MKW Chapter 32

Chapter 32  [Title below]


Growing up so big, other than the Japanese one, he had never seen a girl not wearing anything before…

Making him take a look at Ma Yuanyuan’s soft butt…

Liu Yi’s heart instantly speeds up rapidly.

Furthermore, there is a feeling that something starting is going to follow out from his nose.

This kind of matter…is too stimulating already…

Liu Yi has a feeling that he is not prepared…

“Brother Liu Yi…you, you hurry up…”

Ma Yuanyuan trembles slightly and says muffledly, “If you do not take a look…I, I might die from bleeding out….wuwuwuwu, I do not wish to die…”

I am definitely not a perverted person!

Right now I am only helping her! I have the same spirit as Lei Feng to help Ma Yuanyuan.

Liu Yi says to himself in his heart.

That’s right, I am a righteous one, not a pervert!

“Brother Liu Yi…you, you be faster ah….are you going to watch me die…”

“Then, then here I come…”

Liu Yi says in his heart, mother ah, when had I Liu Yi been afraid of anyone!

Take off then take off!

Otherwise, if something really happens to Ma Yuanyuan then I am unable to take responsibility!

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and hardens his heart and stretches out his right hand, and is going to take off Ma Yuanyuan’s white shorts.

Ma Yuanyuan’s face is pressed against Liu Yi’s tights and so ashamed that she is unable to raise her head.

While Liu Yi suddenly pauses as he recalls that ability of his right hand and immediately uses his left hand to lift her up and turn her around, pointing her butt towards his left hand.


Being turn around, Ma Yuanyuan lets out a shocked cry.

“What, what are you doing…aiyah…there is more blood flowing out….”

“My right hand is not that convenient…”

“Brother Liu YI….just now you watched that evil it your right hand stained with some evil things…”

Hearing what Ma Yuanyuan says, Liu Yi nearly vomited out blood.

Ma Yuanyuan this lass is really defying the natural order!

Just how old is she…why does she seems to know everything…and feels like she knows even more than me!

“Don’t say any more! I dirtied my hands on the way home from school and had yet to wash it….if you despise it then I am not going to help you take a look and send you to the hospital instead.”

Ma Yuanyuan shouts in fear, “Don’t! By the time I reach hospital, I would already bleed to death!”

Liu Yi scolds, “Then you better listen to me obediently!”


What shocked Liu Yi is that Ma Yixuan actually obediently replied to him and stops moving on his lap.

This lass….is unusual!

Liu Yi shakes his head, why is Ma Yuanyuan so obedient now?

Could this devil girl really know fear?

Ma Yuanyuan cries as she begs, “Brother Liu Yi…I beg you to be faster…wuwuwu, I am really afraid….I bled so much…”

“Okay, okay, okay…don’t be anxious, I am helping you take a look now…”

Liu Yi also does not dare to tarry anymore as it will be bad if something really happened.

He stretches out his slightly trembling left hand and placed it on Ma Yuanyuan’s butt.

Although he had hit it a few times earlier, but he did not get a good feel as he was punishing her…

Right now when he touches he instantly feels that the feeling is really damn good….

Very soft, very bouncy, and have an arc like a watermelon…

Liu Yi’s mind starts to sway.

Ma Yixuan says crying, “Big brother Liu Yi….don’t, don’t touch anymore….in a while, you will be touching a corpse….”


Liu Yi instantly comes back to reality as he secretly gives himself a slap.

Liu Yi, what are you thinking about!

Ma Yuanyuan is only 14 years old!

Although her figure is rather mature but her age is only 14, alright!

What you are doing is a sin!

After giving himself a slap, Liu Yi feels that he is more awake. After which he continues to stretch his left hand down and gently pulls down her white shorts.

These shorts are rather loose and with Liu Yi’s pull, it instantly slides down.

Instantly a cute yellow panty with a little bear on it wrapping around two butt cheeks appear in front of Liu Yi’s eyes.


Liu Yi feels like he is unable to control his nosebleed…

“Big brother Liu Yi…do not look anymore…”

“Then, then don’t look anymore..”

Liu Yi got a fright as he hurries and pulls up the shorts.

“No, no! It is don’t look at my panty ah….if you like it, I’ll wash it clean and gift it to you…. first, help me look at my injury okay….”

“Ah, ah….”

Gift me the panty…

Liu Yi is dumbstruck, is it popular to gift underwear nowadays?

Right now going to take off the underwear….

Mother ah….

Risk it, no matter what I must save her. Right now I have the heart of a doctor. So what if I see it!

Liu Yi ah, Liu Yi. You must control yourself!

Liu Yi cheers for himself in his heart before stretching out his hand towards Ma Yuanyuan’s cartoon underwear.

Mother ah….

Taking of other people mm underwear is even tougher than fighting against that black suit uncle!

Why don’t you let me go and risk my life-fighting ah…?

Grandfather ah….

What you say is right!

