MKW Chapter 317

Chapter 317  [Undying ghost infant]


The first time she met Liu Yi he was still a two, three-star noobie among beginners.

That time she felt that he is not a threat so she passed Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra to him hoping that he will from then on walk the immortal cultivation path.

But it seems like everything did not happen as she have hoped.

Not only did Liu Yi not walk the immortal cultivation path, he entered the devil path and is very very strong. To the point where the current her is unable to defeat him.

“What heaven defying secret technique did you use! Do you know what is the price of doing so? I advise you to quickly withdraw!”

As Gu Yu speaks, her white cloths start to flutter, “I still have abundant immortal qi to continue to delay you!”

“No problem. I also have time.”

Liu Yi takes a look at the time given by Little Jade and says: “After all it is still a long time till the sun rises. I believe that the Great God sect’s magic technique effect should not be so short.”

As long as Murong Die and the girls do not find out, I have as much time as I want to fight on with Gu Yu.

As for his qi, with three heart sutras revolving at the same time, what Liu Yi does not lack the most is qi.

“Damn it! Do you really plan to oppose my Immortal Snow Peak?”

Gu Yu is very angry, “We are determined to win the demonic infant!”

“Demonic infant ah?”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “I am very curious what on earth is it that will make Great God sect and your Immortal Snow Peak so drawn to it.”

Gu Yu sneers, “You are nothing but a loose cultivator. This kind of matter is not yours to butt in!”

“Perhaps in the past that was the case. But now we are government officials.”

Heng comparing backgrounds who is afraid of who ah! I am now a person who eat the rice of the government!

Liu Yi and Chen Cai take out their credentials one after the other, “We are people from Dragon Group. These two people are suspected of damaging the main line of the train tracks. We are arresting them according to law. Miss Gu Yu do you want to interfere with law enforcement?”

This speech is what Yuan Zhengyue loves to use to most and now when Liu Yi takes it out to use it is rather good.

“What does the Dragon Group count as!”

Gu Yu sneers with hardly any care, “To you mortals Dragon Group should be a very amazing group but to us immortal clans especially Immortal Snow Peak they are completely nothing.”

“Boss she is looking down on us!”

Chen Cai immediately shouts: “Let’s capture her and bring back to slowly interrogate her! Let her know the power of us Dragon Group!”

“Calm down, calm down…”

Liu Yi immediately advices, “We are Dragon Group not pervert group.”

“Aiyah, it is the same meaning lah. A Dragon’s nature is originally perverted!”

“What the!”

When she realizes that the two of them are actually teasing her Gu Yu become even more unhappy.

I am a honorable disciple of Immortal Snow Peak. Even if it is those famous sects or clans when they see me they need to be respectful to me!

This two fellow from Dragon Group are actually being do impudent towards me!

At this moment the originally sealed Incense Lord at the back suddenly speaks up: “You all…you all shall die in the hands of our Great God…”

The three of them instantly turn around in shock and see the originally sealed in ice Incense Lord is freed and has crawled in front of the wooden box.

“What the heck! Chen Cai your ice seal is too paper already ah!”

Chen Cai claps his hands and says: “Ah! Boss, I forgot that the ice mushroom has a time limit while watching the exciting fight!”

“What the! Why didn’t you say so earlier!”

Liu Yi turns his right hand and controls the Frost Moon sword to shoot towards the Incense Lord.

Frost Moon instantly pierces through the Incense Lord’s chest and nails him onto the train’s roof.

The ice nature of the sword freezes half of the Incense Lord’s body.

“Haha…Sir….Demonic Infant…revive….”

Despite the fact that his body is pierced, Incense Lord starts smiling. Before breathing out his last breath, he bites off his tongue and spits out the blood onto the box.

Under the sight of the three of them, the wooden box suddenly opens on its own and a black gas flies out and burrows into the Incense Lord’s mouth.

“Finished…the Demonic Infant has revived. This time around everything is finished…”

Gu Yu’s face turn white, “This demonic infant is a horrifying creature that is born from Yin qi…especially during nights with a full moon like today, its strength will become very strong…even I am perhaps not its opponent…you guys, really cause a huge problem!”

She is so mad that she is almost hopping.

Following which cold frosts start to rises up from under her feet, making Liu Yi feels that Gu Yu seems to want to leave.

Liu Yi frowns, “Where are you going?”

Are you for real? This lass is going to escape?

What the heck didn’t she say what wants to kill all demons and devils?! Why is it that the moment she sees that something is wrong, she turns around to escape?

Are you for real?!

“I’ll go and get reinforcements. With my abilities, I am unable to take down this demonic infant while it is during a full moon. Otherwise, we shall wait till morning to kill it!”

“Are you joking around?”

Liu Yi instantly becomes angry, “There is still over a thousand lives here and you actually do not care about them and will sacrifice them?”

“They are only mortals that’s all.”

Gu Yu says coldly: “Mortals have their own fates. Avoiding danger is the best choice. Although I’ll be sacrificing them, I can save even more people.”

