MKW Chapter 319

Chapter 319  [Check below]


“What full strength?”

Gu Yu is shocked. Until now Liu Yi still has not used his full strength?

“Hehe…you will know soon…”

Chen Cai emotionally rubs his hands together, “When boss takes out his full strength…even an Asura God has to escape pitifully! It has been a long time since I last saw boss use this move! I finally get to see it once again!”

“Trying to be mysterious.”

Gu Yu sneers and does not believe what Chen Cai has said.

Liu Yi is already very strong. Within this year he can be considered as improving very crazily!

If he can still become even stronger then how do us disciples of famous sects hang around!

Why don’t I just smash my head into the Immortal Snow Peak and be done with it!

“You….go and die…”

The demonic infant rushes towards Liu Yi while at the same time red blood hands emerge from Liu Yi’s surroundings and block him.

This time around the demonic infant decided to claim Liu Yi’s life.

While Liu Yi is standing there calmly as he suddenly spread open his hands.

“Spiritual beast transformation!”

An even strong qi wave erupts out from Liu Yi while his clothing starts to change.

A dark brown overcoat appears on Liu Yi.

On the overcoat is a majestic Monarch Scorpion, twining around the wrists and ankles are five-color chains which look like ornaments.

While on his face is a covered by a half-face bone mask.

In between Liu Yi’s eyebrows is a strange mark that is glistening brightly.

Spiritual beast transformation!

This is an ability that Liu Yi had to comprehend during a life and death moment when he deactivated his hundred times gravity and fought against an Asura God.

Spiritual beast transformation ability is to combine all three of this spiritual beasts together and form a completely new strength for him!

In the past, he can only use the spiritual beast abilities individually but this time around he has overlaid them together. The resulting effect is several grades better.

When Liu Yi faces the sudden rush from the demonic infant, he actually closes his eyes.

The world disappears from Liu Yi’s sight but another world suddenly appears.

The demonic infant is clearly swiping its claws at Liu Yi’s neck.

Liu Yi leans slightly and dodges that fast swipe.


The air seems to be ripped as it lets out the cries of birds.

The demonic infant speed is very fast and its attacks are getting faster and faster as it attacks Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi does not open his eyes nor did he moves his legs. He only shifts his body left and right to dodge or raises his arm to block the attack.

The clashing of their arms results in exploding noises.

While the two of them are fighting against each other, tears start to appears in the surrounding air like a picture is being torn!

Chen Cai reminds loudly: “Boss there isn’t much time left! The Asura Barrier is not able to withstand anymore!”


Liu Yi smiles faintly as he aims in the direction of the demonic infant and sends out a palm.

“Illusion extermination!”

The demonic infant instantly got hit by the attack and is sent flying and crashes into the cliff behind him.

On the cliff appears an enormous hole with the demonic infant embedded within.

“Take this move! Falling Rain!”

As Liu Yi speaks he send a palm towards the sky.

From above the demonic infant, palm prints start to fall like raindrops.

Nearly five meters of the cliff is shaved off from that attack!

The demonic infant’s qi protection is completely useless and is like a paper easily torn apart by Liu Yi’s attack.

Gu Yu who is watching by the side is stunned, “This..what is this magic powers!”

Is this still the Liu Yi that I know? It is completely two different people ah!

The power comparison…is like heaven and earth!

Are they really the same person? Or does Liu Yi have a split personality? Even if it is a split personality it is impossible for his strength to increase such so crazily!

In just this one year plus what on earth happened?

Gu Yu is unable to understand.


The demonic infant is very mad as it’s body is destroyed by Liu Yi’s attacks again and only leaving behind its head which is rolling on the ground roaring.

“You…cannot kill me…only make me stronger!”

The head lets out a deep shout.

“You thought that I am still unable to see through your trick?”

Who would have known that Liu Yi would actually sneer as he stares at the rolling head and says: “I have already understood your secret. Do you think you can still revive?”


The demonic infant’s expression trembles slightly, “No one…is able…to realize my secret…”

“Right. Your secret, to be honest, is nothing much.”

Liu Yi points, “The only thing that scatters every time is only your body. Your real body is your soul! Destroying your flesh body only results in tempering your spirit allowing you to become stronger! As long as I destroy your soul, let’s see how you are going to revive.”

The demonic infant’s face instantly has a large change as it struggles as it wants to escape from here.

Liu Yi’s eyes brighten up. Indeed I guessed correctly!

As for the matter to destroy the opponent’s soul, it is something that Liu Yi sprouted out randomly to find out it’s weakness.

But he did not think that he would have really guessed correctly!

