MKW Chapter 324

Chapter 324  [I am here! I am here!


Alaskan dog?

Liu Yi suddenly remembers that he already has a butterfly as well as a small scorpion…it seems like all I am missing is just an Alaskan dog to be similar to the legendary person.

This matter is something that he has realized during the 500 years in Asura Realm.

Thinking this indeed is hindsight. Older sister Li Biyue must have known about this matter. Only she did not tell me only warn me about it.

Thus when Su Jinping mentioned the Alaskan dog he becomes slightly sensitive to it.

He turns around and takes a look. Underneath a bridge, there are two wolfdogs bullying a small white Alaskan dog.

The small Alaskan dog is very pitiful and its white fur is full of dust.

It seems to be injured as it limps miserably. The two wolfdogs keep snarling at it like they are warning the small Alaskan dog that it has entered their territory.

The Alaskan dog barks a few times before escaping out from under the bridge after being bitten.

Instantly rain lands on its body drenching it and causing its fur to clump up together.

It can only lean against the wall corner as it curls up in the rain shivering.

“Tsk, tsk…this little dog is so pitiful.”

Chen Cai by the side smiles and say: “Furthermore it is a small white dog. Tsk, tsk…if it turns into dog meat how tasty it would be…it is rumored that this dog meat has different grades. First is black. Second is white. Third is colorful. Fourth is yellow….”

“Give me your umbrella.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand wanting to take Chen Cai’s umbrella.

“Boss what are you doing?”

Although Chen Cai does not know what Liu Yi want to do he still passes his umbrella to Liu Yi.

After Liu Yi receives the umbrella he walks over to the Alaskan dog and places the umbrella around it.

When the Alaskan dog senses that someone is coming it instantly raises its head in shock.

In its deep blue eyes appears the figure of Liu Yi.

“Don’t get a cold.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and rubs the head of the Alaskan dog as he speaks warmly before walking back towards the dormitory brothers.

Chen Cai is completely drenched in the rain as he angrily wipes off the rainwater on his face and says: “What the heck…Boss are you for real…I am your brother ah why is my treatment worse than a stray dog!”

“It might get a cold but you will not.”

Chen Cai says bitterly: “Boss don’t be like this.. I am actually very weak okay…”

“Oh, is that so….”

As Liu Yi speaks he passes over his own umbrella, “How about I lend you my umbrella?”

“Wuwuwu, Boss I know that you are the best.”

“I am only joking let us hurry and have a drink.”

Liu Yi immediately turns around and walks into a bar by the side.

“What the…boss how can you cheat me like this! Hey hey! Eldest brother, Old Four why are you guys leaving! Wait for me! Lend me a bit of cover under your umbrellas!”

When Chen Cai sees that no one is listening to him he can only chase after them.

The little white dog lies under the umbrella as it watches Liu Yi until he disappears in the rain.

At this moment Liu Yi and the rest have entered a small pub, after keeping their umbrellas they find a table near to the window and sit down.

From beside them comes the angry voice of a man.

“Damn it. After so many years of roaming in the romance world, this is the first time that I, Wang Zhanfeng have been taken advantage of! Damn it 18 thousand! I still have to borrow a large sum of money before being able to walk out of the Pizza Hut alive! If I meet that fellow again I must destroy them!”

Liu Yi and Chen Cai turn around and see that the bitter brother is none other than Wang Zhanfeng.

“Damn it, this is not the most annoying thing. The most annoying is that after eating until the end I don’t even have a chance to talk to Wang Yuzheng at all! Damn it!”

Liu Yi shakes his head as he sighs for the miserable big brother.

You cannot blame us ah. Most important point is that Wang Yuzheng is too serious.

If it is Ai Ling, I am afraid that you would have been toyed with to death already.

Ai Ling that girl…can cause the destruction of the world ah!

Ma Yixuan self-proclaims that she wants to become a girl that can cause the destruction of the world but she is nothing compared to Ai Ling.

“Department head Wang. Don’t be angry. What is our relationship? The next time we see that fellow I will help you teach him a lesson!”

By his side, a tall and big man wearing sports attire pats Wang Zhanfeng’s shoulder.

“To dare to bully my Wu Jingjun’s brother does that fellow no longer wants to live in Ke Da!”

Liu Yi ask: “Wu Jingjun? Who is that fellow?”

“That is one of our school’s influential figure!”

Su Junping is indeed the knowledgeable one about Ke Da as he pushes his spectacles and says: “He is the President of our school’s Karate Club and it is rumored that he is very good at it…He is currently a year three. During this three years during the martial arts exchange competition, it is always their Karate Club who gets number one!”


By the side, Lai Junwen snorts, “What bird shit is their karate. This year I shall let them see the power of our country’s martial arts!”

“Eh, big brother you know our country’s martial arts?”

The rest of them instantly become excited at the stares at Lai Junwen curiously.


