MKW Chapter 322

Chapter 322  [Dormitory four brothers


“Moneybags gege nice to meet you, hehe…”

Wang Lele also laughs slightly before lowering her head and starts to investigate a plate of pizza.

The two of them did greet him but honestly, they did not take Wang Zhanfeng seriously.

The first time! This is the first time Wang Zhanfeng is humiliated in such manner!

It is obvious that I am a handsome lady killer. But why would I receive such cold treatment!

Damn it who can tell me what on earth is going on!

Are the junior sisters nowadays crazy?

The one who shocked Wang Zhanfeng the most is actually Chen Cai.

At this moment Chen Cai is kneeling by the table as he sweeps through all of the food.

In a few moments, in front of him is a stack of seven to eight empty plates.

The surrounding people forgot to eat their food as they stare at the furiously eating Chen Cai in shock, thinking that he is a hungry ghost that has reincarnated.

Only Liu Yi is the one who knows what is happening. Since Chen Cai has turned into an asura, his food intake also started to increase.

Every time an asura increases in grade he needs to replenish a large amount of food to improve his constitution.

While in the Asura Realm, there is extremely little food. Since Chen Cai has evolved into Asura King, he still has not properly replenished his energy level yet.

This time around coming out it can be considered as he found a foolish spendthrift and wants to ruthlessly slaughter him once.

“Gods…how can he eat so much…”

Wang Zhanfeng is unable to speak as he watches Chen Cai demolishing all of the food, only feeling numb in his heart.

In the future if I want to treat a meal I must avoid this fellow…otherwise treating one time will turn me poor for three years!

“Chen Cai eat slower, eat slower. No one is snatching from you.”

Wang Lele licked her ice-cream as she smiles and says to Chen Cai, “Why is it like you have not eaten for a few years. Why is it that I did not see you eat so much in the past?”

“Aiyah, Lele if you must know…”

Chen Cai stuffed a chicken wing into his mouth as he says: “I really did not eat for a few years…ah!!”

Liu Yi kicks Chen Cai harshly to prevent him from saying something wrong.

“Ah! Recently my appetite has increased, especially since I am eating such a good banquet! Senior, thank you for treating ah. You are really a great person ah! From the east, the sun rises. Senior is really our lifesaver ah!”

Wang Zhanfeng does not know whether to cry or laugh as all he could do is watch Chen Cai eat while his heart starts to bleed.

“These two junior sisters, which courses are you girls from?”

He can only temporarily ignore him and starts to prepare to advance on the two newly arrived beauties.

“When eating do not talk. Why are you still not done with talking!”

Murong Die glares at him unhappily, causing Wang Zhanfeng to feel like he is splashed with a pail of cold water.

In front of Murong Die, this is the first time Wang Zhanfeng does not have the confidence of a handsome guy.

“ Moneybags gege. You have misunderstood. We are from Qing Bei not in the range of the place where you fool around!”

Wang Lele blinks and gifts a blade, “But Moneybags gege, you look rather okay…”

“Real, really?”

Wang Zhanfeng instantly becomes excited, damn it finally there is a person who recognizes goods!

I, Wang Zhanfeng did not have this face for nothing! If I am able to get this big chest girl it can be considered as I did not live for nothing!

“That’s right, what a beautiful face! It’s nice that our school has a few buff seniors, hehe, do you want me to introduce them to senior…”

Wang Zhanfeng nearly vomited blood and died on the spot.

“Lele…did you read too many boys love storybooks recently??”

Murong Die rolls her eyes at Wang Lele.

“Hehe…recently I have been always reading <Seventh Forbidden Region>, I am grandpa Xi’s fan…”

“Read less. You will destroy your worlds outlook!”

Wang Lele immediately reminds him that a fujoshi’s worldview is very scary.

“Hehe, Xiao Yi gege relax. I will not misunderstand your relationship with Chen Cai…although the two of you are very well suited, Xiao Yi gege you are our Little Die’s one. Hehe…”

Wang Lele’s sentence nearly cause Chen Cai to choke to death.

“What the heck, damn it Wang Lele who is a good match with our boss! Right, does your school have any decent girls? Quickly introduce one to me!”

It has been 500 years since he has last seen a female animal. Chen Cai is really thirsty already.

“Tsk, your school has a decent amount of girls as well. You go and find one yourself!”

Wang Lele pouts, “If you really can’t find one then go and find a man! I see that Moneybags gege is not bad why don’t the two of you try it out?”

Wang Zhanfeng’s legs start to tremble as he starts to have thoughts of escaping.

Chen Cai only blinks for a bit before looking towards Wang Zhanfeng as ask: “Moneybags gege….you, are you willing to keep me?”

“I, I need to go to the restroom…”

Wang Zhanfeng is so frightened that he immediately stands up and rush into the toilet.

Damn it this Chen Cai is too scary…

Even if I am a real gay I am also not going to keep him! Damn it, who is able to raise him ah!

Today is really strange…why did I meet such a weird group of junior sisters…

If we talk about their appearance all of them are really top grade! Especially that big chested girl, based on my estimation it is at least 36E!

That kind of top-grade girl, if I am able to obtain her, it is definitely damn enjoyable!

