MKW Chapter 316

Chapter 316  [Frost moon sword]


Liu Yi has always disliked Gu Yu because she taught him the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra with no explanation and then often chased after him to kill him like a crazy person.

In addition, she believes firmly that all demon races are bastards and deserve to be killed. This cause Liu Yi who like Ling Tong to be very unhappy. What if LingTong returned and was harmed by this woman?

Thus when Liu Yi talks to Gu Yu he is never polite.

“Liu Yi you are seeking death!”

When she hears Liu Yi daring to smear the reputation of her sect Gu Yu instantly rages.

Immortal Snow Peak is the number one sect among celestial beings and is the pride of every disciple of Immortal Snow Peak!

Whoever dares to insult Immortal Snow Peak is seeking death!

“How dare you demon. I should not have let you go! If you do not wish to die then immediately scram from this place. The matter regarding the Great God sect will be taken care of by my Immortal Snow Peak!”

Gu Yu roars as dense killing intent erupts out from her.

Her white skirt starts to flutter in the night wind.

“There is some matter that is not up to you to decide.”

Liu Yi stands against the wind as he says unhurriedly: “I, Liu Yi am grateful towards you for teaching me Immortal cultivation but as you have tried to kill me multiple times I am unable to be grateful to you anymore. Also as for the Great God sect, it is not only your sect who is able to handle them. We and the Great God sect also have some matters. Before you butt in on your own you still need to ask us for our opinion.”

“When Immortal Snow Peak does things we have never need to ask other people for their opinion.”

Gu Yu’s expression immediately turns cold as the ice swords floating beside her points at Liu Yi.

“If you do not move aside do not blame me for being impolite.”

“When have you ever been polite to me before?”

Liu Yi smiles, “If you wish to take action then take action why talk so much. If I, Liu Yi am afraid of you then I’ll change my surname to yours.”

“Idiot! Seeking death!”

Gu Yu in infuriated, after I left him off a few times and in the end he starts to become more and more arrogant!

This time around I cannot let him off. I must kill this demon!

She uses Seven-star steps as cold air rises and sword after sword shoots towards Liu Yi at high speed.

Liu Yi did not move from his original position as his hands move rapidly in front of him.

Qi waves rise as Imperial Sword Technique is utilized.

Although it is an ice sword it is still a sword! The moment Liu Yi activates his Imperial Sword Technique the speed of the ice swords instantly slow down and stops in front of him.


Gu Yu is shocked as she did not think that Liu Yi would be able to control her ice swords!

Imperial Sword technique?

Even if Liu Yi is able to use the Imperial Sword Technique but he should not be able to snatch over the control of my ice swords!

Unless his magic powers are stronger than mine! But how is that possible! I am an eleven-star early earth stage expert!

A year ago Liu Yi was just a   beginner cultivator that’s all how is it possible that he has strength above mine!

It is completely impossible!

“I return this to you.”

Liu Yi’s palms push forward the and ice swords flips around and shoots back towards Gu Yu.

Although Gu Yu is shocked her actions are not slow as she creates an ice shield and blocks the incoming ice swords.

-ding, ding, ding!-

The sound of ice swords crashing into the ice shield rings out.

“How is this possible…when did your strength become such so strong?”

Gu Yu is somewhat disbelieving what she is seeing. After a year how on earth did this fellow in front of her become such so strong!

This is not possible! It has only been a year only unless this fellow has eaten some sort of spiritual medicine.

But if there really is such kind of heaven-defying medicine my sect would already have obtained it earlier!

I would have obtained it!

It seems like even Medical King Valley is unable to take out such heaven-defying pills!

What on earth did he eat?

“How is it possible for your strength to promote so much? I am an earth grade expert! How is it possible for you to possess strength equivalent to mine!”

Gu Yu exclaims in disbelief.

Liu Yi replies coldly: “There are people beyond people and heavens beyond heaven. When do matters happen as you wish and as you will.”

“Heng. Less nonsense. I do not believe that in just a year’s time you are able to possess strength equivalent to mine! Take my move!”

As Gu Yu speaks she form more seals.

The originally warm summer suddenly turn cold as a winter breeze blows by.

Liu Yi and Chen Cai start shivering while snowflakes fall from the sky and land on them.

While on the opposite, Gu Yu is emitting cold air like a frozen female goddess.

Frost quickly forms on the train roof, freezing the roof into an ice sheet.

Frost starts to form on Liu Yi’s and Chen Cai’s body.

“What the heck…boss this move is very cruel ah!”

Chen Cai urgently stretches out his hand and summons a row of torch tree stumps and the flames restore his body heat.

While flames immediately cover Liu Yi’s body, like wearing a flame shirt blocking Gu Yu’s Mysterious ice qi.

Indeed she is Gu Yu, even the way she uses her mysterious ice qi is very powerful and is better than me by quite a bit.

Despite having the protection of Scarlet Blood demonic flames, Liu Yi’s body also slowly starts to freeze.

Looks Like Gu Yu is using all of her powers on Liu Yi.

