MKW Chapter 323

Chapter 323  [Ten Great Beauties


After knowing each other’s names, the brothers arrange themselves according to their age. Astonishing, Lai Junwen is the oldest, Liu Yi is second, Chen Cai is third while Su Juping is the youngest.

“Haha in the future I shall be the big brother of you guys. If you get bullied in school let me know. I shall help you settle them!”

Chen Cai smiles faintly and says: “Relax big brother in future if I have a problem I will let you know and get you to help me get back at them!”

Su Junping sits in front of the computer and closes the LOL game that he had lost, ignoring the curses from his team and indifferently opens a BBS forum and say: “The two of you can be considered as reporting on the last day. Our school’s top ten flowers name list is already out.”

“Oh, names of the ten beauties?”

The brothers gather around the computer screen,

“Hehehe, these are the ten most beautiful junior sisters in our school.”

Su Juping pushes his spectacles and says vulgarly, “The original top 10 beauties have changed because of the number of new junior sisters that have entered…but the number one beauty is still second-year Ling Zhuoyi who specialize in an English major. This senior sister’s appearance….is completely like the dream lover of all men!”

“Come on, come on. Let me see! Let me see!”

Chen Cai and the rest hurry and squeeze over. Liu Yi’s eyesight is quite good and is able to see clearly despite standing by the side.

On the screen is indeed a beauty wearing a neat cowboy attire as well as a cowboy hat, like she is a female gunman from the wild wild west. Liu Yi also notices that in her eyes is a bit of fox charm. Could it be that this lass is transformed from a fox spirit? hard to tell though.

But the only part that is not beautiful enough is that this lass’s chest is slightly small…perhaps it is at the same level of Murong Die!

“Aiyah…No.2 of the list has changed!”

Su Juping suddenly excitedly pushes his spectacles and says: “It is a math department junior sister that has just arrived today…I’ll be damned. It is a black horse ah. She has instantly dashed to number two!”

Math department junior sister that has just arrived today…

Isn’t that Wang Yuzheng?

Liu Yi takes a look at the photo. Indeed it is Wang Yuzheng that lass!

It’s unknown who is the one who secretly took the photo. In the photo, Wang Yuzheng is standing under the shade of a tree wearing the flowery skirt and looks very adorable as she borrows the shade to rest.

Just this single photo causes her popularity to rise!

Indeed she is one of the school flowers back then…her allure is indeed outstanding!

“The number three did not change. It is our biological department teacher Zhang Meixin…hehe although I have heard that she is around 27/28 but she still looks so young. Perfect older sister ah…especially that pair in front of her chest…wu…”

As Su Junping speaks, he swallows his saliva. His appearance is completely wretched.

A teacher is also able to enter the school top ten beauties? And is also number 3?

Liu Yi curiously takes a look at the photo.

Indeed it is a real beauty!

A woman wearing a grey office attire stands in front of the blackboard holding a small teacher pointer in her hand.

She looks delicate and is a feast for the eye.

Her black spectacles pressing on her nose did not destroy her beauty, instead, it gives her a scholarly beauty.

The most attractive part is the ampleness in front of her chest which almost exploded the front of her attire…this kind of sexy teacher…I’m afraid that there are very few students who would want to skip her class…

Hearing that she is a biology teacher, Liu Yi ask: “What does Teacher Zhang teach?”

“She teaches organism dissection!”

Su Juping’s reply nearly causes Liu Yi to urinate from fright.

What the heck…such a beautiful woman actually teaches dissection!

“Teacher Zhang’s class has a lot of students…a lot of them are not from our department but still come to her class! I have heard that this semester the school also wants to let the young teachers to also be mentors. I don’t know if we will be able to get Teacher Zhang as our mentor, hehehe…”

As Su Juping speaks he start to salivate.


Liu Yi looks down on Su Juping before starting to think about the problem regarding the so-called secret laboratory.

After Long San has gotten him and Chen Cai into the school, he did not give any new instructions.

So should I and Chen Cai wait for orders or should we go and seek out news regarding the secret laboratory?

As for the secret laboratory, Liu Yi and Chen Cai are baffled about it and don’t know where to look for it.

“The number four is even more interesting. She is a girl from the island nation!”

Su Juping continues to scroll down before saying: “Her name seems to be Yoko Nishikawa and is an exchange student and looks completely like a porcelain doll…so exquisite…”

The girl in the picture indeed attracted Liu Yi for a moment.

This island girl does not seem to be very tall. Around 1.5m but appears delicate like a porcelain doll. So pretty that it makes people want to embrace and fiercely kiss her.

But Liu Yi did not only notice the girl’s beauty. He immediately lets Little Jade investigate the identity of this Yoko Nishikawa girl.

{Master. I have found data regarding  Yoko Nishikawa}

Little Jade immediately reports, {On the data it says that she is a girl from a normal family in the island nation. There is nothing that is special about her.}

A girl from Japan come to this biology department at this moment but is an ordinary girl?