But they just do not understand nor do they glance at me, this kind of handsome guy!

This is really strange!

This is the first time Wang Zhanfeng starts to suspect his appearance.

Did I accidentally smear my face with dirty things?

Wang Zhanfeng stands in front the mirror and looks at his appearance. Pale appearance, chiseled face, I am a handsome guy alright!

Back then there is a scout who found him and wanted to invite him to be an actor and he did not go!

Such an attractive face and I am unable to chase those girls?

It is really strange!

Unless they are lesbians?

But it does not seem to be the case ah! Furthermore, even if they are lesbians I am still going to get my hands on them!

Wang Zhanfeng clenches his fist and gives himself a fighting gesture on the mirror.

To calm down, he washes his face twice before walking out of the washroom.

Beauties, you will not be able to escape from my palm! Wait for me to teach…eh?

Wang Zhanfeng looks at the empty sofa as he feels like he is dropped butt naked into a snowfield.

This bullshit…what is this situation…

“How are you sir, please pay the bill.”

The stall manager personally walks over and pulls out the bill from under the table and passes it to Wang Zhanfeng.

“They, where are they?”

“Ah, they said that they need to go back and pack up their dormitory so they left first. They also want me to tell you, ‘Thank you Senior Wang for your kind hospitality’.”

Damn it! They actually ran off!

Anger starts to rise from Wang Zhanfeng’s feet and continues to rise up!

He has a feeling that he is being toyed with.

“Sir, please pay the bill.”

The stall manager reminds again.

“Got it lah, why keep urging me. So annoying do you really think that I do not have money?!”

Wang Zhanfeng confidently takes out his wallet and takes a look at the bill.

His legs instantly soften as he nearly falls to the ground.

What the hell…. 18,8xx….are, are you for real…

Why does it cost so much…

The stall manager patiently says: “Sir, please pay the bill.”

Wang Zhanfeng apprehensively asks: “Is…is it possible to pay in installments…”

“Apologies sir, we do not have this service.”

“I, I, damn it…Liu Yi…you guys just wait for it!”


In the fifth dormitory building, Chen Cai follows behind Liu Yi as he asks: “Boss, that Moneybags will definitely hate us to death right?”

“Wouldn’t be ah. After all, he has the appearance of a rich person.” Liu Yi smiles faintly, “Didn’t he say that Pizza Hut is his dining hall? We only let him treat us to a meal in a dining hall once, how are we sabotaging him.”

“Right, right. What boss says is right!”

Chen Cai nods his head and feels that it is boss who thinks far ahead.

The two of them walk to the third floor and reach their dorm room.

“Boss…in the future, we will start to live in the same house…how exciting…”


Liu Yi kicks Chen Cai aside before pushing open the dorm room door.

Opening the door, what they see instantly is four beds.

Top bed and bottom table is now the common layout in a dorm room. There are only a few third-rate schools that are still using double deck beds to save space and allow more students to stay in a dorm room.

As for Ke Da this kind of famous university, naturally they will not be stingy about a few dormitory building.

The whole Ke Da is like a small town and is very big. Everything that is needed is inside. In Ke Da there is also a lot of trams inside. You can spend some money to sit on the tram to get to your destination.

“Yo! Another person came. It seems like everyone in this dorm is here!”

At this moment there are already two people in the dorm room. One is lying on the bed with a bare upper body while the other is sitting one at the table playing computer games.

The bare body one is big and large, his skin is slightly dark and when he speaks there is a clear Shandong accent.

As for the one playing computer games, he is wearing a pair of spectacles as he is playing LOL. When he sees Liu Yi and Chen Cai he only nods his head before going back to play the game.

“You only know to play. Everyone is already here why are you still playing!”

The Shandong guy is sitting on the upper deck as he glares at the lower deck bespectacled guy.

Liu Yi says in his heart, this brother has quite the spirit of brotherhood. He is indeed a man from Shandong.

“Mother ah, can’t the four of us open a party chat wouldn’t it be better?”

Damn it…it is me who thought wrongly…this shit is also hooked too LOL.

“That is right!”

The bespectacled guy on the lower says, pushing his black spectacles before saying: “Brothers wait for me a moment. Just a moment, this fellow is snatching mid from me. Let me gift the opponent a few kills and let them win.”

What the heck…this spectacles guy is actually a black hole ah!

Liu Yi takes a look at his gaming ID, Will troll if not allowed to solo mid.

What the heck this name is for real!

“Hurry up. We shall introduce ourselves first then!”

The Shandong guy jumps down and says: “I am Lai Junwen, from Linyi prefecture in Shandong! Where are you guys from?”

“I am Liu Yi, this is my brother Chen Cai. Both of us are from North Dragon city.”

“So you guys are from the Northeast eh, nice to meet you, nice to meet you.”

Lai Junwen stretches out his hand and shakes hand with Liu Yi. Liu Yi feels that Lai Junwen’s hand strength is not small. Looks like he does have some strength.

“I am from Shanghai…my name is…Su…Su….”

The bespectacled guy says weakly.

“Speak louder. We are brothers in the same dorm room do you think we will laugh at you?!”

The bespectacled guy shouts out: “My name is Su Junping.”



Chapter 322- [Dormitory four brothers]

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