MKW Chapter 325

Chapter 325  [Duel Appintment


Liu Yi raises his hand high up and is very obvious thus everyone is able to see him.

When Wang Zhanfeng sees Liu Yi, first he swallows his saliva before his eyes emit anger.

“Senior it is really such a coincidence. I did not know that we would be able to meet here!”

Liu Yi waves his hand before saying: “In the afternoon senior selflessly treated us to a big meal, after all, senior is a rich person. It is impossible for us though as we are way too poor thus we can only treat senior to some beer. Senior don’t be so polite let junior brother treat you. Boss serve up two bottles of Yangjing to calm my senior down. Boss buying two bottles at once has a discount, right? I am a student only so please don’t slaughter me ah boss.”

Wang Zhanfeng almost wishes to vomit blood!

Damn him! When I treat them it is almost 20k but he actually wishes to buy two bottles of Yangjing to brush me off?

Ling Zhuoyi turns around and glances at Liu Yi.

Is this new junior brother an idiot or purposely acting as one?

But it is really such a coincidence that he is actually here.

“Little fellow back then because Wang Yuzheng was there I did not explode. But now Wang Yuzheng is not around, do you think that I don’t dare to do anything to you?”

Wang Zhanfeng snorts before patting the shoulders of Wu Jingjun, “Old Wu you know what to do.”

“Hehe, I know, I know.”

Yu Jingjun smiles and waves his hand. Instantly a few of his underlings walk over and block the bar exits.

“Aiyah so scary.”

When Liu Yi sees the rest of the Karate members walk over to him fiercely he did not show fear, instead, he smiles and say: “Didn’t our Senior Wang earlier pat your own chest and said that you will personally deal with me. What’s the matter now did you forgot your earlier words in a blink of an eye? No wonder Senior Sister Ling says that you are not a man. Senior Sister Ling is indeed wise.”

He gives Ling Zhuoyi a thumbs up. 

Wang Zhanfeng’s face instantly changes and turns ugly like he has eaten shit.

Lai Junwen stands up and kicks his chair aside and shouts: “Who dares to touch my brother! You must first get past me!”

“Damn it who the heck are you?”

Wang Zhanfeng frowns as he looks at Lai Junwen.

Lai Junwen pats his chest and says: “I am Liu Yi’s brother. If you want to fight then come at me!”

Liu Yi is somewhat touched. Although the two of them have only met recently Lai Junwen is actually willing to stand up for him.

Yeah, he is a good person.

“Very good. I like people who dare to stick out.”

Wu Jingjun nods his head, “Zhanfeng you go and settle that glib tongue boy. As for that Lai Junwen leave it to us.”

As he speaks a few of his underlings immediately walk over towards Lai Junwen.

The bar boss is worried about his properties as he cries out in heartache: “Aiyah don’t fight ah…don’t fight ah…”

Wang Zhanfeng magnanimously says: “Don’t worry. Anything that   I will pay for!”

Liu Yi eyes brighten as he immediately says: “Senior Wang has reserved everything again. Brothers let us not be polite.”

“Oh my gosh why didn’t you say so earlier!”

Chen Cai immediately stands up and flips the table sending the beer bottles, plates and whatever not smashing onto the ground.

“Since Senior Wang is giving face we cannot let him down. Smash the place up!”

As he speaks, Chen Cai casually flips over the table by his side as well.

Wang Zhanfeng is so mad that he is trembling.

Wu Jingjun is starting to feel that these junior brothers are too arrogant and immediately urges: “Deal with them!”


A karate member immediately throws a fist towards Lai Junwen’s face.

“Heng, parlor tricks.”

Lai Junwen only sneers as his earlier naive and innocent looks completely disappear.

“Hard open bow!”

He gets into a horse stance and raises his arm to block the fist from the karate member and his fist hits the karate member in his chest.


A dull sound occurs as the karate member is sent flying backward and crashes into the table behind him.

“Beautifully done!”

Liu Yi and the rest applause, “Big brother. This kungfu is really damn cool!”

“I want to learn, I want to learn!”

Su Junping’s face turns red with excitement.

“Hehe, sorry for the ridiculous display…”

Lai Junwen rubs his head in embarrassment and becomes slightly shy.

“No wonder you dared to step up and challenge us.”

Wu Jingjun’s face turns ashen, “So you are also a martial artist. But your fist and legs are nothing much. Our karate shall instantly exterminate everything!”

As he is speaking a karate member jumps high up into the air and kicks towards Lai Junwen’s head.

This kick is very ferocious and scaring most of the girls in the bar to shriek.

“Martial arts from the island nation, overestimating your abilities!”

Lai Junwen did not dodge, instead, he only slightly moves sideways and sent a hand blade towards that person’s leg.

“Chopping firewood style!”


That person’s leg bone seems to be broken as he howls in grief while hugging his leg as he lies on the floor.

“If all of you are like little ants then stop sending them out to die.”

Lai Junwen shows his attitude and beckons towards Wu Jingjun, “Why don’t you and I try it out?”

“Are you challenging me?”

Wu Jingjun laughs as he stares at Lai Junwen, “You still do not have the qualification. If you wish to challenge me, first go to my club and apply.”

“If you are a man then let’s fight here!”

“It is you who do not have the qualification.”