Liu Yi smiles as he does not believe it.

I must take note of this Yoko Nishikawa Japanese doll!

“Number five is also a new junior sister! Looks like there is quite a number of pretty girls that joined us this year!”

Su Junping continues to the next beauty and Liu Yi instantly starts to sweat when he sees that girl’s photo.

I’ll be damned…are you for real…this lass…isn’t it Wei Yi?

Why did she also come to Ke Da to study? Aren’t you a cultivator…why did you come to university ah! And you even came to Ke Da university!

“This beauty is also rather pretty ah…only she looks to be very young. The people from her department says that she is a loveable loli….tsk tsk…she sounds rather good.”

Rather good your sister…this lass’s temper is so explosive!

Why did she come to Ke Da? Don’t tell me she is also coming for the twelve zodiacs?

This matter is becoming more and more complicated…headaches ah…why did Dragon Group throw me such a troublesome task.

@$!!@ if it wasn’t for Chen Cai this idiot why would I restrict myself and join Dragon Group!

Immunity from prosecution after killing a person, although it sounds good we can only use it once in our entire life!

Chen Cai’s single chance has already been used by him. Although I have not used it before…but if I, Liu Yi really want to kill a person do I still need to do it through Dragon Group’s protection?

Liu Yi starts to count his hidden identities. Dragon Group, Hunter, Dragon Hunter! What the…more like hundred transformation prince already!

“Tomorrow after our classes we will start to have military training. Let us brothers go to the internet cafe and fight a few rounds of LOL then go out for drinks. Since I am the eldest brother I shall treat this time round!”

Big brother Lai Junwen’s voice broke Liu Yi’s trouble.

“Good, let us go!”

The few of them happily go out and look for an internet cafe.


At this moment inside the secret laboratory in Ke Da.

A beautiful woman wearing a white lab coat says angrily towards a communication screen, “Are you for real. I had applied for reinforcements. Where are they? Where did my reinforcements go?”

“Professor Ma there is no need to worry. We have already sent out reinforcements.”

From the communication device comes a man’s deep voice, “The two of them have already disguised themselves as first-year students of Ke Da. If Professor Ma needs their strength you can contact them any moment.”

“Pass me the data!”

“I have already sent it to the screen.”

Instantly on the large screen appears the photo of two youngsters. They are none other than Liu Yi and Chen Cai.

“The two of them are so young and looks to be students. Are they reliable?”

The female professor starts to suspect, “The twelve zodiac project is not something for amusement! I need real experts!”

“The two of them, one has very large strength while the other has a special ability.”

The deep voice immediately explains, “With the two of them there this project should be very safe.”

“Then are the two of them reliable?”

“Still not confirmed yet…based on what we know so far they are reliable.”

The voice is also hesitating, “But currently Dragon Group are short-handed. After the matter last time… Dragon Group has sacrificed too many outstanding secret agents. This task…we, can only trust them.”

“Fine then…after all, I am the one who helped you guys out with this twelve zodiac project. If there is any problem it is your matter. I already have too many problems to take care off and does not wish to care anymore regarding the safety problem. Also, the dog zodiac has already run away for such a long time do you guys have any news regarding it?”

“We have already secretly searched everywhere in Ke Da but we are unable to find the dog zodiac’s trace.”

The depressed voice sighs, “This dog zodiac is really too mischievous…how on earth did you set their nature?”

“If the dog zodiac is not slightly mischievous how would it be cute…”

When she recalls her work the female professor’s eyes start to emit stars, “Her nature is the one that I have perfected the most …I don’t care you must immediately find her! If she is captured by other organizations first! Then there is no need for you to tell me about the end results!”

“I know…I will increase my efforts.”

“Okay, then it’s just this matter. Also, do not forget to investigate who is the one who relaxed the secret. If you cannot find this person our plan will never ever be safe.”

“Understood. Communication end.”



At this moment Liu Yi does not know the details regarding the twelve zodiac task. He has just finished playing LOL with his brothers from his dormitory and is walking crestfallenly out from the internet cafe.

There is a light drizzle and luckily they have brought along umbrellas thus they did not get drenched.

Damn it, we have played a few rounds and every time we are completely owned by the opponent! We did not even win even once!

Su Junping is indeed a black hole!

When we start that bugger keep saying how good he is and in the end, he is owned by his opponent! Afterward, he says he is very good at using Fiddlesticks and thus he starts to use Fiddlesticks.

In the end, when a fight starts at the bottom lane Su Junping is fighting mobs at the top.

When the fight ends he suddenly jumps out and throw an ulti but got kited to death by the three surviving opponents.

So depressed ah…this is the first time we got so badly bullied by other people.

Just as he is in a bad mood, Su Junping suddenly pushes his spectacles and say: “Quickly look! There are wild dogs fighting over there!”

What is there to watch about wild dogs fighting!

“That Alaskan dog is bullied so miserably!!”

Hearing Su Junping’s words Liu Yi trembles slightly.



Chapter 323- [Ten Great Beauties]

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