MKW Chapter 321

Chapter 321  [Magnanious Senior]  originaly title-> 黑大头

but due to the fact that I do not understand what does the author means, I and KG came out with our own title 


To display that he is an enthusiastic senior, Wang Zhanfeng runs around Wang Yuzheng and helps her out with all of her procedures.

Liu Yi and Chen Cai of course benefit from it.

When Wang Zhanfeng wants to have a chat with Wang Yuzheng, Chen Cai immediately butts in and starts blabbering.

While Wang Yuzheng did not make a sound as she lowers her head and holds Liu Yi’s arm as she follows beside him, Wang Zhanfeng gnashing his teeth in jealousy when he sees this scene.

Damn it! Which part of me is not better than that fellow! I have talent and am also a department head of the student council! Perhaps next year I might also become the chairman of the student council! Furthermore, my background is good and I am much more handsome than that fellow!

These two people definitely come from a small town and this junior sister has not seen a city before, thus got cheated over by that little fellow!

Just wait till she has seen the big city then she will know that I am the real rich person and will leave this idiot!

That’s right. I must let her increase her knowledge and experience!

Right, that’s right…

Wang Zhanfeng’s eyes brighten up.

“Junior sister ah, after we have settled the procedures let senior brother bring you out for a big meal. It is such a coincidence that both you and I are in the math course. We must celebrate it.”

Wang Zhanfeng decides to show off his identity during the meal.


Wang Yuzheng is about to reject him when Liu Yi stops her and gives Chen Cai a glance.

Chen Cai instantly understands and immediately says: “Really? Senior brother you are really too kind, to actually invite the three of us new students out for a meal…hehehe, Yuzheng ah take a look at how different a big city person is. This Senior Wang is so generous ah. Let’s not brush aside his goodwill and agree to it.”

Wang Zhanfeng’s face instantly turns ashen as his complexion turns bad.

Bullshit when did I say that I want to invite the two of you. I obviously only said that I want to invite the junior sister only okay!

How on earth did it become inviting all of you! Damn it, that is a big meal and with so many people how much would it cost!

“Since that’s the case…then alright…”

Wang Yuzheng saw the look that Liu Yi gave her and instantly agree.

She did not know when did Wang Yuzheng and Liu Yi’s relationship became so good.

She remembers that in the past she hates Liu Yi a lot because she feels that Liu Yi is very bad and is no different from Yuan Shao.

[TL: Yuan Shao is a warlord of the three kingdom era]

But later on as she slowly gets in contact with him, she realizes that Liu Yi is a person with a sense of responsibility, furthermore, he is a person who dares to act and take the responsibility and is different from a good-for-nothing that she thought of him originally.

As they get in contact longer, she starts to depend on Liu Yi more and more…

Especially since the temple fair, it gave Wang Yuzheng even more warmth. Thus she decided to fight for him!

I have already fought for a chance to get into a good university and now I should try and fight for a good man.

Murong Die already has such a good family background…Liu Yi should be mine!

Hearing that Wang Yuzheng has agreed to it, Wang Zhanfeng also cannot change his tune.

Damn it…it feels like I got played for a fool!

After arranging everything, Wang Zhanfeng unwillingly leads them to a Pizza Hut outside of campus.

Liu Yi sneers, you actually call this a big meal…it is only Pizza Hut that’s all.

Do you really think that we have not seen the world before and have not eaten a big meal before?!

“Aiyah, damn it. Boss, its a Pizza Hut!”

Chen Cai instantly shouts out like a clown: “Aiyah I have not eaten in such a high-class place before…this life is really worth it already ah…senior brother ah, you are too cool already it is indeed a big meal ah!”

Wang Yuzheng almost starts to laugh uncontrollably as people around them give them a long look while Wang Zhanfeng’s face almost fell.

“That…after all we are still a student. Pizza Hut is already considered very good, hahaha, right…”

Wang Zhanfeng coughs dryly not knowing what to say.

“Senior Wang wait a moment. I have a phone call.”

Liu Yi suddenly received Little Jade’s notification and immediately pulls out his handphone and received the call.

Seeing Liu Yi take out a China brand handphone, Wang Zhanfeng gives him a look of disdain.

“Damn Liu Yi! Are you guys done! I and Lele are done and are hungry now! Get the hell out and invite us for lunch!”

“Done, done, done, we are done. But there is a kind-hearted senior who has invited us out for a meal…”

As Liu Yi speaks he looks at Wang Yuzheng, “Yuzheng ah, it is Little Die and Lele. They want to have a meal together.”

“Ah, then ask them to come over ah…”

“Aiyah, but it is senior brother treating ah how can we invite other people over. If it costs too much senior brother might be in heartache.”

Liu Yi laughs.

“How is that possible…let them come. If you have friends let them come along then…”

Wang Zhanfeng’s heart is dripping blood as he cries in his heart, this time around I have a  lost big while chasing girls…perhaps I might spend a large amount of money…

“Our senior is very magnanimous and agreed to it. Come over and have a meal with us! It is the Pizza Hut at our school’s entrance!”

“Pizza Hut is it? Okay. We’ll be there soon.”

Murong Die cleanly hangs up.

Wang Zhanfeng sees that the surrounding people are giving him weird gaze and immediately say: “Let us go in and wait!”

“Okay. We will listen to senior’s arrangement!”

Chen Cai is still pretending to be excited as he licks his lips and says: “Finally I can eat a big meal. I am so excited ah!”

Seeing the yearning look of Chen Cai, Liu Yi’s hair starts to stand.