Yin qi rises and engulfs the cliff.

The demonic infant is frantically thinking of escaping.

“Little Cai!”

The chains on Liu Yi’s right hand enters the ground and instantly appears on the cliff. Countless chains emerge and twine around the soul of the demonic infant locking up the demonic infant’s soul not giving it anyway of escaping.

After increasing in grade, the five color chains are able to lock up souls.

How is it possible for you to escape from my palm!

The eyes on the mask that Liu Yi is wearing light up.

One is burning with fire while the other is frozen with ice.

Liu Yi suddenly appears in front of the demonic infant as he keeps his right hand on his waist.

“Demonic infant let me send you to hell!”

As Liu Yi speaks his right hand emits an eye-catching golden glow.

Glorious Sun Seventh Palm!

“Soul destruction!”

This palm move gives out an eye-catching glow like a sun, as it smashes towards the cliff aiming at the soul of the struggling demonic infant.


The demonic infant lets out howls of pain as it’s soul starts to evaporate under the might of the palm move.

“I, I do not want to die….do not want to die…”

The demonic infant keeps letting out pitiful cries and that is its last sound.

“This world is not suitable for you. It is better to return back to Mars.”

Liu Yi’s palm exploded out with power with an eye-catching golden glow like a small sun.

Very quickly the demonic infant soul starts to warp and within moments it’s soul completely turns into ashes.

It’s soul got scattered from Liu Yi’s attack!


Liu Yi withdraws his palm and lands on the ground lightly.

After the demonic infant has died, for a moment within the Asura Barrier it is completely silent.

Gu Yu is sprawling there in disbelief.

The demonic infant that I am helpless against was actually defeated by Liu Yi!

The Liu Yi that I can mess around with back then…currently has actually become such so strong…

Looking at the back of Liu Yi as well as the scorpion on his cloak, Gu Yu is unknowingly mesmerised.

Have I….created such a strong devil…

When did this man’s back become such so reliable?

Gu Yu is stun when on earth did I start to have such thoughts!

Gods, it must be a demonic magic that he has cast on me!

Damn it…this devil bastard!

“There is no need for Frost Moon anymore..”

Liu Yi waves his hands and Frost Moon which is stabbed into the ground instantly flies up and turns into a snowflake and disappeared into the night.

A beauty is standing among the snowflakes.

He actually did not kill me?

How is this possible…I obviously want to kill him. If he let me live, an enemy from Immortal Snow Peak, it is definitely an enormous trouble!

Is he really an idiot or his great intelligence is stupidity?

After Liu Yi has released the emotion trace sword, he waves his hand and says to Gu Yu: “You can go.”

Gu Yu ask curiously: “You are not killing me?”

“Why should I kill you?”

Liu Yi is greatly baffled as he stares at Gu Yu.

“I am a person from Immortal Snow Peak as well as your enemy! If you let me off are you not afraid of the whole Immortal Snow Peak looking for you for revenge?”

“Hehe, to be honest, I, Liu Yi, have not seen before nor place in my heart that whatever Immortal Snow Peak.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly and says: “So what if Immortal Snow peak wants to be my enemy. It is okay just come and fight me.”

“You…are you really stupid?”

Gu Yu looks at Liu Yi not knowing why she is angry: “Immortal Snow Peak is the number one sect among celestial being. Do you treat it as a simple small sect? There are so many more experts that are stronger than me in my sect! If you are really going against my Immortal Snow Peak you are seeking death!”

“I still have not lived long enough so I have never sought death.”

Liu Yi places his hands behind him and with the black cloak, he looks very awe-inspiring.

“But I am never afraid of any enemy that comes looking for me. So what if it is the Immortal Snow Peak? If one of you comes then I fight one. Two of you come then I fight two. If I blink from fright then you Gu Yu shall follow my Liu Yi surname! ”

“You have already taken advantage of me! Who wants to have the same surname as you! You think this miss would want to marry you!”

Liu Yi smiles mischievously: “Er…this…I  still have no thoughts to marry yet. So, Fairy Gu Yu…I have to disappoint you.”

“Go and die! Liu Yi this time around I’ll let you off! Next time if I meet you again we will still be enemies! I will go back to Immortal Snow Peak and cultivate even stronger. Then I will come and kill you! I will let you know, letting me off this time…heng is a very big mistake!”

Gu Yu feels like her face is damaged as Liu Yi is obviously looking down on her.

“Since Fairy Gu Yu has decided then I can wait for you. Next time when we meet do not lose too quickly okay!”

“Heng! At that time you shall see!”



Chapter 319- [Even the soul scatters from the beating]

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