Fighting Japanese is easier than dealing with women!

I finally understand this feeling!

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and hooks around the underwear before slowly pulling it down.

Instantly Liu Yi’s fingers touch Ma Yuanyuan’s butt without any obstruction in between.

So soft and silky…

Liu Yi almost cannot take it and nearly has a nose bleed.

While Ma Yuanyuan also trembles as well.

While at the same time Liu Yi’s eyes jump as his goodwill eyes give him an alert.

-Ma Yuanyuan’s goodwill +15!-

What in the nine hells!!!!

Touching her butt and her goodwill increases by 15?!

Liu Yi’s heart is alarmed. Could it be that if I had nothing to do and go and touch another girl’s butt, her goodwill towards me will rise?


Liu Yi thinks for a bit. It should be because of a series of affairs that make Ma Yuanyuan increase her goodwill towards me.

It is definitely not just because of me touching her butt.

With him being distracted, Ma Yuanyuan below him says weakly, “Big brother Liu Yi….you, you quickly see…”


Liu Yi jolts awake.

This is checking of her injury….

He hurries and stabilizes his mind and finally completely takes off Ma Yuanyuan’s panty.

Instantly that butt is completely revealed in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s heart is crying.

I did not live for nothing …

But…wait a minute…

Liu Yi looks careful. Ma Yuanyuan’s butt is completely fine and there isn’t any sign of injury…

He even stretches out his hand and touches around.

Ma Yuanyuan’s body keeps trembling.

It seems like she is almost unable to bear with his touching.

But at this moment Liu Yi exclaims, “You devil girl! You are playing with me! There is nothing wrong with your butt!”

“But, but I am really bleeding ah….”

“You wait a bit…”

Liu Yi suddenly understands something.

“Is it that your great aunt had come?”

“Great aunt….”

The lass raises her head and looks at Liu Yi with teary eyes, “What is that…”

What the!

This lass knows what kind of evil stuff my hands are stained with….

But she does not know about the matter regarding a woman’s great aunt!

Just who did she learn all of this from, and where!!!

Damn it!

The Ma family is way too irresponsible!

So be it if Ma Yixuan is going out with hooligans, she doesn’t even care about her sister!

“Great aunt is ….a kind of relative….”

Liu Yi feels that explain this kind of question to a girl is rotten as he tries his best to explain.

“This relative….she will come and look for you every month…”

“Wuwu, this relative is very hateful….also makes me bleed….will, will I die….”

“Will not….every single girl will have a great aunt….your elder sister also as well! You see she is still living fine!”

“Ah? My elder sister also has….”

Ma Yuanyuan’s watery eyes seem to relax slightly.

“Of course….this, this matter still needs your elder sister to help you deal with it….otherwise, your grandmother is also fine as well…both of them have experience and understand.”

“Both of them know great aunt….”

“Mm, both of them know, both of them definitely know…”

Ma Yuanyuan looks at Liu Yi pitifully and says, “But grandmother went out to play mahjong….and has not come back…elder sister also has not returned home….I, I am also still starving…”

Hearing that Ma Yixuan did not return home and recalling the short SMS that Ma Yixuan sent to Yuan Shaojun in the morning, his heart starts twitching…

Could it be…that Ma Yixuan really went and opened a room with Yuan Shaojun and went papapa…..

Although I have always told myself not to have any more thoughts toward Ma Yixuan….

But thinking that right now Ma Yixuan is lying below another person doing that….Liu Yi’s heart is in pain.

Indeed that sentence is right. For every single girl that you did not manage to get, behind her there is a guy who is tired of taking her.

This sentence is really painful…

It is like Liu Yi’s current emotion.

“Then you stay at home a bit…I’ll go and buy extra-large plaster for you…”

Liu Yi thinks a bit. This should be the thing that girls usually use….to deal with great aunt right…

Ma Yuanyuan indeed does not know what is that as she asks, “What is that?”

“It is sanitary towels…”

Liu Yi patiently explains, “When great aunt comes, you need to put this thing on…”

“Oh, oh…okay then…”

“Talking about this does your house have any?”

“I, I do not dare to move….but it does not seem to have…”

“Fine then…”

Liu Yi does not have any other choice but to personally so and buy sanitary towels for this lass.

Alas, they say a guy buying sanitary towels for his wife is a very fortunate thing!

But just what bullshit am I doing!

The first time buying sanitary towels is not for my own wife!

Mother ah, don’t know who’s wife would that lass be when she grows up…

But whoever who is able to marry her is fortunate…

That lass’s figure is really good….

“I, I am afraid…”

“Don’t be afraid. You will not die from losing this bit of blood, our body has a lot more blood! I’ll go downstairs to buy it and come back. Wait for me!”


After comforting Ma Yuanyuan, he takes his key and puts on a coat as well before going downstairs.

Alas, I actually let out such big words!


Chapter 32  [Touching butt increases goodwill]

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