not told us where on earth the secret laboratory is and it is not my nature to be resigned to my fate.

In the Asura realm, Liu Yi has already learned the justification of striking first and gaining the upper hand.

Especially in that the weak being the food for the strong. No one will wait for him to rest or give him chance.

There are some matters that one must make preparation earlier.

“Who said there are no pretty girls. There is that Yoko Nishikawa, isn’t she an island nation beauty?! She is also one of the top 4! Our class will be damn awesome. Hahaha.”

When Chen Cai thinks of the Japanese doll he starts laughing.


Liu Yi rolls his eyes and jumps up to his bed and prepares to sleep.

He is waiting for nightfall.

As he must inquire clearly about the secret laboratory matter.

At this moment he is lying on the bed and starts to revolve his heart sutra. Within his body, he is finally at the peak of eight-star jades and he has been in this situation for nearly 200 years and has not managed to improve any further!

“Second brother really sleeps early. Let us watch a movie!”

Su Junping smiles faintly before opening a love action movie from the island nation. Chen Cai immediately crowds over while Lai Junwen glances over with a red face. Finally seeing that the other two are watching so eagerly he finally joins them as the three of them crowd around the computer.

From the computer comes a panting sound causing the currently cultivating Liu Yi’s state of mine to be disturbed.

He finally is unable to bear it as he shouts, “Damn it you group of rogues!”

“Boss come down and watch together ah!”

“Not coming. You rogues I do not wish to be grouped together with you guys!”

“Boss it is the re-release of Sola Aoi’s new film!”

“You guys wait a bit. I need to get off the bed to wash my socks.”

“Damn…boss you are really shameless!”

“Second brother you are indeed ruthless. From what I see Wang Zhanfeng is completely not your opponent!”

“Thank you all for your praises. I’ll go and move a stool over first!”



Chapter 326- [It turn famous]

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