Lai Junwen rubs his head embarrassedly and smiles, “I am also not as powerful as you guys think…when I was young I have learned some moves from a Shaolin master but it is superficial knowledge that’s all…only seeing those island nation martial arts being so cocky I am slightly not happy that’s all.”

“Boss which of our country’s martial arts did you know?”

After living with Lai Junwen a few days, Su Junping does not know that Lai Junwen actually knows some of their country’s martial arts.

“This…innate Luohan Quan also known as Luohan’s 18 hands. It is only some introduction technique to Luohan fist that’s all.”

“I am so envious of that as well…”

Su Junping say enviously: “From young my constitution is weak…thus I can only request for a leave of absence for Physical education classes. Big Brother I have heard that our country’s martial arts are able to strengthen our constitution. Can you teach me?”

A difference of sect ah!

Liu Yi says in his heart, how is it possible for Lai Junwen to teach Su Junping his martial arts?

But he did not think that Lai Junwen would laugh and says: “Not a problem. This bit of technique can be disclosed in our dorm. Later I will teach all of you in the dorm, all of you can learn. After all, wushu was original to strengthen your body. Just as long as you guys do not use it to bully people.”

Liu Yi raises his concern, “Big brother isn’t this kind of martial art that can’t be passed down such so casually? Can you really bear to teach us so casually?”

“Hahaha, back then my master told me this. If you wish to learn then learn.”

“Your master is really a very able person.”

Liu Yi cannot help but praise, this is a real master. In the five thousand histories of China because of sectarian bias as well as the master secretly hiding some techniques, a number of martial arts have disappeared just like this.

This monk is rather good. If there is a chance I really wish to meet him.

Talking about monk Liu Yi suddenly recalls the Abbot of Dragon Sound Temple. He also seems to be an interesting person.

But trying to convert me be a monk it is impossible,

“But who is the person who sabotaged Wang Zhanfeng?”

Su Junping is curious, “Wang Zhanfeng is a famous playboy in our school. It seems like he has never failed to capture the junior sister that he is eyeing so far!”

“Relax Wang Yuzheng will not like guys similar to him.”

Liu Yi pats Su Junping’s back and consoles him.

“Eh? How do you know second brother?”

“That…why would girls like playboys. Mostly they are only temporary attracted by their flowery words.”

Liu Yi also does not wish to explain more like saying that he knows Wang Yuzheng as it seems troublesome.

“Wu Jingjun, Brother! With you around it is great!”

Wang Zhanfeng raises his cup and says: “Come let’s have a cup! With your words, it is enough! Next time when I meet that fellow there is no need for you to take action. I alone shall destroy him! Damn it does he really think that I, Wang Zhanfeng only have my pretty face! I do frequently work out!”

“So disappointing.”

At this moment a girl suddenly speaks out.

Everyone turns around and take a look and see a long-legged beauty wearing white short sleeve blouse, black skirt and black high heels on the other side of the bar drinking wine on her own.

The beauty speaks as she drinks, “Come out to drink some wine only to hear someone talking big. Really does not know shame.”

“Ling Zhuoyi what do you mean!”

When Wang Zhanfeng hears what she says he instantly got angry, “Do not think that just because you are are the number one flower in our school you can insult me!”

“Aiyah now you are unyielding?”

Ling Zhuoyi smiles faintly, her smile mesmerizing all of the males in the bar.

The pub owner is also slightly spellbound. He is originally wiping his wine glass but because his eyes are stuck to Ling Zhuoyi, he did not notice that his cloth is no longer wiping his wine glass and is wiping the face of a male in front of him who wants to buy a drink.

But both of them did not notice this matter.

“Have you forgotten about the matter back then when you chased after me in an impossible to push away attitude? Wang Zhanfeng ah Wang Zhanfeng. You only have the ability to do it towards girls but what do you dare to do against another man?”

Ling Zhuoyi bluntly mocks him.

“Ling Zhuoyi are you really not giving me Wu Jingjun face by talking about my brother like this?”

Wu Jingjun by the side immediately stands up and say: “The two of you are both my junior sister and brother what unresolvable matters that both of you have. How about this I shall treat, why don’t all of us sit down together have a drink?”

He raises two bottles of beer.

“Thanks but the two of you can drink on your own.”

Ling Zhuoyi did not give them face, “I do not know how to drink with a man who shoots off his mouth.”

“Who shoots of his mouth! If that fellow appears I will destroy him immediately!”

Wang Zhanfeng is like a mad dog raging as he shouts.

“Don’t just shout then now go and look for him!”

Ling Zhuoyi sneers.

“Are you crazy? Ke Da is so big where do you want me to go and search?!”

“Senior Wang I am here!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, such a good show how can I not go and watch it.

Thus he automatically raises his right hand high up in the air.

Everyone in the bar glances around and finally, all of them look at him.



Chapter 324- [I am here! I am here!]

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