A black armor instantly appears covering Liu Yi’s body before he is frozen onto the train roof like an ice sculpture.

“Boss, boss you have died really pitifully ah…”

As Chen Cai cries he says: “Boss be relieved. As brothers, I will definitely help you take care of your girls! Leave Murong Die and the girls to me. When I go to university I will help you chase after girls! When you are in the nine springs you must close your eyes in content ah!”

“Heng go and cry during the funeral!”

Gu Yu says coldly: “After being hit by my ice coffin it is a guaranteed death.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Boss go peacefully. I will help you take care of your girls.”

Chen Cai warmly touches Liu Yi who has been turned into an ice sculpture.

At this moment the ice scatters as Liu Yi walks out from the ice.

“Get lost. Who want you to help me chase after girls. I still have not died yet!”

“How is this possible! You are actually able to break my ice coffin!”

Gu Yu’s eyes widen as she stares at Liu Yi in disbelief.

Red light covers the black armor that Liu Yi is wearing, it is obvious that he is revolving his Scarlet Blood heart sutra.

Liu Yi retracts the Monarch Armour and says: “Gu Yu, I do not wish to kill you. Please leave.”

“Hahaha, what a joke!”

Gu Yu finally starts to laugh uncontrollably, “A year ago you are a person that I am able to kill casually. Now even if you have some strength it should be due to you using some kind of secret technique with very strong side-effects to forcefully increase your abilities. Liu Yi, I advise you to be smart and obediently leave and recuperate your body. Such kind of heaven-defying secret technique side-effects are very serious. Be careful that after this, you will not long be able to cultivate any longer.”

“Since you do not believe then I shall not explain anymore.”

Liu Yi places his hands behind his back and says gently: “Let’s continue then.”

“Then you shall go and die!”

As Gu Yu speaks she stretches out her hands and closes her palm together.

Instantly from underneath Liu Yi an ice and snow tornado forms and crazily wreaks havoc and bluster.

While Liu Yi’s figure suddenly disappears and appears behind Gu Yu.

At the same time, he gently pats Gu Yu’s back.

“Emotion Tracce sword.”

Liu Yi has activated his goodwill eyes and has seen that Gu Yu’s goodwill towards him is actually -10.

He uses golden pupils as well amorous hands to forcefully raises Gu Yu’s goodwill towards him to 40+.

As long as the goodwill is passed 40 he would be able to pull out the Emotion trace sword.

Gu Yu’s body trembles and nearly collapsed onto the ground.

This fellow once against uses this kind of weird technique on me…damn it…

I must kill him!

While behind Gu Yu, a sparkling and translucent snow white longsword is being pulled out by Liu Yi.

The sword is emitting cold air and the coldness is threatening.

The sword’s name is Frost Moon!

“Gu Yu although I am not a disciple of any large or famous sect I am also not afraid of your so-called Immortal Snow Peak.”

As Liu Yi speaks he clenches his right land as the Frost Moon sword revolves in his hand.

“What kind of sword is this…”

Feeling the ice qi in the sword even Gu Yu is shocked.

What a strong Mysterious Ice qi ah…is this a new magic tool of Liu Yi’s?

“This is a present that you have given me.”

Liu Yi smiles: “For me to defeat you.”

“Heng! Dream on! I still have not used my true abilities to face you but now you will not be so lucky anymore!”

As Gu Yu speaks she presses down with both hands.

From the train roof flies out multiple ice shackles that wrap around Liu Yi’s leg locking down his body.

Following which ice swords falls from the sky towards Liu Yi.


Liu Yi is calm as he controls the Frost Moon sword with his right hand as he keeps shifting his body.

The Frost Moon sword is very nimble and possesses formidable might as it sends other ice swords flying away.

Under the control of Liu Yi’s Imperial Sword Technique, the Frost Moon sword creates an empty zone in front of him causing the ice swords to be unable to harm him at all.

“Break for me!”

Seeing this scene Gu Yu is no longer able to bear it as her hands pressed together before swinging down.

From the sky, an enormous white ice sword instantly appears.

The ice sword is ten meters long and around 3 to 4 meters wide as it emits a shockingly cold qi as it pierces towards Liu Yi.

If the enormous ice sword really pierces down on target the train would be cut into two.


Liu Yi is calm as he points towards the sky with his right index finger.

At that moment, his Frost Moon sword instantly flies up and stabs towards the enormous ice sword in the sky.


An enormous ringing sound like the tolling bells in the temple resounds in the night.

Liu Yi and Gu Yu’s ears ache slightly while Chen Cai covers his ears as he cries out in pain.

The two swords one big and small one top and bottom crash against each other in the sky.

Frost Moon sword is fine but as for the enormous ice sword in the sky, cracks start to form from the sword tip and spread throughout the whole sword body.


Like shattered glass, the ice sword finally shatters into pieces of ice and lands on the train roof.

“Now this…”

Gu Yu is completely stunned as even her most powerful technique is broken. Did this Liu Yi eat an Enormous strength pill?



Chapter 316- [Frost moon sword]

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