Wu Jingjun snorts, “Do you think that anyone can challenge me?”

“Okay then. Just wait for my challenge letter!”

Lai Junwen is eager to give it a try.

“The two of you can rest first. Senior Wang aren’t you supposed to personally take action?”

Liu Yi stretches his body before beckoning Wang Zhanfeng, “Let’s not let our Senior Sister Ling wait too long.”

“You are too arrogant!”

Wu Jingjun shouts in anger, “If you have the ability then come and challenge me!”

“Eh? Is Senior Wang also a karate practitioner?”

Liu Yi is shocked as he looks at Wang Zhanfeng.

Wang Zhanfeng’s face instantly turns red while Wu Jingjun immediately says: “Of course. He is my brother thus he is naturally a person from our Karata Club! How about this. After the military training has ended on the 15th we will go to the school hall for a duel. I and my brother will act on the challenge from you guys! How about it?”

“Why not?”

Lai Junwen raises his chin. This Shandong guy cannot stand being provoked ah!

“Then it is settled on the 15th we have an appointment.”

Seeing that the dormitory big brother has given word, Liu Yi is unable to change it thus he can only say to Ling Zhuoyi: “Aiyah yah. Senior Sister Ling looks like today we can only disappoint you.”

“Looks like today you will not be able to see our Senior Wang’s manly side and can only wait till the 15th.”

“I’m only afraid that on the 15th I also would not be able to see it as well.”

Ling Zhuoyi sneers, “Bigmouth is just a big mouth and only relies on Wu Jingjun to eat. From what I see, Wang Zhanfeng why don’t you just follow Wu Jingjun. He is so strong perhaps there are no girls that will be able to satisfy him. But that might also be a problem since you seem to be even weaker than a girl.”

“Ling Zhuoyi you!!!”

Wang Zhanfeng is so angry that he grits his teeth.

“What about me? Isn’t what I say the truth? Wang Zhanfeng ah Wang Zhanfeng the moment you can make me look up to you, you can be considered as not wasting your life.”

Ling Zhuoyi clucks before pointing at Liu Yi.

“Boss give this little junior a bottle of Yanjing it is my treat.”

She turns around and walks out free and easy.

Chen Cai stares at the beautiful back view of Ling Zhuoyi as he swallows his saliva and says to Liu Yi: “Boss…that girl is really a top grade ah…I wish to chase after her…”

“Are you sure?”

Liu Yi glance at Chen Cai, “This kind of shrewish good you actually dare to provoke? Have you not lived long enough?”

“Boss…do not look down on me lah. After all, I am…an Asura King ah…”

Chen Cai lowers his voice as he secretly whispers to Liu Yi.

“Asura King is only used for combat.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “You have forgotten. The only thing that asura cultivation does not need is dating.”

“Wuwu…boss stop provoking me! There is still Ling Yunxi in Dragon Group waiting for me to chase her!”

“You can just stop it…which of these two girls can you make yield to you…”

“Then does boss plan to make her yield to you?”

Chen Cai’s question causes Liu Yi to sink into deep thoughts.

Do I have thoughts about Ling Zhuoyi? It only seems like I appreciate this beauty.

In Liu Yi’s heart, a female figure swiftly appears.

The female is none other than…..Ai Ling.

Although Liu Yi likes Lin Tong a lot he does not know why but when he thinks of girls he would always think of Ai Ling.

After meeting so many girls as well as so many different species girls…the only one who is able to make me worry deeply about…seems to be only Ai Ling.

Why is this the case? Is it because I am unable to see through Ai Ling?

Seeing Ling Zhuoyi walk-off Wang Zhanfeng walks up to Liu Yi and says fiercely: “Class 12 biotechnology major Liu Yi. I, Wang Zhanfeng will remember you.”

“Thank you Senior Wang, it is my honor.”

Liu Yi clucks, “But Senior Wang please do not forget another matter. You still need to compensate for the loss of this bar. Brothers let us leave.”

He waves his hand and Lai Junwen and the rest immediately follows him out of the bar.

“Damn it how can you guys leave just like this! Wait!”

Wang Zhanfeng wants to chase after them but he is blocked by the owner of the bar.

“This student you cannot leave yet. You need to pay up first!”

“I, I…”

The group of students looks at each other making Wang Zhanfeng unable to renege on his debt.

He has no choice but to borrow from Wu Jingjun first.

“Relax brother. I will not let you take the money for nothing.”

Wu Jingjun is quite generous. After he has set up this club he has earned a quite a bit of money. He first helps Wang Zhanfeng pay the money before patting him on the shoulder and say: “On the 15th let us make the two fellows who offended you crawl out!”

The smile on Wu Jingjun’s face turns slightly sinister, “In an official tournament even if their legs get broken the school would not say anything.”

“Okay…but can I really defeat that Liu Yi?”

“Cheh, that fellow is so skinny what are you afraid of?”

“But…I also do not have the strength to strangle a chicken ah…”

When there are no girls around Wang Zhanfeng stops bluffing that he has a good physique.

“Hehe, no worries I have an idea for you…”

Wu Jingjun whispers into Wang Zhanfeng’s ear: “Before the fight, I will help you drug him…at that time his body will become weak and become easy pickings for you. Hehehe…”



Chapter 325- [Duel Appointment]

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