MKW Chapter 320

Chapter 320  [Passionnate department head]


After beating away Gu Yu, Liu Yi and Chen Cai return back to the train.

After the train has travelled through the night, it finally arrived at its destination, Jing Dou.

When they reach, Murong Hong has arranged chauffers to send the four of them to report to their school.

Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng to CUST university while Murong Die and Wang Lele to Kyoto University. The two university are only divided by a single wall thus are very close so he sends all of them together.

When Zang Danui arrives he wants to say something. But when he sees them board two Mercedes cars he can only keep quiet and rubs his nose.

To think that this few lasses are easy to chase but who knew that they are chasing after another guy and have such good car.

Looks like this man is very rich…ai, hatred ah!

Liu Yi does not know that he is hated by another person. At this moment he is riding shotgun on the Mercedes looking at the guidebook that is mailed over by the university.

Behind him are the three girls who are also studying the matter of reporting to school. As for Chen Cai, he is sitting alone on the other car.

Liu Yi cannot forget the grudge-filled gaze of Chen Cai when he boards the car, like he is an angry woman who is being abandoned in the Cold Palace.

“Big miss do not worry. Every school will have students who are a task to help you all settle the entering school procedures.”

The person who is driving the car is none other than Murong Hong’s butler Wang An.

For Murong Die’s safety, Murong Hong has sent Wang An to Jingdou earlier to scout the area first. Furthermore, Murong Hong has a few businesses in Jing Dou so it is also convenient.

“That is good then.”

Murong Die nods her head, “But we must be careful of those seniors. I have read the book that every year during this time it is the best opportunity for them to take actions on their junior sisters!”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

Wang Lele also butts in, “I have heard that when junior sisters just enter the school they will face a whole bunch of perplexing problems. At this moment when seniors come to lend their help, they will be able to capture the junior sister’s hearts! Hehe Little Yi older brother. If you do not follow the two of us, a senior brother might snatch the two of us away!”

Wang Lele’s words seem to be carrying hidden directions.

While Murong Die’s face turns red but did not say anything, seeming like she is waiting for Liu Yi’s reply.

But Liu Yi flips the student guidebook and says without thinking, “Oh, as for Little Die I am not worried. With her character which senior would enter her eyes. But as for Lele who is so empty-headed, it might really be easy to cheat you away.”

“Heng! Little Yi older brother you are looking down on me!”

Wang Lele instantly raises her hands and starts waving her hands around as she speaks, nearly hitting Wang Yuzheng by the side.

“When am I, Wang Lele empty-headed ah! My IQ is very high okay!”

“But your EQ is slightly low. But no worries, our schools are so close to each other. When something happens, I will definitely come and help you.” says Liu Yi.

“Really? Little Yi older brother you are not lying to me right?!”

Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Wang Lele seems to become happy.

Murong Die suddenly snorts, “Heng, you are so careful about our Lele, then you do not need to care about this miss?”

Wang Yuzheng did not speak at all as she is more confident about this.

After all this time around, I and Liu Yi is going to the same school…

When she remembers secretly peeping at the schools that Liu Yi is applying for as well as getting into the same school as him, she becomes happy.

Just this point even if it is Miss Murong, she is stupider than me, hehe…

“This…of course it is treating both of you equally ah!”

Liu Yi senses a killing intent and immediately says: “Aren’t both you and Lele in Qing Dou. Your matters are definitely my matters.”

“Heng, who wants you to care. This miss has hands, legs, and brains. I can settle my own matter. Who wants your help! heng!”

Murong Die pouts and looks out of the window.

Liu Yi becomes embarrassed, this lass’s missy disorder appears again!

“Son-in-law, Miss Wang, we have reached CUST university.”

Wang An stops the car by the side and says: “I will be sending the misses to settle their procedures. If there is any matter let me know.”

Sweat, son-in-law…

Liu Yi instantly start to have cold sweat, what the heck why do you call me this way ah!

Did this fellow accept the money of Murong Hong?

“Who, who, who, who is the son-in-law! Damn uncle Wang do you not know to call okay!”

Murong Die’s pretty face instantly turns red as she stumbles over her words.


Wang An scratches his head not understanding what is going on, “ But it is sir who instructed me to call him this way ah.”

“That, that, that is also not allowed! I, we are getting… wait…wrong…damn Liu Yi you scram off the car right now!”

Seeing Murong Die starting to talk incoherently, Liu Yi cannot help but laugh.

“Okay, okay okay. We are getting off now. Later we’ll get in contact.”

Liu Yi pulls Wang Yuzheng off the car, at the same time Chen Cai also gets off the car behind them.

“Boss come on man!”

Chen Cai scowls, “You enjoy three beauties and throw me alone in the car…wuwuwu, how can you bear with it. That’s it. Boss in university you must be responsible to help me find a girlfriend!”

“What the heck, this boss still don’t have a girlfriend yet and I still have to find one for you?!”