This fellow is really acting way too overboard…but the effect is rather good and has indeed embarrassed that Wang Zhanfeng.

Just relying on Pizza Hut and wanting to chase after girls…is this fellow thinking to beautifully?

At least bring us to a western restaurant and let me open an 82 as well and burn a hole in his pocket.

Such a pity, there is not a lot of things that are able to make him pay a lot in Pizza Hut.

After entering, they choose to sit on the sofa area.

Liu Yi sits on the sofa and Wang Yuzheng sits beside him. Just as Wang Zhanfeng is about to sit beside Wang Yuzheng, Chen Cai already sits down and completely occupies the sofa seats.

Seeing that Wang Zhanfeng is still standing, Liu Yu points at the opposite chair and politely says: “Senior there is no need to be polite have a seat ah!”

What the heck! Sit there?!

Damn it! Even occupying all of the sofa seats!

Can’t the two of them be light bulbs? Damn it they are like two lighthouses!

Especially that Liu Yi! What on earth is his relationship with Wang Yuzheng?

They are not boyfriend and girlfriend but Wang Yuzheng keep sticking to him!

If it is a love relationship they do not seem that intimate!

Damn it. This is so annoying!

After Wang Zhanfeng sits on the chair, he suddenly remembers his wallet problem and asks apprehensively: “That…just a question…how many of your friends are coming?”

“Two people.” Liu Yi smiles, “Relax senior, we will not slaughter you.”

Liu Yi’s smiling appearance gives off an appearance of a harmless person.

Wang Zhanfeng nods his head gratefully as he calculates in his heart, six people eating, so that means that it will be around 5 to 6 hundred dollars.

Ai…just treat it as if I lost a good equipment in the game…

Luckily I have 4 to 5 thousand for daily expenses for a month, otherwise, it would be impossible to chase after this lass.

“No problem. There is no need to be polite. Just casually order the food.”

To let Wang Yuzheng admire him, Wang Zhanfeng waves his hand and says smiling, “Don’t see that the things are slightly more expensive. But to me it is nothing. Usually, I treat this place as the dining hall for a meal.”

“Senior is polite. We are all younger generation. How can we slaughter senior.”

Liu Yi’s smile is so innocent without guilt as he passes the menu to the server and says: “Give me one of everything on the menu.”


Wang Zhanfeng’s head instantly smashes onto the dining table.

What the heck, this is still called not slaughtering me?!

“This, this is so much, can you finish all of them?”

Wang Zhanfeng’s hand starts trembling as he asks with a pale face.

Liu Yi pats Chen Cai shoulder and says: “Ah, apologies senior, this brother of mine can really eat.”

“That’s right senior, we are feeling heartache for your money that’s why we did not order three sets. The two of us can just get by with just one set.”

As he speaks he is still licking his lips.

What the hell, what get by with one set! Are you a pig in a past life?!

I just do not believe that you are able to eat so much! The two of you must be doing it on purpose to mess around with me!]

“But…can you guys really finish all of them?”

“Aiyah, senior must be worried about spending too much money!”

Liu Yi suddenly understands, “How about the three of us collect our money together to eat to prevent senior from spending too much.”

“Okay then…”

Wang Yuzheng nods her head and reaches for her wallet.

“Don’t! I have already said that I am treating…”

Wang Zhanfeng still wants to show off his identity so how could he let Wang Yuzheng take out her wallet.

He immediately says magnanimously, “Serve one of each item!”

Damn it later if you guys cannot finish eating everything then do not blame me for exploding!

“Oh, okay…”

The server is also stunned as it is the first time he sees a person ordering this way.

But since they are willing to spend the money then I will just serve the food then.

Very quickly the Pizza Hut’s door is pushed open again as two people walk in.

“Oi, you guys have actually started eating! Come on!”

Murong Die instantly starts scolding angrily.

“That’s right ah, why didn’t you guys wait for me and Xiao Die older sister…”

Wang Lele rubs her stomach, “After being busy for the whole afternoon…my chest is going to shrink from hunger…”

When Wang Zhanfeng hears the two girls conversation he instantly turns around and takes a look.

With just this look this eyeballs nearly pop out.

Beauties ah…both are real beauties ah!

One is noble and stylish the other is sexy…..

Okay, then it seems like sexy is not used in this manner!

But no matter what it is indeed two top grade girls ah!

Are the two of them Liu Yi’s friends?

How on earth does this fellow know so many beauties?

“Two junior sisters how are you?”

He immediately stands up and stretches out his hand while introducing himself.

“I am Wang Zhanfeng, a department head of my school’s student union. Are the two of you beauties also from our school? I have been helping students for the whole day am wondering why did I not notice the two of you?”

Wang Zhanfeng’s smile is very brilliant as he waits for the beauties to show interest in him.

But who would have known that Murong Die who is walking in front directly ignores his hand and walks in front of Liu Yi, “Move in. Give this miss a space to sit.”

“I also want ah I also want…move in furthermore lah…”

Wang Lele also squeezes over leaving Wang Zhanfeng standing there like a statue not knowing what to do.

Liu Yi says: “Two beauties don’t leave other people to hang ah, after all he is the moneybags who is treating us to a meal.”

“En, en, moneybags how do you do.”

Murong Die did not raise her head.

“Pass me that shrimp cup.”



Chapter 321- [Magnanious Senior]

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    黑大头 -> if 大头 means “senior” (not sure about that), 黑 is most likely short from “black belly” or something like that, meaning thus something on the lines of “rotten” or “evil” (on the inside; on the outside quite polite and seemingly good-natured).


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