“A bunch of nonsense!”

Liu Yi’s expression starts to turn cold, “If this is your immortal path then I’d rather turn into a devil.”

He turns around and faces the demonic infant.

“Are you crazy? For these people, you are willing to sacrifice your life?”

Gu Yu is unable to comprehend neither is she able to see through the originally pure youngster.

“It is not that I am crazy but it is you who is too smart.”

Liu Yi’s qi starts to revolve as he clenches his fist, “Since you are not willing to handle this then let this devil handle this. Chen Cai set up a formation for me! Asura Barrier!”

“Understood boss!”

Chen Cai nods his head and stretches out both hands and starts forming seals.

A black glow suddenly emerges from his body and following which Gu Yu is able to clearly feel that the surrounding air starts to rise.

The despairing sensation of Asura path surrounds everyone.

Everything within a hundred meters is covered by the Asura Barrier.

Within the barrier, nothing can be destroyed! All of the objects are like diamonds!

The only beings that are able to move are the people who possess spiritual powers!

The originally moving forward train also stops moving.

Everything is like a picture frozen in time.


At this moment the originally kneeling Incense Lord suddenly roars in rage as his body bizarrely gets up to his feet and turns around and stares at Liu Yi with a pair of red eyes.

That gaze causes Liu Yi to shiver like he is covered with ice.

This fellow…is indeed very scary…the Yin qi on his body is so dense that it is unbelievable!

The fellow starts mumbling, “Food…fresh blood…”

Looks like he is eyeing all of the people on the train!

No matter what I must protect the train properly!

The strength that the opponent is emitting shocks Liu Yi, slightly.

A conservative estimate is that his strength is above twelve stars.

I’m not sure if the spiritual beast transformation that I have comprehended is effective.

But no matter what I must still give it a try.

“Quickly hide!”

Gu Yu is already able to sense the scariness of the opponent. “He is not an opponent that we can deal with currently. If you are able to maintain your barrier then you will still be able to protect everyone on the train.”

“I’m sorry, in my dictionary, there isn’t the word escape.”

Liu Yi immediately rejects Gu Yu, “Furthermore I will not leave my brother here as well.”

As they are speaking, the demonic infant suddenly moves like a monster and closes in on Liu Yi.

“Mother ah this monster let me test you out first!”

Chen Cai suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi and slashes both demon blades at the demonic infant’s waist.

As an Asura King, Chen Cai’s speed is very fast and the demon blades are very sharp, instantly dividing the demonic infant’s body into three.

“Settled! He is not that strong !”

Chen Cai keeps his demon blade and smiles proudly.

“Watch out Chen Cai !”

A matter that shocks Liu Yi occurs as the demonic infant’s body suddenly changes as the cut off portion of the body shoots out pieces of flesh and recombine the body back together.

At the same time, the demonic infant’s speed increases as it fiercely punches Chen Cai in the chest.


Chen Cai is instantly sent flying as he rolls across the train roof until he reaches the tail of the train.

With just the power of a punch, it has sent Chen Cai who is an Asura King flying.

“Under the moonlight, the demonic infant cannot be killed…furthermore every time it receives damage it will become stronger!”

Gu Yu’s expression carries horror as her body trembles slightly, “We…can not win …”

“If we do not try how do we know!”

As Liu Yi speaks he gets into a horse stance.

At the same time, he keeps a hand at his waist while aiming the other fist at the madly rushing over demonic infant.

“Illusion extermination!”


The air seems to warp!

Eighth Move of Glorious Sun Palm! This move chases after one and only one thing and that is speed, extreme speed!

Within a radius of a hundred meters wherever that Liu Yi which to throw out that palm it will definitely not deviate from its path!

The demonic infant suddenly stops in mid-action like it has crashed into an invisible wall as it flies and rolls off the train roof.


Liu Yi is very careful as he activates Imperial Sword Technique at the same time.

His right-hand waves and Frost Moon sword flies out and slice off the demonic infant’s head.

Gu Yu is stunned as she watches. This Liu Yi’s powers…suddenly becomes very scary!

Back then I have oppressed him till he cannot retaliate…but now it seems like he can causally oppress me!

The demonic infant’s head rolls off the side. Before Liu Yi can breathe a sigh of relief from the neck of the demonic infant shoots out a strong of meat and pulls the head back to its original place!

The demonic infant once again stands up and lets out an oppressive breathing sound.


The sound is very scary to hear causing Liu Yi to also be apprehensive.

I’ll be damned…how can we fight this person…is he undying?!

Great God sect ah Great God sect, where did you find such a heaven-defying creature ah!

How are we supposed to fight!?



Chapter 317- [Undying ghost infant]

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  1. Just use flames (with yang qi if you have some)…

    Flames can devour/burn things constantly, if its burning, it can’t regenerate, or it becomes harder at least…

    Flame are Yang qi –> Yang qi is the opposite of Yin qi. –> Yang qi should reduce its powers.


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