Liu Yi instantly rejected and gifts Chen Cai with a middle finger.

“Chasing girls relies on your own ability!”

Chen Cai raises his head and glances at the beauty Wang Yuzheng and mumbles, “Boss can you be even more shameless…you still don’t have a girlfriend…”

“Let’s hurry and report otherwise we will be late.”

Liu Yi takes a look at the time. It is better to report earlier, “After we have settled everything I want to have a good rest. I did not have a good rest yesterday night.”

When Liu Yi recalls the fight yesterday night, he becomes exhausted.

Who would have known that the Great God Sect would take out such a scary thing, demonic infant…

When Liu Yi and the gang are preparing to investigate how to report, a few students’ gazes immediately land on them.

“Department head, you see there is finally a beauty!”

A student member points at Wang Yuzheng as his gaze brightens up.

“Not bad, after receiving a bunch of ugly ones finally there is a high-quality one.”

One of the leaders is a handsome man and when he sees Wang Yuzheng, his eyes brighten up.

He is a department head of the school’s student union and is a famous playboy in the school.

A lot of girls have suffered from his poison touch. This fellow plays with a girl a for a few days before changing to another junior sister.

Relying on his handsome face as well as decent figure and his eloquence, he attracted a number of junior sisters.

The girl in front is not wearing anything very gorgeously and is somewhat plain.

She has a tied up cute ponytail and wears a flowery pink skirt.

Her face carries a bit of shyness and her smile is slightly bashful.

Standing there, her beauty attracts people.

This kind of girl is the perfect prey!

A member looks at Liu Yi and Chen Cai by Wang Yuzheng side and says: “But department head…she seems to have a boyfriend already!”


The department head only smiles, “Who says that standing together must make them boyfriend and girlfriend? Furthermore, even if he is a boyfriend with my Wang Zhanfeng’s ability can’t I pry them apart? Usually, what did I tell you guys? Even if there is a gatekeeper it is still possible to score!”

“Hehe, what department head says is right!”

“Then we shall leave the girl to you department head. We will bring the two guys away.”

“Good. After the matter is done I shall invite you guys out for a big meal.”

Wang Zhanfeng smiles before tidying up his collar before walking over with a confident smile.

“Hello junior brothers and junior sister. I am Wang Zhanfeng from the student council. Welcome you guys for entering our Central University of Science and Technology’s big family.”

As he speaks, he stretches out a hand towards Wang Yuzheng.

Since it is a senior from the student council, Wang Yuzheng is not wary or suspicious as she shakes hand with him.

Who would know that Wang Zhanfeng would hold her hand and does not have any intention of letting go after half a day.

If it is a normal male if he holds a girl’s hand and does not let go he will definitely be ignored.

But Wang Zhanfeng is confident in himself as he is handsome! With my temperament, my appearance how would there be a girl who will ignore me!

Just like a male does not have any rejection from holding a girl’s hand, girls are the same towards handsome men.

But what is out of his expectation is that the beauty actually raises her eyebrows at him and pulls back her hand.

“Thank you senior…we are able to do it on our own.”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks she hides behind Liu Yi.

Out of so many males, there is only Liu Yi whom she wishes to get close to.

Following Chen Cai is considered okay, although it is awkward he is still Liu Yi’s good friend.

But as for the male in front of her, she does not know why but she feels slightly annoyed with him.

“There is no need to be polite junior sister. Leading new student is the duty of us student officials.”

As he speaks he takes the initiative and helps Wang Yuzheng take her luggage.

Liu Yi blocks in front of Wang Yuzheng and says politely, “Thank senior for your care but carrying the luggage is my task.”

Liu Yi also does not like the fellow. The way he looks at Wang Yuzheng has a type of desire to conquer like Lin Huayang.

No wonder Wang Yuzheng is so afraid of him and wants to hide behind him.

“Senior brother, since you are so good, help this junior brother as well.”

Chen Cai enthusiastically walks up and throws his luggage into Wang Zhanfeng’s embrace.

Chen Cai’s luggage is not light at all despite him casually carrying it behind his back. But when it lands in Wang Zhanfeng’s embrace it nearly knocks him onto the ground.

Chen Cai laughs and pats Wang Zhanfeng on the shoulders and say: “The three of us are together. Then it will be hard on you senior brother!”

Wang Zhanfeng only feels like his shoulder is hammered a few time as his face turns pale from pain.

“Not…not hard at all…”

If it is in normal times he would definitely start scolding.

But currently in front of Wang Yuzheng, to protect his kind-hearted image he did say anything and force himself to smile.

Damn it…what is in this fellow’s bag! Why is it so heavy…

The only person who does not have a luggage is only Liu Yi because he has Little Jade who can help him change his clothes anytime!

“Let’s go…I will lead you guys to do the procedures…”

Wang Zhanfeng clenches his teeth as he says in his heart, damn it I just do not believe that I won’t be able to successfully chase after you this junior sister!



Chapter 320- [Passionate department head]

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